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  • Self-perceived role and function of Christian prison chaplains and Buddhist volunteers in Hong Kong prisons.
    Chui, Wing Hong, and Kevin Kwok-yin Cheng (2013)
    International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 57:2: 154-168.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; Clergy role; Prison chaplain
  • Becoming Different while Becoming the Same: Re-territorializing Islamic Identities with Multi-ethnic Practices in Hong Kong.
    Plüss, Caroline (2006)
    Ethnic and Racial Studies 29:4: 656-675.

    Associated Search Terms: Adaptation; Assimilation; Islam, China; China, Hong Kong
  • Work role stressors and turnover intentions: A study of professional clergy in Hong Kong.
    Ngo, Hang-yue (2005)
    International Journal of Human Resource Management 16:11: 2133-2146.

    Associated Search Terms: Stress; Clergy; China, Hong Kong
  • Constructing Globalized Ethnicity: Migrants from India in Hong Kong.
    Plüss, Caroline (2005)
    International Sociology 20:2: 201-224.

    Associated Search Terms: Jain, China; Economic; Migrant; China, Hong Kong
  • A Comparative Study of the Successful Management of Religious Diversity: Melbourne and Hong Kong.
    Bouma, Gary D., and Andrew Singleton (2004)
    International Sociology 19:1: 5-24.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Ecumenism; Urban; Australia, Melbourne; China, Hong Kong; Historical; Pluralism
  • Hong Kong Daoism: A Study of Daoist Altaras and Lü Dongbin Cults.
    Lai, Chi-Tim (2003)
    Social Compass 50:4: 459-470.

    Traces the emergence of voluntary Daoist associations in Hong Kong.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; Daoist; Change
  • A nameless but active religion: An anthroologist's view of local religion in Hong Kong and Macau.
    Liu, Tik-sang (2003)
    China Quarterly 174: 373-394.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; China, Macau; Communal
  • Assimilation Versus Idiosyncrasy: Strategic Constructions of Sephardic Identities in Hong Kong.
    Plüss, Caroline (2002)
    Jewish Culture and History 5:2: 48-69.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Sephardim; Jewish, China; Identity; Assimilation; China, Hong Kong
  • The Voting Propensity of Hong Kong Christians: Individual Disposition, Church Influence, and the China Factor.
    Chan, Che-po, and Beatrice Leung (2000)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 39:3: 297-306.

    Analyzes 1995 survey data from Hong Kong voters; focuses on Protestant & Catholic Christians.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, China; China, Hong Kong; Politics, China; Catholic, China
  • Chinese Participation in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Hong Kong.
    Plüss, Caroline (1999)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 14:1: 63-69.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon, China; China, Hong Kong; Conversion
  • The Social Role of Catholics in Hong Kong Society.
    Li, Kit-Man, Ka-Hing Cheung, and Kun-Sun Chan (1998)
    Social Compass 45:4: 513-531.

    Overview of the situation of Catholicism in Hong Kong, & focused account of one parish's effort to promote social activism at the time of the return of Hong Kong to China.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; Catholic, China; Parish; Activism
  • Sacred Power in the Metropolis: Shrines and Temples in Hong Kong.
    Lang, Graeme (1997)
    In Grant Evans and Maria Tam (eds.), Hong Kong. Richmond, U.K,: Curzon Press, pp. 242-265.

    Associated Search Terms: Temple; China, Hong Kong; Shrine
  • The Catholic Church in Political Transition.
    Yuen, Mary M.W. (1997)
    In Joseph Y.S. Cheng (ed.) The Other Hong Kong Report 1997. Hong Kong: The China University Press, pp. 505-528.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, China; China, Hong Kong; Catholic, China
  • The Voting Behavior of Hong Kong Catholics.
    Chan, Che-Po, and Beatrice Leung (1996)
    In Kuan Hsin-chi et al. (eds.), the 1995 Legislative Council Elections in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, pp. 275-313.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Hong Kong; China, Hong Kong; Politics, China; Catholic, China; Catholic, Hong Kong; Hong Kong
  • The Rise of a Refugee God: Hong Kong's Wong Tai Sin.
    Lang, Graeme, and Lars Ragvald (1993)
    Hong Kong: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Medium; China, Hong Kong; Shamanism; Wong Tai Sin
  • The Catholic Voter.
    Leung, Beatrice (1992)
    In Rowena Kwok, Joan Leung, and Ian Scott (eds.) Voters Without Power: the Hong Kong Legislative Council Elections 1991. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, pp. 151-184.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, China; China, Hong Kong; Politics, China
  • Religion among Urban Chinese and non-Chinese in Southeast Asian Countries.
    Mitchell, Robert E. (1974)
    Social Compass 21:1: 25-44.

    Analyzes 1967-68 interview data from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, 6 cities in Malaysia, & Taipei; shows religious identities of the Chinese & non-Chinese populations & correlations with age, education, and residential arrangement.

    Associated Search Terms: Thailand; China, Hong Kong; Education; Age; Singapore; Taiwan, Taipei; Chinese; Urban; Hong Kong; Malaysia
  • The Association of Religion and Family Structure: The Case of the Hong Kong Family.
    Hong, Lawrence K. (1972)
    Sociological Analysis 33:1: 50-57.

    Studies the meaning of the "ancestral cult"; based on a 1968 survey of Hong Kong families having children in a school.

    Associated Search Terms: Ancestor; Family; China, Hong Kong
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