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  • Secularization Patterns in the Old Paradigm.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2009)
    Sociology of Religion 70:2: 157-178.

    Critique of "old paradigm" secularization is misguided since the paradigm did not speak of a linear process; favors a dialectical model.

    Associated Search Terms: Luckmann, Thomas; Luhmann, Niklas; Martin, David A.; Parsons, Talcott; Secularization; Wilson, Bryan R.; Fenn, Richard K.; Dialectic; Berger, Peter L.; Bellah, Robert N.
  • Key Thinkers in the Sociology of Religion.
    Fenn, Richard K. (2009)
    London & New York: Continuum.

    Expostiions of aspects of the approaches of selected scholars.

    Associated Search Terms: Freud, Sigmund; Bell, Catherine; Martin, David A.; Wilson, Bryan R.; Bloch, Maurice; Weber, Max; Parsons, Talcott; Geertz, Clifford; Durkheim, Émile; Berger, Peter L.; Luhmann, Niklas
  • The Curious Case of the Unnecessary Recantation: Berger and Secularisation.
    Bruce, Steve (2001)
    In Linda Woodhead (ed.), Peter Berger and the Study of Religions. London & New York: Routledge, pp. 87-100.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Berger, Peter L.
  • Homeless Minds Today?
    Heelas, Paul, and Linda Woodhead (2000)
    In Linda Woodhead (ed.) Peter Berger and the Study of Religion. London: Routledge, pp. 43-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.
  • Secularization: The Trend from the Comics.
    Heeren, John W., and Donald B. Lindsey (1997)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 8: 193-211.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Parsons, Talcott; Wilson, Bryan R.; Berger, Peter L.; Content analysis; Media
  • Della religione invisibile alla religione implicita ed oltre.
    Cipriani, Roberto (1992)
    Religioni e società 7/14: 86-92.

    Reviews the theoretical frameworks of T. Luckmann, P. Berger, E. Bailey, & M.B. terBorg; contrasts a religious system, religiosity in a system, & the combination of these, civil religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Invisible religion; Implicit religion; Luckmann, Thomas; Borg, Meerten B. ter; Bailey, Edward I.; Berger, Peter L.
  • Carl Mayer's Sociology of Religion and its Impact on the Rise of Modern Sociology of Knowledge.
    Gugolz, Alfred (1991)
    In Horst J. Helle (ed.), Verstehen and Pragmatism. Essays in Interpretive Sociology. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, pp. 125-144.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of knowledge; Berger, Peter L.; Mayer, Carl; Luckmann, Thomas
  • The Secularization Paradigm: A Systematization.
    Tschannen, Olivier (1991)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 30:4: 395-415.

    Reviews literature on secularization; shows differentiation, rationalization, & worldliness included in all paradigms; others: autonomization, privatization, generalization, pluralism, world view decline.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.; Secularization; Wilson, Bryan R.; Privatization; Luckmann, Thomas; Pluralism; Differentiation; Fenn, Richard K.; Bellah, Robert N.; Parsons, Talcott; Rationalization; Martin, David A.
  • The Neoconservative Critique of Liberal Evangelicals: A Response to Berger and Hunter.
    Cleveland, Kyle (1990)
    Review of Religious research 31:3: 280-290.

    Interprets the critiques by Peter Berger & James Davison Hunter as ideological.

    Associated Search Terms: New class; Berger, Peter L.; Hunter, James Davison
  • Religion and Advanced Industrial Society.
    Beckford, James A. (1989)
    London: Unwin Hyman.

    Critique of the presuppositions of the sociology of religion that are predicated on industrial, not advanced industrial, society.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Parsons, Talcott; Luhmann, Niklas; Bell, Daniel; Berger, Peter L.; Luckmann, Thomas; Foucault, Michel; Troeltsch, Ernst; Robertson, Roland; Privatization; Fenn, Richard K.; Weber, Max; Durkheim, Émile; Marxian; Wilson, Bryan R.; Differentiation; Marxism; Rationalization; Systems theory; Functionalism; Economic; World system; Secularization; Bellah, Robert N.
  • Religion and Empiricism in the Works of Peter Berger.
    Fuller, Robert G. (1987)
    Zygon 22:4: 497-510.

    Associated Search Terms: Empiricism; Berger, Peter L.
  • Religion as Sacred Canopy.
    Wuthnow, Robert (1986)
    In James Davison Hunter and Stephen C. Ainley (eds.) Making Sense of Modern Times: Peter L. Berger and the Vision of Interpretive Sociology. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 121-142.

    Cites questionnaire data that suggest moderns seek meaning beyond that presented by the everyday world; sees this as confirming insights provided by Berger's Sacred Canopy (1967).

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.; Meaning
  • Religion in the Modern World.
    Hammond, Phillip E. (1986)
    In James Davison Hunter and Stephen C. Ainley (eds.), Making Sense of Modern Times: Peter L. Berger and the Vision of Interpretive Sociology. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 143-158.

    General summary of how Berger conceptualizes secularization; shows him less likely to label many phenomena "religious" that others so label, & hence more likely than others to see secularization.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Definition of religion; Berger, Peter L.
  • Peter L. Berger and the Problem of Modern Religious Commitment.
    Varacalli, Joseph A. (1984)
    Religion, the Cutting Edge. New England Sociologist 5:1: 143-151.

    Explication & critique of Peter L. Berger's model of secularization.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.; Secularization
  • Theodicy: Tragedy or Masochism? A Critique of Peter Berger's Rhetoric.
    Kachel, A. Theodore (1984)
    Religion. The Cutting Edge. New England Sociologist 5:1: 79-94.

    Associated Search Terms: Theodicy; Berger, Peter L.
  • Religionssoziologie als kritische Theorie. Die marxistlische Religionskritik und ihre Bedeutung für die Religionssoziologie.
    Neu, Rainer (1982)
    Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

    Associated Search Terms: Habermas, Jürgen; Wach, Joachim; Luhmann, Niklas; Berger, Peter L.; Luckmann, Thomas; Evolution, societal; Durkheim, Émile; Critical theory; Weber, Max; Marx, Karl; Systems theory; System; Functionalism; Troeltsch, Ernst
  • Peter Berger's Unfinished Symphony.
    Baum, Gregory (1980)
    In Gregory Baum (ed.), Sociology and Human Destiny. Essays on Sociology, Religion and Society. New York: Seabury, pp. 110-129.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.
  • Peter L. Berger. La religione nella crisi della coscienza contemporanea.
    Grassi, Pier Giorgio (1979)
    Rivista di teologia morale 44: 541-575.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.
  • Motif research: Peter Berger and the Baha'i faith.
    Smith, Peter (1978)
    Religion 8:2: 210-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Baha´i; Berger, Peter L.
  • Die Reprivatisierung des heiligen Kosmos: Peter L. Berger und Thomas Luckmann.
    Drehsen, Volker (1975)
    In Karl W. Dahm, Volker Drehsen, and Günter Kehrer, Das Jenseits der Gesellschaft. Religion im Prozeß sozialwissenschaftlicher Kritik. München: Claudius Verlag, pp. 235-268.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Berger, Peter L.; Luckmann, Thomas
  • Religious Truth and the Social Construction of Reality.
    Kerlin, Michael J. (1974)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Temple University. [DA 35:6 A, p. 3869]

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of knowledge; Berger, Peter L.
  • Spuren des Übernaturlichen. Die Religionssoziologie Peter L. Bergers und Thomas Luckmanns.
    Macha, J. (1971)
    Stimmen der Zeit 96:5: 348-353.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.; Luckmann, Thomas
  • Education, Secularization, Desecularization and Resecularization.
    Archer, Margaret Scotford, and Michalina Vaughan (1970)
    In David Martin and Michael Hill (eds.), A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain 3. London: SCM, pp. 130-145.

    Reviews secularization of education theories of Condorcet, Comte, & Berger, that neglect religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Condorcet, M.J.A.N.C. de; Comte, Auguste; Berger, Peter L.; Secularization
  • Peter Berger's Sociology of Religion. An Appraisal.
    Hammond, Phillip E. (1969)
    Soundings 52:4: 415-424.

    Associated Search Terms: Berger, Peter L.
  • The Social Location of Israelite Prophecy.
    Williams, James G. (1969)
    Journal of the American Academy of Religion 37: 153-165.

    Critique of Peter L. Berger's article "Charisma and religious innovation: The social location of Israelite prophecy." American Sociological Review 28 (1963): 940-950.

    Associated Search Terms: Prophet; Prophecy; Hebrew; Berger, Peter L.
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