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  • An emergent threat: Christian clergy perceptions of the Emerging Church Movement.
    Burge, Ryan P., and Paul A. Djupe (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:1: 26-32.

    A survey of clergy from selected denominations shows that Conservatives, whom the Emergent Church Movement criticizes, were the lest aware of the movement. Those who valued authority saw it as a threat.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Clergy; Conservative, U.S.A.; Emerging church
  • Gypsy leadership, cohesion and social memory in the Evangelical Church of Philadelphia.
    Cantón-Delgado, Manuela (2017)
    Social Compass 64:1: 76-91.

    Based on 2009-15 fieldwork in Spain. Authority among Spanish Gypsy Pentecostals involves a shift of charisma from elders to young theologically educated pastors.

    Associated Search Terms: Calós (Spanish gypsy); Philadelphia Church (Spanish Evangelical); Life histories; Charisma; Authority; Spain; Pentecostal, Spain; Gypsy, Spain; Participant observation
  • "We aim to provide excellent service to everyone who comes to church!": Marketing mega-churches in Singapore.
    Yip, Jeaney, and Susan Ainsworth (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 503-516.

    Describes marketing strategies changing the nature of religion in 2 Singapore megachurches. Decision-making is concentrated in the hands of the 2 senior pastors.

    Associated Search Terms: Megachurch; Singapore; Marketing; Authority
  • L'autorité religieuse en contexte post-soviétique. Regard sur le fonctionnement des paroisses russes orthodoxes.
    Rousselet, Kathy (2013)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 162:2: 15-36.

    Associated Search Terms: Russia; Russian Orthodox, Russia; Parish; Authority
  • American Catholics in Transition.
    D'Antonio, William V., Michelle Dillon, and Mary L. Gautier (2013)
    Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Litlefield.

    Based on a 2011 representative sample of U.S. Catholics; reports results on practice, politics, & moral issues controlled by gender & Latino/non-latino.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Politics, U.S.A.; Practice; Women; Authority; Identity; Generations; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • The Spirit's Tether. Family, Work, and Religion among American Catholics.
    Konieczny, Mary Ellen (2013)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on 2000-02 field work in 2 Midwest U.S.A. Catholic parishes, one liberal & one conservative. Models of church are transposed into family life. Traditionalists rejected the modernized Church of their childhood while progressives accepted pre-conciliar religious commitment but not its cultural trappings.

    Associated Search Terms: Justice; Birth control; Authority; Ritual; Abortion; Participant observation; Marriage; Moral; Conservative/liberal; Comparative; Catholic, U.S.A.; Family; Parish; Habitus; Life histories; Traditionalism; Socialization; Work; Women
  • Homosexuality, religion, and science; Moral authority and the persistence of negative attitudes.
    Whitehead, Andrew L., and Joseph O. Baker (2012)
    Sociological Inquriy 84:2: 487-509.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Homosexuality; Authority
  • "We are Anglicans, they are the Church of England." Uses of scripture in the Anglican crisis.
    Rodman, Rosamond C. (2009)
    In James S. Bielo (ed.) The Social Life of Scriptures. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 100-113.

    The issue in the Anglican Communion in its crisis was not homosexuality per se but biblical authority, how much context was taken into account when interpreting scripture.

    Associated Search Terms: Schism; Anglican; Authority; Homosexuality
  • Focused on their families: Religion, parenting, and child well-being.
    Wilcox, W. Bradford (2008)
    In K. Kline (ed.) Authoritative Communities: The Scientific Case for Nurturing the Whole Child. New York: Springer, pp. 227-244.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Family; Socialization; Well-being
  • Religious Authority and the New Media.
    Turner, Bryan S. (2007)
    Theory, Culture & Society 24:2: 117-134.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Authority
  • Globalization and the Politics of Religious Knowledge: Pluralizing Authority in the Muslim World.
    Mandaville, Peter G. (2007)
    Theory, Culture & Society 24:2: 101-115.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Politics; Islam; Globalization
  • Vatican II: A Sociological Analysis of Religious Change.
    Wilde, Melissa J. (2007)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Analysis of the voting blocks at the Second Vatican Council. Events did not follow what a market model would predict.

    Associated Search Terms: Marian; Social movement; Pluralism; Organization; Market model; Ecumenism; Councils; Competition; Birth control; Authority; Change; Catholic, Vatican II
  • Almost Heaven. Leadership, Decline and the Transformation of New Vrindaban.
    Rochford, E. Burke, Jr., and Kendra Bailey (2006)
    Nova religio 9:3: 6-23.

    Based on 1993-2004 interviews & observation, & 2003 questionnaire data from New Vrindaban members. New Vrindaban is an off-shoot from Hare Krishna.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, West Virginia; Authority; New Vrindaban; New religions; Hare Krishna, U.S.A.
  • Islam and the Prayer Economy: History and Authority in a Malian Town.
    Soares, Benjamin F. (2005)
    London: Edinburgh University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Prayer; Mali, Nioro; Islam, Mali; Historical; Authority
  • Autorités Religieuses en Islam.
    Gaborieau, Marc, and Malika Zeghal (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 5-21.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Islam
  • Sainteté, maîtrise spirituelle et patronage: les fondements de l'autorité dans le soufisme.
    Chich, Rachida (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 79-98.

    Associated Search Terms: Sanctity; Sufi; Authority
  • The Voice of the Ulamà: Fatwas and Religious Authority in Indonesia.
    Kaptein, Nico J.G. (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 115-130.

    Associated Search Terms: Indonesia; Authority; Ulama; Islam, Indonesia
  • New Social Roles and Changing Patterns of Authority amongst British "Ulama."
    Lewis, Philip (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 169-188.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Change; Great Britain; Islam, Great Britain
  • Musulmans indo-pakistanais et autorité religieuse en diaspora: le cas américain.
    Mohammad-Arif, Aminah (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 147-164.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, U.S.A.; Authority; Pakistani Americans; Indian Americans
  • Power, Authority, and the Constraint of Belief Systems.
    Martin, John Levi (2002)
    American Journal of Sociology 107:4: 861-904.

    Distinguishes the level of consensus & the degree of bindiness of belief systems. Applies this to data from American communes, including religious communes.

    Associated Search Terms: Commune; Belief; Authority
  • Comment l'Autorité s'Exerce. Les Clercs Catholiques Homosexuels et la Contrainte Institutionelle.
    Buisson-Fenet, Hélène (2002)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 119: 65-78.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic; Authority; Homosexuality; Clergy
  • The Persistence of Faith among non-Heterosexual Christians: Evidence for the Neosecularization Thesis of Religious Transformation.
    Yip, Andrew K.T. (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:2: 199-212.

    The religiosity of non-heterosexual Christians illustrates secularization as the decline of institutional religious authority. Based on 1997-99 survey & interview data from British homosexual respondents.

    Associated Search Terms: Self; Authority; Individualism; Great Britain; Secularization; Homosexuality
  • Tribes and Cities: Towards an Islamic Sociology of Religion.
    Spickard, James V. (2001)
    Social Compass 48:1: 103-116.

    Khaldun focuses on tribes & cities, & the role of Islam in transforming group feeling. His approach leads to different views of secularization, authority, & the role of religion in ethnicity.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Islam; Khaldun, Ibn; Authority; Secularization
  • American Catholics: One Church, Two Cultures?
    Pogorelc, Anthony J., and James D. Davidson (2000)
    Review of Religious Research 42:2: 146-158.

    Analyzes 1995 survey data from American Catholics: they were not polarized, & cohort differences did not concern the locus of authority.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Authority
  • Religion and Family Formation in Taiwan: The Decline of Ancestral Authority.
    Yang, Li-shou, Arland Thornton, and Thomas Fricke (2000)
    In Sharon K. Houseknecht and Jerry D. Pankhurst (eds.) Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 121-146.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Ancestor; Taiwan; Family; Authority; Folk religion
  • Shifting Boundaries of Religious Authority: A Comparative Historical Study of the Role of Religious Movements in the Conflict Between Jews in Israel and the United States.
    Kopelowitz, Ezra (2000)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, U.S.A.; Authority; Conflict; Jewish, Israel; United States; Israel
  • Prabhupada Centennial Survey: A Summary of the Final Report.
    Rochford, E. Burke, Jr. (1999)
    ISKCON Communications Journal 7:1: 11-26.

    analyzes 1990s questionnaire data from 1,966 ISKCON members worldwide; shows lack of trust of leaders, trend away from communal living, corrosive effects of public schooling on children's commitment, improvement in treatment of women, & loss of authority.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Polity; Hare Krishna; Economic; Authority
  • Lieder der Macht: Religiöse Autorität und Performance in einer afrikanisch-christlichen Kirche Zambias.
    Kirsch, Thomas (1998)
    Münster: Lit-Verlag.

    Associated Search Terms: Zambia; Music; African Christian; Authority
  • Reactions of Hare Krishna Devotees to Scandals of Leaders' Misconduct.
    Rochford, E. Burke, Jr. (1998)
    In Anson Shupe (ed.) Wolves Within the Fold. Religious Leadership and Abuses of Power. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 101-117.

    Examines the decline of religious authority following clergy malfeasance.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy malfeasance; Hare Krishna; Authority; Guru; Deviance/social control
  • Ethnocentrism, Social Theory and Non-western Sociologies of Religion. Toward a Confucian Alternative.
    Spickard, James V. (1998)
    International Sociology 13:2: 173-194.

    Argues that the Weberian problem of religious authority, the study of secularization, & rational choice theory are ethnocentric.

    Associated Search Terms: Confucian sociology of religion; Rational choice theory; Secularization; Authority; Theory
  • Political Consequences of Private Authority: Promise Keepers and the Transformation of Hegemonic Masculinity.
    Donovan, Brian L. (1998)
    Theory and Society 27: 817-843.

    Associated Search Terms: Promise Keepers; Gender; Politics, U.S.A.; Authority
  • Charisma, Structure, and Contested Authority: The Social Construction of Authenticity in Mormonism.
    White, Daryl, and O. Kendall White, Jr. (1996)
    In Lewis F. Carter (ed. Religion and the Social Order, Vol. 6 The Issue of Authenticity in the Study of Religions. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 93-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Mormon; Charisma
  • Truth and Authority in Tibetan Religious Practice.
    Liberman, Kenneth (1996)
    In Lewis F. Carter (ed.) The Issue of Authenticity in the Study of Religions. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI press, pp. 251-258.

    Associated Search Terms: Tibet; Authority; Buddhist, Tibet
  • Upheavals in Congregations: The Causes and Outcomes of Splits.
    Starke, Frederick A., and Bruno Dyck (1996)
    Review of Religious Research 38:2: 159-174.

    Based on interviews in 22 U.S. & Canadian congregations of various Protestant denominations that experienced schisms in an original 11.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Authority; Belief; Parish; Schism
  • "Where are you Getting your God from?" Conflicting Sources of Authority in Religious Discourse.
    Szuchewycz, Bohdan (1995)
    Discours social/Social Discourse 7:1-2: 201-217.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Discourse
  • Office Charisma in Early Christian Ephesus.
    Blasi, Anthony J. (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:3: 245-255. [Also in Richard Altschuler (ed.), The Living Legacy of Marx, Durkheim, & Weber (New York: Gordian Knot, 1998), pp. 149-163]

    Analyzes the letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians; suggests external relations & subgroup/subgroup relations help consolidate leadership structures.

    Associated Search Terms: Charisma; Authority; Early Christian; Ephesus (ancient)
  • Laity: American and Catholic: Transforming the Church.
    D'Antonio, William V., James D. Davidson, Dean R. Hoge, and Ruth A. Wallace (1995)
    Kansas City, Missouri: Sheed & Ward.

    Analyzes 1993 survey data from American Catholics.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Ethnic; Sexual attitudes; Moral; Women; Age
  • Women in the Raelian Movement: New Religious Experiments in Gender and Authority.
    Palmer, Susan J. (1995)
    In James R. Lewis (ed.), The Gods Have Landed. Albany: State University of New York Press, pp. 105-136.

    Associated Search Terms: Raelian; UFO cult; Gender role; Women; New religions; Authority
  • The Fall of Rome: Today's Catholic Predicament.
    Martin, David (1994)
    Religion 24:2: 95-102.

    Global overview of Roman Catholicism; its autocratic governance survives precisely because it can be ignored at the grass roots.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Catholic
  • Calling and Career in Christian Ministry.
    Christopherson, Richard W. (1994)
    Review of Religious Research 35:3: 219-237.

    Based on 1991-92 intensive interviews with 24 clergy.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Authority; Identity
  • Autonomy and Democracy in an Autocratic Organization: The Case of the Roman Catholic Church.
    D'Antonio, William V. (1994)
    Sociology of Religion 55:4: 379-396.

    Associated Search Terms: Authority; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • The Social Control of Religious Zeal: A Study of Organizational Contradictions.
    Miller, Jon (1994)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

    Studies how beliefs, class, & organization shaped the 1828-1918 African missions of the Missionary Evangelical Society, a Pietist group based in Basel, Switzerland.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Authority; Clergy; Basel Mission; Ghana; Pietist; Organization; Missions
  • Southern Baptist Politics: Authority and Power in the Restructuring of an American Denomination.
    Farnsley, Arthur Emery III (1994)
    University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press.

    Analyzes authority structures in the Southern Baptist Convention & shows how conservatives used them to shift the denomination rightward in the 1980s.

    Associated Search Terms: Conservative, U.S.A.; Organization; Change; Authority; Southern Baptist
  • Partial Alienation as Organizational Parent-member Accommodation: An Urban, Midwestern Catholic Parish.
    Ray, Melissa (1994)
    Sociology of Religion 55:1: 53-64.

    Based on participant observation, interviews, & documentary evidence from a progressive Midwest U.S. Catholic parish; shows not only individuals but parishes maintain a "partially alienated" or strained relationship with the hierarchy.

    Associated Search Terms: Parish; Participant observation; Authority; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Language and Cultural Authority: Nineteenth-Century Science and the Colonization of Religious Discourse.
    Garroutte, Evan Marie (1993)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Princeton University.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Culture; Authority; Secularization
  • Authority, organization, and society context in multinational churches.
    Nelson, Reed E. (1993)
    Administrative Science Quarterly 38:4:653-682.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Transnational; Authority
  • Les Pouvoirs dans l'Église. Étude du Gouvernement d'une Église Locale: l'Église de Québec.
    Routhier, Gilles (1993)
    Montréal: Éditions Paulines.

    Studies processes of decision making in the Catholic Diocese of Québec.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Canada; Canada, Quebec, Quebec; Organization; Authority
  • Intraorganizational Power and Internal Secularization in Protestant Denominations.
    Chaves, Mark (1993)
    American Journal of Sociology 99:1: 1-48.

    Examines the organization of 83 U.S. Protestant denominations; notes internal secularization with agencies not under clerical authority increasing control over assets.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Secularization; Protestant, U.S.A.; Authority; Power
  • Ministerial Power and the Iron Law of Oligarchy: A Deviant Case Analysis.
    Cohn, Steven F. (1993)
    Review of Religious research 35:2: 155-173.

    Based on early 1960s participant observation & interviews in a church in a northeast U.S. city; it was conservative but involved in social outreach. Explains why power was concentrated in a pastor's hands when the contrary would be expected.

    Associated Search Terms: Conservative, U.S.A.; Michels, Roberto; Activism; Participant observation; Authority; Clergy role
  • Toward 2000: Some Futures for Religious Leadership.
    Carroll, Jackson W. (1992)
    Review of Religious Research 33:4: 289-304.

    General observations from an American perspective.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Authority
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