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  • Dolorisme religieux et reconstructions identitaires. Les conversions néo-évangéliques dans l'Algérie contemporaine.
    Direche, Karima (2009)
    Annales 65:5: 1137-1162.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Conversion; Emotion; Evangelical, Algeria; Identity
  • Islamism in Contemporary Arab Politics. Lessons in Authoritarianism and Democratization.
    Tamadonfar, Mehran (2002)
    In Ted Gerard Jelen and Clyde Wilcox (eds.) Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 141-165.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Egypt; Politics, Lebanon; Politics, Algeria; Lebanon; Islamicist; Egypt; Algeria
  • Marginalité et Instrumentalité de l'Islam dans le Presse du Maghreb Central.
    Garon, Lise (1997)
    Social Compass 44:1: 53-70.

    Political interests use Islam instrumentally, not vice-versa; based on content analysis of newspapers.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Politics, North Africa; Islam, North Africa; Media; Morocco; Content analysis; Tunisia
  • Les Versets de l'Invincibilité: Permanence et Changements Religieux dans l'Algérie Contemporaine.
    Colonna, Fanny (1995)
    Paris: Presses de Sciences-Po.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Algeria; Algeria
  • Folie douce, vent des ancêtres: la transe au Magreb.
    Babès, Leïla (1995)
    Social Compass 42:4: 461-476.

    Based on 1987-90 field work in Annaba, Algeria.

    Associated Search Terms: Trance; Algeria, Annaba; Syncretism; Experience; Possession
  • Acculturation, conflits de valeurs et pratiques familiales du sacré en Algérie.
    Toualbi, Nouredine (1990)
    Revue internationale des sciences sociales 126: 595-602.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Values; Acculturation; Algeria; Conflict
  • Juifs d'Algérie Hier et Aujourd'hui. Mémoires et Identités.
    Allouche-Benayoun, Joëlle, and Doris Bensimon (1986)
    Toulous: Bibliotèque historique.

    2nd, completed ed.: Les Juifs d'Algérie. Mémoires et identités plurielles. Paris: Éd. Stavit, 1998.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Algeria; Algeria
  • Ivrognerie, religiosité et sport dans une ville algérienne (Oran) 1962-1983).
    Benkheira, Mohammed Hocine (1985)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 59:1: 131-152.

    Focuses on the state mobilization of both religion & sport for purposes of centralizing public culture.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria, Oran; Sport; Alcohol
  • De la théorie à la pratique des prescriptions de l'Islam en Algérie contemporaine.
    Hadj-sadok, Mohammed (1978)
    Social Compass 25:3/4: 433-443.

    From the 8th century to the 19th, Sharia law was used in Algeria; French colonialism created a 132 yr. parenthesis. Since 1962 governments insisted on a Moslem national character, but has not returned to complete Sharia but learns from history.

    Associated Search Terms: Law; Algeria; Islam, Algeria
  • Islam, Réformisme et Nationalisme dans la Résistance à la Colonisation Française en Algérie (1830-1930).
    Faouzi, Adel (1978)
    Social Compass 25:3/4: 419-432.

    Argues that the French co-opted the religious leaders, separating them from the common people. Religion obscured class consciousness not only by legitimating the colonial government but also later the nationalist movement.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Nationalism; Colonialism; Islam, Algeria
  • Cultural Resistance and Religious Legitimacy in Colonial Algeria.
    Colonna, Fanny (1974)
    Economy and Society 3:3: 233-252.

    Advocates abandoning the orientalist assumption that sees religion & politics as indivisible in Islamic societies. Starts with the example of Algeria.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Politics, Algeria; Islam, Algeria
  • The Unknown Apollo of Biskra: The Social Base of Algerian Puritanism.
    Gellner, Ernest (1974)
    Government and Opposition 9: 277-310.

    Discusses contrasting styles of Islamic religious life, especially in Algeria from the late 19th century to the 1970s.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Islam, Algeria
  • The Statistics of North African Jewry.
    Attal, Robert (1963)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 5:1: 27-34.

    Data in official yearbooks of Morocco & Tunisia are available, but in Algeria Jews were classified as "French" since 1870.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Algeria; Tunisia; Morocco; Demography; Jewish, Tunisia; Jewish, Morocco; Algeria
  • La résistance des facteurs socio-cultures au développement économique. L'exemple de l'Islam en Algérie.
    Gendarme, René (1959)
    Revue économique 10: 220-236.

    Formulates the argument that Islamic religion & culture retard the development of capitalism. Uses as points of departure the ideas of Sombart, Weber, Hauser, & Tawney.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Algeria; Islam, Algeria; Sombart, Werner; Economic
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