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  • Children of Jesus and Mary. The Order of Christ Sophia.
    Lewis, James R., and Nicholas M. Levine, with Christine Johnson, Lucille Michaels, Mary Francis Drake, and Scott L. Thumma (2010)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Study of a new religion, based on interviews, insider knowledge, and questionnaires. Unlike many new religions, this is not a youth phenomenon.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Order of Christ Sophia; Astrology; Esoteric; Syncretism
  • Spiritual Shopping: The Effects of State-level Demograpics and Religious Economies upon the Locations of Psychics, Astrologers and Christian Bookstores.
    Bader, Christopher D., and William H. Lockhart (2006)
    Journal of Media and Religion 5: 91-109.

    Associated Search Terms: Bookstore; Astrology; Ecology; Psychic; Economic
  • Religious Involvement, Conventional Christian, and Unconventional Nonmaterialist Beliefs.
    Glendinning, Tony (2006)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45:4: 585-595.

    Analyzes 2001 Scottish survey data; adherence to unconventional nonmaterialist beliefs correlates with Christian belief, especially among non-attenders.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Scotland; Practice; Fatalism; Astrology; Conventionality; Belief
  • Institutionalised and Subjective Religiosity in Former Communist Countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
    Pollack, Detlef (2004)
    In Jerolimov, Dinka Marinovic, Sinisa Zrinscak, and Irena Borowik (eds.), Religion and Patterns of Social Transformation. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research--Zagreb, pp. 79-88.

    Presents country-by-country descriptive data from a 2000 survey.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Europe, eastern; Meditation; Healing; Membership; Belief; Astrology
  • Paranormal Beliefs. A Sociological Introduction.
    Goode, Erich (2000)
    Prospect Heights, Illinois: Waveland Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Paranormal; Astrology; UFO cult
  • Astrologie, Yoga und Politik. New age und politische Orientierungen bei StudentInnen.
    Höllinger, Franz (1999)
    Sozial Welt 50:1: 51-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Yoga; Students, undergraduate; Politics; Astrology
  • Alternative Creeds among Russian Youth.
    Chernysh, Mikhail F. (1999)
    In Luigi Tomasi (ed.) Alternative Religions among European Youth. Aldeshot, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 147-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Russian Orthodox, Russia; Astrology; New religions; Russia; UFO cult
  • De l'intégration au Catholicisme aux croyances parallèles.
    Michelat, Guy (1997)
    In Yaves Lambert, Guy Michelat, and Albert Piette (eds.) Le religieux des sociologues. Trajectoires personnelles et débats scientifiques. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 77-88.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Paranormal; Dimensions of religiosity; Catholic, France; Astrology
  • Volksreligion und Herrschafts-kirche. Die Werzeln religiösen Verhaltens in westlichen Gesellschaften.
    Höllinger, Franz (1996)
    Opladen: Leski + Budrich.

    Presents comparative data from western European nations & the U.S. on religious identification, practice, prayer, belief in God, belief in magic & astrology. Focuses especially on Germany, Netherlands, & Ireland.

    Associated Search Terms: Disenchantment; Ireland; Netherlands; Germany; Astrology; Magic; Religiosity; Privatization; Comparative; Secularization; Change; Definition of religion
  • The Hidden Truth: Astrology as Worldview.
    Faher, Shoshanah (1994)
    In Arthur L. Greil and Thomas Robbins (eds.), Religion and the Social Order. Volume 4 Between Sacred and Secular: Research and Theory on Quasi-Religion. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 165-177.

    Analyzes 1989 questionnaire data from an astrology conference; describes respondents as a network of seekers.

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology; Seeker; Network
  • Europe's Receptivity to New Religious Movements: Round Two.
    Stark, Rodney (1993)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 32:4: 389-397.

    Shows new religions to be more common in most European nations than in the U.S.; reports high & from surveys in several nations of believers in fortune telling, good luck charms, & astrology.

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology; New religions; Magic; Europe
  • Prevalence and Correlates of New Age Beliefs in Six Protestant Denominations.
    Donahue, Michael J. (1993)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 32:2: 177-184.

    Analyzes survey data from 6 large American Protestant denominations; finds little support for astrology or necromancy, but some for more general "new age" attitudes.

    Associated Search Terms: Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.; United Methodist; United Church of Christ; Southern Baptist; New age; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Belief; Astrology; Necromancy; Disciples of Christ
  • Who Looks to the Stars? Astrology and its Constituency.
    Feher, Shoshanah (1992)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 31:1: 88-93.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from a 1989 astrology convention in New Orleans.

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology
  • Il circolo e la retta: I calendari popolari dal meterologico all' astrologico.
    Prandi, Carlo (1987)
    Religioni e società 3:4: 113-127.

    Associated Search Terms: Time; Astrology
  • Croyances aux Parasciences: Dimensions Sociales et Culturelles.
    Boy, David, and Guy Michelat (1986)
    Revue française de sociologie 27;2: 175-204.

    Analyzes French survey data; shows relationships of belief in paranormal phenomena & astrology to background variables, social integration, & religious belief.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Paranormal; Astrology; Belief; Integration (social)
  • Popular Occultism and Critical Social Theory: Exploring Some Themes in Adorno's Critique of Astrology and the Occult.
    Nederman, Cary J., and James Wray Goulding (1982)
    Sociological Analysis 42:4: 325-332.

    Occultism fosters pseudo-individualism & stifles self-reflection; it achieves a total internalization of domination, legitimating the irrationality of industrial society with a distorted consciousness.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of knowledge; Astrology; Occult; Cognitive distortion; Critical theory
  • Astrology and Marginality.
    Wuthnow, Robert (1976)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 15:2: 157-168.

    Analyzes 1973 questionnaire data from the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, California, San Francisco Bay Area; Surrogate for religion; Astrology; Marginality
  • Astrology and French Society: The Dialectic of Archaism and Modernity.
    Fischler, Claude (1974)
    In Edward A. Tiryakian (ed.), On the Margin of the Visible. Sociology, the Esoteric, and the Occult. New York: John Wiley & Sons, pp. 281-293.

    Reports 1963 & '67 French survey data on astrology.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Astrology
  • The Stars Down to Earth: The Los Angeles Times Astrology Column.
    Adorno, Theodor W. (1974)
    Telos 19: 13-90. [Also in Theodor W. Adorno, The Stars Down to Earth and Other Essays on the Irrational Culture, 2nd ed. New York: Routledge, 2001]

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology; Occult; Media; Content analysis
  • Le Retour des Astrologues.
    Defrance, Philippe, Claude Fischler, Edgar Morin, and Lena Petrossian (1971)
    paris: Les Caheirs du Club de Nouvel Observateur.

    Includes an analysis of 1963 French survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Astrology
  • La consommation d'astrologie dans la socété contemporaine.
    Maître, Jacques (1966)
    Diogène: revue internationale des sciences humaines 53: 92-109.

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology
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