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  • A Catholic Science? Italian Scientists Construct Religious Identity During Religious Shifts.
    Ecklund, Elaine Howard, and Di Di (2017)
    Philosophy, Theology, and the Sciences 4:1:94-114.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Scientist; Italy; Change
  • The question of cultural change in the social scientific study of religion: Notes from the Emerging Church.
    Bielo, James S. (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:1: 19-25.

    Sees the Emerging Church movement as a critique of conservative Evangelicalism & fundamentalism. Emerging Church ministries created changes, but the changes were variations on received forms.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Change; Emerging church; Culture
  • Face à l’affaissement du scenario politique: Parcours de redéfinition du catholicisme en Italie.
    Abbruzzese, Salvatore (2017)
    Social Compass 64:2: 151-166.

    Traces the changes in Italian secularization--from religion vs. modernity, to compromise, to religion in modernity.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Italy; Change; Italy; Moral; Politics, Italy; Secularization
  • Political tolerance and religion: An age-period-cohort analysis, 1984-2014.
    Eisenstein, Marie A., April K. Clark, and Ted G. Jelen (2017)
    Review of Religious Research 59:3: 395-418.

    Analyzes 1984-2014 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data. Changes in political tolerance among various religious categories are mostly explained by period effects, not cohort replacement. Tolerance items refer to Communists, anti-religionists, homosexuals, racists, & militarists.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Generations; Politics, U.S.A.; Tolerance; United States
  • Apparitional Movements as Sites of Religious Experimentation: A Case Study from Transcarpathian Ukraine.
    Halemba, Agnieszka (2017)
    Nova Religio 21:2: 43-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Change; Marian; Popular religion; Ukraine, Dzhublyk; Visions; Pilgrimage
  • New concepts for new dynamics: Generating theory for the study of religious innovation and social change.
    Marti, Gerardo (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:1: 6-18.

    Within Christianity there is often a movement from counter cultural to established forms, especially fundamentalist ones. Contested legitimation is thematic in the process. This article introduces 4 others dealing with the Emerging Church Movement.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Individualism; Entrepreneur, sectarian; Emerging church; Discourse; Counterculture; Social movement; Legitimation
  • Organizational innovation.
    Bruce, Tricia Colleen, and Josh Packard (2016)
    In David Yamane (ed.) Handbook of Religion and Society. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 155-175.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Change
  • Gender and homosexuality attitudes across religious groups from the 1970s to 2014: Similarity, distinction, and adaptation.
    Schnabel, Landon (2016)
    Social Science Research 55: 31-47.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Gender; Homosexuality
  • Sect-to-church movement in globalization: Transforming Pentecostalism and coastal intermediaries in contemporary China.
    Huang, Ke-hsien (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:2: 407-416.

    Leaders in True Jesus Church, a Pentecostal denomination in China, used the prestige of overseas influences to legitimate change away from sect-like to denomination-like features.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Pentecostal, China; Typology; True Jesus Church, China; Legitimation; China; Globalization
  • Transforming Post-Catholic Ireland. Religious Practice in Late Modernity.
    Ganiel, Gladys (2016)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Based on 2009 surveys, on interviews, & on case studies. For many, the Roman Catholic Church is a convenient foil against which the define their fair. Describes extra-institutional religion--religiosity connected to & going beyond organized churches, thereby balancing individualism. Reports attitudes toward reconciliation & ecumenism.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; State; Secularization; Pluralism; Parish council; Marginality; Ireland; Individualism; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Ecumenism; Clergy; Catholic, Ireland; Ambivalence; Diversity; Conflict; Extra-institutional
  • Pastors and Public Life: The Changing Face of American Protestant Clergy.
    Smidt, Corwin E. (2016)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    1989, 2001, & 2009 data

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Disciples of Christ; United Methodist, U.S.A.; Presbyterian, U.S.A.; Politics, U.S.A.; Southern Baptist; Assemblies of God, U.S.A.; Reformed Church in America; Change; Christian Reformed Church
  • What do Argentine people believe in? Religion and social structure in Argentina.
    Mallimaci, Fotunato, Juan Cruz Esquivel, and Verónica Giménez Béliveau (2015)
    Social Compass 62:2: 255-277.

    Reports results of a 2008 survey of the Argentine population, noting changes from previous surveys.

    Associated Search Terms: Abortion; Change; Catholic, Argentina; Birth control; Belief; Argentina
  • Loose connections and liberal theology: Blurring the boundaries in two church-based communities of spiritual practice.
    Edgell, Penny, and Derek Robey (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:4: 649-667.

    Field study of innovative worship that blurs boundaries between church members vs. non-members & between Christian vs. other; the services were meant to attract the non-religious, but most participants turned out to be Christian liberals.

    Associated Search Terms: Boundary blurring; Change; Congregation; Liberal, U.S.A.; Participant observation; Ritual; Spirituality
  • "FORMED": Emerging Evangelicals navigate two transformations.
    Bielo, James S. (2014)
    In Brian Steensland and Philip Goff (eds.) The New Evangelical Social Enagement. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 31-49.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical; Emerging church; Change
  • Religion as a response to the crisis of modernity: Perspectives of immigrants in Ireland.
    Kmec, Vladimir (2014)
    In Gladys Ganiel, Heidemarie Winkel, and Christophe Monnot (eds.) Religion in Times of Crisis. Leiden: Brill, pp. 33-53.

    Based on 34 interviews with young immigrants who were religiously engaged--German Lutheran, Polish Catholic, Slovak Catholic.

    Associated Search Terms: Ireland; Migrant; Change
  • Transition as normative: British Quakerism as liquid religion.
    Collins, Peter, and Pink Dandelion (2014)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 29:2: 287-301.

    British Quakers see perpetual modulation (liquifaction) of belief and practice as both logical and faithful.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Belief; Quaker, Great Britain; Great Britain
  • Vers une sortie de la religion culturelle: les transformations du catholicisme au Québec et au Canada (1968-2008).
    Meunier, É. Martin, and Jean-François Nault (2014)
    In François Mabille (ed.) La longue transition du catholicisme. Gouvernementalité et influence. Paris: Éd. du Cygne, pp. 27-63.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Catholic, Canada; Change; Cultural religion
  • Judaism in Transition: How Economic Choices Shape Religious Tradition.
    Chiswick, Carmel U. (2014)
    Palo Alto, California: Stanford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Economic; Jewish, U.S.A.
  • Urban faith: Religious change in Vienna and Austria, 1986-2013.
    Potan?oková, Michaela, and Carolina Berghammer (2014)
    In Hans G. Hödl and Lukas Pokorny (eds.) Religion in Austria, Volume 2. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, pp. 217-251.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria, Vienna; Urban/rural; Change; Austria
  • The unobtrusive tactics of religious movements.
    Kucinskas, Jaime (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:4: 537-550.

    Provides examples of non-confrontational social movements pursuing religious change.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist; Catholic; Change; Social movement; Comunione e Liberazione; SHAS; Muslim Brotherhood; Feminism
  • Ingenious institutions: Religious origins of health and development organizations.
    Idler, Ellen L. (2014)
    In Ellen L. Idler (ed.) Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 319-343.

    Describes 5 innovative medical institutions that, at least in their origin, were religiously inspired.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Dhaka Ahsania Mission; Heifer International; La Leche League; L'Arche; Medical; Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Programme
  • Changing Faith: The Dynamics and Consequences of Americans' Shifting Religious Identities.
    Sherkat, Darren E. (2014)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Describes U.S.A. religion with General Social Survey data; presents models predicting religious switching & apostasy. Secularization, supply-side rational choice theories, & other grand theories fail to explain changes of religion in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Belief; Migration; Fundamentalist, U.S.A.; Ethnic; Education; Identification; Marriage; Change; Disaffiliation; Mobility (vertical); Politics, U.S.A.; Polity; Conversion; Practice; Sexual activity; United States; Membership; Sexual attitudes; Secularization; Rational choice theory; Stratification
  • ¿En qué creen los chilenos? Naturaleza y alcance del cambio reliioso en Chile.
    Valenzuela, Eduardo, Matías Bargsted, and Nicolás Somma (2013)
    Temas de la Agenda Pública (Centro de Políticas Públicas Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) 8(59) : 1-19.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Change; Chile
  • La religiosidad popular: Encrucijada de las nuevas formas de la religiosidad contemporánea y la tradición (el caso de México).
    De la Torre, Renée (2013)
    Ponto Urbe 12;7: 1-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Mexico; Change
  • Typen religiöser Sozialformen und ihre Bedeutung für die Analyse religiösen Wandels in Deutschland.
    Krech, Volkhard, Jens Schlamelcher, and Markus Hero (2013)
    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 65:1: 51-71.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Germany; Typology
  • Religious associations, religious innovations and denominational identities in contemporary global cities.
    Casanova, José V. (2013)
    In Irene Becci, Marian Burchardt, and José Casanova (eds.) Topographies of Faith: Religion in Urban Spaces. Leiden: Brill, pp. 113-128.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Change; Identification
  • Religious affiliation, religious attendance, and participation in social change organizations.
    Guo, Chao, Natalie J. Webb, Rikki Abzug, and Laura R. Peck (2013)
    Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 42: 34-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Volunteering; Change; Practice
  • Feminization of the theological field and its implications to Church life--Analysis of the growth of women in ministry in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2013)
    In Simone Mantei, Regina Sommer, and Ulrike Wagner-Rau (eds.) Geschlechterverhältnisse und Pfarrberuf in Wandel. Irritationen, Analysen, Forschungsperspektiven. Practische Teologie heute. Stuttgart Kohlhammer, pp. 165-180.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Clergy; Finland; Women
  • Partecipazione alla messa e cambiamento religioso in Italia (1968-2010).
    Biolcati-Rinaldi, Ferruccio, and Cristiano Vezzoni (2013)
    Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 2013:4: 55-88.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Italy; Italy; Practice; Change
  • Faith-based humanitarianism: Organizational change and everyday meanings in South Africa.
    Burchardt, Marian (2013)
    Sociology of Religion 74:1: 30-55.

    Based on field work in Cape Town & Eastern Cape Province; examines the interface of the NGO model & the indigenous political clientalism of South Africa.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa; Change; Organization; AIDS
  • Secularization in Poland and Spain after the democratic transition: A cohort analysis.
    Requena, Miguel, and Mikolaj Stanek (2013)
    International Sociology 28:1: 84-101.

    Associated Search Terms: Cohort; Change; Secularization; Poland; Spain
  • Exploring the stress-buffering effects of religiousness in relation to social and economic change: Evidence from Poland.
    Lechner Clemens M., Martin J. Tomasik, Jacek Wasilewski, and Rainer K. Silbereisen (2013)
    Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 5:3: 145-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Poland; Coping; Change; Stress
  • Evangelicals of the 1970s and 2000s: What's the same, what's different, and what's urgent.
    Warner, R. Stephen (2013)
    In Brian Steensland and Philip Goff (eds.) The new Evangelical social engagement. New York: Oxford Univesity Press, pp. 280-291.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Ex-Combatants, Religion, and Peace in Northern Ireland: The Role of Religion in Transitional Justice.
    Brewer, John D., David Mitchell, and Gerard Leavey (2013)
    New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Justice; Peace
  • Être imam en France. Les transformations du “clergé” musulman en context minoritaire.
    Sèze, Romain (2013)
    Paris: Cerf.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Clergy; Clergy role; France; Change
  • Mixed results for orthodoxy: The impact of contemporary cultural change on the acceptance of key Catholic beliefs and moral teachings by Australian mass attenders.
    Dixon, Robert E. (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 11-37.

    Reports & analyzes 1996, 2001, '06, & '11 survey data from Australian Catholic mass attenders, by age categories.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Sexual attitudes; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Change; Catholic, Australia; Belief; Australia; Abortion
  • Verso Aquileia: la fede del Nord-est. Una religiosità in rapida trasformazione.
    Cstegnaro, Alessandro (2012)
    Il Regno 4: 126-136.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Italy
  • Zwischen Afrika und Europa: Aspekte des Christentums in Afrika nach den Unabhängigkeiten.
    Langewiesche, Katrin (2012)
    In T. Bierschenk and E. Spies (eds.) 50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit in Afrika: Kontinuitäten, Brüche, Perspektiven. Köln: Köppe Verlag, pp. 101-122.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa; Change; Christian, Africa
  • Islam moves west: Religious change in the first and second generations.
    Voas, David, and Fenella Fleischmann (2012)
    Annual Review of Sociology 38;1: 525-545.

    Associated Search Terms: Migration; Change; Generations; Islam
  • Tracking the new shape of the Catholic Church in the West.
    Hellemans, Staf. (2012)
    In S. Hellemans and J. Wissink (eds.) Towards a New Catholic Church in Advanced Modernity: Transformations, Visions, Tensions. Berlin: LIT-Verlag, pp. 19-50.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic; Change; Modernity
  • Nordest. Una società in rapida trasformazione.
    Castegnaro, Alessandro (2012)
    Vicenza: Osservagtorio Socio-Religioso Triveneto.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy, Northeast; Change
  • Pentecostalismo e secularização: Da rigidez doutrinária ao pluralism religioso.
    Ferreira, Ismael de Vasconcelos (2012)
    Horizonte 10:28: 1458-1472.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Change; Pentecostal; Pluralism
  • Cambio religioso en España: los avatars de la secularización.
    Pérez-Agote, Alfonso (2012)
    Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Spain; Change
  • Structure and dynamics of religious insurgency: Students and the spread of the Reformation.
    Kim, Hyojoung, and Steven Pfaff (2012)
    American Sociological Review 77:2: 18-215.

    Associated Search Terms: Reformation; Students; Historical; Change
  • Une réforme dans la fidélité: la revue Maintenant (1962-1974) et la "mise à jour" du catholicisme québécois.
    Roy, Marie-Andrée (2012)
    Québec: Presses de l'Université Laval.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Catholic, Canada; Change; Media
  • Nation et catholicisme culturel au Québec: dynamique d'une recomposition. Colloque "Religion, nation et jeunesse: qu'est le catholicisme devenu? Retour sur le Congrès eucharistique international de Québec en 2008."
    Meunier, É. Martin, and Jean-François Laniel (2012)
    Studies in Religion / Sciences religieuses 41:4: 595-617.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Catholic, Canada; Canada, Quebec; Cultural religion
  • Church and religion in the enlarged Europe: Analyses of the social significance of religion in east and west.
    Pollack, Detlef, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (2012)
    In Detlef Pollack, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (eds.) The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe. Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp.1-26.

    Overview of secularization, individualization, & market theories of religious change & questions these raise concerning Europe. Describes a 2006 survey on which other essays in the book are based.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Market model; Secularization; Europe; Individualism
  • Public policies, interfaith associations and religious minorities: A new policy paradigm? Evidence from the case of Barcelona.
    Griera, Mar (2012)
    Social Compass 59:4: 570-587.

    Based on 2008-10 field work in Barcelona. A prior secularization policy paradigm, predicting the disappearance of religion, was replaced by a pluralist one as immigrant & other new religions occasioned public decisions..

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Spain, Barcelona; Participant observation; Change
  • Les mutations du religieux dans la France contemporaine.
    Portier, Philippe (2012)
    Social Compass 59:2: 193-207.

    Catholic civilization has declined in France, but there is a new quest for spirituality.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Individualism; Change; Catholic, France; France
  • Incarnating encounters: Reflections on spirituality, art and interreligious dialogue.
    Illman, Ruth (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 43-62.

    Based on intervews with artists, musicians, & authors, 2 of whom are the focus of this paper.

    Associated Search Terms: Ecumenism; Spirituality; Globalization; Change; Art; Music
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