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  • Introduction: The sacred and the urban in Asia.
    Goh, Daniel P.S., and Peter van der Veer (2016)
    International Sociology 31:4: 367-374.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Urban
  • Christian conversion and cultural incongruity in Asia.
    Stark, Rodney, and Xiuhua Wang (2014)
    Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion 10: 2-15.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Asia; Christian, Asia; Culture
  • Latin-American and Asiatic neo-Protestantisms: A comparative study.
    Aubrée, Marion (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 517-526.

    Compares Latin American & Southeast Asian trajectories of Pentecostal growth, based on the literatures.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Pentecostal; Comparative; Latin America
  • Market and money: A critique of rational choice theory.
    Van der Veer, Peter (2012)
    Social Compass 59:2: 183-192.

    Reservations about the market model.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Rational choice theory; China; Market model
  • Secularism, religious change, and social conflict in Asia.
    Madsen, Richard (2011)
    In Craig Calhoun, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Jonathan Van Antwerpen (eds.) Rethinking Secularism. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 248-269.

    Examines the secularity or non-secularity of the state, society, & culture in Asia, with the cases of China, Taiwan, & Indonesia given particular attention.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Indonesia; Secularism; Taiwan; Asia
  • The Social Impact of Missionary Higher Education.
    Woodberry, Robert D. (2007)
    In Philip Yuen Sang Leung and Peter Tze Ming Ng (eds.) Christian Responses to Asian Challenges: A Globalization View on Christian Higher Education in East Asia. Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong, pp. 99-120.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Missions; Christian, Asia
  • The Sword against the Crescent: Religion and Violence in Muslim Southeast Asia.
    Hefner, Robert W. (2007)
    In Linell E. Cady and Sheldon W. Simon (eds.) Religion and Conflcit in South and Southeast Asia. New York: Routledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Conflict; Violence; Islam
  • Challenges for the Sociology of Religion in Asia.
    Lang, Graeme (2004)
    Social Compass 51:1: 99-110.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia
  • Muslim and non-Muslim Differences in Female Autonomy and Fertility: Evidence from four Asian Countries.
    Morgan. S. Philip, Sharon Stash, Karen O. Mason, and Herbert L. Smith (2002)
    Population and Development Review 28:3: 515-538.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Asia; Fertility; Women
  • Evangelicals and Politics in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
    Freston, Paul (2001)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Provides country-by-country case studies of Evangelicals' involvement in politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Evangelical; Politics; Latin America; Africa
  • World Religions and National States. Competing Claims in East Asia.
    Baker, Don (1997)
    In Susanne Hoeber Rudolph and James P. Piscatori (eds.) Transnational Religion and Failed States. Boulder, Colorado: Westview, pp. 144-172.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Asia; Transnational
  • Economic Development in East Asia and Confucian Ethics.
    Nakajima, Mineo (1994)
    Social Compass 41:1: 113-119. Comment by Yoshiya Abe 41:1: 151-159.

    Sees Confucian ethics providing favorable contexts for economic development.

    Associated Search Terms: Development; Economic; Confucian; Asia
  • Religion in Capitalist East Asia.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1993)
    In William H. Swatos, Jr. (ed.) A Future for Religion? New Paradigms for Social Analysis. Newbury Park, California: Sage, pp. 55-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia
  • Le Chamanisme Islamisé des Peuples d'Asie Centrale./Islamic Shamanism among Central Asian Peoples.
    Basilov, Vladimir N. (1992)
    Diogène 158: 7-19./Diogenes 158: 5-18.

    A general descriptive overview, based on written sources & on ethnographic data from the 1960s & after, from Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, & Kirghizia

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, central; Turkmenistan; Participant observation; Kazakhstan; Uzbekistan; Shamanism; Girkhistan
  • Religions et croyances de la Chine et de la Haute Asia.
    Aubin, Françoise (1989)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 67:2: 175-189.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Asia
  • Religion and Modernization in Southeast Asia.
    Von der Mehden, Fred R. (1986)
    Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Modernization
  • Social Theory, Ethnography and the Understanding of Practical Islam in Southeast Asia.
    Ellen, Roy (1983)
    In M.B. Hooker (ed.) Islam in Southeast Asia. Leiden: Brill, pp. 50-91.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Participant observation; Islam, Asia; Everyday life
  • The Eastasia Edge.
    Hofheinz, Roy, Jr., and Kent E. Calder (1982)
    New York: Basic Books.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Confucian; Economic; Modernization
  • Die Rezeption der Hinduismus/Buddhismus-Studie Max Webers in Südasien: ein Missverständnis?
    Kantowsky, Detlef (1982)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 23:2: 317-355.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Buddhist; Hindu; Weber, Max
  • The Great Asiatic Religions and their Social Functions./Le Religioni asiatiche e la loro funzione sociale.
    Houtart, François, and Geneviève Lemercinier (1980)
    Louvain-la-Neuve: Centre de Recherches Socio-Religieuse./Roma: Iassua, 1984.

    Associated Search Terms: Functionalism; Asia; India, ancient; Buddhist
  • Sociological Aspects of Christian Church's Penetration in the Confucian Regions of Asia.
    Houtart, François (1978)
    Social Compass 25:2: 239-249.

    Examines the history from the 6th to the 20th centuries.

    Associated Search Terms: Missions; Asia; Christian, Asia
  • Muslim Puritans: Reformist Psychology in Southeast Asian Islam.
    Peacock, James L. (1978)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Islam, Asia; Protestant Ethic; Economic
  • The Social Complexity of Southeast Asian Religion: The Current Debate on Buddhism.
    Evers, Hans Dieter (1977)
    Journal of Asian Studies 37:1: 183-185.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Buddhist
  • Theravada Buddhism and Political Power--Construction and Destruction of Its Ideological Function.
    Houtart, François (1977)
    Social Compass 24:2/3: 207-246.

    Discusses the rise of little vehicle Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, & Indonesia, when tributary systems prevailed; changes came with feudalism, & destructuration with European conquest.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Theravada; Ideology; Asia; Tributary system; Politics, Asia
  • Muslim and Christian Attitudes toward Fasting in Southeast Asia.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1977)
    Review of Religious Research 19:1: 3-15.

    Analyzes 1969-70 survey data from undergraduates in the Philippines, Indonesia, & Singapore. Though Muslims more than Christians value fasting, they increasingly give it this-worldly meaning.

    Associated Search Terms: Fasting; Islam; Students, undergraduate; Asia, Southeast
  • The Scarcity of Identity: The Relation between Religious Identity and National Identity.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1973)
    In Hans Dieter Evers (ed.) Modernization in Southeast Asia. Singapore: Oxford University Press, pp. 174-198.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Identity
  • Modernization and Social Change: Studies in Modernization, Religion, Social Change and Development in Southeast Asia.
    Alatas, Syed Hussein (1972)
    Sydney, Australia: Angus & Robertson.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernization; Asia, Southeast; Change
  • Religion and Change in Contemporary Asia.
    Spencer, Robert F. (ed.) (1971)
    Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

    Contains lectures presented at the University of Minnesota, spring 1968.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Change
  • Religion and Modernization in Southeast Asia.
    Alatas, Syed Hussein (1970)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 11:2: 265-296.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Modernization
  • Max Webers Soziologie der ostasiatischen Religionen.
    Franke, Herbert (1966)
    In Karl Engish, Bernhard Pfister, and Johannes Winckelmann (eds.), Max Weber: Gedächtnisschrift der Ludwig-Maximilians-Univrsität München zur 100 Wiederkehr seines Geburtstages 1964. Berlin: Duncker und Humblot, pp. 115-130.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Asia; Hindu; Confucian; Buddhist
  • The Religious Situation in the Far East.
    Bellah, Robert N. (1963)
    Contemporary Religions in Japan 4: 95-117.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia
  • Some Reflections on the Protestant Ethic Analogy in Asia.
    Bellah, Robert N. (1963)
    Journal of Social Issues 19:1: 52-60. [Also in Robert N. Bellah, Beyond Belief. Essays in a Post-Traditional World (New York: Harper & Row, 1970), pp. 53-63]

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Asia; Protestant Ethic
  • The Weber Thesis and Southeast Asia.
    Alatas, Syed Hussein (1963)
    Archives de Sociologie des Religions 8/15: 21-34.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Protestant Ethic
  • Religious Reform Movements in South and South-East Asia.
    Wertheim, Willem F. (1961)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 6/12: 53-62.

    Argues that European Christian reform movements such as the Reformation should be compared to Asian reform movements, not Asian religions in their classic forms.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Social movement; Reformation; Comparative
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