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  • Looking beyond the church tax: Families and the disaffiliation of Austrian Roman Catholics.
    Berghammer, Caroline, Ulrike Zartler, and Desiree Krivanek (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:3:

    Uses mixed methods including 2008-12 panel data. The church tax was cited as responsible by disaffiliating believers, ideological reasons by agnostics & atheists. Family transitions were important for both groups.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Austria; Atheist, Austria; Panel study; Disaffiliation; Austria; Family
  • Demographic forces shaping the religious landscape of Vienna.
    Goujon, Anne, and Ramon Bauer (2015)
    In D. Stanley Brunn (ed.) The Changing world Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Pratices and Politics. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, pp. 2145-2161.

    Associated Search Terms: Demography; Austria, Vienna
  • Urban faith: Religious change in Vienna and Austria, 1986-2013.
    Potan?oková, Michaela, and Carolina Berghammer (2014)
    In Hans G. Hödl and Lukas Pokorny (eds.) Religion in Austria, Volume 2. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, pp. 217-251.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria, Vienna; Urban/rural; Change; Austria
  • When people shed religious identity in Ireland and Austria: Evidence from censuses.
    McClendon, David, and Conrad Hackett (2014)
    Demographic Research 31/43: 1297-1310.

    Associated Search Terms: Demography; Disaffiliation; Austria; Ireland
  • Residential patterns by religion and ethnicity in Vienna.
    Speringer, Markus, and Roman Bauer (2014)
    Yearbook of International Religious Demography 1: 157-166.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Ecology; Austria, Vienna
  • Developing a concept of Muslim religiosity: An analysis of everyday lived religion among female migrants in Austria.
    Berghammer, Caroline, and Katrin Fliegenschnee (2014)
    Journal of Contemprary Religion 29:1: 89-104.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Migrant; Islam, Austria; Everyday life
  • Linked biographies in changing times. Syriac Christians in Vienna.
    Armbruster, Heidi (2014)
    Ethnologie Française 44:3: 469-478.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria, Vienna; Syriac Christian; Generations; Turkish Austrians; Migrant
  • Family life trajectories and religiosity in Austria.
    Berghammer, Caroline (2012)
    European Sociological Review 28:1: 127-144.

    Associated Search Terms: Family life cycle; Family; Austria
  • Religious organizations as political actors in the context of migration: Islam and orthodoxy in Austria.
    Permoser, Mourao, Julia S. Rosenberger, and Kristina Stoeckl (2010)
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 36:9: 1463-1481.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria; Orthodox, eastern, Austria; Politics, Austria; Islam, Austria; Migration
  • New times, old beliefs: Projecting the future size of religions in Austria.
    Goujon, Anne, Vegard Skirbekk, Katrin Fliegenschnee, and Pawel Strzelecki (2007)
    Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 5: 237-270.

    Associated Search Terms: Demography; Austria
  • Rejuvenation of an "old party"? Christian democracy in Austria.
    Fallend, Franz (2004)
    In Steven van Hecke and Emmanuel Gerard (eds.) Christian Democratic Parties in Europe since the End of the Cold War. Leuven: Leuven University Press, pp. 79-102.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Austria; Austria
  • L'Univers des Croyances Religieuses: la Suisse Comparée à ses Voisins (Allemagne, Autriche, France, Italie).
    Bréchon, Pierre (2001)
    Cahiers de l'observatoire des religions en Suisse (Université de Lausanne) 1: 39-57.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Germany; Austria; France; Italy; Comparative
  • What Happened Since "Luckmann 1960"?: Sociology of Religion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    Wohlrab-Sahr, Monika (2000)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 26: 169-192.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Austria; Sociology of religion; Germany
  • Der Katholizismus in den deutschsprachigen Ländern.
    Gabriel, Karl, and Franz-Xaver Kaufmann (1988)
    In Franz-Xaver Kaufmann and Bernhard Schäfers (eds.) Religion, Kirche und Gesellschaft. Gegenwartskunde, Sonderheft 5, pp. 31-57.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Germany, East; Catholic, Austria; Catholic, Germany, West
  • Zwischen "Aberglauben" und "Ideologie." Aspekte von Alltagsreligiosität aus Beispiel Österreich.
    Mörth, Ingo (1986)
    In Michel N. Ebertz and Franz Schultheis (eds.) Volksfrömmigkeit in Europa. Beiträge zur Soziologie popularer Religiosität aus 14 Landern. Mánchen: Chr. Kaiser, pp. 88-98.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Austria
  • Gemischt-konfessionelle Familien in Österreich. Analyse befolkerungsstatistischer Daten.
    Lutz, Wolfgang (1985)
    Demographische Informationen. Vienna: Vienna Institute of Demography, pp. 77-80.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria; Family; Pluralism
  • Empirische Forschung zum Thema Religion in Westdeutschland, Österreich und der Deutschsprachigen Schweiz.
    Lukatis, Ingrid (1983)
    In Karl-Fritz Daiber and Thomas Luckmann (eds.) Religion in den Gegenwartsströmungen der deutschen Soziologie. München: Chr. Kaiser Verlag, pp. 199-220.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Austria; Germany, West
  • La "religion des gens." A propos de diverses enquêtes réalisées en Austriche (1970-1980).
    Zulehner, Paul M. (1982)
    Social Compass 29:2/3: 209-221.

    Reviews surveys made in Austria; interprets them in terms of popular religion (a term the author avoids) providing security & thereby serving a conservative function.

    Associated Search Terms: Comfort; Popular religion; Austria
  • Recherches Empiriques Concernant la Religion en Allemagne Fédérale, en Autriche et en Suisse Allemanique.
    Lukatis, Ingrid, and Hartmut Krebber (1980)
    Social Compass 27:1: 85-100.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria; Germany, West; Switzerland
  • Säkularisierung von Gesellschaft, Person und Religion. Religion und Kirche in Österreich.
    Zulehner, Paul M. (1973)
    Vienna: Herder.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Austria; Secularization; Austria
  • Austria.
    Bogensberger, Hugo, and Paul Zulehner (1972)
    In Hans Mol (ed.), Western Religion. A Country by Country Inquiry. The Hague: Mouton, pp. 47-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria
  • Wie Priester heute leben. Ergebnisse der Wiener Priesteruntersuchung 1967.
    Zulehner, Paul M., and S.R. Graupe (1970)
    Wien: Herder.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Catholic, Austria; Austria
  • Attitude envers la Religion et l'Église en Autriche. Enquête après des Soldats de l'Armée Autrichienne.
    Fischer, Gerhard H., and Adolf Holl (1968)
    Social Compass 15:1: 13-35.

    Factor analysis of questionnaire data from Austrian soldiers; shows religiosity independent of personality traits, except Conservatism. The church was seen as distant but friendly.

    Associated Search Terms: Military; Austria; Factor analysis
  • Kirche auf Distanz.
    Holl, Adolf, and Gerhard H. Fischer (1968)
    Wien: Braumueller.

    Analyzes data from a sample of Austrian soldiers.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria; Soldiers; Dimensions of religiosity
  • Priesterbild und Berufswahlmotive. Ergebnisse einer sozial-psychologischen Untersuchung bei den Wiener Mittelschülern.
    Lindner, Traugot, Leopold Lenterner, and Adolf Holl (1963)
    Wien: Herder Verlag.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Vocation; Students, secondary; Catholic, Austria; Austria
  • Die Katholiken in Österreich; ein religionssoziologischer Überblick.
    Bodzenta, Erich (1962)
    Wien: Herder.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Austria; Austria
  • Soziologische Untersuchungen deutscher Kirchengemeinden. Das Bild einer Großstadtpfarre.
    Suk, Walter (1960)
    In Dietrich Goldschmidt, Franz Greiner, and Helmut Schelsky (eds.) Soziologie der Kirchengemeinde. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke, pp. 109-122.

    Study of a Vienna parish.

    Associated Search Terms: Parish; Catholic, Austria; Austria, Vienna; Urban
  • Stand und Bedarf an Priestern in Österreich.
    Dellepoort, Johannes Joseph, and Linus Grond (1957)
    Social Compass 4:3/4: 108-148.

    Analyzes 1952 data on Catholic clergy in Austria.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria; Catholic, Austria; Clergy
  • Österreich im Rahmen der weltweiten Presterfrage.
    Zeegers, George H.L. (1957)
    Social Compass 4:3/4: 101-107.

    Overview, & 1952 data on Catholic priests in Austria.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Austria; Catholic, Austria
  • Entwicklung und Stand der speziellen kirchlichen Sozialforschung in Österreich.
    Bodzenta, Erich (1957)
    Deer Seelsorger 26: 446-452.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion; Austria
  • The Sociology of Religious Phenomena in Germany and Austria Since Max Weber.
    Rosenmayr, Leopold (1954)
    American Catholic Sociological Review 15:2: 141-160.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany; Austria; Sociology of religion
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