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  • The Emerging Church in transatlantic perspective.
    Guest, Mathew (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:1: 41-51.

    Compares & contrasts the Emerging church movements of 4 English-speaking nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Comparative; Great Britain; New Zealand; United States; Emerging church
  • Quest for inclusion: Australia and Islamophobia.
    Bouma, Gary D. (2016)
    In Douglas Pratt and Rachel Woodlock (eds.) Fear of Muslims? International Perspectives on Islamophobia. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 67-78.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Islam, Australia; Australia
  • How ecotheological beliefs vary among Australian churchgoers and consequences for environmental attitudes and behaviors.
    Pepper, Miriam, and Rosemary Leonard (2016)
    Review of Religious Research 58:1: 101-124.

    Analyzes 2011 Australian National Church Life Survey data. Environmentalist attitudes were inversely predicted by "dominion theology" & positively by believing God was in nature.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Environmentalism; Australia
  • Secular conversions: Political institutions and religious education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000.
    Mayrl, Damon (2016)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; State; Education; Comparative; Australia
  • The religion of the educated classes revisited: New religions, the nonreligious, and educational levels.
    Lewis, James R., Sean E. Currie, and Michael P. Oman-Reagan (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:1: 91-104.

    Uses data from censuses. Members of most, but not all, new religions have higher than national averages of bachelor's degrees.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Wales; New religions; Education; New Zealand; Australia; Great Britain, England; Canada; Atheist
  • The role of demographic and socio-cultural factors in Australia’s successful multicultural society: How Australia is not Europe
    Bouma, Gary D. (2015)
    Journal of Socology 1:13:

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Pluralism
  • Sociology of religion in Australia.
    Bouma, Gary D., Douglas Ezzy, Anna Halafoff, and Adam Possamai (2015)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Anthony J. Blasi (eds.) Sociologies of Religion. National Traditions. Leiden: Brill, pp. 377-403

    A history.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Sociology of religion, Australia
  • Religion and life satisfaction down under.
    Kortt, Michael, Brian Dollery, and Bligh Grant. (2015)
    Journal of Happiness Studies 16:2: 277-293.

    Analyzes Australian panel data from the 2004, 2007, and 2010 waves of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey. Finds an association between attendance at religious services and life satisfaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Life satisfaction; Practice
  • Les attitudes face aux changements climatiques et les actions pour la décroissance énergétique des chrétiens pratiquants: les effets des persuasions religieuses et du capital social.
    Leonard, Rosemary J., and Miriam D. Pepper (2015)
    Social Compass 62:3:326-343.

    Analyzes 2006 & 2011 Australian survey data; churchgoers were slightly more pro-environment than others. Social capital more strongly predicted action than did attitudes. The norm of Christian responsibility for the environment was a strong predictor of action.

    Associated Search Terms: Environmentalism; Practice; Social capital; Australia
  • Globalized Muslim Youth in the Asia Pacific: Popular Culture in Singapore and Sydney.
    Nasir, Kamaludeen Mohamed (2015)
    Hampshrie, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, Sydney; Globalization; Islam, Australia; Islam, Singapore; Popular culture; Singapore; Youth
  • Perception of Shari'a in Sydney and New York newspapers.
    Possamai, Adam, Bryan S. Turner, Joshua Roose, Selda Dagistanli, and Malcolm Voyce (2015)
    In Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Shari'a: Case Studies from around the World, pp. 253-268.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, Sydney; United States, New York, New York; Sharia; Comparative; Media
  • Using census data in the management of religious diversity: An Australian case study.
    Bouma, Gary D., and Philip Hughes (2014)
    Religion 44:3: 434-452.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Census; Diversity; Pluralism
  • Managing minority religious and ethnic groups in Australia: Implications for social cohesion.
    Richardson, James T. (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 579-590.

    Observations developed while on sabbatical in Australia.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Australia; Cohesion; Islam, Australia; Minority; Sharia; Law
  • Mixed results for orthodoxy: The impact of contemporary cultural change on the acceptance of key Catholic beliefs and moral teachings by Australian mass attenders.
    Dixon, Robert E. (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 11-37.

    Reports & analyzes 1996, 2001, '06, & '11 survey data from Australian Catholic mass attenders, by age categories.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Sexual attitudes; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Change; Catholic, Australia; Belief; Australia; Abortion
  • Australia's Religious Communities: Facts and Figures from the 2011 Australian Census and Other Sources.
    Hughes, Philip, Margaret Fraser, and Stephen Reid (2012)
    Nunawading, Victoria: Christian Research Association.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia
  • Vatican II: A data-based analysis of its impact on Asutralian Catholic life.
    Dixon, Robert E., and Ruth Powell. (2012)
    In N. Ormerod, O. Rush, D. Pascoe, C. Johnson an J. Hodge (eds.) Vatican II: Reception and Implementation in the Australian Church. Mulgrave, Victoria: Garratt, pp. 292-320.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Australia
  • Les dynamiques politiques e Australia: religion et politique dans un système laïque.
    Maddox, Marion (2012)
    Pouvoirs 141:51-63.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Australia; Australia
  • Islam is a Blackfella religion, whatcha trying to prove?" Race in the lives of white Muslim converts in Australia.
    Alam, Oishee (2012)
    La Trobe Journal 89: 124-139.

    Associated Search Terms: Convert; Islam, Australia; Australia; Race
  • Beyond reasonable accommodation: The case of Australia.
    Bouma, Gary D. (2012)
    In Lori Beaman (ed.) Reasonable Accommodation: Managing Religious Diversity. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, pp. 139-164.

    Associated Search Terms: Freedom of religion; State; Australia
  • "In the Goofy Parking Lot": Growth Churches as a Novel Religious Form for Late Capitalism.
    Maddox, Marion (2012)
    Social Compass 59:2: 146-158.

    Based on observation of 2 Sydney megachurches; notes a spirit of entrepreneurship.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Megachurch; Australia, Sydney
  • Rethinking appropriation of the indigenous. A critique of the romanticist appoach.
    Waldron, David, and Janice Newton (2012)
    Nova religio 16:2: 64-85.

    The new age movement's appropriation of Australian aboriginal sites & symbols was often inappropriate & resented.

    Associated Search Terms: Cultural appropriation; New age; Australia; Aboriginal Australians
  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Churchgoing in England and Australia.
    Voas, David, and Ingrid Storm (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 53:4: 377-395.

    Analyzes 2001 International Congregational Life Survey data across 3 generations in England & Australia. Both grandparents' & parents' attendance, especially as couples, promotes children's attendance.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Family; Great Britain, England; Australia; Socialization; Generations
  • Towards understanding what Australia's Muslims really think.
    Rane, Halim, Mahmood Nathie, Ben sakhan, and Mohamad Abdalla (2011)
    Journal of Sociology 47: 123-143.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Islam, Australia
  • A Secular Cancellation of the Secularist Truce: Religion and Political Legitimation in Australia.
    Maddox, Marion (2011)
    In Patrick Michel and Enzo Pace (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 2: Religion and Politics. Leiden: Brill, pp. 287-308.

    Historically, religion was marginal to Australian politics. In the 2000s, politicans made religious references & directed funding to chaplaincies, religious schools, & faith-based social services to please the minimally religious part of the public, which is not very religiously literate but vaguely favors religious values.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Politics, Australia; Australia; Secularization
  • Hyper-real religion: Fear, anxiety and late-modern religious innovation.
    Possamai, Adam, and Murray Lee (2011)
    Journal of Sociology 47: 227-242.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; New religions
  • Being Faithful in Diversity: Religious And Social Policy in Multifaith Societies.
    Bouma, Gary D. (2011)
    Adelaide, Australia: ATF Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; New Zealand; Canada; Australia
  • Administering secularization: Religious education in New South Wales since 1960.
    Mayri, Damon (2011)
    European Journal of Sociology 52:1: 111-142.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, New South Wales; Education; Secularization; State
  • The Spirituality of Young Australians.
    Mason, Michael C. (2010)
    In Sylvia Collins-Mayo and Pink Dandelion (eds.) Religion and Youth. Surrey, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 55-62.

    Summarizes 2005 interview & survey data from Australians aged 13-24. Australian youth had largely abandoned traditional religion & had not replaced it with any systematic worldview.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Youth; Australia; Adolescents
  • The relationship between bonding and bridging social capital among Christian denominations across Australia.
    Leonard Rosemary, and John Bellamy (2010)
    Nonprofit Management & Leadership 20: 445-460.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Denomination (organizational entity); Social capital
  • Developments in Spirituality among Youth in Australia and Other Western Societies.
    Mason, Michael C., Andrew Singleton, and Ruth Webber (2010)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Vol. 1: Youth and Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 89-114.

    Compares 2005 Australian data with findings from other developed nations. Notes a decline in traditional religion & increase of alternative spiritualities.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Comparative; Spirituality; Adolescents; Youth; Australia
  • The Religiosity of Youth in Australia and Thailand.
    Hughes, Philip (2010)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Vol. 1: Youth and Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 115-145.

    Mostly descriptive statistics from youth surveys in Australia & Thailand.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Youth; Values; Thailand; Practice; Australia
  • Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. National Case Studies.
    Bouma, Gary D., Rod Ling, and Douglas Pratt (2010)
    Dordrecht: Springer.

    Provides reports on the separate nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Nauru; Northern Marianas; New Zealand; Papua-New Guinea; Philippines; Pluralism; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Women; Brunei Darussalam; New Caledonia; Micronesia; Singapore; Palau; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Timor Leste; Tonga (island nation); Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Marshall Islands; Kiribati; Competition; Minority; State; Australia; Ecumenism; Fiji; French Polynesia; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia
  • Invoking Religion in Australian Politics.
    Crabb, Anna (2009)
    Australian Journal of Political Science 44:2: 259-279.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Politics, Australia
  • How Would Jesus Vote? The Churches and the Election of the Rudd Government.
    Smith, Rodney (2009)
    Australian Journal of Political Science 44:4: 613-637.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Politics, Australia
  • Scientology down under.
    Possamai, Adam, and Alphia Possamai-Inesedy (2009)
    In James R. Lewis (ed.) Scientology. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 345-364.

    Associated Search Terms: Scientology, Australia; Australia
  • A globalização do espiritismo: fluxos do movimento religioso de João de Deus entre a Austrália e o Brasil.
    Rocha, Cristina (2009)
    Revista de antropologia da USP 52:2: 571-603.

    Associated Search Terms: Transnational; Australia; Spiritualist, Australia; Medium
  • Orientation to the Demands of Ministry: Construct Validity and Relationship with Burnout.
    Miner, Maureen, Sam Sterland, and Martin Dowson (2009)
    Review of Religious Research 50:4: 463-479.

    Develops a measure of internal orientation toward ministry, which inversely predicts clergy burnout.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Clergy; Burnout; Measurement
  • "Won't you break free?" An ethnography of music and the divine-human encounter at an Australian Pentecostal church.
    Jennings, Mark (2008)
    Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal 9:2: 161-174.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Australia; Australia; Music; Participant observation
  • The Nature of Spirituality among Young People in Australia and Thailand.
    Hughes, Philip, Parichart Suwanbubbha, and Janram Chaisri (2008)
    Social Compass 55:3: 359-372.

    Based on interviews in 2 countries; Thai adolescents were more likely to identify with religions while Australian adolescents were more likely to use religious traditions as options for life style decisions.

    Associated Search Terms: Thailand; Lifestyle; Adolescents; Australia
  • Enchanted pasts. The role of inrnational civil religious pilgrimage in reclaiming national collective memory.
    West, Brad (2008)
    Sociological Theory 26:3:258-270.

    Australian backpacker tourists to Gallipoli battlefields.

    Associated Search Terms: Turkey, Gallipoli; Memory; Pilgrimage; Australia; Civil religion
  • "People were not made to be in God's image." A contemporary overview of secular Australians.
    Singleton, Andrew (2007)
    In Barry Kosmin and Ariela Keysar (eds.) Secularism and Secularity: Contemporary International Perspectives. Hartford, Connecticut: Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture, pp. 83-94.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, Australia; Australia
  • Who Goes to World Youth Day? Some Data on Under-18 Australian Participants.
    Rymarz, Richard (2007)
    Journal of Beliefs and Values 28: 33-43.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Australia; Adolescents
  • Religion and Politics in the Howard Decade.
    Warhurst, John (2007)
    Australian Journal of Political Science 42:1: 19-32.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Australia; Australia
  • Discourses of authenticity within a Pagan community: The emergence of the "fluffy bunny" sanction.
    Coco, Angela, and Ian Woodward (2007)
    Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 36:5: 479-504.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Authenticity; Discourse; Australia; Pagan, Australia
  • Contemporary racism and Islamaphobia in Australia: Racializing religion.
    Dunn, Keven M., Natascha Klocker, and Tanya Salabay (2007)
    Ethnicities 7;4: 564-589.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Islam, Australia; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Religious resurgence and diversity and social cohesion in Australia.
    Bouma, Gary D., and Rod Ling (2007)
    In J. Jupp and J. Nieuwenhuysen (eds.) Social Cohelsion in Australia. Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, pp. 80-89.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Cohesion; Diversity; Pluralism
  • The Spirit of Generation Y: Young People's Spirituality in a Changing Australia.
    Mason, Michael C., Andrew Singleton, and Ruth Webber (2007)
    Victoria, Australia: John Garrett.

    Based on telephone survey data & in-depth interviews with Australia youth

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Generations; Secularization; Youth
  • Les spiritualités alternatives de la phase du capitalisme tardif.
    Possamaï, Adam (2007)
    In Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, and Michel Gardaz (eds.) La mondialisation du phénomène religieux. Montréal: Mediaspaul, pp. 137-158.

    Based on interviews with 35 practitioners of alternative spiritualities in Melbourne. Many rejected the term "new age" as too commercial.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-modern; New age; Commercialization; Habermas, Jürgen; Neopagan; Market model; Australia, Melbourne; Alternative spirituality
  • Australian Soul: Religion and Spirituality in the 21st Century.
    Bouma, Gary D. (2006)
    Port Melboune, Victoria, Australia: Cambridge University Pres Australia [New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007]

    Argues that religion & spirituality in Australia is stronger than generally thought; includes qualitative & quantitative descriptions.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia
  • Religion and Giving in Australia.
    Lyons, Mark, and Ian Nivison-Smith (2006)
    Australian Journal of Social Issues 41: 419-436.

    Associated Search Terms: Contributions; Australia
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