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  • Religious identification, beliefs and practices among Turkish- and Moroccan Belgian Muslims: Intergenerational continuity and acculturative change.
    Güngör, Derya, Fenella Fleischmann, and Karen Phalet (2011)
    Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 42:8: 1356-1374.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Acculturation; Belgium; Change; Generations; Moroccan Belgians; Turkish Belgians
  • Catholic Pentecosalism and the Paradoxes of Africanization: Processes of Localization in a Catholic Charismatic Movement in Cameroon.
    Lado, Ludovic (2009)
    Leiden: E.J. Brill

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Catholic, Cameroon; Cameroon; Acculturation
  • Human Agency in Mission Work: Missionary Styles and Their Political Consequences.
    Cavalcanti, H.B. (2005)
    Sociology of Religion 66:4: 381-398.

    Compares the diffusion model of one American Protestant missionary to Brazil with the acculturation model of the other.

    Associated Search Terms: Southern Baptist, Brazil; Presbyterian, Brazil; Brazil; Diffusion; Missions; Acculturation
  • Coping with Persecution. Religious Change in Communism and in post-Communist Reconstruction in Central Europe.
    Tomka, Miklós (1998)
    International Sociology 13:2: 229-248.

    Neither secularization nor rational choice theory explains the changes in religion in central Europe during & after the Soviet era; acculturation serves better.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Acculturation; Rational choice theory; Secularization; Persecution; Europe, central
  • Symbolic Ethnicity and Symbolic Religiosity. Towards a Comparison of Ethnic and Religious Acculturation.
    Gans, Herbert J. (1994)
    Ethnic and Racial Studies 17:4: 577-592.

    Considers consumption of religious symbols, other than regular participation, to express religiosity & religious identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, U.S.A.; Ethnic; Identity; Acculturation
  • La déesse et le saint--Acculturation et "communalisme" hindou-mussulman dans un lieu de culte du sud de l'Inde (Karnataka).
    Assayag, Jackie (1992)
    Annales 1992: 4/5: 789-813.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Karnataka; Acculturation; Islam, India; Communality; Hindu, India
  • Acculturation, conflits de valeurs et pratiques familiales du sacré en Algérie.
    Toualbi, Nouredine (1990)
    Revue internationale des sciences sociales 126: 595-602.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Values; Acculturation; Algeria; Conflict
  • American Aliya, Portrait of an Innovative Migration Movement.
    Waxman, Chaim I. (1989)
    Detroit, Michigan: Wayne State University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Acculturation; Israel; American Israelis; Migrant; Jewish, Israel
  • Religious acculturation and political socialisation in France.
    Percheron, Annick (1982)
    West European Politics 5:2: 8-31.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Politics, France; France; Acculturation
  • Neo-Hindu Acculturation: An Alternative to 'Instant Chemical Religion.'
    Fornaro, Robert J. (1976)
    In Agehananda Bharati (ed.) The Realm of Extra Human Agents and Audiences. (International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences). The Hague: Mouton, pp. 17-30.

    Associated Search Terms: Drug; Neo-Hindu; Acculturation
  • Mouvements religieux d'acculturation en Océanie.
    Burridge, Kenelm (1976)
    In Henri-Charles Puech (ed.) Histoire des Religions, tome III. Paris: Gallimard, pp. 1142-1219.

    Associated Search Terms: Acculturation; Social movement
  • The Modern Orthodox Jew: Acculturation and Religious Identity.
    Leff, Bertram (1974)
    Unpublished M.A. Thesis, Adelphi University.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Jewish, Orthodox; Acculturation
  • Identity Crisis among American Mennonites.
    Peachey, Paul (1968)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 42:4: 243-259.

    General discussion of the dilemmas brought about by ethnic acculturation to American society.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Mennonite, U.S.A.; Acculturation; Identity
  • An Analysis of Social-Scientific Writing on American Negro Religion.
    Frazier, Thomas R. (1967)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Columbia University. [DA 28:10 A, p. 4249]

    Categorizes studies under the headings: acculturation, assimilation, functionalism, accommodative functionalism, racial pluralism.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; Pluralism; Functionalism; Assimilation; Acculturation
  • The Americanization of Catholic Reproductive Ideals.
    Blake, Judith (1966)
    Population Studies 20:1: 27-43.

    1943-61 data show that lay Catholic ideal family size is closer to non-catholic ideals than to that of the official church.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Acculturation; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Millénarisme et acculturation.
    Kaufmann, Robert (1964)
    Bruxelles: Institut de Sociologie de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles.

    Associated Search Terms: Acculturation; Millenarian
  • Protestantism in Latin American Acculturation.
    Gibson, Delbert Lee (1959)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Texas.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexican Americans; Acculturation; United States, Texas, Austin; Conversion
  • The Acculturation Process and the Peace Doctrine of the Church of the Brethren.
    Royer, Donald Mark (1955)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago.

    History of the Brethren development from sect to denomination & lesser social control in gaining adherence to the historical peace doctrine. Some congregations were further along in the process than others. Reports questionnaire data from selected congregations.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Typology; Peace/war; Parish; Dunker; Brethren; Acculturation
  • Controlled Acculturation: A Survival Technique of the Hutterites.
    Eaton, Joseph W. (1952)
    American Sociological Review 17:3: 333-340.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Hutterite; Acculturation
  • A aculturação dos Alemães no Brasil.
    Willems, Emilio (1946)
    São Paulo: Cia Editora Nacional.

    Includes observations on German Lutherans & German Catholics in Brazil.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Brazil; Catholic, Brazil; Acculturation; Brazil; Ethnic; German Brazilians
  • Acculturation and Messianic Movements.
    Barber, Bernard (1941)
    American Sociological Review 6: 663-669.

    Consideration of messianic movements among native Americans.

    Associated Search Terms: Acculturation; Messian; Native Americans
  • Acculturation among the Japanese of Kona, Hawaii. Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association.
    Embree, John F. (1941)
    Menasha, Wisconsin: American Anthropological Association.

    Associated Search Terms: Acculturation; Japanese Americans; United States, Hawaii, Kona
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