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  • The Missionary, the Catechist and the Hunter: Foucault, Protestantism and Colonialism.
    Peterson, Christina (2014)
    Boston: Brill Academic.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Greenland; Native peoples, North America; Missions, Greenland; Foucault, Michel
  • Accepting the post-colonial challenge: Theorizing a Khaldunian approach to the Marian apparition at Medjugorje.
    Spickard, James V. (2013)
    Critical Research on Religion 1:2: 158-176.

    Associated Search Terms: Khaldun, Ibn; Post-colonial; Marian
  • Christianisation et économie. Le travail à la mission des dehoniens dans l'Ouest Cameroun.
    Tsopmbeng, François Étienne (2011)
    Social Compass 58:1: 12-26.

    As employers, the missionaries treated their workers better than did the colonial administrations.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Cameroon; Economic; Missions; Orders/congregations; Sacré-Coeur de Jésus (Dahoniens); Cameroon; Colonialism; Compromise; Conflict
  • 'Islam as a problem': Dutch Religious Politics in the East Indies.
    Jung, Dietrich (2010)
    Review of Religious Research 51:3:288-301.

    The pioneer of Islamic sudies, C.S. Hurgronje, influenced Dutch colonial policy in the East Indies, which were predicated on the assumption that modernity would lead to rejecting Islam.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Islam, Indonesia; Netherlands; Colonialism; Indonesia
  • Pious Colonialism. Assessing a Church Paradigm for Chicano Identity.
    Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. (2008)
    In Gastón Espinosa and Mario T. García (eds.) Mexican American Religions. Spirituality, Activism, and Culture. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, pp. 57-82.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Historical; Latino Americans; Transculturation
  • Christian Moderns: Freedom and Fetish in the Mission Encounter.
    Keane, Webb (2007)
    Berkeley: Universty of California Press

    Associated Search Terms: Modernization; Colonialism; Missions; Indonesia
  • "Religion" under imperial duress? Post-colonial reflections and proposals.
    Maduro, Otto (2004)
    Review of Religious Research 45:3: 221-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-colonial; Latino
  • The Shadow of Empire: Christian Missions, Colonial Policy, and Democracy in Postcolonial Societies.
    Woodberry, Robert D. (2004)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of North Carolina.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Democracy; Politics; State
  • Fashoning a post-colonial sociology of religion./Conformando una sociología de la religión postcolonial, translated by Roberto Blancarte.
    Spickard, James V. (2000)
    Tidsskrift for Kirke, Religion og Samfunn 13:2: 113-127/Religiones y Sociedad 9 (2000): 123-140.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-colonial
  • Journeys to the Spiritual Lands. The Natural History of West Indian Religion.
    Zane, Wallace W. (1999)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Ethnography of the Converted religion (also called Spiritual Baptist) of the island nation of St. Vincent; interprets it as a response to the past experience of colonialism.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Spiritual Baptist, St. Vincent; St. Vincent; Converted
  • Imagining Human Liberation: Vietnamese Buddhists and the Marxist Critique of Religion, 1920-1939.
    McHale, Shawn (1995)
    Social Compass 329-344.

    Traces changes of Vietnamese Buddhism from popular religion to quietism & then to politicized religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Politics, Vietnam; Marxism; Vietnam; Buddhist, Vietnam; Change
  • 1492-1992: Cristianesimo e dominazione nelle Americhe.
    Houtart, François (1993)
    Religioni e società 8/15: 51-70.

    Overview of the Catholic presence in Latin America; notes the early desire to incorporate the native peoples into a European system, & a more recent solidarity with the poor that is threatened by a 1980s acceptance of capitalist development models.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Latin America; Justice; Colonialism; Latin America
  • Some neglected aspects of the conversin of Goa: A socio-historical perspective.
    Robinson, Rowena (1993)
    Sociological Bulletin 42:1/2: 65-83. [In Rowena Robinson (ed.) Sociology of Religion in India. New Delhi: Sage, 2004, pp. 177-198]

    The Portuguese induced mass conversions by closing down Hindu temples & ritual; local elites allied with the conquerors & became Catholic so they could restore the religion-centered social & economic dominance they once had. People who ate with Christians lost standing & had to convert to fit into a new social context.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Goa; Missions, India; Conversion; Colonialism; Catholic, India
  • The Church and the Quest for African Modernization.
    Yirenkyi, Kwasi (1992)
    In William H. Swatos, Jr. (ed.) Twentieth-Century World Religious Movements in Neo-Weberian Perspective. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 143-158.

    Maintains that Christianity helped modernize Ghana, & Africa generally, in only limited respects, & helped make it dependent.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Ghana; Missions
  • Issues of Christianity in colonial Chhattisgarh
    Dube, Saurabh (1992)
    Sociological Bulletin 41:1/2: 97-117. [In Rowena Robinson (ed.) Sociology of Religion in India. New Delhi: Sage, 2004, pp. 231-255]

    Historical characterization of missionary accounts, based on reports written by local Indian catechists.

    Associated Search Terms: Missions, India; Protestant, India; India, Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh; Caste; Colonialism
  • Christianity and colonialism in South Africa.
    Comaroff, Jean, and John Comaroff (1986)
    American Ethnologist 13:1: 1-22.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, South Africa; Colonialism; South Africa
  • Revival and Rebellion in Colonial Central Africa.
    Fields, Karen E. (1985)
    Princeton: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Africa; Colonialism; Revolution; Missions; Africa
  • Christian Missionaries as Anticolonial Militants.
    Fields, Karen E. (1982)
    Theory and Society 11:1: 95-108.

    Historical sociological inquiry into Malawi (Nyasaland) & Zambia (Northern Rhodesia).

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Zambia; Zambia; Malawi; Christian, Malawi; Missions; Colonialism
  • L'Implantation Portugaise au Kerala et ses Effets sur l'Organisation Sociale et Religieuse des Syriens et sur le Système des Castes.
    Houtart, François (1981)
    Social Compass 29:2/3: 201-235.

    Reviews the Portuguese attempt to impose the Latin rite, & of the Syrian-Indians' religious regrouping in non-caste structures that resemble castes.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Kerala; Colonialism; Saint Thomas Christian (India); Syrian Indians; Catholic, India; Caste
  • Religión de esclavos y la creación de un compesinado libre en el Valle de Cauca, Colombia.
    Taussig, Michael (1979)
    Estudios rurales latinoamericanos 2:3: 362-399.

    Historical examination from the colonial into the modern period.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Historical; African Colombians; Slavery; Colombia, Cauca region; Popular religion
  • Islam, Réformisme et Nationalisme dans la Résistance à la Colonisation Française en Algérie (1830-1930).
    Faouzi, Adel (1978)
    Social Compass 25:3/4: 419-432.

    Argues that the French co-opted the religious leaders, separating them from the common people. Religion obscured class consciousness not only by legitimating the colonial government but also later the nationalist movement.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Nationalism; Colonialism; Islam, Algeria
  • Revival and Rebellion in Colonial Central Africa: Social and Political Consequences of Missionary Enterprise.
    Fields, Karen E. (1977)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Brandeis University. [DA 37:12 A, p. 7972]

    Colonial regimes in Malawi & Zambia could not distinguish religious & political activity; they ruled indirectly through indigenous structures.

    Associated Search Terms: Missions; Colonialism; Christian, Zambia; Zambia; Christian, Malawi; Malawi
  • A New Look at Sect Development.
    Redekop, Calvin (1974)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 13:3: 345-352.

    What sects eventually become depends not only on initial characteristics but also on interactions with their environments. The histories of the Old Colony Mennonites & the Mormons are illustrative.

    Associated Search Terms: Sect; Mennonite, Old Colony; Mormon
  • Colonisation Portugaise et Discours Religieux. Analyse Sociologique du Contenu des Discours Produits par les Principaux Acteurs Religieux et Politiques dans le Champ Colonial Portugais (1946-1973).
    Legrand, Michel (1974)
    Louvain: Centre de Recherches Socio-Religieuses.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Sociolinguistics; Portugal; Colonialism
  • Incidencias políticas en la cuestión del clero indígena en Filipinas.
    Olaechea Labayen, Juan B. (1972)
    Revista internacional de sociología 30:1/2: 153-186.

    Focuses on the Spanish colonial era.

    Associated Search Terms: Philippines; Historical; Politics, Philippines; Catholic, Philippines; Clergy; Colonialism
  • The Old Colony Mennonites: Dilemmas of Ethnic Minority Life.
    Redekop, Calvin (1969)
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Sect; Mennonite, Old Colony, North America; United States
  • Toward an Understanding of Religion and Social Solidarity.
    Redekop, Calvin (1967)
    Sociological Analysis 28:3: 149-161.

    Develops a definition of social integration in order to ascertain the integrative function of religion; applies the approach to the Old Colony Mennonites.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Old Colony, North America; Integration (social)
  • Le sacré et le profane dans la destruction coloniale et la construction nationale.
    Tiryakian, Edward A. (1967)
    Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie 2/3: 389-402.

    Decolonization involves desacralizing the colonial system; separatist churches, messian movements & charismatic leaders help do this. Notes African parallels to the Puritan ethic.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Schism; Charisma; Messian; State; Africa
  • Buddhism and British Colonial Policy in Ceylon, 1815-1875.
    Evers, Hans-Dieter (1964)
    Asian Studies 2:3: 223-233.

    Associated Search Terms: Colonialism; Sri Lanka; Buddhist, Sri Lanka
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