Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.

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(Percentages are weighted by WEIGHT; Total Ns reported are unweighted)

And about how strong would you say your religious faith is now? Is it very strong, somewhat strong, not too strong, or not strong at all?
  1) Very strong
  2) Somewhat strong
  3) Not too strong
  4) Not strong at all
  5) Don't have religious faith (Vol.)
  9) Don't know/refused (Vol.)

Category Percentage Cumulative Percentage
Very strong 53.2% 53.2%
Somewhat strong 27.5% 80.7%
Not too strong 9.1% 89.8%
Not strong at all 8.4% 98.2%
Don't have religious faith (Vol.) .5% 98.7%
Don't know/refused (Vol.) 1.2% 99.9%
Total N = 2867

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