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Infogroup is the most trusted name in the direct marketing industry since 1972. Infogroup provides the most complete and accurate database of churches and religious associated businesses with approximately 350,000 houses of worship.

The Infogroup database is compiled from yellow page directories, telephone verification, denominational directories, white pages, utility sources, and church websites. Church related information found in the church sections of the yellow pages is compiled as the phone books go through the standard Infogroup update process and basic information is collected. The Infogroup compilation associates utilize denominational directories and web research to enhance the data with unique information including religious denomination, church size, church attendance, membership race, church school size, and various church ministries. In addition, new churches and religious organizations are identified through utility connects and other public sources.

In our final stage of compilation our dedicated Tele-research group calls each Church to verify and enhance listed information. We make approximately 1.5 million calls per year!

Throughout all stages of compilation, associates attempt to collect three Infogroup executives for each church and their email address: Senior Pastor (person in charge), Youth Pastor, and the Music Ministry Contact. The participation of the church in various programs is also verified: youth ministry, childrens ministry, womens ministry, mens ministry, music ministry, counseling, hearing-impaired, and broadcast video or cassette ministry. Additional information is also gathered such as: Does the Church have plans for new construction or remodeling plans; Is there an onsite kitchen, bookstore, or library; Does the Church offer transportation to church; Do they have group travel events; and more.

Infogroup is the only company that calls every Church to verify the accuracy of our data. In addition our entire data base is updated through the USPS - NCOA (National Change of Address) every month to insure that our clients receive the most accurate data.

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