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  • Reviving the civil religious tradition.
    Gorski, Philip S. (2017)
    In Ruth Braunstein, Todd Nicholas Fuist, and Rhys H. Williams (eds.) Religion and Progressive Activism. New Stories about Faith and Politics. New York: New York University Press, pp. 271-288.

    Favors civil religion over religious nationalism & radical secularism.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Nationalism; Secularism
  • American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present.
    Gorski, Philip (2017)
    Princeton: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Historical; United States
  • Confucianism as civil religion.
    Yang, Fenggang (2016)
    In Philip J. Ivanhoe and Sungmoon Kim (eds.) Confucianism, A Habit of the Heart: Bellah, Cvil Religion, and East Asia. Albany: State University of New York Press, pp. 25-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Confucian
  • Civil religious contention in Cairo, Illinois: priestly and prophetic ideologeis in a "northern" civil rights struggle.
    Reed, Jean-Pierre, Rhys H. Williams, and Kathryn B. Ward (2016)
    Theory and Society 45:1: 25-55.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Prophetic-priestly; Civil religion; Civil rights movement; United States, Illinois, Cairo
  • "I went through it so you don't have to": Faith-based community organizing for the formerly incarcerated.
    Flores, Edward Orozco, and Jennifer Elena Cossyleon (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:4: 662-676.

    Based on 2012-14 participant observation with 2 community organization project among released prisoners in Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; United States, Illinois, Chicago; Community organization; Penology
  • What "cultural religion" says about secularization and national identity: A neglected religio-political configuration.
    Laniel, Jean-François (2016)
    Social Compass 63:3: 372-388.

    Between secularity and religious institutions having authority over society, there is cultural religion, which is prevalent in the West. Focuses on the example of France & other nations.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel; Boulard, Fernand; Bellah, Robert N.; Demerath, Nicholas Jay III; Turcotte, Paul André; Davie, Grace; Civil religion; Vicarious religion; Catholic, France; France; Political religion; Identity; Cultural religion
  • Civil religion and national politics in a neoliberal era.
    Williams, Rhys H., and Todd Nicholas Fuist (2014)
    Sociology Compass 8:7: 929-938.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Civil religion
  • The roles of religion in national legitimation: Judaism and Zionism's elusive quest for legitimacy.
    Abulof, Uriel (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 515-533.

    Notes an increased use of religion over time to legitimate Zionism.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Nationalism; Legitimation; Jewish, Israel; Israel; Zionism
  • Religion and civil society in italy and in other Latin countries.
    Garelli, Franco (2013)
    In Joep de Hart, Paul Dekker, and Loek Halman (eds.) Religion and Civil Society in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 125-145.

    Catholicism in Italy has a public presence on selected issues, finding agreement even among inactive adherents. makes comparisons with other Latin southern European nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil society; Catholic, Italy; Italy; Public religion
  • Civil religion and the cultural politics of national identity in Obama's America.
    Williams, Rhys H. (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:2:239-257.

    The opposition to presidential candidate & president Barak Obama included nativist themes--that he wasn't really American, that he was a Muslim. These reflect an aspect of civil religion that Obama disrupted.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Politics, U.S.A.; Civil religion
  • Religion and Civil Society: Theoretical Reflections.
    Herbert, David (2013)
    In Joep de Hart, Paul Dekker, and Loek Halman (eds.) Religion and Civil Society in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 13-45.

    Reviews rational choice, secularization, and public (civil society) religion theories. Opts for a "functionalization" approach, where religions help overcome shortcomings in the functioning of other institutions or even resist the other institutions.

    Associated Search Terms: Mediatization; Civil society; Islam; Public religion; Rational choice theory; Secularization; Functionalization
  • The trap of intellectual success: Robert N. Bellah, the American civil religion debate, and the sociology of knowledge.
    Bortolini, Matteo (2012)
    Theory and Society 41:2: 187-210.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of knowledge; Civil religion; Bellah, Robert N.
  • Secularisation and Nationalism: A Critical Review.
    Santiago, José (2012)
    Social Compass 59:1: 3-20.

    Review of the literature on nationalism as a surrogate for religion. Finds the theories confound function & cause; nations do not need ucltural integration. Nationalism does not lead to ndividual immortality but social immortlaity & hence is unlike religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Integration (social); Civil religion; Durkheim, Émile; Integration (national); Nationalism; Political religion; Surrogate for religion; Functionalism; Secularization
  • Reiterando o pacto: história, teologias politicas cristãs e a religião civil Americana emu ma era de multiculturalismo e império.
    Reinhardt, Bruno (2011)
    Religião e sociedade 31:2: 29-54.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion
  • A Shining City on another Hill: Danish Civil Religion as State Mythology.
    Reeh, Niels (2011)
    Socia Compass 58:2: 235-246.

    Studies Danish flag days.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark; Civil religion
  • Ethnic nominalism and civic religiosity: Christianity and national identity.
    Storm, Ingrid (2011)
    Sociological Review 59: 827-846.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity, national; Civil religion
  • Barak Obama and civil religion.
    Gorski, Philip S. (2011)
    Political Power and Social Theory 22:1:179-214.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Civil Religion: On the Emergence, Development, and Importance of the Concept.
    Lidz, Victor (2010)
    Sociologica 11:3 (online)

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion
  • Civil Religion in the Making.
    Tipton, Steven M. (2010)
    Sociologica 11:3 (online)

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion
  • American Presidential Rhetoric from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush: Another Look at Civil Religion.
    Roof, Wade Clark (2009)
    Social Compass 56:2: 286-301.

    Detects a shift toward religious nationalism in American presidential rhetoric.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Nationalism; Discourse
  • Toward a Contextualized Concept of Civil Religion.
    Lüchau, Peter (2009)
    Social Compass 56:3: 371-386.

    Public religion in a pluralist context.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Pluralism
  • Globalization, Theocratization, and Politicized Civil Religion.
    Robertson, Roland (2009)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 451-477.

    Sees a tendency toward a theocratic civil religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Theocracy; Globalization; Civil religion
  • From 'Civil Religion' to Nationalism as the Religion of Modern Times: Rethinking a Complex Relationship.
    Santiago, José (2009)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48:2: 394-401.

    Critique of the metaporical nature of studies of civil religion & of nationalism as political religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Nationalism; Political religion
  • Fox Sports, Super Bowl XLII and the Affirmation of American Civil Religion.
    Butterworth, Michael (2008)
    Journal of Sport and Social Issues 32:2: 318-323.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Sport
  • Enchanted pasts. The role of inrnational civil religious pilgrimage in reclaiming national collective memory.
    West, Brad (2008)
    Sociological Theory 26:3:258-270.

    Australian backpacker tourists to Gallipoli battlefields.

    Associated Search Terms: Turkey, Gallipoli; Memory; Pilgrimage; Australia; Civil religion
  • Serbian Orthodox Religiousness: An Empirical and Comparative Portrait.
    Flere, Sergej, and Rudi Klanjsek (2008)
    Review of Religious Research 50:1: 35-48.

    Compares religiosity of Serbian Orthodox students in Serbia, Muslim ones in Bosnia, & Catholic ones in Slovenia. The Serbians were more religious than the Slovenians but less than the Bosnians, & were not highly mystical, experiential, or civil religious.

    Associated Search Terms: Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Bosnia; Catholic, Slovenia; Civil religion; Comparative; Experience; Islam, Bosnia; Mysticism; Serbia; Slovenia; Students, undergraduate; Religiosity
  • Does there Exist a Republican Civil Religion?
    Baubérot, Jean (2007)
    French Politics, Culture and Society 25:2: 3-18.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Civil religion; Political religion
  • Operationalizing the Civil Religion Concept at a Cross-Cultural Level.
    Flere, Sergej, and Miran Lavric (2007)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46:4: 595-604.

    Uses factor analysis to distinguish civil religion attitudes from religiosity & traditionalism. Based on survey data from university students in Slovenia,Bosnia, Serbia, & the U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Students, undergraduate; Factor analysis
  • Membership of Nordic 'National' Churches as a 'Civil Religious' Phenomenon.
    Sundback, Susan (2007)
    Implicit Religion 10:3: 262-280.

    Factor analysis of 2000 European Values Study data to identify elements of a civil religion in 4 Nordic nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Iceland; Finland; Factor analysis; Denmark; Civil religion; Sweden
  • La Crise de la Laïcité Face au Processus de Mondialisation.
    Baubérot, Jean (2007)
    In Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, and Michel Gardaz (eds.) La mondialisation du phénomène religieux. Montréal: Mediaspaul.

    Laïcité is a global phenomenon, having seeral dimensions. Explores the case of France.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Socialization; State; France; Civil religion; Case study; Laïcité; Globalization; Identity
  • A Singing Citizenry: Popular Music and Civil Religion in America.
    Meizel, Katherine (2006)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45:4: 497-503.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Civil religion; Music
  • Implicit Religious Assumptions within the Resurgence of Civil Religion in the U.S.A. since 9/11.
    Swatos, William H., Jr. (2006)
    Implicit Religion 9:2: 166-179.

    A pre-existent civil rleigion served as a cultural resoruce for unifying the U.S.A. at a moment of crisis.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Implicit religion; United States
  • "Public Religion" and the Pancasila-Based State of Indonesia: An Ethical and Sociological Analysis.
    Intan, Benyamin Fleming (2005)
    New York: Peter Lang.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Politics, Indonesia; Indonesia
  • Dieu bénisse l'Amérique. La religion de la Maison-Blanche.
    Fath, Sébastien (2004)
    Paris: Seuil.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Sacred Circles, Public Squares: The Multicentering of American Religion.
    Farnsley, Arthur Emery II, Nicholas J. Demerath III, Etan Diamond, Mary Mapes, and Elfriede Wedam (2004)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Social capital; Pluralism; Urban; United States, Indiana, Indianapolis; Civil religion
  • Civil Society and Civil Religion as Mutually Dependent.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III (2003)
    In Michele Dillon (ed.) Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 348-358.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil society; Civil religion
  • Vom Bürger zum Werktätigen: Die arbeiterliche Zivilreligion in der DDR.
    Schmidt, Thomas (2003)
    In Christel Gärtner, Detlef Pollack, and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (eds.) Atheismus und religiöse Indifferenz. Opladen: Leske + Budrich, pp. 315-336.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany, East; Civil religion
  • A nação laica: religião civil e mito-práxis no Uruguai.
    Guigou, L. Nicolás (2003)
    Montevideo: Ediciones La Gotera.

    Associated Search Terms: Uruguay; Civil religion
  • Manfiest Destiny Adapted for 1990s War Discourse: Mission and Destiny Intertwined.
    Coles, Roberta L. (2002)
    Sociology of Religion 63:4: 403-426.

    Analyzes discourses of U.S. Presidents George Bush & Bill Clinton.

    Associated Search Terms: Peace/war; Civil religion
  • Religion in the Capital Area of Finland.
    Lampinen, Tapio (2002)
    In Edward I. Bailey (ed.) The Secular Quest for Meaning in Life. Denton Papers in Implicit Religion. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 259-268.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Civil religion; Finland, Helsinki
  • "Mythic Gesture." Robert N. Bellah and Cultural Sociology.
    Alexander, Jeffrey C., and Steven J. Sherwood (2002)
    In Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, Ann Swidler, and Steven M. Tipton (eds.) Meaning and Modernity. Religion, Polity, and Self. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 1-14.

    Associated Search Terms: Bellah, Robert N.; Civil religion; Symbolic realism
  • Le Mystère du Ministère. Des Voluntés Particulières à la "Volunté Générale.
    Bourdieu, Pierre (2001)
    Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales 140: 7-11.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion
  • Die türkische Zivilreligion und die NATO.
    Dreßler, Markus (2001)
    In Werner Kremp and Berthold Meyer (eds.) Religion und Zivilreligion im atlantischen Bündnis. Trier, Wissenschaftlicher, pp. 321-335.

    Associated Search Terms: Turkey; Civil religion
  • Beyond Idols. The Shape of a Secular Society.
    Fenn, Richard K. (2001)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Argues for a non-idolatrous secular society where the Sacred can be sacred.

    Associated Search Terms: Authoritarianism; Sacred; Psychoanalytic; Secularization; Civil religion; Charisma
  • Global Civil Religion: A European Perspective.
    Davie, Grace (2001)
    Sociology of Religion 62:4: 455-473.

    Associated Search Terms: Globalization; Civil religion; Europe; Voluntarism; Missions
  • From Civil to Political Religion: The Intersection of Culture, Religion, and Politics.
    Cristi, Marcela (2001)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Points not only to Bellah & Durkheim's consensus-based civil religion but also to Rousseau's coercive version. Examines the case of Chile under Pinochet.

    Associated Search Terms: Bellah, Robert N.; Chile; Political religion; Civil religion
  • De la religion civil: Identidad, representaciones y mito-Praxis en el Uruguay. Algunos aspectos teóricos.
    Guigou, L. Nicolás (2000)
    Anuario de antropologia social y cultural del Uruguay 2000: 29-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Uruguay; Identity
  • Korean Civil Religion and Modernity.
    Cha, Seong Hwan (2000)
    Social Compass 47:4: 467-485.

    Korean civil religion is privatistic & familist; it undermines modernization.

    Associated Search Terms: Familism; Korea (South); Modernization; Civil religion
  • Riflessioni sul concetto di religione civile.
    Ferrara, Alessandro (1999)
    Rassegna italiani di sociologia 1999:2: 209-224.

    Anti-fascism has become a civil religion for Italy.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Italy
  • Una supplenza di religione civile.
    Rusconi, Gian Enrico (1999)
    Rassegna italiani di sociologia 1999:2: 235-254.

    Catholicism has become a surrogate civil religion in Italy.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Civil religion
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