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  • Secular Conversions: Political Intitutions and Religious Education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000.
    Mayrl, Damon (2016)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Comparative; Education; State; United States
  • Studying digital Hinduism.
    Scheifinger, Heinz (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 71-81.

    Argues for a comparison of in situ prayers & internet prayers, & using both traditional ethnography & online methods.

    Associated Search Terms: Prayer; Internet; Hindu; Globalization; Ethics; Comparative; Methods; Rational choice theory; Methodology
  • Teaching and learning to be religious: Pedagogies of conversion to Islam and Christianity.
    Galonnier, Juliette, and Diego de los Rios (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:1: 59-81.

    Based on 2013-14 participant observation in a Muslim class for converts in a Midwest U.S. city & an Evangelical one mostly for Latinos in south Florida. Finds similarities in pedagogy despite differences in doctrinal & practiced content.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Participant observation; Islam, U.S.A.; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Conversion; Comparative
  • Why worry about evolution? Boundries, practices, and moral salience in Sunni and Evangelical high schools.
    Guhim, Jeffrey (2016)
    Sociological Theory 34:2: 151-174.

    Based on participant observation in 2 Sunni & 2 Evangelical schools in New York City. Evolution is a greater problem for Evangelicals because of their literal interpretation of scripture.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; United States, New York, New York; Participant observation; Moral; Islam, U.S.A.; Education; Comparative; Literalism
  • Explaining cross-national variation in the effect of higher education on religiosty.
    Schwadel, Philip (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 402-418.

    Analyzes 2008 International Social Survey programme data. National contexts moderate the negative effect of education on religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Ecology; Comparative; Education
  • Legal pluralism and the Shari'a: A comparison of Greece and Turkey.
    Turner, Bryan S., and Berna Zengin Arslan (2015)
    In Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Shari'a: Case Studies from around the World, pp. 219-236.

    Associated Search Terms: Law; Greece; Comparative; Islam, Turkey; Turkey; Islam, Greece; Sharia
  • Perceptions of science education among African American and white Evangelicals: A Texas case study.
    Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth, Esther Chan, and Elaine Howard Ecklund (2015)
    Review of Religious Research 57:1: 131-148.

    Based on interviews & participant observation at a largely white upscale megachurch & at a middle class African American Baptist congregation in a Texas city. The white church's leaders & members viewed science education in terms of their theological opposition to evolution; the African American counterparts saw it in secular terms, underfunded.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Education; Southern Baptist; Participant observation; Parish; Megachurch; Evolution; Congregation; African Americans; Comparative
  • Religious pluralism in the United States and Britain: Its implications for Muslims and nationhood.
    Meer, Nasar, and Tariq Modood (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 526-540.

    The U.K. is assimilating Muslims as successfully as the U.S.A., even though it has an established Christian church.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, U.S.A.; Great Britain; Pluralism; United States; Comparative; Assimilation; Identity, national; Islam, Great Britain
  • The racialization of Muslims in France and the United States: Some insights from white converts to Islam.
    Galonnier, Juliette (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 570-583.

    Based on interviews & participant observation with white converts to Islam in France & U.S.A. The converts were perceived to be of a different race from that of their origin. The American converts were seen as race traitors & the French converts as adopting a lower status.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; United States; Racialization; Islam, U.S.A.; Mobility (vertical); Comparative; Islam, France; Convert; France
  • Perception of Shari'a in Sydney and New York newspapers.
    Possamai, Adam, Bryan S. Turner, Joshua Roose, Selda Dagistanli, and Malcolm Voyce (2015)
    In Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Shari'a: Case Studies from around the World, pp. 253-268.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, New York, New York; Media; Sharia; Comparative; Australia, Sydney
  • Biblical Literalism and Sexual Morality in Comparative Perspective: Testing the Transposability of a Conservative Religious Schema.
    Ogland, Curtis P., and John P. Bartkowski (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:1: 3-24.

    Analyzes 2007-10 interview and telephone interview data from 15 nations. Literalism predicts traditionalist views about sexuality in most of the nations, especially where permissive views are predominant.

    Associated Search Terms: Literalism; Moral; Comparative; Sexual attitudes
  • Immigrant Faith: Patterns of Immigrant Religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.
    Connor, Phillip (2014)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Canada; Migrant; United States; Europe, western
  • Immigrant acculturation and transnationalism: Israelis in the United States and Europe compared.
    Rebhun, Uzi (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 613-635.

    Analyzes 2009-10 web-page survey data from Israeli emigrants. Integration into a new society enhances religio-ethnic identity, & in the U.S.A. religious practice.

    Associated Search Terms: Israeli Europeans; Assimilation; Comparative; Identity; Migrant; Ethnic; Israeli Americans
  • Religious public discourses and institutional structures: A cross-national analysis of Catholicism in Chile, Ireland, and Nigeria.
    Conway, Brian (2014)
    Sociological Perspectives 57:2: 149-166.

    Analyzes pastoral statements of Catholic episcopal conferences.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Content analysis; Comparative; Catholic, Nigeria; Catholic, Chile; Catholic, Ireland
  • Being recognizable in order to overcome the crisis: The ambivalence of Islamic actors' struggle for visibility in France and Switzerland.
    Monnot, Christophe, and Alexandre Piettre (2014)
    In Gladys Ganiel, Heidemarie Winkel, and Christophe Monnot (eds.) Religion in Times of Crisis. Leiden: Brill, pp. 153-171.

    In France & Switzerland there was a tension between being visible in order to press for Muslims' rights & being visibly distinct to maintain cultural coherence in the Muslim minority. Based on participant observation in public forums in both nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Participant observation; Assimilation; Comparative; France; Islam, France; Islam, Switzerland
  • The Religiosity of Children of Immigrants and Natives in England, Germany, and the Netherlands: The Role of Parents and Peers in Class.
    DeHoon, Sean, and Frank Van Tubergen (2014)
    European Sociological Review 30:2: 194-206.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Netherlands; Migrant; Socialization; Religiosity; Family; Germany; Great Britain, England; Children
  • Religiosity and politics in Spain and Poland: A period effect analysis.
    Requena, Miguel, and Mikolaj Stanek (2014)
    Social Compass 61:3: 348-367.

    The Catholic Church legitimated authoritarian rule in Spain & opposed it in Poland. After the fall of Franco in Spain & Communism in Poland, both nations experienced secularization, but moreso in Spain.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Poland; Politics, Poland; Politics, Spain; Secularization; Spain; Catholic, Spain; Poland; Comparative
  • Compassionate conservatives? Evangelicals, economic conservatism, and national identity.
    Bean, Lydia (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:1: 164-186.

    Based on participant observation in 4 Evangelical congregations (Baptist & Pentecostal) in the U.S.A. & Canada. American Evangelicals' conservative economic views are anchored in an exclusive cultural membership in the nation while Canadian Evangelicals' economic views are not.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Comparative; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Canada; United States; Evangelical, Canada
  • Religion, homosexuality, and contested social orders in the Netherlands, the western Balkans, and Sweden.
    Berg, Mariecke van der, David J. Bos, Marco Derks, R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Miloš Jovanovi?, Anne-Marie Korte, and Srdjan Sremac (2014)
    In Gladys Ganiel, Heidemarie Winkel, and Christophe Monnot (eds.) Religion in Times of Crisis. Leiden: Brill, pp. 116-134.

    Religion is the "other" in the Netherlands, LGBT is the "other" in the western Balkans. In Sweden, an Evangelical pastor who tested a hate speech law was supported generally in the exercise of his free speech but much vilified for his views. Stances toward religion & homosexuality serve as national identity markers.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Serbia; Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Sweden; Montenegro; Islam, Bosnia; Identity, national; Homosexuality; Croatia; Comparative; Netherlands; Bosnia; Catholic, Croatia
  • Religious institutions and sexual scandals: A comparative study of Catholicism in Ireland, South Africa, and the United States.
    Conway, Brian (2014)
    International Journal of Comparative Sociology 55:4: 318-341.

    Associated Search Terms: Ireland; Comparative; South Africa; Catholic, Ireland; Catholic, South Africa; Sexual abuse; United States; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Native Evangelism in Central Mexico.
    Nutini, Hugo G., and Jean F. Nutini (2014)
    Austin: University of Texas Press

    Based on 1996-2006 field work in the Córdoba-Orizaba region & the Tlaxcala-Pueblan Valley. 2 independent Evangelical sects differ-one authoritarian & hierarchical, & the other not. Develops the concept “destructive sect” for Luz del Mundo.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Amistad y Vida; Sexual abuse; Functionalism; Evangelical, Mexico; Conversion; Polity; Mexico; Luz del Mundo; Comparative
  • The Politics of Evangelical Identity. Local Churches and Partisan Divides in the United States and Canada.
    Bean, Lydia (2014)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; Politics, Canada; Canada, Ontario, Hamilton; Evangelical, Canada; Participant observation; United States, New York, Buffalo; Politics, U.S.A.; Comparative; Congregation
  • Religion and Power. No Logos without Mythos.
    Martin, David (2014)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    A collection of essays, having power & religion as a theme. Criticizes the privatization & rationalization versions of the secularization thesis. Focus on differentiation &the relationship of religion to power. Presupposes a functionalist definition of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Ukraine; Violence; Symbol; Spain; Secularization; Secularism; Rationalization; Privatization; Power; Politics; Poland; Definition of religion; Voluntarism; Charisma; Peace/war; Comparative; Differentiation; Great Britain; Great Britain, London; Identity, national; Individualism; Lithuania; Nationalism; Axial age
  • The Religious and the Politcal. A Comparative Sociology of Religion.
    Turner, Bryan S. (2013)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Case studies refute the secularization thesis.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Secularization; State
  • "Multiple secularities": Postcolonial variations and guiding ideas in India and South Africa.
    Burchardt, Marian, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, and Ute Wegert (2013)
    International Sociology 28:6: 612-628.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa; Comparative; India; Secular
  • Spirituality and religious tolerance.
    Hughes, Philip (2013)
    Implicit Religion 16:1: 65-91.

    Analyzes 2008 International Social Survey Program data (40 nations); the associations between spirituality & age differ by nation, while religiosity increases with age in most nations. Where spirituality is not associated with belief in God, it was often associated with greater religious tolerance. Tolerance varies by dominant religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Spirituality; Belief; Tolerance; Age
  • Latin-American and Asiatic neo-Protestantisms: A comparative study.
    Aubrée, Marion (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 517-526.

    Compares Latin American & Southeast Asian trajectories of Pentecostal growth, based on the literatures.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia, Southeast; Comparative; Latin America; Pentecostal
  • Religion as Heritage, Religion as Belief: Shifting Frontiers of Secularism in Europe, the USA and Brazil.
    Lehmann, David (2013)
    International Sociology 28:6: 645-662.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Secularism; Europe; Brazil; Comparative; United States
  • The two faces of American religious exceptionalism: Religiosity and dogmatism in the USA and Europe in 2007.
    Meulemann, Heiner (2013)
    Social Compass 60:2: 251-272.

    Analyzes 2007 American & European poll data; the U.S. mean is higher on dogmatism (doctrinal exclusivity) as well as on the usual measures of religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Europe; Practice; Belief; Religiosity; Dogmatism; Comparative
  • Religiös-konfessionelle Kultur und individuelle Religiosität: Ein Vergleich zwischen West- und Ostdeutschland.
    Müller, Olaf, Detlef Pollack, and Gert Pickel (2013)
    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 65, 1 Suppl., 123-148.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Germany, West; Germany, West; Denomination (organizational entity); Germany; Religiosity
  • The rise and transformation of German political Catholicism (1848-1914) and Turkish political Islam (1970-2011).
    Altinordu, Ate? (2013)
    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 65, 1 Suppl., 383-408.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Turkey; Turkey; Politics, Germany; Islam, Turkey; Germany; Catholic, Germany; Comparative; Historical
  • Legal Integration of Islam: A Transatlantic Comparison.
    Joppke, Christian, and John Torpey (2013)
    Cambridge Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Law; Islam, U.S.A.; Islam, Germany; Islam, France; Islam, Canada; Integration (social)
  • Religion as a context of reception: The case of Haitian immigrants in Miami, Montreal and Paris.
    Mooney, Margarita A. (2013)
    International Migration 51:3: 99-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Haitian Canadians; Assimilation; Migrant; Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Comparative; Participant observation; France, Paris; United States, Florida, Miami; Haitian Americans; Haitian French
  • Moral freighting and civic engagement: A UK perspective on Putnam and Campbell's theory of religious-based social action.
    Baker, Christopher (2013)
    Sociology of Religion 73:3: 343-369.

    Based on focus group data from Manchester, U.K. Across religious traditions, themes of friendship, persistence, worship, & formation appear in connection with civic engagement.

    Associated Search Terms: Civic engagement; Belonging, sense of; Christian, Great Britain; Comparative; Great Britain, Manchester; Islam, Great Britain; Moral; Social capital; Volunteering; Buddhist, Great Britain; Focus group
  • The Spirit's Tether. Family, Work, and Religion among American Catholics.
    Konieczny, Mary Ellen (2013)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on 2000-02 field work in 2 Midwest U.S.A. Catholic parishes, one liberal & one conservative. Models of church are transposed into family life. Traditionalists rejected the modernized Church of their childhood while progressives accepted pre-conciliar religious commitment but not its cultural trappings.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Ritual; Justice; Birth control; Authority; Abortion; Participant observation; Traditionalism; Moral; Socialization; Conservative/liberal; Comparative; Family; Habitus; Life histories; Work; Catholic, U.S.A.; Women; Parish
  • Multiple secularities: Toward a cultural sociology of secular modernities.
    Wohlrab-Sahr, Monika, and Marian Burchardt (2012)
    Comparative Sociology 11:6: 875-909.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Secularism
  • Differentiated secularization in Europe: Comparative results.
    Pickel, Gert, Detlef Pollack, and Olaf Müller (2012)
    In Detlef Pollack, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (eds.) The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe. Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 229-237.

    Based on 2006 survey data. Finds differentiation. Despite using only descriptive statistics, tables are opaque.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Differentiation; Europe; Secularization
  • Laïcité as an “ideal type” and a continuum: Comparing Turkey, France, and Senegal.
    Kuru, Ahmet T., and Alfred Stepan (2012)
    In Ahmet T. Kuru and Alfred Stepan (eds.) Democracy, Islam, and Secularism in Turkey. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 95-121.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Turkey; State; Senegal; France; Laïcité
  • Countervailing forces: Religiosity and paranormal belief in Italy.
    Bader, Christopher D., Joseph O. Baker, and Andrea Molle (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:4: 705-720.

    Analyzes 2007 U.S.A. & 1994 Italian survey data; belief in the paranormal bore a curvilinear relationship with religious practice in both nations, with the most & least religious having lower rates of belief in the paranormal.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Italy; Paranormal; United States; Comparative
  • European Shiism? Counterpoints from Shiites' organization in Britain and the Netherlands.
    Van den Bos, Mattjihs (2012)
    Ethnicities 12:5: 556-580.

    Associated Search Terms: Shi'ite, Netherlands; Organization; Shi'ite, Great Britain; Comparative
  • Imprisoned Religion. Transformations of Religion during and after Imprisonment in Eastern Germany.
    Becci, Irene (2012)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    Based on qualitative studies. The focus is on prisons in eastern Germany after the reunification of the country, but the volume includes comparative material from the author's prison studies in Switzerland and Italy.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Prisoners; Italy; Prison chaplain; State; Comparative; Penology; Germany
  • Religión, política y secularización: comparaciones entre Europe del Oeste y del Este./Religion, politics and secularization.
    Martin, David (2012)
    In Rodrigo Muñoz, Javier Sánchez Cañizares, and Gregoro Guitián (eds.) Religión, Socedad Moderna y Razón Práctica. Pamplona: EUNSA, pp. 15-31./DAvid Martin, Religion and Power. No Logos without Mythos. Burlingon, Vermont: Ashgate, pp. 155-171.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe, western; Comparative; Europe, eastern; Politics, Europe; Secularization
  • Islamic adaptations to Western Europe and North America: The importance of contrastive analyses.
    Bowen, John R. (2011)
    American Behavioral Scientist 55:12: 1601-1615.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Comparative; Adaptation
  • Comparative Perspectives on Judaisms and Jewish Identities.
    Sharot, Stephen (2011)
    Detroit: Wayne State University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Jewish; Comparative
  • The History of Meaning.
    Swatos, William H., Jr. (2011)
    In Barbara Jones Denison (ed.) History, Time, Meaning, and Memory. Ideas for the Sociology of Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 47-63.

    Meaning, which joins percepts diachronically & synchronically from both the scholar's perspective and that of the people under study, necessitates the union of history & sociology. This is true in the sociology of religion as in other social & historical studies.

    Associated Search Terms: Meaning; Methodology; Historical; Comparative
  • Addiction Treatment: Comparing Religion and Science in Application.
    Hood, Daniel E. (2011)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Participant observation; Drug
  • L'economia dei monasteri: comparazione europea e storica.
    Jonveaux, Isabelle (2011)
    In Virginie Alnet et al., La dimensione religiosa: problemi di metodo. Quaderno 56. Trento: Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, pp. 103-112.

    Methodological difficulties in gaining access to study the closed world of monasteries, past & present.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Monasticism; Historical; Comparative; Methodology
  • La religion “saisie” par le droit. Comment l’État laïque définit-il la religion au Québec et en France?
    Koussens, David (2011)
    Recherches sociographiques 52:3: 811-832.

    Associated Search Terms: State; France; Canada, Quebec; Comparative
  • Défense de l'État "fort." Réflexions sur la place du religieux en France et aux États-Unis.
    Birnbaum, Pierre (2011)
    Revue française de sociologie 52:3: 559-578.

    Associated Search Terms: Laïcité; Comparative; France; United States
  • Sécularisation, catholicisme et transformation du régime de religiosité au Québec. Étude comparative avec le catholicisme au Canada (1968-2007).
    Meunier, É. Martin, and Sarah Wilkins-LaFlamme (2011)
    Recherches sociographiques 52:3: 683-729.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Canada, Quebec; Catholic, Canada; Secularization; Comparative
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