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  • "Baba has come to civilize us": Developmental idealism and framing the strict demands of the Brahma Kumaris.
    McKendry-Smith, Emily (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:4: 698-716.

    Based on 2008-09 interviews with 47 women who attended Brahma Kumari centers in Nepal, as well as participation observation in the centers. The women accepted strict practices that seemed modern but not celibacy, which did not seem modern.

    Associated Search Terms: Brahma Kumari, Nepal; Celibacy; Frame alignment; Modern; Nepal; New religions; Participant observation; Strictness
  • Keeping the Vow. The Untold Story of Married Catholic Priests.
    Sullins, D. Paul (2015)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Former married priests of the Anglican Communion who had been accepted into the Latin rite Roman Catholic priesthood, which is usually characterized by celibacy.

    Associated Search Terms: Convert; Conversion; Catholic; Celibacy; Clergy
  • From Celibate Catholic Priest to Married Protestant Minister. Shepherding in Greener Pastures.
    Fichter, Stephen Joseph (2015)
    Lanham, Maryland: Lexington.

    Based on interviews with former Catholic priests in the U.S.A. who became pastors in Protestant churches, most in the Episcopal church but some in the Evangelical Lutheran & United churches. For most, celibacy had been a burden.

    Associated Search Terms: Role exit; Episcopal; Conversion; Clergy spouses; Clergy; Vocation; Role strain; Catholic, U.S.A.; Celibacy
  • "Queerish" celibacy: Reorienting marriage in the ex-gay movement.
    Gerber, Lynne (2014)
    In K. Talvacchia, M. Pettinger, and M. Larrimore (eds.) Queer Christianities. New York: New York University Press, pp. 25-36.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Homosexuality; Celibacy
  • Institutional selection for conformity: The case of U.S. Catholic priests.
    Sullins, D. Paul (2013)
    Sociology of Religion 74:1: 56-81.

    Analyzes 2002 survey data from American Catholic priests; both birth cohort & ordinatio cohort predict divergence from official teachings, increasing it before 1970, decreasing it 1970 & after. Thus contextual culture explains divergence before 1970 & institutional selection after.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy; Moral; Birth control; Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy; Cloning; Stem cell controversy; Suicide; Sexual attitudes; Abortion
  • Same Call, Different Men. The Evolution of the Priesthood since Vatican II.
    Gautier, Mary L., Paul M. Perl, and Stephen J. Fichter (2012)
    Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Celibacy; Clergy; Catholic, U.S.A.; Job satisfaction; Traditionalism; Sexual abuse
  • Challenging Merton's Protestantism-science Hypothesis: The Historical Impact of Sacerdotal Celibacy on German Science and Scholarship.
    Becker, George (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:2: 351-365.

    Clerical celibacy denied German Catholicism the presence of clergy offspring upwardly mobile into scholarship, including into the natural sciences.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Germany; Celibacy; Merton, Robert K.; Education; Historical
  • Dimensions of Religiosity among American Catholics: Measurement and Validation.
    Rinaman, William C., Matthew T. Loveland, Robert F. Kelly, and William R. Barnett (2009)
    Review of Religious Research 50:4: 413-440.

    Analyzes 2001 & later telephone interview data of U.S.A. Catholics to develop dimensions & improve measurement; tests predictive power with abortion attitudes.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Practice; Moral; Measurement; Identity; Dimensions of religiosity; Devotionalism; Celibacy; Catholic, U.S.A.; Abortion
  • On celibate marriages: Conversion to the Brahma Kumaris in Poland.
    Koscianska, Agnieszka (2008)
    In Frances Pine and Joao de Pina-Cabral (eds.) On the Margins of Religion. New York: Berghahn, pp. 170-184.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy; Brahma Kumari, Poland; Conversion; Poland
  • Pilgrimage, Religious Institutions, and the Construction of Orthodoxy.
    Loveland, Matthew T. (2008)
    Sociology of Religion 69:3: 317-334.

    Analyzes 2004 survey data from U.S.A. Catholicism; religious experience & plgrimage involvement predict orthodoxy.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy; Birth control; Experience; Catholic, U.S.A.; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Pilgrimage
  • Prêtres de la génération de Jean-Paul II: recomposition de l'ideal sacerdotal et accomplissement de soi.
    Béraud, Céline (2006)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 133: 45-66.

    Based on 2001-04 interviews with priests of the dioceses of Paris & Valence, aged under 40. There is evidence of a new asceticism that compensates for the loss of specialness accorded the clerical position itself.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; France; Catholic, France; Celibacy
  • Bingo. Mandatory Celibacy and Clergy Sexual Abuse.
    Haggett, Louise (2005)
    Freeport, Maine: Center for the Study of Religious Issues.

    Associated Search Terms: Sexual abuse; Child abuse; Celibacy; Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy
  • Priests. A Calling in Crisis.
    Greeley, Andrew M. (2004)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Analyzes 1993 & 2002 questionnaire data from American Catholic priests; shows media reports about the sexuality & low morale of U.S. Catholic priests to be greatly inaccurate. Reports their stands on various issues.

    Associated Search Terms: Morale; Catholic, U.S.A.; Job satisfaction; Moral; Clergy; Celibacy
  • The institutional maintenance of celibacy.
    Qirko, Hector (2002)
    Anthropological Reseqarch 43:2: 321-329.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy
  • Goodbye Father: The Celibate Male Priesthood and the Future of the Catholic Church.
    Schoenherr, Richard A. (2002)
    New York: Oxford University Press, ed. by David Yamane.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy; Conflict; Change; Catholic; Clergy
  • Virgins in the spirit: The celibacy of Shakers.
    Collins, Peter (2001)
    In Elisa Sobo and Sandra Bell (eds.) Celibacy, Culture and Society: The Anthropology of Sexual Abstinence. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, pp. 104-121.

    Associated Search Terms: Shaker; Celibacy
  • The Demographic Transition of the Catholic Priesthood and the End of Clericalism in Spain.
    Pérez Vilariño, José, and José L. Sequeiros Tizón (1998)
    Sociology of Religion 59:1: 25-35.

    Associated Search Terms: Spain; Clericalism; Catholic, Spain; Demography; Clergy; Celibacy
  • Religious Differences between Married and Celibate Clergy: Does Celibacy Make a Difference?
    Swenson, Donald S. (1998)
    Sociology of Religion 59:1: 37-43.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from Canadian clergy; celibacy made no difference in the spiritual lives of the clergy.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Clergy role; Prayer; Canada; Catholic, Canada; Celibacy
  • Family Formation, Culture and Change in the Hare Krsna Movement.
    Rochford, E. Burke, Jr. (1997)
    ISKCON Communications Journal 5:2: 61-82.

    Associated Search Terms: Accommodation; Family; Economic; Culture; Change; Social movement; Marriage; Hare Krishna, North America; Celibacy
  • Between Two Worlds: The Origins of Shaker Celibacy, Oneida Community Complex Marriage, and Mormon Polygamy.
    Foster, Lawrence (1976)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Polygyny; Shaker; Oneida; Mormon; Marriage; Family; Celibacy
  • Review of the Polls: Three Current Religious Issues: Marriage of Priests, Intermarriage and Euthanasia.
    Alston, Jon P. (1976)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 15:1: 75-78.

    French & U.S. data on Catholic clergy celibacy; U.S. data on the other issues.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Catholic, U.S.A.; Celibacy; Catholic, France; France; Marriage; Euthanasia
  • Role Commitment Processes and the American Catholic Priesthood.
    Schoenherr, Richard A., and Andrew M. Greeley (1974)
    American Sociological Review 39:3: 407-426.

    Analyzes 1972 National Opinion Research Center survey data from Catholic priests in the U.S.; celibacy appears to be the principal issue in commitment to continuation in the active ministry.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Celibacy; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • A Study of Priestly Celibacy.
    Koval, John P., and Robert Bell (1970)
    Chicago: National Federation of Priests' Councils.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy; Celibacy
  • Sociology and clerical celibacy.
    Fichter, Joseph H. (1968)
    In George H. Frein (ed.) Cleibacy: The Necessary Option, New York: Herder & Herder, pp. 102-122.

    Associated Search Terms: Celibacy
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