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  • Mixed results for orthodoxy: The impact of contemporary cultural change on the acceptance of key Catholic beliefs and moral teachings by Australian mass attenders.
    Dixon, Robert E. (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 11-37.

    Reports & analyzes 1996, 2001, '06, & '11 survey data from Australian Catholic mass attenders, by age categories.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Sexual attitudes; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Change; Catholic, Australia; Belief; Australia; Abortion
  • Vatican II: A data-based analysis of its impact on Asutralian Catholic life.
    Dixon, Robert E., and Ruth Powell. (2012)
    In N. Ormerod, O. Rush, D. Pascoe, C. Johnson an J. Hodge (eds.) Vatican II: Reception and Implementation in the Australian Church. Mulgrave, Victoria: Garratt, pp. 292-320.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Australia
  • Who Goes to World Youth Day? Some Data on Under-18 Australian Participants.
    Rymarz, Richard (2007)
    Journal of Beliefs and Values 28: 33-43.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Australia; Adolescents
  • The Catholic Community in Australia.
    Dixon, Robert E. (2005)
    Adelaide: Openbook Publishers.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Catholic, Australia
  • Mixed Marriages: Catholic/Non-Catholic Marriages in Australia.
    Ata, Abe W. (2005)
    Victoria: David Lovell Publishing.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Marriage; Australia
  • Religion and Dutch Ethnic Identity.
    Bouma, Gary D. (1989)
    In Abe Wade Ata (ed.), Religion and Ethnic Identity: An Australian Study (Volume II). Melbourne: Spectrum, pp. 34-45.

    Overview, focusing on Dutch Catholic & Reformed immigrants to Australia.

    Associated Search Terms: Dutch Reformed, Australia; Identity; Catholic, Australia; Migrant; Dutch Australians; Australia; Ethnic
  • Continuity and Change in Catholic Schooling: An Ethnography of a Christian Brothers College in Australian Society.
    Angus, Lawrence B. (1988)
    London: Falmer.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Australia; Education; Catholic, Australia
  • Secularisation in Australia between 1966 and 1985; A Research Note.
    McCallum, John (1987)
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Scoiology 23:3: 407-422.

    Overview of census data & surveys; shows a decline in religion & attributes the decline to changes in childhood socialization &, for women, competing adult socialization.

    Associated Search Terms: Jehovah´s Witness, Australia; Socialization; Secularization; Australia; Catholic, Australia; Orthodox, eastern, Australia; Islam, Australia; Anglican, Australia; Atheist, Australia
  • Wholes and Parts: Some Aspects of the Relationship Between the Australian Catholic Church and Migrants.
    Lewins, Frank W. (1983)
    In Alan Black and Peter Glasner (eds.) Pratice and Belief. Studies in the Sociology of Australian Religion. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, pp. 74-85.

    The immigrant cultures differ enough to call into question a Parsonian approach that would look for a common integrating religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Migrant; Australia; Integration (social)
  • The Myth of the Universal Church: Catholic Migrants in Australia.
    Lewins, Frank W. (1978)
    Canberra: Faculty of Arts, Australian National University.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Migrant; Australia
  • Continuity and Change in a Religious Organization: Some Aspects of the Australian Catholic Church.
    Lewins, Frank W. (1977)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 16:4: 371-382.

    Examines the organizational nature of the Australian Catholic Church in terms of migration policy & official accounts of implementation & actual responses to situations involving migrants.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Australia; Catholic, Australia; Migration
  • A Comparative Study of the Substructures of Religion.
    Yinger, J. Milton (1977)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 16:1: 67-86.

    Analyzes 1971-72 questionnaire data from undergraduate students in 11 nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Definition of religion; Korea; Thailand; Australia; Japan; New Zealand; Comparative; Buddhist; Catholic; Students, undergraduate; Protestant; Atheist
  • Ethnic Diversity within Australian Catholicism: A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis.
    Lewins, Frank W. (1976)
    Australia and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 12:2: 126-135.

    Rather than Catholicism advancing assimilation, the Catholicisms of the Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, & Croatian immigrants retail ethnic identities.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Identity; Ukrainian Australians; Polish Australians; Croatian Australians; Italian Australians; Catholic, Australia; Australia
  • Ethnicity as Process: Some Consideations of Italian Catholics.
    Lewins, Frank W. (1975)
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 11:3: 15-17.

    Case study based on interviews, of an Australian parish in which an "Italian" identity emerged.

    Associated Search Terms: Italian Australians; Catholic, Australia; Australia; Parish; Identity
  • Denominational Schooling and Religious Behavior.
    Anderson, D.S., and J.S. Western (1972)
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 8:1: 19-31.

    Analysis of data from a homogeneous Australian sample (for controlling other factors) to explore the religious impact of Catholic schools.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Australia; Catholic, Australia
  • Do Catholic Schools Cause People to go to Church?
    Anderson, D.S. (1971)
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 7:1: 65-67.

    Critique of survey by J.J. Mol that suggested Catholic education may successfully support church attendance.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Catholic, Australia; Australia; Practice
  • Religiocentrism and Ethnocentrism: Catholic and Protestant in Australian Schools.
    Ray, John J., and Dianne Doratis (1971)
    Sociological Analysis 32:3: 170-179.

    Study of Australian fifth-form students in 2 Catholic & 2 public schools.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice; Catholic, Australia; Protestant, Australia; Australia; Students, secondary
  • A Collation of Data about Religion in Australia.
    Mol, Hans (Johannes J.) (1967)
    Social Compass 14:2: 117-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Australia; Greek Orthodox, Australia; Congregational (Independent), Australia; Churches of Christ, Australia; Catholic, Australia; Brethren, Australia; Australia; Baptist, Australia; Anglican, Australia; Lutheran, Australia
  • Fertility Differentials among Catholics in Australia.
    Day, Lincoln H. (1964)
    Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly 42:2: 57-83.

    Based on a special cross-tabulation of 1954 Australian census data; ethnic Dutch had the highest fertility, Polish the lowest.

    Associated Search Terms: Dutch Australians; Fertility; Catholic, Australia; Italian Australians; Ethnic; Polish Australians; Australia
  • Das katholische Australien. Ein nach unbekanntes Land.
    König, Walter (1950)
    Stimmen der Zeit 146:10: 276-286.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Australia; Australia
  • The Genesis of a Modern Prophet.
    Halsey, John J. (1906)
    American Journal of Sociology 9:3: 310-328.

    Biography of John Alexander Dowie, a 19th century healer & founder of the Christian Catholic Church (Australia).

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, Australia; Christian Catholic Church (Evangelical, Australia); Australia, New South Wales, Adelaide; Healing
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