Purchasing Power (2003)
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The following list ranks regions based on the average per capita income in U.S. dollars adjusted for purchasing power.

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3Australia/New Zealand 26107.0
10Caribbean 8687.6
15Central America 5928.1
20Eastern Africa 2360.1
5Eastern Asia 15994.0
9Eastern Europe 9310.5
18Melanesia 3299.0
--Micronesia (Region) --
17Middle Africa 3981.2
16Northern Africa 4626.4
1Northern America 34119.5
4Northern Europe 25514.3
13Polynesia 6423.0
14South America 6406.6
19South-Central Asia 2927.6
11South-Eastern Asia 8311.9
12Southern Africa 6505.4
6Southern Europe 15279.8
7The World 11600.2
21Western Africa 1628.1
8Western Asia 10869.8
2Western Europe 33724.7


The data presented in QuickLists are from a variety of sources including the U.S. Census Bureau's International Data Base, the U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, the United Nations Human Development Reports, and others.

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