Survey of Attenders: Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Annual Meeting, 2009

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Bader, Christopher, F. Carson Mencken and Joseph Baker. 2009. Survey of Attenders: Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Annual Meeting 2009. Waco, TX: Baylor University Department of Sociology [producer].

Principal Investigators
Christopher D. Bader
F. Carson Mencken
Joseph O. Baker
Related Publications
Bader, Christopher, Joseph O. Baker and F. Carson Mencken. 2017. Paranormal America (Second Edition). New York: NYU Press.

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) is a Texas-based, non-profit organization composed of volunteer investigators with the mission of attempting to find proof of the existence of Bigfoot. As stated on the TBRC website, the TBRC believes that Bigfoot is a biological entity, “probably an unlisted large primate.” The TBRC is funded by membership dues, fundraisers and the proceeds from an annual conference in which the TBRC invites other Bigfoot researchers and the general public to hear lectures on the latest evidence and sightings related to Bigfoot.

The PIs attended the September 26, 2009 annual conference of the TBRC in Tyler, Texas. With the permission of the TBRC leadership, we administered an anonymous questionnaire to attendees as they registered for the conference. The questionnaire includes questions related to beliefs about Bigfoot, experiences with Bigfoot, the validity of current evidence for Bigfoot, and the manner in which respondents first became interested in the subject. The survey includes demographic information and also asks respondents a series of questions about religiosity and questions about paranormal beliefs and experiences not directly related to Bigfoot.

Data File
Cases: 191
Variables: 103
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2009
Collection Procedures
The principal investigators attended the September 26, 2009 annual meeting of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) in Tyler, Texas. The TBRC allowed the investigators to administer an anonymous survey to attenders of the conference. Surveys were provided to attenders as they registered for the conference. Respondents were informed that the survey was anonymous and voluntary. Completed surveys were placed in drop boxes at the entrance to the auditorium where events were held. TBRC leadership and the principal investigators reminded attenders to complete their surveys throughout the day.

Approximately 350 surveys were distributed, of which 191 were returned and completed for a response rate of 55%.

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