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  • Believing vaguely: Religious socialization and Christian beliefs in Britain.
    Hunt, Stephen (2015)
    Italian Journal of Sociology of Education 7:3: 10-46.

    Shows a decline in the polls of traditional Christian beliefs & other indicators. Ulster is a significant exception.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Great Britain; Clergy image; Belief; Great Britain, Northern Ireland
  • Declining religious authority? Confidence in the leaders of religious organizations, 1973-2010.
    Hoffmann, John P. (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:1: 1-25.

    Analyzes 1973-2010 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data; confidence in clergy declined among those born 1945-70, rebounding among later cohorts among thsoe who attend religious services.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Generations; Secularization; United States
  • American Religion. Contemporary Trends.
    Chaves, Mark (2011)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Uses 1972-2008 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data & 1998 & 2006-07 National Congregations Study data to trace religious patterns & changes in the U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Abortion; Sexual attitudes; Seminarians; Practice; Politics, U.S.A.; Membership; Literalism; Homosexuality; Clergy image; Belief; United States; Women
  • Confidence in Religious Leaders in Korea: A Research Note.
    Kim, Jibum, Sang-wook Kim, and Jeong-Han Kang (2010)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49:2: 320-327.

    Uses 2003-07 Korean General Social Survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: Confidence in religious leaders; Korea (South); Clergy image
  • The Confidence in the Clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Professional Responsibility and the Morality of Life).
    Simic, Zikica (2009)
    In Danijela Gavrilovic (ed.) Revitalization of Religion. Theoretical and Comparative Approaches. Nis, Serbia: Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, pp. 121-128.

    Highlights some negativeaspects of clergy image in Serbia based on 103 interviews.

    Associated Search Terms: Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Clergy image; Serbia
  • Images of Genderless Ministry: Early Christianity ahead of Itself.
    Blasi, Anthony J. (2007)
    In Pierre Hegy (ed.) What Do We Imagine God to Be? The Function of "God Images" in Our Lives. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 123-139.

    Analyzes canonical Christian literature that reflects earliest Christianity; while the image of God was masculine, the ministerial extension of the presence of God was genderless.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; God, image of; Clergy image; Gender
  • Public Confidence in Religious Leaders: A Perspective From Secularization Theory.
    Kleiman, Michael B., Nancy Ramsey, and Lorella Palazzo (1996)
    Review of Religious Research 38:1: 79-87.

    Analyzes 1972-93 General Social Survey (U.S.A..) data; shows a decline in confidence in religious leaders.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Clergy image; United States
  • The Image of Christian Leaders in Fictional Television Programs.
    Skill, Thomas, and James D. Robinson (1994)
    Sociology of Religion 55:1: 75-84.

    Focuses on 1990 American television programs.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Clergy image; Media
  • Divergences ou convergences? Les laïcs anglophones et francophones dans le catholicisme canadien.
    Gingras, François-Pierre (1993)
    Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses 22:1: 75-92.

    Analyzes 1986 questionnaire data from practicing Canadian Catholics; focuses on spiritual resources, religious activities, non-religious & religious parts of life, & attitudes toward change in the church & toward the clergy. Compares by language & region.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Clergy image; Change; Ethnic; Catholic, Canada
  • Poll trends: Religious beliefs and behaviors and the televangelist scandals of 1987-1988.
    Smith, Tom W. (1992)
    Public Opinion Quarterly 56:3: 360-380.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy malfeasance; Practice; Belief; Clergy image
  • An Assessment of the Determinants of Religious Participation.
    Alston, Jon P., and William Alex McIntosh (1979)
    Sociological Quarterly 20:1: 49-62.

    Analyzes 1974 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data; region of the country, sex, religiosity, & confidence in clergy determine church attendance more than do stratification variables.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Sex; United States; Practice; Stratification; Clergy image
  • O padre Católico, visto, pelos indigenas do Brasil e do Maranhão.
    Hoornaert, Eduardo (1976)
    Revista eclesiastica brasileira 36/142: 347-364.

    Associated Search Terms: Native Brazilians; Clergy image; Catholic, Brazil; Brazil
  • Preference for Personality Versus Role-Activity Variables in the Choice of a Pastor.
    Maddock, Richard, Charles T. Kenny, and Morris M. Middleton (1973)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 12:4: 449-452.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from 70 active Episcopalians; their preferences were based on personality descriptions.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Episcopal
  • The Public Image of Lutheran Pastors.
    Johnstone, Ronald L. (1972)
    Lutheran Quarterly 24: 397-409.

    Analyzes 1970 National Opinion Research Center (U.S.A..) data.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, U.S.A.; Clergy image; United States
  • Public Images of Protestant Ministers and Catholic Priests: An Empirical Study of Anti-clericalism in the U.S.
    Johnstone, Ronald L. (1972)
    Sociological Analysis 33:1: 34-49.

    Analyzes data from American adults; focuses on public images of Catholic, Methodist, & Lutheran clergy. Some anticlericalism was found only among Catholics, against their priests.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Lutheran, U.S.A.; Methodist, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy image; Anticlericalism
  • Expectivas sociales y sacerdoccio. Investigación sociológica de la imagen del sacerdote en Buenos Aires.
    Rosato, N. (1971)
    Buenos Aires: Ecoisyr.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Catholic, Argentina; Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Le prêtre, le frère et la religieuse vus par des étudiants de collèges.
    Rouleau, Jean-Paul (1971)
    Quebec: Université Laval, Centre de Recherches en Sociologie Religieuse.

    Seeks whether Quebec secondary students see priests, religious brothers, & religious sisters as religious witnesses, members of an institution, or humans.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Catholic, Canada; Students, secondary; Canada, Quebec; Sister, image of; Brother, image of
  • Il ruolo del sacerdote nelle aspettative della popolazione di une parrocchia romana.
    Fasola-Bologna, Alfredo (1968)
    Rivista di sociologia 6/15: 69-88.

    Based on 1966 interviews in the lower middle class parish of Saints Fabiano & Venanzia in Rome.

    Associated Search Terms: Parish; Italy, Rome; Clergy role; Clergy image
  • The Image of the Priest in the Eyes of Parishioners in three Rural Parishes.
    Piwowarski, Wladyslaw (1968)
    Social Compass 15:3/4: 235-249.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Rural; Poland; Catholic, Poland
  • Le Profil Sociologique du Séminariste Québécois.
    Routhier, François, and Grégoire Tremblay (1968)
    Québec: Université Laval, Centre de Recherches en Sociologie Religieuse.

    Studies the origin & evolution of seminarians' vocation & perceptions of the priesthood & priest.

    Associated Search Terms: Seminarians; Clergy image; Clergy role; Catholic, Canada; Canada; Vocation
  • A Study of Role Perceptions as Indices of Social Distance between United Church of Canada Clergymen and United Church Undergraduates.
    Stone, David R. (1968)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Wayne State University.

    Surveys how well 2 groups perceive each other's activities, attitudes, & aspirations.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Social distance; Students, undergraduate; Clergy image; United Church of Canada
  • Girls' Attitudes Toward Priests and Nuns.
    Grady, L. Augustine, and Robert J. McNamara (1968)
    In William C. Bier (ed.), Woman in Modern Life. New York: Fordham University Press, pp. 78-96.

    Associated Search Terms: Nun; Women; Students, undergraduate; Clergy image; Sisters; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • La clergé français. Évolution demographique--nouvelles structures de formation--images de l'opinion publique.
    Potel, Julien, Paul Huot-Pleuroux, and Jacques Maître (1967)
    paris: Ed. du Centurion.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, France; France; Clergy image; Clergy
  • L'Image du Clerc.
    LeBras, Gabriel (1967)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 23: 23-36.

    Historical discussion of images held of the Catholic priest in France.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Clergy image; Catholic, France; Historical
  • People's View of the Minister and the Lack of Ministers in Sweden.
    Gustafsson, Berndt (1966)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 22: 135-144.

    Associated Search Terms: Sweden; Clergy image
  • The Image of the Priest: A Study in Stereotyping.
    Doherty, John F. (1964)
    Philippine Sociological Review 12:1/2: 70-76.

    Analysis of projective essays written by 75 male Catholic university students in Manila.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Students, undergraduate; Catholic, Philippines; Philippines
  • Machismo and the Priestly Vocation.
    Weigert, Andrew J. (1964)
    Catholic World 119: 152-158.

    The Latin American image of what men are & what priests are, helps explain the priest shortage in Latin America.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Latin America; Clergy image; Latin America; Gender role; Vocation
  • A Comparative View of the Parish Priest.
    Fichter, Joseph H. (1963)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 8/16: 44-48.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy image; Clergy
  • Opinions about the Priesthood in Catholic High School Boys and Minor Seminarians.
    Markert, David DeSales (1963)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Loyola University of Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, secondary; Seminarians; Clergy image; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Priesterbild und Berufswahlmotive. Ergebnisse einer sozial-psychologischen Untersuchung bei den Wiener Mittelschülern.
    Lindner, Traugot, Leopold Lenterner, and Adolf Holl (1963)
    Wien: Herder Verlag.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Vocation; Students, secondary; Catholic, Austria; Austria
  • The Parish Priest as a Subject of Criticism.
    Schreuder, Osmund (1961)
    Social Compass 8;2: 111-120.

    The clergy role is a complex one, subject to cross-pressures, & hence to criticism.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Clergy image
  • Parishioners' Views of How Ministers Spend Their Time.
    Glock, Charles Y., and Philip Roos (1961)
    Review of Religious Research 2: 170-175. [Also in Charles Y. Glock and Rodney Stark, Religion and Society in Tension (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1965), Ch. 7]

    Based on a 1956 sample from 12 Lutheran congregations in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Lutheran, U.S.A.
  • Priests and the Rising Generation of Priests in the Opinion of Brazilians.
    Busjan, Callistus (1961)
    Social Compass 8:4: 317-326. [Also in Jahrbuch des Instituts für christliche Sozialwissenschaften der westfällischen Wilhelms-Univrsität 1. Münster, 1960]

    Analyzes 1956 poll data from 7-12 year old elementary students, high school students, & adult laity; focuses on the image of Catholic priests.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, secondary; Students, primary; Brazil; Catholic, Brazil; Clergy image
  • The Concept of the Minister--A Study of Certain Relationships between Occupational Stereotypes, Self-Concept, and Selected Variables.
    Kendall, John S. (1959)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Minnesota.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Self concept; Clergy role
  • What Youth Thinks of Priests and the Religious Life: The Results of an Enquiry Made in Catholic Secondary Schools in France./Ce que le jeunes pensent du prêtre et de la vie religieuse. Résultats d'une enquête en collèges secondaires libres (France).
    Babin, Pierre (1953)
    Lumen Vitae 8: 639-653./Lumen Vitae 8: 667-681.

    Survey of 300 boys & 300 girls from 6 schools.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Sister, image of; France; Catholic, France; Students, secondary
  • The Layman Looks at the Minister.
    Leiffer, Murray H. (1947)
    New York: Abingdon-Cokesbury.

    Based on survey of lay leaders in the Methodist Church and quota samples ofMethodist women & young Methodists.

    Associated Search Terms: Methodist Church, U.S.A.; Clergy image
  • Reliability of Rating in Terms of Effectiveness within the Ministerial Profession.
    Jackson, Douglas Ewing (1946)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Northwestern University.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy image; Evaluation research
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