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  • Social support and the religious dimensions of close ties.
    Merino, Stephen M. (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 595-612.

    Analyzes 2006 U.S.A. Portraits of America Life Study interview data. Same-faith ties are more likely to be sources of help & advicen, especially for Evangelicals & African American Protestants.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Network; Social support
  • Rejecting evolution: The role of religion, education, and social networks.
    Hill, Jonathan P. (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 575-594.

    Analyzes 2002-08 telephone interview data from 2002-03 U.S.A. teens, with follow-ups. Religiosity in denominations that reject evolution, especially when networks consist of fellow members in them, predicts the rejection of evolution more than does, inversely, educational attainment.

    Associated Search Terms: Panel study; Communality; Denomination (organizational entity); Education; Evolution; Network; Religiosity
  • Diversity, Integration, and Social Ties: Attraction versus Repulsion as Drivers of Intra- and Intergroup Relations.
    Skvoretz, John (2013)
    American Journal of Sociology 119:2: 486-517.

    The relevant section of the study includes religious identity in European nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Diversity; Pluralism; Cohabitation; Europe; Dating
  • Image of God and community volunteering among rleigious adherents in the United States.
    Mencken, F. Carson, and Brittany Fitz (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:3:491-508.

    Analyzes 2005 Baylor Religion Survey data (U.S.A.). A judgmental image of God is inversely related to volunteering in activities not connected to one's own church, net of the effects of volunteering in connection with one's own congregation.

    Associated Search Terms: Volunteering; Congregation; God, image of; United States; Communality; Network
  • Diversity and competition: Politics and conflict in new immigrant communities.
    Huang, Weishan (2013)
    In Richard Cimino, Nadia A. Mian, and Weishan Huang (eds.) Ecologies of Faith in New York City. The Evolution of Religious Institutions. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp. 105-119.

    Focuses on Chinese communities in Flushing.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; United States, New York, New York; Chinese Americans; Conflict; Communality; Falun Gong, U.S.A.
  • Social Resources and Influence in Religious Networks: Consequences for Social Support, Volunteering, and Intergroup Contact.
    Merino, Stephen M. (2012)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Pennsylvania State University.

    Associated Search Terms: Network; Social support; United States; Volunteering; Communality
  • A Friend in Creed: Does the Religious Composition of Geographic Areas Affect the Religious Composition of a Person's Close Friends?
    Olson, Daniel V.A., and Paul Perl (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:3: 483-502.

    Based on 1988 & '98 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data & 1990 & 2000 Religious Congregations and Membership in the United States (Glenmary) data. Geographical areas' proportion of populations in one's own denomination is the chief determinant of having friends in one's own denomination.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; United States; Ecology
  • Religion and Gambling among U.S. Adults: Exploring the Role of Tradition, Beliefs, Practices, and Networks.
    Ellison, Christopher G., and Michael J. McFarland (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:1: 82-102.

    Analyzes 2006 U.S.A. survey data; rates of gambling vary by religious tradition, especially among thsoe with co-religionist associates.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Communality; Gambling
  • A Note on the Frequency and Sources of Close Interreligious Ties.
    Scheitle, Christopher P., and Buster G. Smith (2010)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:2: 410-421.

    Analyzes 2004 General Social Sruvey (U.S.A.) data; there are many interreligious ties, but intrareligious ones are disproportionately present.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Network; Pluralism; United States
  • Immigration and the Transformation of American Jews. Assimilation, Distinctiveness, and Community.
    Goldscheider, Calvin (2009)
    In Richard Alba, Albert J. Raboteau, and Josh DeWind (eds.) Immigration and Religion in America. Comparative and Historical Perspectives. New York: New York University Press, pp. 198-223.

    Communal institutions, & familial & social networks with Jewish value themes sustain communal continuity.

    Associated Search Terms: Network; Communal; Marriage; Jewish, U.S.A.; Family
  • What Americans Really Believe.
    Stark, Rodney, et al. (2008)
    Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press.

    Based on the 2006 Baylor Survey on Religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Assemblies of God, U.S.A.; Proselytizing; United States; Belief; Denomination (organizational entity); Atheist, U.S.A.; Strictness; Catholic, U.S.A.; Megachurch; Mormon, U.S.A.; Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee); Pentecostal, U.S.A.; Experience; Church of God in Christ, U.S.A.; United Methodist, U.S.A.; Communality; Contributions; Women; Nazarene, U.S.A.; State; Unitarian Universalist; Seventh-day Adventist, U.S.A.; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Disciples of Christ; Practice; Politics, U.S.A.; New age; United Church of Christ; Membership; Social capital; Education; Media; Episcopal; Southern Baptist; Jehovah´s Witness, U.S.A.; Foursquare Gospel; Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Singing the Lord's song in a foreign land: Spirituality, communality, and identity in a Ghanaian immigrant church.
    Biney, Moses O. (2007)
    In Jacob K. Olupona and Regina Gemignani (eds.) African Immigrant Religions in America. New York: New York University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Ghanaian Americans; Migrant; Communality
  • Dimensions of Individual Religiosity and Charity: Cross-national Effect Differences in European Countries?
    Reitsma, Jan, Peer Scheepers, and Manfred te Grotenhuis (2006)
    Review of Religious Research 47:4: 347-362.

    Analyzes 1998-99 cross-national European survey data; attendance, belief, & consequential dimension beliefs as well as religiosity of one's friends & spouse correlate with contributions to poor nations; communality correlated inversely with them.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Communality; Family; Network; Contributions; Practice; Dimensions of religiosity; Belief
  • Local Communal Religion in Contemporary South-east China.
    Dean, Kenneth (2003)
    China Today (2003) 338-358.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Communal
  • A nameless but active religion: An anthroologist's view of local religion in Hong Kong and Macau.
    Liu, Tik-sang (2003)
    China Quarterly 174: 373-394.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hong Kong; China, Macau; Communal
  • Konfession, Religion und soziale Netzwerke. Zur Bedeutung christlicher Religiosität in personalen Beziehungen.
    Kecskes, Robert, and Christof Wolf (1996)
    Opladen: Leske + Budrich.

    Analyzes 1992 interview data from a Cologne sector.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Germany; Communality; Mobility (geographical); Education; Dimensions of religiosity; Catholic, Germany; Germany, Cologne; Age; Network; Atheist, Germany
  • Patterns of Religious Socialization: Communalism, Associationalism and the Politics of Lifestyle.
    Jelen, Ted G., and Marthe A. Chandler (1996)
    Review of Religious Research 38;2: 142-158.

    Analyzes 1988 general Social Survey (U.S.A..) data from Christians; associational religion predicts social conservatism in politics, even among members of liberal Protestant denominations.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Catholic, U.S.A.; Liberal Protestant, U.S.A..; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Liberal, U.S.A.; United States; Associational/communal; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Explaining Jewish Liberalism in the United States: An Exploration of Socioeconomic, Religious, and Communal Living Variables.
    Legge, Jerome S., Jr. (1995)
    Social Science Quarterly 76:1: 124-141.

    Analyzes 1990 National (U.S.) Jewish Population Survey data; religious involvement independently contributes toward political liberalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; Conservative/liberal; Jewish, U.S.A.; Communality
  • La déesse et le saint--Acculturation et "communalisme" hindou-mussulman dans un lieu de culte du sud de l'Inde (Karnataka).
    Assayag, Jackie (1992)
    Annales 1992: 4/5: 789-813.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Karnataka; Acculturation; Islam, India; Communality; Hindu, India
  • Modern Jews and the Persistence of Religion.
    Heilman, Samuel C. (1991)
    In David G. Bromley (ed.), Religion and the Social Order: Volume I. New Developments in Theory and Research. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 129-147.

    Religion persists among diaspora Jews through communal life & ethnic identity, traditionalism & insularity, & a sense of the limits of rationality.

    Associated Search Terms: Rationality; Ethnic; Civil religion; Jewish; Identity; Communality; Traditionalism
  • Cosmopolitans & Parochials. Modern Orthodox Jews in America.
    Heilman, Samuel C., and Steven M. Cohen (1989)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Analyzes 1979-80 questionnaire data from member & mailing lists of largely Orthodox Jews in the U.S.A..: ritual practices, faith, religiosity, insularity, & social attitudes cross-tabulated with nominal, centrist, & traditionalist categories.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Jewish, Orthodox, U.S.A.; Communality; Ritual
  • The Social Bases of Religion: A Study of Factors Influencing Religious Belief and Commitment.
    Cornwall, Marie (1987)
    Review of Religious Research 29;1: 44-56.

    Religious socialization not only provides a world view, but it channels individuals into personal communities that sustain a particular world view through adulthood.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Socialization; Mormon, U.S.A.
  • Personal Communities: The Social and Normative Bases of Religion.
    Cornwall, Marie (1985)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Minnesota. [DA 46:7 A, p. 2078]

    Analyzes questionnaire data from American Mormons; shows effects of socialization, networks, social demographics, & belief on behavioral religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon, U.S.A.; Religiosity; Communality; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Network; Socialization
  • The Nature and Sources of Religious Involvement.
    Roberts, Michael K., and James D. Davidson (1984)
    Review of Religious Research 25:4: 334-350.

    Analyzes 1968 questionnaire data from 2 Methodist & 2 Baptist churches in the South Bend, Indiana, area; identifies religious & non-religious predictors of involvement.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Belief; Practice; United States, Indiana, South Bend
  • Changes in Religious Communalism Desired by Protestants and Catholics.
    McRae, James A. (1983)
    Social Forces 61:3: 709-730.

    Analyzes 1958 & '71 Detroit area Study data; shows an increased preference by Protestants & Catholics for religious exogamy & for friends of different religions.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, U.S.A.; Social distance; United States, Michigan, Detroit; Catholic, U.S.A.; Communality
  • Determinants of Commitment and Participation in Suburban Protestant Churches.
    Hoge, Dean R., and Jackson W. Carroll (1978)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 17:2: 107-127.

    Analyzes merged questionnaire data from members of 2 United Methodist & 2 Presbyterian churches in Philadelphia & Atlanta areas; localism & status group theory provided the best predictor models while deprivation theory was not supported.

    Associated Search Terms: Participation; Belief; Status group; Localism; Communality; Socialization; Practice; Contributions; Deprivation
  • Religious Commitment and Social Involvement in Selected Franciscan Parishes.
    Rigali, Lucius J. (1974)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Boston University. [DA 35:3 A, p. 1748]

    Analyzes questionnaire data from 4 parishes in different parts of the U.S.; Examines communal vs. associational participation, orthodoxy, devotionalism, class, age, & attitudes toward involvement in social change activities.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Age; Stratification; Catholic, U.S.A.; Devotionalism; Franciscan; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Parish; Associational/communal
  • Sozio-kulturelle Determinanten religiöser Orientierungen.
    Singer, Gerwulf (1972)
    In Jakobus Wössner (ed.) Religion im Umbruch. Soziologische Beiträge zur Situation von Religion und Kirche in der gegenwärtigen Gesellschaft. Stuttgart: Ferdinand Enke, pp. 171-199.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany, West; Jewish, Germany; Stratification; Protestant, Germany; Communality; Catholic, Germany
  • Communal and Associational Churches.
    Nelson, Geoffrey K. (1971)
    Review of Religious Research 12: 102-110.

    Bases a typology of churches on the distinction between community & association, & applies it to an Anglican parish in Birmingham, England.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Birmingham; Associational; Typology; Church of England; Associational/communal; Communal
  • Communality as a Dimension of Ecumenical Negaivism.
    Hiller, Harry H. (1971)
    Review of Religious Research 12:2: 111-114.

    Uses the non-merger of the Baptist General Conference & the North American Baptist General Conference to show that ecumenism is resisted when it disrupts social relationships.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Ecumenism; North American Baptist General Conference; Baptist General Conference
  • Denominational Differences in White Protestant Communality.
    Anderson, Charles H. (1969)
    Review of Religious Research 11:1: 66-72.

    Analysis of survey data from 2 American cities--1 largely protestant & 1 largely Catholic; conservative protestant denominations have higher communality scores.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Conservative, U.S.A.; Communality; Protestant, U.S.A.
  • Religious Communality and Party Preference.
    Anderson, Charles H. (1969)
    Sociological Analysis 30:1: 32-41.

    Analysis of questionnaire data from 3 American cities--1 mostly Protestant, 1 mostly Catholic, 1 mostly Mormon; communality was related to political preferences for Mormons & Protestants (Republican) but not Catholics (Democratic).

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Communality; Politics, U.S.A.; Mormon, U.S.A.
  • The Social Structure of Religious and Ethnoreligious Groups in a Metropolitan Community.
    Laumann, Edward O. (1969)
    American Sociological Review 34:2: 182-197.

    Analyzes 1966 interview data from Detroit area native-born white men aged 21-64; focuses on communality among religious-ethnic groupings.

    Associated Search Terms: Churches of Christ, U.S.A.; Congregational, U.S.A.; Episcopal; Jewish, U.S.A.; Lutheran, U.S.A.; Orthodox, eastern, U.S.A.; Presbyterian, U.S.A.; Ethnic; Communality; United States, Michigan, Detroit; Stratification; Urban; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Religious Communality Among Academics.
    Anderson, Charles H. (1968)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 7: 87-96.

    Data from 2 unnamed communities show academics less religiously communal than others, i.e. more likely to have friends & associates from outside their own religious grouping.

    Associated Search Terms: Professor; Communality
  • Religious Denominations as Reference Groups among a College Population.
    Brooks, Mary Louise (1968)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 7:1: 108.

    Survey of wives of full-time students at the University of Florida.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Communality
  • Church Affiliation and Denominational Values.
    Rodd, Cyril S. (1968)
    Sociology 2:1: 79-90.

    Compares attitudes of Methodists, Anglicans, Catholics, & non-adherents, about alcohol, gambling, & divorce; shows communality correlated with rigorist views.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Great Britain; Catholic, Great Britain; Church of England; Alcohol; Gambling; Divorce; Communality; Methodist, Great Britain
  • Religious Communality Among White Protestants, Catholics and Mormons.
    Anderson, Charles H. (1968)
    Social Forces 46:4: 501-508.

    Questionnaire data from males in 3 American cities--1 heavily Protestant, 1 heavily Catholic, 1 heavily Mormon; religious preference was important in the selection of primary group constituencies.

    Associated Search Terms: Communality; Mormon, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Protestant, U.S.A.
  • American Piety: The Nature of Religious Commitment.
    Stark, Rodney, and Charles Y. Glock (1968)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Analyzes 1963 questionnaire data from churched Christians in the San Francisco Bay Area, & 1964 survey data from adult Americans.

    Associated Search Terms: Devotionalism; Belief; Contributions; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Communality; Southern Baptist; Catholic, U.S.A.; Lutheran, Missouri Synod; Practice
  • From Religious Community to Occupational Group: Structural Assimilation among Professors, Lawyers and Engineers.
    Wilensky, Harold L., and Jack Ladinsky (1967)
    American Sociological Review 32: 541-561.

    Analyzes 1960 interview data from lawyers, professors, & engineers; concludes that work overcomes religion by assimilating minorities, & that social ties tend to follow religious lines, though religion & workplace are independent of each other.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Professor; Engineers; Communality; Attorneys; Assimilation
  • Social Class in American Protestantism.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III (1965)
    Chicago: Rand McNally.

    Analyzes 1957 survey data from a non-South U.S.A. sample of 5 denominations; Charles Y. Glock's dimensions of religiosity are formed into a sect/church continuum & related to class.

    Associated Search Terms: Dimensions of religiosity; Communality; Lutheran, U.S.A.; Disciples of Christ; United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.; American Baptist; Status discrepancy; Typology; Stratification; Congregational, U.S.A.; Status consistency
  • The Religious Factor. A Sociologist's Inquiry.
    Lenski, Gerhard (1961)
    Garden City, New York: Doubleday.

    Analyzes 1958 interview data from the Detroit area.

    Associated Search Terms: Associational; Stratification; United States, Michigan, Detroit; Protestant Ethic; Devotionalism; Marriage; Social participation; Economic; Communality; Catholic, U.S.A.; Associational/communal; Protestant, U.S.A.
  • Organização social de uma congregação protestante no estado da Guanabara, Brasil.
    Saunders, John V.D. (1960)
    Sociologia (São Paulo) 22:4: 415-450; 23:1: 37-66.

    Presents basic data on a congregation, & describes its value system, sanctioned group activities, social isolation, cultural homogeneity, solidarity, & non-sanctioned religious concerns.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Communality; Parish; Brazil, Guanabara, Monte Alegre; Methodist, Brazil
  • The Consequences of Sectarianism for Social Participation.
    Dynes, Russell R. (1957)
    Social Forces 35: 331-334.

    Those preferring sect-like religion are more likely to have close friends in their congregation than those preferring church-like; they are also likely to be lower class.

    Associated Search Terms: Social participation; Stratification; Communality; Typology
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