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  • Le Bouddhisme des français: Le bouddhisme tibétain et la Soka Gakkaï en France: Contribution à une sociologie de la conversion.
    Mathé, Thierry (2005)
    Paris: L'Harmattan.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Soka Gakkai, France; Buddhist, France
  • Le Bouddhisme mondialisé. Une perspective sociologique sur la globalisation du religieux.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2004)
    Paris: Ellipses

    Analyzes the westernization of the Buddhist traditions, globally, with special focus on Asian nations & France, some information on North America and the U.K.. The westernized traditions legitimate political engagement at the infra- & supra-state levels. Uses a typology of Buddhism: pietist-culturalist, nationalist-moralist, elitist-culturalist, intimist-individualist, & solardist-universalist.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Thailand; Buddhist, Korea; Activism; Buddhist, China; Buddhist, France; Buddhist, Sri Lanka; Buddhist, India; Buddhist, Tibet; Buddhist, U.S.A.; Buddhist, Vietnam; Buddhist, Great Britain; Phenomenology; Zen; Soka Gakkai, France; Soka Gakkai; Buddhist, Japan; Globalization; Buddhist; Buddhist, Burma; Falun Gong; Buddhist, Tibetan, France
  • Le Bouddhisme en France: une Tradition dans la Modernité.
    Lenior, Frédéric (2001)
    Recherches sociologiques 32:3: 97-106.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, France; Modernity; France
  • Une tradition au delà de la modernité: l'institutionalisation du bouddhisme tibétain en France.
    Obadia, Lionel (2000)
    Recherches sociologiques 31:3: 67-88.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, France; France
  • Orientations axiologiques dans le bouddhisme du mouvement Soka Gakkaï France.
    Chelli, Norbert, and Louis Hourmant (2000)
    Recherches sociologiques 31:3: 89-102.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, France; Soka Gakkai, France; France
  • Le bouddhisme en France.
    Lenoir, Frédéric (1999)
    Paris: Fayard.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Buddhist, France
  • Bouddhisme et Occident: la diffusion du bouddhisme tibétain en France.
    Obadia, Lionel (1999)
    Paris: L'Harmattan.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, France; Buddhist, Tibetan, France; France
  • Être bouddhiste en France aujourd'hui (new edition 2004).
    Étienne, Bruno, and Raphaël Liogier (1997)
    Paris: Hachette.

    Popular level explanation of Buddhism & its varieties; provides rich descriptions of rites & settings. Conversion life histories, pp. 108ff.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; France; Life histories; Buddhist, France
  • Les Mouveaux Mouvements Religieux Japonais en France Entre Laïcisation et Euphémisation du Sacré.
    Hourmant, Louis (1995)
    Social Compass 42:2: 207-220.

    Sees Japanese new religions transplanted to France subjectivizing belief in the western manner.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Buddhist, France; France
  • De Forêts en Banlieues. La Transplantation du Bouddhisme Lao en France.
    Choron-Baix, Catherine (1991)
    Archvies de sciences sociales des religions 73: 17-33.

    Based on participant observation among Laotian refugees in France.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Theravada, France; Laotian French; France; Migrant; Participant observation
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