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  • Religious public discourses and institutional structures: A cross-national analysis of Catholicism in Chile, Ireland, and Nigeria.
    Conway, Brian (2014)
    Sociological Perspectives 57:2: 149-166.

    Analyzes pastoral statements of Catholic episcopal conferences.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Discourse; Catholic, Chile; Catholic, Ireland; Catholic, Nigeria; Comparative
  • The Aristocracy of the Will: A Critique of Pierre Burdieu with Illustrations from Chile.
    Thumala Olave, Maria Angelica (2012)
    Social Compass 59:1: 52-68.

    Based on interviews, 2000-2004. The Chilean business elite marked its social boundary through moral virtues, but not motivated by status as much as by moral conviction.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Moral; Elite; Chile; Bourdieu, Pierre; Catholic, Chile
  • The Richness of Ordinary Life. Religious Justification among Chile's Business Elite.
    Thumala Olave, María Angélica (2010)
    Religion 40:1: 14-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Stratification; Elite; Chile; Class
  • In Word and Deed: Assessing the Strength of Progressive Catholicism in Latin America, 1960-1970s.
    Mackin, Robert Sean (2010)
    Sociology of Religion 71:2: 216-242.

    Sees liberation theology as an attribute of national churches; it can be located on a continuum. Examines the cases of Chile, Mexico, and Colombia.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Liberation theology; Chile; Catholic, Colombia; Mexico; Colombia; Catholic, Mexico
  • Riqueza y piedad. El Catolicismo de la elite económica chilena.
    Thumala Olave, María Angélica (2007)
    Santiago de Chile: Debate.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Class; Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • Chile's business elite: The role of Catholicism in the rebuilding of an ethos.
    Thumala Olave, María Angélica (2005)
    Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Cambridge University.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Chile; Economic; Elite
  • Different Religions, Different Politics? Religion and Political Attitudes in Argentina and Chile.
    Patterson, Eric (2004)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 43:3: 345-362.

    Not which religion, but devoutness predicts support for democracy.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Catholic, Argentina; Chile; Argentina; Politics, Chile; Protestant, Chile; Politics, Argentina; Protestant, Argentina; Catholic, Chile
  • Identity and Diversity in Urban Popular Cathlicism: A Chilean Case Study.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (1998)
    In Jean Paul Weist and Thomas Bamat (eds.) Popular Catholicism in a World Church: Seven Case Studies in Inculturation. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Chile, Santiago; Popular religion; Identity; Pluralism
  • Catholicismes populaires urbains et globalisation: étude de cas au Chili.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (1998)
    social Compass 45:4: 595-618.

    Based on 1995-96 interviews with popular leaders in Santiago.

    Associated Search Terms: Globalization; Belief; Urban; Syncretism; New age; Catholic, Chile; Chile, Santiago; Popular religion; Practice
  • The Catholic Church and Democracy in Chile and Peru.
    Fleet, Michael, and Brian H. Smith (1997)
    Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Peru; Chile; Democracy; Peru; Politics, Chile; Politics, Peru; Catholic, Chile
  • The Church and Politics in the Chilean Countryside.
    Stewart-Gambino, Hannah W. (1992)
    Boulder, Colorado: Westview.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Politics, Chile; Rural; Catholic, Chile
  • The Paradox of Institutionalization: The Roman Catholic Church in Chile and Brazil.
    Adriance, Madeleine (1992)
    Sociological Analysis 53S: S51-S62.

    Associated Search Terms: Institutionalization; Brazil; Catholic, Brazil; Catholic, Chile; Chile
  • The Catholic Church in Chile: New political alliances.
    Haas, Liesl (1990)
    In Christian Smith and Joshua Prokopy (eds.) Latin American Religion in Motion. New York: Routledge, pp. 43-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Chile; Politics, Chile
  • El aporte de la Iglesia a la sociedad chilena bajo el régimen militar.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (1990)
    Cuadernos hispanoamericanos 482-483: 31-48.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • Autoritarismo, modernización y catolicismo. Las relaciones Iglesia-Estado en las últimas decadas en Chile.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (1989)
    Opciones 1:16: 81-106.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; State; Modernization; Chile; Authoritarianism
  • The Radicalization of the Brazilian Catholic Church in Comparative Perspective.
    Neuhouser, Kevin (1989)
    American Sociological Review 54: 233-244.

    Sees both environmental factors & value system constraints in the leftward shift of the Brazilian Catholic Church; draws comparisons with Argentine, Chilean, & Colombian cases.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Argentina; Catholic, Chile; Catholic, Brazil; Brazil; Comparative; Change; Argentina; Chile; Catholic, Colombia; Colombia
  • Brazil and Chile: Seeds of Change in the Latin American Church.
    Adriance, Madeleine (1988)
    In Thomas M. Gannon (ed.), World Catholicism in Transition. New York: Macmillan, pp. 283-296.

    Discusses paradoxes related to the institutionalization of the "preferential option for the poor" in the Chilean & Brazilian churches.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Brazil; Option for the poor; Chile; Catholic, Chile; Brazil
  • La Iglesia y los origenes del moviemiento obrero en Chile (1880-1920).
    Salinas C., Maximiliano (1987)
    Revista mexicana de sociologia 49:3: 171-184.

    Reviews the emergence of a Christian worker movement, despite clerical efforts at opposition & co-optation; illustrates with popular lyrics.

    Associated Search Terms: Music; Chile; Catholic, Chile; Working class; Historical; Politics, Chile
  • Anticlericalismo y religión popular en Chile (1900-1920).
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (1987)
    Revista mexicana de sociología 49;3: 185-204.

    Associated Search Terms: Protest; Chile; Popular religion; Historical; Anticlericalism; Catholic, Chile
  • Movimiento pentecostal e Iglesia Católica en medios populares.
    Poblete Barth, Renato, and C. Galilea (1984)
    Santiago, Chile: Centro Bellarmino.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Chile; Catholic, Chile; Chile, Santiago; Media
  • The Church and Politics in Chile. Challenges to Modern Catholicism.
    Smith, Brian H. (1982)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Catholic, Chile; Politics, Chile
  • The Church and the Process of Democratization in Latin America.
    Villela, Hugo G. (1979)
    Social Compass 26:2/3: 261-283.

    Conceptualization, based on the Chilean case.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Catholic, Chile; Politics, Chile
  • Religion and Authoritarianism.
    Moulian, Tomás (1979)
    Social Compass 26:2/3: 331-344.

    Seeks to see why authoritarian regimes seek legitimation from parts of the Catholic world view; focuses on the case of Chile.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic; Authoritarianism; Chile; Legitimation
  • Women Religious, the Poor, and the Institutional Church in Chile.
    Gilfeather, Katherine Anne (1979)
    Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs 21: 129-155. [Also in Daniel H. Levine (ed.), Churches and Politics in Latin America (Beverly Hills: Sage, 1979), pp. 198-224]

    Reports survey & observation data from rural Chile.

    Associated Search Terms: Sisters; Catholic, Chile; Women; Rural; Chile
  • Lutte pour l'Hégémonie et Production de Sens dans l'Église Catholique Chilienne (1970-1973).
    Lopez Fernandez, Francisco (1979)
    Social Compass 26:2/3: 285-308.

    Examines an apparently religious conflict during the period of Popular Unity among the Catholic hierarchy, the Christian Democrats, & the Christians for Socialism; contrasting discursive forms point to underlying origins of the conflict.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Catholic, Chile; Politics, Chile; Discourse analysis; Chile
  • Les catholicismes chiliens et le politique.
    Zylberberg, Jacques (1978)
    Cahiers du Centre de Recherches en Sociologie Religieuse 2: 170-219.

    Argues that the recent institutional containment of religion in Chile will politicize religion rather than separate it from politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Chile; Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • Religiosas en apostolados marginales.
    Gilfeather, Katherine Anne (1978)
    Santiago, Chile: Centro Bellarmino.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Sisters; Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • The Changing Role of Women in the Catholic Church in Chile.
    Gilfeather, Katherine Anne (1977)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 16:1: 39-54.

    Women in Chile have taken on responsibility for pastoral functions--administration & formation. They have developed more modern, post-conciliar views than have some of their bishops.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • Las Mujeres que Travajan en la Iglesia: la Experiencia Chilena.
    Galilea, C., Katherine Gilfeather, and J. Puga (1976)
    Santiago, Chile: Centro Bellarmino.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Catholic, Chile; Women
  • Les Religions au Chili entre l'Alienation et la Prise de Conscience.
    Lalive d'Epinay, Christian, and Jacques Zylberberg (1974)
    Social Compass 21:1: 85-101.

    Examines the positions of Amerindian animism, Catholicism, & Protestantism; outlines complex relations among nation, class, groups, & religious activity in pre-Pinochet Chile.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Chile; Catholic, Chile; Protestant, Chile; Animist, Chile; Alienation; Stratification; Class consciousness; Chile
  • El pluralismo en la Iglesia: El caso de Chile.
    Poblete Barth, Renato (1973)
    Pro mundi vita 45: 19-22.

    Recounts conflict in Chilean Catholicism after 1930.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Chile; Conflict
  • El sacerdote chileño. Estudio sociologico.
    Poblete Barth, Renato (1971)
    Santiago de Chile: Centro Belarmino, Departamento de Investigaciones Socioculturales.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Clergy; Chile
  • Aspectos del Catolicismo popular de Santiago del Estero: Ensayo en categorías sociales y morales.
    Vessuri, Hebe (1971)
    América latina 14:1/2: 40-68.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Popular religion; Chile, Santiago
  • The Church as a Political Factor in Latin America with Particular Reference to Colombia and Chile.
    Mutchler, David (1971)
    New York: Praeger.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Colombia; Catholic, Latin America; Catholic, Chile; Politics, Chile; Catholic, Colombia; Politics, Colombia; Politics, Latin America
  • Time, Persons, Doctrine: The Modernization of the Church in Chile.
    Landsberger, Harry A. (1970)
    In Harry A. Landsbergr (ed.) The Church and Social Change in Latin America. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, pp. 77-94.

    Overview of change in Latin American Catholicism; examines the doctrinal positions of Chilean bishops.

    Associated Search Terms: Bishop; Change; Latin America; Catholic, Chile; Catholic, Latin America; Chile
  • Paganization and Dechristianization, or the Crisis in Institutional Symbols. A Problem in Sociological Interpretation.
    Watzke, James N. (1969)
    Social Compass 16:1: 91-99.

    Distinguishes decline in religiosity & in formal religious practices; analyzes 1967 survey data from the working class in Santiago, Chile.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile, Santiago; Secularization; Atheist, Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • The Roman Catholic Laity in France, Chile, and the United States. Cleavages and Developments.
    Vallier, Ivan, and Rocco Caporale (1968)
    IDOC 67 and 68.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; France; Chile; United States; Comparative; Catholic, France; Catholic, Chile
  • The Minor Seminaries in Chile.
    Poblete Barth, Renato (1967)
    Social Compass 14:5/6: 439-455.

    Reports 1935-64 data on minor seminary students & personnel in Chile.

    Associated Search Terms: Seminary; Chile; Catholic, Chile; Seminarians
  • La foi chez les étudiants des collèges catholiques.
    Poblete Barth, Renato (1967)
    Social Compass 14:5/6: 483-494.

    Analyzes interview data from secondary school students in Santiago & Valparaiso.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Chile; Chile, Valparaiso; Students, secondary; Chile, Santiago
  • Catholicism, Laity, and Industrial Society: A Cross-National Study of Religious Change.
    Vallier, Ivan, and Jean-Guy Vaillancourt (1967)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 12/23: 99-102.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Catholic, U.S.A.; Catholic, France; Catholic, Chile; United States; Chile; Change; Laity; France
  • Crisis sacerdotal.
    Poblete Barth, Renato (1965)
    Santiago de Chile: Ed. del Pacifico.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Catholic, Chile; Chile
  • Social and Economic Correlates of Induced Abortions in Santiago, Chile.
    Requena, B. Mariano (1965)
    Demography 2: 33-49.

    Analyzes 1962-63 interview data from women in a district of Santiago; cross tabulates Catholic & abortion, & church attendance & abortion.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Chile, Santiago; Practice; Catholic, Chile; Abortion
  • La Iglesia en Chile. Estudios socio-religiosos latino-americanos 6.
    Poblete Barth, Renato, and Ginés Garrido (1962)
    Fribourg and Bogotá: FERES.

    Associated Search Terms: Chile; Catholic, Chile
  • Cambio social en Chile. Un estudio de actitudes.
    Fichter, Joseph H. (1962)
    Santiago de Chile: Editorial Universidad Catolica.

    Analyzes 1961 data from clergy & lay samples from Santiago.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Chile, Santiago; Catholic, Chile
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