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  • Euthanasia and the Belgian Catholic World.
    Voyé, Liliane, and Karel Dobbelaere (2014)
    In K. Dobbelaere and A. Pérez-Agote (eds.) The Intimate: New Conflicts between Religion and Polity. Laws about Life, Death and the Family in So-called Catholic Countries. Leuven: Universitaire Pers Leuven.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Euthanasia; Moral
  • Social correlates of church attendance in three European Catholic countries.
    Conway, Brian (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:1: 61-80.

    Analyzes 2008 European Values Study data; some correlates of church attendance vary from one country to another & many do not.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Slovenia; Practice; Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Catholic, Ireland; Ireland; Slovenia
  • Portrait du catholicisme en Belgique.
    Voyé, Liliane, and Karel Dobbelaere (2012)
    In A. Pérez-Agote (ed.) Potraits du Catholciisme: une comparaison européenne. Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, pp. 11-61.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • L'Église marginalisée?
    Voyé, Liliane, Karel Dobbelaere, and Jaak Billiet. (2012)
    In L. Voyé, K. Dobbelaere, and K. Abts (eds.) Autres Temps Autres Moers: Travail, Famille, Ethique et Politique: La Vision des Belges. Bruxelles: Éd. Racine, pp. 145-172.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Marginality
  • Late 20th-century trends in Catholic religiousness: Belgium compared with Western and Central European nations.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, and Jaak Billiet (2010)
    In Leo Kenis, Jaak Billiet, and Patrick Pasture (eds.) La trasformation des églises chrétiennes en Europe occidenale. Leuven: Leuven University Press, pp. 113-145.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Europe; Belgium; Comparative; Catholic, Belgium
  • Transaction-compromis et orientation systémique. Un modèle cybernétique peut-il nous éclairer?
    Remy, Jean (2006)
    In Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Remy (eds.) Médiations et compromis. Institutions religieuses et symboliques sociales. Contributions à une relecture des classiques de la sociologie. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 255-279.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Catholic, France; Power; Dynamic disequilibrium; Mediation; Compromise; Adaptation; Transaction
  • The Functions and Dysfunctions of the Belgian Bishops' Public Interventions.
    Dobbelaere, Karel (2001)
    In A. Walker and M. Percy (eds.) Restoring the Image. Essays on Religion and Society in Honour of David Martin. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, pp. 22-37.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Bishop; Catholic, Belgium; Bishops´ conference
  • Appropriation des pratiques religieuses: le cas des rituels catholiques dans une ville belge.
    Charlier, Jean-Émile, Frédéric Moens, and Sébastien Nahon (2001)
    Social Compass 48:4: 491-503.

    The professionalization of the clergy & privatization of belief creates a gap between official & lay understandings of religious rites. Based on qualitative research, following up a 1998 survey.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Catholic, Belgium; Clergy; Blessing; Belgium, Charleroi; Privatization
  • Ville et paroisse d'élection. Des églises et des pratiques catholiques à quarante ans d'écart.
    Charlier, Jean-Émile, Frédéric Moens, and Sébastien Nahon (1999)
    Recherches sociologiques 30:1: 85-102.

    Replication of a 1960 study by L. Dignemans and J. Remy. A secularized pattern in Charleroi, Belgium, seems to be firmly in place.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Catholic, Belgium; Practice; Belgium, Charleroi
  • Villes, espaces publics et religions: récits d'espérance et pratiques quotidiennes.
    Remy, Jean (1998)
    Social Compass 45:1: 23-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Islam, Europe; France; Belgium; Catholic, Europe; Collective representation
  • Belgique: crise de la civilisation paroissiale et recompositions du croire.
    Voyé, Liliane (1996)
    In Grace Davie and Danièle Hervieu-Léger (eds.) Identités religieuses en Europe. Paris: La Décourverte, pp. 195-213.

    Portrays the decline of parish life for most Belgians.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Parish; Pillarization; Catholic, Belgium
  • Rome ne fut pas bâtie en un jour. Le modèle des "cités" selon Boltansky et Thévenot et le débat sur les droits et la religion en Flandre.
    Jacobs, Dirk (1996)
    Social Compass 43:4: 537-561.

    Describes the conflict occasioned in Belgium by the 1994 papal declaration that ordaining women is impossible & a subsequent effort to build a new discourse encompassing both rights & Catholicism.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Conflict; Women; Catholic, Belgium
  • From Institutional Catholicism to "Christian Inspiration": Another look at Belgium.
    Voyé, Liliane (1995)
    In Wade Clark Roof, Jackson W. Carroll, and David A. Roozen (eds.) The Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion: Cross Cultural Perspectives. Boulder, Colorado: Westview, pp. 191-206.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Change; Belgium
  • The Surviving Dominant Catholic Church in Belgium: A Consequence of its Popular Religious Practices?
    Dobbelaere, Karel (1995)
    In Wade Clark Roof, Jckson W. Carroll, and Daniel A. Roozen (eds.), The Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion: Cross Cultural perspectives. Boulder, Colorado: Westview, pp. 171-190.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Popular religion; Generations
  • The Importance of a Religious Service at Birth: The Persistent Demand for Baptism in Flanders (Belgium).
    Meerbeeck, Anne van (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 47-58.

    Reports 1990 European Values Study data; sees Catholic ritual performing social functions.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Functionalism; Baptism; Ritual; Belgium, Flanders
  • Church Involvement, Ethnocentrism, and Voting for a Radical Right-Wing Party: Diverging Behavioral Outcomes of Equal Attitudinal Dispositions.
    Billiet, Jaak (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:3: 303-326.

    Analyzes 1991 post election survey data from Flanders; church-going Catholics & some kinds of non-Catholics voted anti-immigrant less than did marginal Catholics & non-believers.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Politics, Belgium; Belgium, Flanders; Prejudice, anti-immigrant
  • From Truth to Values: A Sociological Analysis of the Public Discourse of Catholic Organizations in Flanders.
    Laermans, Rudi (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 69-77.

    Examines publications & other public documents of Catholic labor organizations in Flanders 1945-80; sees a shift from anti-modernism to moderate modernism, then to well-being & personal development.

    Associated Search Terms: Labor; Media; Flemish Belgians; Belgium, Flanders; Catholic, Belgium
  • Contrasting Effects of Church Involvement on Dimensions of Ethnocentrism: An Empirical Study among Flemish Catholics.
    Billiet, Jaak, Ann Carton, and Rob Eisinga (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 97-107.

    Analyzes 1989 interview & '91 survey data from Flemings; finds participation in Catholic organizations lessens ethnocentrism.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium, Flanders; Catholic, Belgium; Ethnocentrism; Participation; Flemish Belgians
  • Church Involvement, Individualism, and Ethnic Prejudice among Flemish Roman Catholics: New Evidence of a Moderating Effect.
    Billiet, Jaak (1995)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 34:2: 224-233.

    Analyzes 1991-92 interview data from Catholic Flemish Belgians; specifies a moderating effect their religious practice has on ethnic prejudice.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice; Catholic, Belgium; Flemish Belgians; Anomie; Practice
  • Charismatic Christian Thought. Experience, Metonymy, and Routinization.
    Roelofs, Gerard (1994)
    In Karla Poewe (ed.) Charismatic Christianity as a Global Culture. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, pp. 217-233.

    Based on 1987 field work in Antwerp.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium, Antwerp; Discourse; Pentecostal, Catholic, Belgium
  • Roman Catholicism and the "Methodical Conduct of Life": Catholic Action in Flanders in a Weberian Perspective.
    Laermans, Rudi (1991)
    Social Compass 38:1: 87-91.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Catholic Action; Asceticism
  • Les jeunes et le mariage religieux: une émancipation du sacré.
    Voyé, Liliane (1991)
    Social Compass 38:4: 405-416.

    Based on interviews of 30 undergraduates about the Catholic marriage ceremony, which is found to have meaning as a rite of passage & family tradition.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Marriage; Catholic, Belgium; Students, undergraduate; Ritual
  • From Pillar to Postmodernity: The Changing Situation of Religion in Belgium.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, and Liliane Voyé (1990)
    Sociological Analysis 51:S: S1-S13.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • Du monopole religieux à la connivence culturelle en Belgique. Un Catholicisme "hors les murs."
    Voyé, Liliane (1988)
    L'année sociologique 38: 135-167.

    In Belgium Catholicism is shown in various studies to be becoming less a church & more a common culture.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Diffused religion
  • Le défi de la modernité: La stratégie de la hiérarchie catholique aux XIXe et Xxe siècles et l'idée de chrétiente.
    Remy, Jean (1987)
    Social Compass 34:2/3: 151-173.

    The idea of Christendom has been a powerful resource for the Catholic Church's resistance against modernity.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium
  • La Défense de la Propriété Privée. Aux Sources de la Doctrine Sociale de l'Église.
    Degand, André (1987)
    Social Compass 34:2/3: 175-186.

    Analyzes the social doctrine produced within Belgian Catholicism at the end of the 19th century, as a response to the impoverishment of subordinate social classes.

    Associated Search Terms: Justice; Stratification; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium
  • Églises et modernité en Europe occientale. Pour une analyse comparative.
    Nesti, Arnaldo (1987)
    Social Compass 34:2/3: 137-149.

    Catholicism in 19th century Belgium, Spain, & Italy: In Belgium, compromise with a liberal revolution; in Spain & Italy, conflict with liberalism, despite the church abandoning the ancien régime.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Spain; Belgium; Spain; Italy; Catholic, Belgium; Modernization
  • Église et Politique. Les Relations Difficiles entre les Organisations Catholiques et Leur Parti Politique avant 1940.
    Billiet, Jaak, and Emmanuel Gerard (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 81-110.

    Analyzes tensions among different Belgian Catholic leaderships, 1850-1940.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Politics, Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • La dominante catholique.
    Dobbelaere, Karel (1985)
    In Liliane Voyé et al. (eds.), La Belgique et ses dieux: églises, mouvements religieux et laiques. Louvain-la-Neuve: Cabay, pp. 193-220.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • Les évolutions divergentes du monde catholique belge.
    Voyé, Liliane, and Jean Remy (1985)
    Revue nouvelle 81:3: 227-242.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • Les évolutions divergentes du monde cathlique belge.
    Remy, Jean, and Liliane Voyé (1985)
    Revue Nouvelle 81:3:227-41.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Change
  • L'Église catholique de Belgique et la transaction avec la modernité. Quelques initiatives à portée internationale.
    Remy, Jean, Liliane Voyé, and André Tihon (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 11-30.

    Describes Belgium, 1860-1965, as an experiment in the Catholic world in which a reconciliation with modernity had been essayed.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium
  • Les Conseils Presbytéraux et pastoraux diocésains. Quelques réflexions critiques.
    Voyé, Liliane (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 233-254.

    Discusses the Presbyteral & Pastoral Councils of the Belgian Catholic dioceses; they have lost their grass-roots character & lack clarity of purpose. Francophone councils are more critical in approach, Flemish more faith-centered.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Organization
  • Partis politiques et électorat catholique. Développements depuis 1945.
    Mabille, Xavier (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 111-118.

    Observes a disintegration of Catholicism as a unifying political force in Belgium; other parties than the Social Christian increasingly gain Catholic adherents.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Belgium; Belgium; Secularization; Catholic, Belgium
  • Vocations Sacerdotales et Religieuses.
    Delooz, Pierre (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 221-232.

    Presents statistics for Catholic clergy, monks, & nuns in Belgium, 1961-80; shows a dramatic decline leveling out.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Orders/congregations; Monasticism; Clergy; Catholic, Belgium
  • Les pèlerinages en Wallonie.
    Pirotte, Jean (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 255-270.

    Notes that pilgrimages have declined in Belgium because of accessible medical care, urbanization, & religious change; but that traditionalist reactions may lead to a revival.

    Associated Search Terms: Urbanization; Medical; Catholic, Belgium; Pilgrimage; Belgium
  • Les changements internes au pilier catholique en Flandre: d'un catholicisme d'église à un chrétiente socioculturelle.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, and Jaak Billiet (1983)
    Recherches sociologiques 14:2: 141-184.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • Is Religion Important in Belgium?
    Fox, Renée C. (1982)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 23:1: 3-38.

    Based on 1976-77 impressions.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium
  • Professionalization and Secularization in the Belgian Catholic Pillar.
    Dobbelaere, Karel (1979)
    Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 6:1/2: 39-64.

    Considers medical & educational institutions, 1950s & '60s; sees lay professionals as secularizing agents.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Medical; Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Secularization; Professionalization
  • Perspective anthropologique sur un mouvement religieux actuel.
    Doutreloux, Albert, and Colette Degive (1978)
    Social Compass 25:1: 43-54.

    Based on observations of Belgian prayer groups; the charismatic movement occasions the exercise of control, reinforcing a conservative social framework.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Conservative, Belgium; Social control; Pentecostal, Catholic, Belgium
  • La dimension chrétienne d'une institution hospitalière. Une analyse sociologique de sa légitimation: Humanisation, sécularisation et cloisonnement.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, Mieke Ghesquierre-Waelkens, and Jan Lauwers (1975)
    Brussels: Hospitalia.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Medical; Secularization
  • Organising Christian Values in Social Organisations: The Case of Catholic Hospitals in Belgium.
    Dobbelaere, Karel (1973)
    Social Studies: Irish Journal of Sociology 2:5: 475-483.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from directors, managers, & religious superiors.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Medical
  • Sécularisation et humanisation dans les institutions hospitalières chrétienne.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, Jan Lauwers, and Mieke Ghesquiere-Waelkens (1973)
    Social Compass 20:4: 553-568.

    Based on interviews of officials of Catholic hospitals in Belgium.

    Associated Search Terms: Medical; Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Secularization
  • Univers mental et stratégie des évêques. La declaration des évêques de Belgique sur l'avortement.
    Mormont, Marc, Catherine Mougenot, and Danielle Ruquoy (1973)
    Social Compass 20:3: 475-496.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociolinguistics; Abortion; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium; Bishop
  • The Meaning of God: A Factoranalytic Study.
    Vercruysse, Godelieve (1972)
    Social Compass 19:3: 347-364.

    Factor analysis of questionnaire data from Flemish Catholic high school students & adults having postsecondary education; focuses on items associated with God.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Students, secondary; Belgium; Factor analysis; God, image of
  • Religiousness, Social Status, and Fertility Values in a Catholic Country.
    Lambrechts, E. (1971)
    Journal of Marriage and the Family 33:3: 561-566.

    Analyzes 1965 interview data from young Belgian couples who were married in 1962; shows religiosity & Catholic education affecting fertility.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Education; Religiosity; Fertility; Belgium
  • Catholics and the Institutional Church: Obedience Versus Critical Distance.
    Estruch, Joan (1970)
    Social Compass 17:3: 379-401.

    Presents the obedience/critical distance continuum as a dimension of Belgian Catholic religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Membership; Belgium; Authority
  • Une typologie de l'intégration à l'Église.
    Dobbelaere, Karel (1968)
    Social Compass 15:2: 117-141.

    Applies a typology to 1958-59 interview data from Heverlee, Belgium.

    Associated Search Terms: Membership; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium, Heverlee
  • L'Église et le mouvement ouvrier en Belgique.
    Joye, Pierre, and Rosine Lewin (1967)
    Brussels: Scoiété Populaire d'Éditions.

    Associated Search Terms: Labor; Catholic, Belgium; Belgium
  • Pratique Religieuse et Appartenance Sociale.
    Laloux, Joseph (1967)
    Social Compass 14:2: 105-116.

    Analyzes survey data from Saraing, Belgium.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Belgium; Belgium, Saraing; Practice
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