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  • Clergy work orientation profiles and wellbeing at work: A study of the Lutheran clergy in Finland.
    Tervo-Niemelä, Kati (2016)
    Review of Religious Research 58:3: 365-384.

    Analyzes 2014 survey data from Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland clergy. Finds 4 role profiles: multi-faceted, worship, justice & helping, & passive. Only the last of these was inversely associated with job satisfaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Lutheran, Finland; Clergy role; Job satisfaction; Clergy
  • The doors of the church are now open: Black Clergy, collective efficacy, and neighborhood violence.
    Pegram, Kashea, Rod K. Brunson, and Anthony A. Braga (2016)
    City & Community 15:3:289-314.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; African Americans; Clergy; Clergy role; Deviance/social control; Violence; United States, Massachusetts, Boston; Youth; Community organization
  • Occupational conditions, self-care, and obesity among clergy in the United States.
    Fergerson, Todd W., Brita Andercheck, Joshua C. Tom, Brandon C. Martinez, and Samuel Stroope (2015)
    Social Science Research 49: 249-263.

    Associated Search Terms: Health; Clergy role; Clergy
  • The constrained role of the Muslim chaplain in French prisons.
    Khosrokhavar, Farhad (2015)
    International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 28:1: 67-82.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam, France; Clergy role; Prison chaplain
  • From Celibate Catholic Priest to Married Protestant Minister. Shepherding in Greener Pastures.
    Fichter, Stephen Joseph (2015)
    Lanham, Maryland: Lexington.

    Based on interviews with former Catholic priests in the U.S.A. who became pastors in Protestant churches, most in the Episcopal church but some in the Evangelical Lutheran & United churches. For most, celibacy had been a burden.

    Associated Search Terms: Role exit; Episcopal; Conversion; Clergy spouses; Clergy; Vocation; Role strain; Catholic, U.S.A.; Celibacy
  • Seeking empowerment and spiritualiy in the secular age: Secular and traditionalsit Israelis consulting rabbis.
    Keshet, Yael, and Ido Liberman (2014)
    Sociology 48:1: 92-110.

    The phenomenon of secular & less religious Jews who consult orthodox rabbis on personal matters indicates the current relevance of religion and spirituality as resources for empowerment when dealing with various kinds of existential and personal difficulty.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Israel; Jewish, Israel
  • Role strain theory and understanding the role of head clergy of racially diverse churches.
    Edwards, Korie L. (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:1: 57-79.

    Based on 2002-03 participant observation & interviews in a Midwest U.S. interracial congregation.

    Associated Search Terms: Levels of inclusiveness; Role strain; Clergy role; Diversity; Parish; Participant observation; Congregation
  • Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy.
    Gilliat-Ray, Sophie, Mansur Ali, and Stephen Pattison (2013)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    Associated Search Terms: Chaplain; Clergy; Clergy role; Islam
  • Être imam en France. Les transformations du “clergé” musulman en context minoritaire.
    Sèze, Romain (2013)
    Paris: Cerf.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Clergy; Clergy role; France; Change
  • Self-perceived role and function of Christian prison chaplains and Buddhist volunteers in Hong Kong prisons.
    Chui, Wing Hong, and Kevin Kwok-yin Cheng (2013)
    International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 57:2: 154-168.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; Clergy role; Prison chaplain
  • Are Rural Clergy Worse Off? An Examination of Occupational Conditions and Pastoral Experiences in a Sample of United Methodist Clergy.
    Miles, Andrew, and Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell (2012)
    Sociology of Religion 73:1: 23-45.

    Analyzes 2008 survey data from United Methodist clergy in North Carolina; the introduction of statistical controls leaves little difference in stress between urban & rural pastoral work.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Urban/rural; United States, North Carolina; Stress; Clergy role; Clergy; United Methodist, U.S.A.
  • Same Call, Different Men. The Evolution of the Priesthood since Vatican II.
    Gautier, Mary L., Paul M. Perl, and Stephen J. Fichter (2012)
    Collegeville, Minnesota: Liturgical Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Celibacy; Clergy; Catholic, U.S.A.; Job satisfaction; Traditionalism; Sexual abuse
  • Resisting institutionalization: Religious professionals in the emerging church.
    Packard, Josh (2011)
    Sociological Inquiry 81:1: 3-33.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Emerging church; Institutionalization
  • Use of ministers for a serious personal problem among African Americans.
    Chatters, Linda M., Jacqueline S. Mattis, Robert J. Taylor, Amanda T. Woodward, Harold W. Neighbors, and Nyasha N. Grayman (2011)
    American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 81:1: 118-127.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; Clergy role; Counseling
  • Seeking help from clergy among black Caribbeans in the United States.
    Taylor, Robert Joseph, Amanda T. Woodward, Linda M. Chatters, Jacqueline S. Mattis, and James S. Jackson (2011)
    Race and Social Problems 3;4: 241-251.

    Associated Search Terms: Caribbean Americans; Counseling; Clergy role
  • Prophetic at any price? Clergy political behavior and utility maximization.
    Calfano, Brian Robert (2010)
    Social Science Quarterly 91:3: 469-668.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Clergy; Politics; Prophetic role
  • The Sociology of the Clergy.
    Hoge, Dean R. (2009)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 581-596.

    Reviews some of the literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Clergy; Role; Stress
  • The Political Influence of Churches.
    Djupe, Paul A., and Christopher P. Gilbert (2009)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    1998/2004 questionnarie data from clergy, '99 from their congregation members; congregations & small groups affect political beliefs.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Social capital; Abortion; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Social participation; Civic skills; Episcopal; Environmentalism; Politics, U.S.A.; Group; Parish; Homosexuality; Network
  • Role fusion: The occupational socialization of prison chaplains.
    Hicks, Allison M. (2008)
    Symbolic Interaction 31: 400-421.

    Associated Search Terms: Occupation; Role; Prison chaplain; Socialization; Clergy role; Penology
  • Clergy as mental health service providers to older adults.
    Pickard, Joseph G., and Baorong Guo (2008)
    Aging and Menal Health 12:5: 615-624.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Gerontology; Mental health; Social services; Social support
  • Defining work: Gender, professional work, and the case of rural clergy.
    Mellow, Muriel (2007)
    Kingston, Ontario: McGill-Queen's University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Clergy; Clergy role
  • God's Potters: Pastoral Leadership and the Shaping of Congregations.
    Carroll, Jackson W. (2006)
    Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans.

    2001 survey results pertaining to the state of American clergy & their role performance.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Clergy
  • Religious Leadership/Clergy.
    Hoge, Dean R. (2006)
    In Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh (ed.) Handbook of Religion and Social Institutions. New York: Springer, pp. 373-387.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Clergy role; Seminarians
  • Whosoever Will Let Her Come: Social Activism and Gender Inclusivity in the Black Church.
    Barnes, Sandra L. (2006)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45:3: 371-387.

    Analyzes 2000 telephone survey data from members of black churches; activism on behalf of racial justice was not related to favoring female pastors.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; Women; Clergy; Activism; Gender role
  • The Clergy as a Source of Mental Health Assistance: What Americans Believe.
    Ellison, Christopher G., Margaret L. Vaaler, Kevin J. Flannelly, and Andrew J. Weaver (2006)
    Review of Religious Research 48:2: 190-211.

    Analyzes 1996 General Social Survey (U.S.A..) data; regular church attenders, biblical literalists, & older people see clergy as advisors in mental health matters.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Gerontology; Clergy role; Literalism; Mental health; United States
  • Hispanic Catholic Leadership: Key to the Future.
    Davis, Kennth G., Andrew Hernández, and Philip E. Lampe (2006)
    In Edwin I. Hernández, Milgros Peña, Kenneth G. Davis, and Elizabeth Station (eds). Emerging Voice, Urgent Choices. Essays on Latino/a Religious Leadership. Leiden: Brill, pp. 37-64.

    Demographic & attitudinal data from Catholic Latino Americans, about their expectations of religious leaders.

    Associated Search Terms: Latino Americans; Clergy role; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Perché lasciano la vita consacrata. Una indagine empirica.
    Oviedo, Lluis (2004)
    Antonianum 2: 79-100.

    Associated Search Terms: Ex-clergy; Role exit; Catholic
  • Religion in the Lives of African Americans: Social, Psychological, and Health Perspectives.
    Taylor, Robert Joseph, Linda M. Chatters, and Jeffrey Levin (2004)
    Thousand Oaks, California: Sage.

    Synthesis of previous studies, using focus group quotations as illustrations.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Social support; Prayer; Practice; Clergy role; Well-being; African Americans; Medical; Denomination (organizational entity)
  • Rating Rabbinic Roles: A Survey of Conservative Congregational Rabbis and Lay Leaders.
    Cohen, Steven M., Jeffrey S. Cress, and Aryeh Davidson (2003)
    Conservtive Judaism 56: 71-89.

    Associated Search Terms: Role; Clergy; Jewish, Conservative, U.S.A.; Rabbi
  • Gender and Mainline Protestant Pastors' Allocation of Time to Work Tasks.
    Perl, Paul (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:1: 169-178.

    Analyzes 1994 questionnaire data from U.S.A. mainline clergy; women do more counseling but less home & hospital visitation--less because of child care responsibilities.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Clergy role; Women
  • Gender Differences in the Professional Orientations of Protestant Clergy.
    McDuff, Elaine M., and Charles W. Mueller (2002)
    Sociological Forum 17: 465-491.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Professions; Clergy role; Sex
  • Shaping Pacifism: The Role of the Local Anabaptist Pastor.
    Fetzer, Joel S. (2001)
    In Sue E.S. Crawford and Laura R. Olson (eds.) Christian Clergy in American Politics. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 177-187.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Anabaptist; Peace/war
  • The Ministry as an Occupational Labor Market: Intentions to Leave an Employer (Church) vs. Intentions to Leave a Profession (Ministry).
    McDuff, Elaine M., and Charles W. Mueller (2000)
    Work and Occupations 27: 89-116.

    Associated Search Terms: Role exit; Clergy role; Clergy; Occupation
  • Death in Banaras.
    Parry, Jonathan P. (2000)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Priest; Clergy; Clergy role; Death; Hindu, India; India, Banaras
  • Role conflict and British Pentecostal ministers.
    Kay, William K. (2000)
    Journal of Psychology & Theology 28:2: 119-124.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Great Britain; Great Britain; Clergy; Role conflict
  • Specifying Intrusive Demands and Their Outcomes in Congregational Ministry: A Report on the Ministry Demands Inventory.
    Lee, Cameron (1999)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 38:4: 477-489.

    Analyzes survey data from pastors in 5 protestant denominations in the U.S.A..

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Stress
  • Role Ambiguity among Protestant Clergy: Consequences of the Activated Laity.
    Monahan, Suzanne C. (1999)
    Review of Religious Research 41: 79-94.

    Analyzes survey data from Northern California churches; role ambiguity of pastors was reduced by lay involvement in activities.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; United States, California
  • A Time for Every Purpose: Updating and Extending Blizzard's Survey on Clergy Time Allocation.
    Brunette-Hill, Sandi, and Roger Finke (1999)
    Review of Religious Research 41: 48-63.

    Updates Blizzard's study of time use by clergy & extends it to sectarian & Catholic clergy, who resemble one another in time use more than they resemble liberal Protestant clergy.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Clergy role; Typology; Blizzard, Samuel W.
  • A Life of Her Own. Role Change among Clergy Wives.
    Brunette-Hill, Sandi (1999)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 10: 77-90.

    analyzes 1990 questionnaire data from wives of Wisconsin United Church of Christ ministers; shows increases in activities not related to the husbands' congregations.

    Associated Search Terms: Role; United Church of Christ; Clergy spouses; Women
  • Religious Differences between Married and Celibate Clergy: Does Celibacy Make a Difference?
    Swenson, Donald S. (1998)
    Sociology of Religion 59:1: 37-43.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from Canadian clergy; celibacy made no difference in the spiritual lives of the clergy.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Clergy role; Prayer; Canada; Catholic, Canada; Celibacy
  • Correlates of Lay Perceptions of Clergy Ministry Style.
    Lehman, Edward C., Jr. (1997)
    Review of Religious Research 38:3: 211-230.

    Analyzes telephone survey data from "mainline" Protestant clergy & their congregation members; focuses on agreement sin perceptions of ministerial styles.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Ministerial style; Clergy role
  • L'identità del prete fra carisma di funzione e primato della spiritualità.
    Pace, Enzo (1997)
    In Franco Garelli (ed.) Sfide per la chiesa del nuovo secolo. Indagine sul clero in Italia. Bologna: Il Mulino, pp. 273-302.

    Associated Search Terms: Charisma; Italy; Clergy role
  • Do Men and Women Have Different Goals for Ministry? Evidence from Seminarians.
    Finlay, Barbara (1996)
    Sociology of Religion 57;3: 311-318.

    Analyzes 1993 questionnaire data from M.Div. students in a Presbyterian seminary in the U.S. South; found gender differences in preferred pastoral placements.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Clergy role; Seminarians
  • Statut des femmes dans les organisations religieuses: l'exemple d l'accès au pouvoir clérical.
    Haag, Martine (1996)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 41:47-67.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Status; Clergy role
  • Why men and women leave the ministry: Hypotheses from research on clergy and from exiters of other statuses.
    Lummis, Adair T. (1996)
    In Georgie Ann Weatherby and Susan A. Farrell (eds.) The Power of Gender in Religion. New York: McGraw Hll, pp. 119-138.

    Associated Search Terms: Ex-clergy; Comparative; Role exit; Gender
  • L'Accès des femmes au pastorat et la sécularisation du rôle du clerc dans le protestantisme.
    Willaime, Jean-Paul (1996)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 41/95: 29-45.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Clergy role; Protestant, France; Secularization
  • In the Same Voice or Is it Different?: Gender and the Clergy.
    Simon, Rita, and Pamela S. Nadell (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:1: 63-70.

    Reports observations of male clergy about the role performance of female clergy; they see no differences by gender, though the female clergy do.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy role; Gender; Women
  • Les Ministères Catholiques au Québec. Une Affair de Clercs?
    Turcotte, Paul-André (1995)
    In René Luneau and Patrick Michel (eds.) Tous les chemins ne mènent plus à Rome. Les mutations actuelles du catholicisme. Paris: Albin Michel, pp. 59-86.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Canada; Clergy; Clergy role; Canada, Quebec
  • Changes in Satisfaction and Institutional Attitudes of Catholic Priests, 1970-1993.
    Hoge, Dean R., Joseph J. Shields, and Douglas L. Griffin (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:2: 195-213.

    Analyzes 1970, '85, & '93 survey data from U.S. Catholic priests.

    Associated Search Terms: Job satisfaction; Clergy; Catholic, U.S.A.; Clergy role
  • First and Second-career Clergy: Influences of Age and Gender on the Career-stage Paradigm.
    Nesbitt, Paula D. (1995)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 34:2: 152-171.

    Analyzes data on Episcopal & Unitarian clergy ordained 1920-90; early ordination age was more important in men's than women's careers.

    Associated Search Terms: Unitarian; Unitarian, U.S.A.; Clergy role; Age; Episcopal; Women
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