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  • Le Bouddhisme mondialisé. Une perspective sociologique sur la globalisation du religieux.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2004)
    Paris: Ellipses

    Analyzes the westernization of the Buddhist traditions, globally, with special focus on Asian nations & France, some information on North America and the U.K.. The westernized traditions legitimate political engagement at the infra- & supra-state levels. Uses a typology of Buddhism: pietist-culturalist, nationalist-moralist, elitist-culturalist, intimist-individualist, & solardist-universalist.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Thailand; Buddhist, Korea; Activism; Buddhist, China; Buddhist, France; Buddhist, Sri Lanka; Buddhist, India; Buddhist, Tibet; Buddhist, U.S.A.; Buddhist, Vietnam; Buddhist, Great Britain; Phenomenology; Zen; Soka Gakkai, France; Soka Gakkai; Buddhist, Japan; Globalization; Buddhist; Buddhist, Burma; Falun Gong; Buddhist, Tibetan, France
  • A Comparative Sociology of World Religions: Virtuosos, Priests, and Popular Religion.
    Sharot, Stephen (2001)
    New York: New York University Press.

    An updating of a Weberian treatment of elite & popular religion.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Weber, Max; Commodification; Historical; Comparative; India; Popular religion; State; Taiwan; Big tradition; Little tradition; Virtuoso; Elite; Hindu; Islam; Reformation; Jewish; Catholic, medieval; Buddhist; Hierocracy; Daoist; Syncretism
  • Protestant Buddhism and Social Identification in Ladakh.
    Bertelsen, Kristoff Brix (1997)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 99: 129-151.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Ladakh; Identity; Buddhist, India; Politics, India
  • The Social Philosophy of Buddhism and the Problem of Inequality.
    Chakravarti, Uma (1986)
    Social Compass 33:2/3: 199-221.

    Discusses social context & philosophers' response in 6th century B.C.E. India.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; India, ancient; Buddhist
  • The sociological effects of ideological change: The Buddhist conversion of Maharashtrian untouchables.
    Ghokhale, J.B. (1986)
    Journal of Asian Studies 45:2: 269-292.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Caste; Buddhist, India; India, Maharashtra State
  • Die Fehlkonzeption von Max Webers Studie über "Hinduismus und Buddhismus" in Indien: Ursachen und Folgen.
    Kantowsky, Detlef (1984)
    Zeitschrift für Soziologie 14: 466-474.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist; Weber, Max; Hindu; India
  • Householders and Renouncers in the Brahmanical and Buddhist Traditions.
    Tharpar, Romila (1981)
    Contributions to Indian Sociology NS 15: 273-298.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Buddhist, India; Hindu, India; Householder; Renouncer
  • Buddhist Revival in India: Aspects of the Sociology of Buddhism.
    Ling, Trevor (1980)
    New York: St. Martin's Press.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Buddhist, India
  • The Great Asiatic Religions and their Social Functions./Le Religioni asiatiche e la loro funzione sociale.
    Houtart, François, and Geneviève Lemercinier (1980)
    Louvain-la-Neuve: Centre de Recherches Socio-Religieuse./Roma: Iassua, 1984.

    Associated Search Terms: Functionalism; Asia; India, ancient; Buddhist
  • Religion et Modes de Production Précapitalistes.
    Houtart, François (1980)
    Bruxelles: Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu; Marxian; Early Christian; Buddhist, India; Mode of production; Hebrew; Comparative
  • Status Seekers in India. A Sociological Study of the Neo-Buddhist Movement.
    Bopegamage, A. (1979)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 20;1: 19-39.

    Analyzes 1969-70 interview data from Mahar & neo-Buddhist household heads in Maharashtra State; shows that conversion to neo-Buddhism was often motivated by a desire for higher status, but non-converts to Buddhism also experienced less social exclusion over time.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Maharashtra State; Mobility (vertical); Buddhist, India; Conversion
  • Social and Economic Factors in the Rise of Buddhism.
    Darian, Jean C. (1977)
    Sociological Analysis 38;3: 226-238.

    Buddhism better satisfied the political & economic needs of rulers & the economic & status needs of merchants than did the earlier Hinduism.

    Associated Search Terms: India, ancient; Buddhist
  • How and Why Did Women in Ancient India become Buddhist Nuns?
    Sharma, Arvind (1977)
    Sociological Analysis 38:3: 239-251.

    Uses the concept, elative deprivation, with literary material on early Buddhism.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Orders/congregations; Historical; Relative deprivation; Buddhist, India; India; Nun
  • Buddhism and Politics in South East India. Part I. Part II.
    Houtart, François (1976)
    Social Scientist 5:3: 3-22; 5:4: 30-45.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, India; India; Politics, India
  • Social Distance among Religious and Linguistic Communities.
    Muttagi, P.K. (1975)
    Indian Journal of Social Work 36:2: 159-171.

    Analyzes social distance data from questionnaires developed for the study & administered to University of Bombay students; shows social distance preferences of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, & Parsees toward religious & linguistic groups.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, India; Hindu, India; Christian, India; Buddhist, India; Students, undergraduate; India; Parsee, India; Social distance
  • Religion et société en Inde selon max Weber. Analyse critique de l'Hindouisme et du Bouddhisme.
    Stern, Henri (1971)
    Social Science Information 10:6: 69-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, India; India; Hindu, India; Weber, Max
  • Religion and Buddhism among India's New Buddhists.
    Fiske, Adele M. (1969)
    Social Research 36:1: 123-137.

    Analyzes 1966-67 Indian interview data; suggests conversions of former untouchables to Buddhism is religious insofar as the desire to assert human dignity is religious.

    Associated Search Terms: Caste; India; Buddhist, India; Conversion
  • Social mobility and conversion of the Mahars.
    Patwardhan, Sunanda (1968)
    Sociological Bulletin 17:2: 187-202.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Buddhist, India; Mobility (vertical); India, Maharashtra State
  • Einige Fragen der Relisionssoziologie und Struktur des südasiatischen Buddhismus.
    Bechert, Heinz (1968)
    In Joachim Matthes (ed.), Beiträge zur religionssoziologischen Forschung/Essays on Research in the Sociology of Religion. Internationales Jahrbuch für Religionssoziologie 4. Köln & Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, pp. 251-295.

    Historical sociological overview; comments on Max Weber's The Religion of India.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist; India, ancient; Weber, Max; Historical
  • The Religion of India. The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism, Translated by Hans H. Gerth and Don Martindale.
    Weber, Max (1916)
    New York: free Press, 1958. Translated from Gesammelte Aufsätz zur Religionssoziologie, Bd. II. Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1920.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu; India; Buddhist; Caste
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