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  • Alternative sociologies of religion: Through non-Western eyes.
    Spickard, James V. (2017)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Sociology of religion has been bound to western culture, as organization, belief, & morals. The Confucian perspective leads to popular or everyday religion, de-individualized. Ibn Khaldun saw religion & ethnicity as forces for solidarity beyond familism. The Navajo perspective reveals the performative nature of ritual.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Individualism; Popular religion; Ritual; Market model; Familism; Ancestor; Sociology of religion; Culture; Definition of religion; Ethnic; Everyday life; Theory; Solidarity; Confucian; Navajo; Khaldun, Ibn
  • Online ethnographic research: Avatars in virgual worlds.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 149-157.

    Describes construction fantasy religions & observing such constructions.

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Ethics; Methods; Ancestor; Virtual religion
  • An Information Technology Surrogate for Religion.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (2014)
    Nw York: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Surrogate for religion; Virtual religion
  • Gifts of money and gifts of time: Folk religion and civic involvement in a Chinese soiety.
    Hu, Anning (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:2: 313-335.

    Analyzes 2009 survey data from Taiwan. Ancestor worship predicts less secular contributing. Local deity worship predicts more religious volunteering. Sectarian membership predicts more religious volunteering. Individual folk religion predicts religious volunteering &, occasionally, giving to Buddhism, Taoism, & folk religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Volunteering; Taiwan; Folk religion; Ancestor; Contributions
  • "Conversion" and the resurgence of indigenous religion in China.
    Fan, Lizhu, and Na Chen (2014)
    In Lewis A. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 556-577.

    Describes a revival of folk religion & a sensed need for meaning after the era of Mao Zedong.

    Associated Search Terms: Folk religion; China; Revival; Popular religion; Diffused religion; Ancestor
  • Popular Buddhists: The Relationship between Popular Religious Involvement and Buddhist Identity in Contemporary China.
    Leamaster, Reid J., and Anning Hu (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:2: 234-259.

    Analyzes data from the 2007 Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents. Buddhist identification predicts popular religious belief and practice, as does seeing inequality as a problem. Education was not related.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Urban/rural; Syncretism; Education; Buddhist, China; Ancestor; Popular religion
  • Ancestor veneration avatars.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (2013)
    In R. Luppicini (ed.) Handbook of Research on Technoself: Identity in a Technological Society. Hershey, Pennsylvania: Information Science Reference, pp. 308-321.

    Associated Search Terms: Virtual religion; Ancestor
  • Exstraordinary relationality: Ancestor veneration in late Euro-American society.
    Day, Abby (2012)
    Nordic Journal of Religion and Society 25:2: 169-181.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor
  • Past in the Present: Indigenous Leadership and Party Politics among the Amasiri of Southeastern Nigeria.
    Obinna, Elijah (2011)
    In Barbara Jones Denison (ed.) History, Time, Meaning, and Memory. Ideas for the Sociology of Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 81-110.

    Description of the Amasiri indigenous system of governance, of which ancestor respect is a dimension.

    Associated Search Terms: Amasiri (Nigerian ethnic group); Nigeria; Ancestor
  • Land of the Rising Son? Domestic Organization, Ancestor Worship, and Economic Change in Japan.
    Smith, Stephen R. (2000)
    In Sharon K. Houseknecht and Jerry G. Pankhurst (eds.) Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 305-323.

    The change from an agricultural to urban society involves a change from a lineage orientation in the family to a nuclear family pattern, & hence a change in who is memorialized in rites concerning the deceased.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Buddhist, Japan; Change; Family; Japan
  • Religion and Family Formation in Taiwan: The Decline of Ancestral Authority.
    Yang, Li-shou, Arland Thornton, and Thomas Fricke (2000)
    In Sharon K. Houseknecht and Jerry D. Pankhurst (eds.) Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 121-146.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Ancestor; Taiwan; Family; Authority; Folk religion
  • Christianity Made in Japan. A Study of Indigenous Movements.
    Mullins, Mark R. (1998)
    Honolulu: University of Hawai'I Press.

    Studies the independent Japanese Christian churches; ch. 7 describes the accommodation of Christianity to the Japanese commemoration of ancestral dead.

    Associated Search Terms: Accommodation; Ancestor; Death; Big tradition; Minor founder; Christian, Japan; Little tradition; Indigenization; Transplantation; Japan
  • The Particularity of Popular Beliefs among Ethnic Communities of the Hanhi-Lolo Linguistic Group.
    Huy, Nguyen Van (1995)
    Social Compass 42:3: 301-315.

    Ancestor worship in the remote tribal areas reflects family structure & is predominant where non-familial relations are absent.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Ancestor; Vietnam; Family; Popular religion
  • Les systèmes divinatoires de la règle Ocha à Cuba.
    Argüelles Mederos, Anibal (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 293-301.

    Describes the Rule of Ocha cult of the Yoruban Cubans.

    Associated Search Terms: Divination; Cuba; Africanist, Cuba; Rule of Ocha; Ancestor; Yoruban Cubans
  • Recompositions sacrificielles au Nigeria contemporain.
    Nicolas, Guy (1991)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 32:2: 299-326.

    Sees sacrifice to ancestors as central to African cultures & points to its persistence in Nigeria in the shadow of the monotheist religions.

    Associated Search Terms: Sacrifice; Ancestor; Nigeria
  • Persective, magic, ancestors, and indigenous Christianity.
    Mullins, Mark R. (1991)
    Japan Christian Quarterly 57:1: 60-62.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan; Christian, Japan; Magic; Ancestor
  • Ancestors and Protestants: Religious coexistence in the social field of a Zambian community.
    Bond, George C. (1987)
    American Etnologist 14:1: 55-72.

    Ancestor cult & Christianity coexisted because they were related to differen aspects of social life.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Christian, Africa; Presbyterian Free Church of Scotland in Uyombe; Yombe (a people in Zambia); Zambia, Muyombe
  • Ancestor Worship in Contemporary Japan: Continuity and Change.
    Morioka, Kiyomi (1984)
    In George A. DeVos and Takao Sofue (eds.) Religion and the Family in East Asia. Berkeley, Calfiornia: University of California Press, pp. 201-213.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Japan; Ancestor
  • The Great Ancestors are Watching. A Cross-cultural Study of Superior Ancestral Religion.
    Sheils, Dean (1980)
    Sociological Analysis 41:3: 247-257.

    Analyzes mostly Human Relations Area Files data; relates superior ancestor worship to kinship-based central states.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Family; Comparative; Ancestor
  • Toward a Unified Theory of Ancestor Worship.
    Sheils, Dean (1975)
    Social Forces 54: 427-440.

    Analyzes mostly Human Relations Area Files data; relates descent systems, conjugal formation & marriage pattern to ancestor worship.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Marriage; Ancestor; Comparative
  • De la religion subie au modernisme refusé. "Théophagie," ancêtres clandestins et résistance populaire au Rwanda.
    Vidal, Claudine (1974)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 19/38: 63-90.

    Describes ancestor worship persisting despite a superficial conversion to Catholicism in Rwanda.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Catholic, Rwanda; Missions; Popular religion; Rwanda
  • Dual Religious Orientation in an Urban African Church.
    Schutte, A.G. (1974)
    African Studies 33:2: 113-120.

    Based on field work in a Dutch Reformed congregation in Soweto; ancestor beliefs (part of private religiosity) & Christianity (a public religiosity) were merged in the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Missions; Syncretism; Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid Afrika; South Africa, Soweto; Ancestor
  • The Association of Religion and Family Structure: The Case of the Hong Kong Family.
    Hong, Lawrence K. (1972)
    Sociological Analysis 33:1: 50-57.

    Studies the meaning of the "ancestral cult"; based on a 1968 survey of Hong Kong families having children in a school.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Family; China, Hong Kong
  • Where the Family of God is the Family; The Role of the Dead in Japanese Households.
    Plath, David (1964)
    American Anthropologist 66: 300-317.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Ancestor; Japan
  • Pietas in Ancestor Worship
    Fortes, Meyer (1961)
    Journal of the Royal Anthropological Intitute of Great Britain and Ireland 91:2: 166-191.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor
  • Ancestor Worship as a Type of Social Control.
    Fu, Daniel Chich (1922)
    Unpublished M.A. dissertation, University of Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Ancestor
  • The Evolution of Religion.
    Hayes, Edward C. (1915)
    American Journal of Sociology 21:1: 45-64.

    Discusses magic, ancestor worship, & other possible historical origins of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Origins of religion; Magic; Ancestor
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