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  • Vieillir au couvent: stratégies des congrégations et paradoxe des laïcités.
    Anchisi, Annick, Laurent Amiotte-Suchet, and Kevin Toffel (2016)
    Social Compass 63:1: 3-19.

    Study of Sisters of Charity in France & merged religious congregations in Switzerland; as members' average ages increased, they turned to care for the aging, including their own members, running facilities within government programs designed for all aged persons.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Switzerland; Sisters of Charity; Gerontology; Catholic, France; Orders/congregations
  • Suicide and religion: New evidence on the differences between Protestantism and Catholicism.
    Torgler, Benno,and Christoph Schaltegger (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:2: 316-340.

    Data on Swiss cantons show Catholicism inversely predicting suicide rates & acceptance of suicide.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Switzerland; Protestant, Switzerland; Switzerland; Suicide
  • Appartenances en fête: entre l’ordinaire et le spectaculaire.
    Salzbrunn, Monika (2014)
    Social Compass 61:2: 250-260.

    Observes the Murid Sufi brotherhood in Harlem & Paris, & the Catholic Church in Saint Maurice, Switzerland using public spectacle to attract migrants. Comments by François Gauthier, pp. 261-271.

    Associated Search Terms: Pilgrimage; Feast; Spectacle; Migrant; Catholic, Switzerland; African Americans; United States, New York, New York; Mouride; African Swiss; France, Paris; Switzerland, Saint Maurice; African French
  • Katholische Kirche in der Schweiz. Zahlen -Fakten - Entwicklungen 1996-2005.
    Husistein, Roger (2007)
    St-Gallen: SPI.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Catholic, Switzerland
  • State Institutions as Mediators between Religion and Fertility: A Comparison of two Swiss Regions, 1860-1930.
    Praz, Anne-Françoise (2006)
    In Renzo Derosas and Frans van Poppel (eds.) Religion and the Decline of Fertility in the Western World. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 147-176.

    Governmental health, educational, & communications policies are responsible for religious correlates of fertility rates.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland, Vaud Canton; Catholic, Switzerland; Demography; Protestant, Switzerland; Switzerland, Fribourg Canton; Fertility
  • Le clivage électoral catholique-protestant revisité (France, Allemagne Fédérale, Suisse).
    Schwengler, Bernard (2005)
    Revue française de science politique 55:3: 381-413.

    Focuses on elections in Alsace, then examines French, German, & Swiss electoral results.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Protestant, Germany; Politics, Switzerland; Catholic, Germany; Protestant, Switzerland; Catholic, France; Catholic, Switzerland; Protestant, France; Politics, Germany; Politics, France; France, Alsace; Germany
  • Nivellierte Gesellschaft und konfessionelle Kulturen in der Schweiz.
    Altermatt, Urz (1991)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie/Revue suisse de sociologie 17:3: 529-537.

    Overview of statistical reports on religion in Switzerland.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Catholic, Switzerland; Protestant, Switzerland; Ecumenism; Politics, Switzerland; Change
  • Zur Bedutung der Kirchen in der modernen Gesellschaft.
    Geser, Hans (1991)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie/Revue suisse de sociologie 17:3: 569-584.

    Sketches the potential for religious organizations to affect other realms of activity; presents 1989 Swiss survey data comparing reported importance of religious & other entities in local politics, by community size, % Catholic, class, & education.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Catholic, Switzerland; Urban; Stratification; Education; Politics, Switzerland
  • La Déconfessionnalisation de l'Identité Religieuse.
    Campiche, Roland J. (1991)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie/Revue suisse de sociologie 17:3: 507-528.

    Reviews the history of Swiss identity & religious identity in Switzerland; analyzes 1988-89 survey data. Finds parallel processes of identity continuation at work among Protestants & Catholics.

    Associated Search Terms: Ecumenism; Identity; Switzerland; Membership; Socialization; Protestant, Switzerland; Catholic, Switzerland; Atheist, Switzerland; Age; Practice
  • Thesen zum Konzept der "katholischen Subgesellscaft" am Beispiel des Schweizer Katholizismus."
    Altermatt, Urs (1980)
    In Karl Gabriel and Franz Xaver Kaufmann (eds.), Zur Soziologie des Katholizismus (Mainz: Matthias Grünwald-Verlag, pp. 145-165.

    Associated Search Terms: Enclave; Catholic, Switzerland; Switzerland
  • Entre la Résistance et l'Adaptation: Situation Professionelle du Prêtre en Suisse.
    Dubach, Alfred T. (1972)
    Social Compass 19:2: 291-299.

    Summary of recent research on Swiss priests.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Catholic, Switzerland; Clergy role
  • Die schweizerische Priesterfrage. Untersuchung zum Problem des Priesternachwuchses.
    Wagner, A. (1968)
    St. Gallen, Switzerland: Schweizerische Pastoralsoziologisches Institut.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Switzerland; Clergy; Switzerland
  • Das Ansteigen und Absinken des Umfanges der Mischehen von Katholiken in den Niederlanden.
    Leeuwen, Bertulf van (1954)
    Sociaal Kompas 2: 1-25.

    Provides detailed data on mixed marriages of Catholics in the Netherlands, 1914-15, '35-52, with comparisons with German & Swiss data; focused studies of regions & cities within The Netherlands.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany; Catholic, Switzerland; Switzerland; Catholic, Netherlands; Netherlands; Marriage; Catholic, Germany
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