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  • The lived religion approach in the sociology of religion and its implications for secular feminist analyses of religion.
    Nyhagen, Line (2017)
    Social Compass 64:4: 495-511.

    The lived religion approach in the sociology of religion furthers the recognition of women's agency in a "soft secular feminist" stance.

    Associated Search Terms: Lived religion; Agency; Secularism; Feminist theory
  • Gender, Religion, and Political Agency: Mapping the Field.
    Giorgi, Alberta (2016)
    Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais 110: 51-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Gender; Agency
  • Initial results from a survey of two cohorts of rleigious nonprofits.
    Dollhopf, Erica J., John D. McCarthy, and Christopher P. Scheitle (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:1: 156-165.

    Descriptive data on religious non-profits.

    Associated Search Terms: Charities; Parachurch agencies
  • Pious and critical: Muslim women activists and the question of agency.
    Rinaldo, Rachel (2013)
    Gender & Society 28: 824-846.

    Associated Search Terms: Activists; Islam; Agency; Women
  • Social capital, race, and personal fundraising in Evangelical outreach ministries.
    Perry, Samuel L. (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:1: 159-178.

    Analyzes 2009 questionnaire data from Evanelical outreach ministries' staff. Netowrk size & financial assets in the networks explain differences in fund raising experiences.

    Associated Search Terms: Race; Social capital; Parachurch agencies; Network; Fund raising; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Women's agency in gender-traditional religions: A review of four approaches.
    Burke, Kelsy C. (2012)
    Sociology Compass (online) 6: 122-133.

    Associated Search Terms: Agency; Gender traditionalism; Women
  • Diversity, Donations, and Disadvantage: The Implications of Personal Fundraising for Racial Diversity in Evangelical Outreach Ministries.
    Perry, Samuel L. (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 53:4: 397-418.

    Analyzes web-based survey data from Evangelical outreach ministers. The Evangelical model of personal fund raising for such parachurch ministries (e.g. university campus outreach) presupposes & thus privileges white American cultural expectations.

    Associated Search Terms: Race; Parachurch agencies; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Minority; Contributions; Ethnic
  • Racial habitus, moral conflict, and white moral hegemony within interracial evangelical organizations.
    Perry, Samuel L. (2012)
    Qualitative Sociology 35:1: 89-108.

    Associated Search Terms: Habitus; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Conflict; Race; Moral; Parachurch agencies
  • Beyond the Congregation. The World of Christian Nonprofits.
    Scheitle, Christopher P. (2010)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Historical & quantitative data on American Protestant Christian parachurch organizations.

    Associated Search Terms: Parachurch agencies; Non-profit organizations; Charities
  • "Doing Religion" in a Secular World: Women in Conservative Religions and the Question of Agency.
    Avishai, Orit (2008)
    Gender & Society 22:4:409-433.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Conservative; Agency
  • Sociological explorations: What is religious agency?
    Leming, Laura M. (2007)
    Sociological Quarterly 48:1: 73-92.

    Draws a conceptualization from interviews with Catholic women seeking more voice in their church.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Women; Agency; Catholic
  • Seeking the Christian Tutelage: Agency and Culture in Chinese Immigrants' Conversion to Christianity.
    Ng, Kwai Hang (2002)
    Sociology of Religion 63:2: 195-214.

    Based on 1997-98 field work in a Protestant ethnic Chinese congregation in a Midwest U.S. city.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Chinese Americans; Identity; Agency; Assimilation
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