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  • Our Lady of Royal Oak: The Natural History of an Expressive Crowd.
    Duggan, Thomas J. (1990)
    Sociological Analysis 51:1: 83-89.

    Based on 1984 observations of a non-denominational social phenomenon near Detroit, Michigan.

    Associated Search Terms: Marian; Visions; Collective behavior; United States, Michigan, Royal Oak
  • Crowd Joys.
    Lofland, John (1982)
    Urban Life 10:4: 355-381.

    Considers joyful collective behavior, both sacred & profane; among the former are ecstatic upheavals, conventions & congregations, euphoric moods, & revivalist & reverent congregations.

    Associated Search Terms: Collective behavior; Experience; Crowd
  • The Jesus Movement: An Assessment.
    Richardson, James T. (1974)
    Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture 9:3: 20-42.

    Interpretation using Smelser's model of collective behavior; describes a commune.

    Associated Search Terms: Jesus movement; Commune; Collective behavior; Social movement
  • A Voice from the Thirteenth Century: The Characteristics and Conditions for the Emergence of a Ouija Board Cult.
    Quarantelli, Enrico L., and Dennis Wenger (1973)
    Urban Life and Culture 1:4: 379-400.

    Observation of a local Ouija board cult on a university campus; borrows concepts from the collective behavior literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Cult; Occult; Collective behavior
  • Causes and Consequences of the Jesus Movement in America.
    Richardson, James T. (1973)
    social Studies. Irish Journal of Sociology 2:5: 457-473.

    Applies Smelser's collective behavior model: structural conduciveness, structural strain, spread of a generalized belief, precipitating factors, & mobilization of participants for action.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Jesus movement; Collective behavior
  • Humanism in Britain: The Formation of a Secular Value-Oriented Movement.
    Campbell, Colin B. (1969)
    In David Martin (ed.), A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain 2. London: SCM, pp. 157-172.

    Assessment of the British Humanist Movement in light of Smelser's general theory of collective behavior.

    Associated Search Terms: Collective behavior; Smelser, Neil J.; Humanist, Great Britain; Atheist, Great Britain; Great Britain
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