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Attitudes about affirmative action programs 

Below are 10 questions from surveys in the ARDA that attempt to measure this concept. The ARDA staff further categorized these questions into 2 types:

[ Beliefs about | Favor/Oppose ]

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Category 1:Beliefs about

This question type asks respondents their level of agreement with statements about affirmative action.

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PREFSBAD from Houston Area Survey, 1982-2010

AFFIRM S from American National Election Studies, 2000

STC_AFFR from Carnegie Council National Surveys of Higher Education, Graduate Student Sample (1975)

AFIRMMRT from Carnegie Foundation National Survey of Higher Education, Faculty Sample (1975)

Category 2:Favor/Oppose

This question type asks the respondent his/her level of approval of affirmative action programs.

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AFFACTOK from Houston Area Survey, 1982-2010

FAIRJOBS from Houston Area Survey, 1982-2010

P17AFFRM from State of Disunion Survey, 1996

AFFACT from December 2006 Values Update Survey

AFFIRM from Middletown Area Study, 1995

PRGRMS3 from July 2003 Values Update Survey

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