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  • Religious borderlands: Sociology of religion in conversation with its disciplinary neighbors.
    Carnesecca, Cole (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:3: 225-240.

    Notes the contemporary propensity in anthropology & area studies to abandon the category religion, in contrast to conceptualization in the sociology of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion; Emic/etic; Shinto; Japan; Definition of religion; Confucian; China
  • Conversion and Confucianism.
    Sun, Anna (2014)
    In Lewis A. Rambo and Charles E. Farhadian (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 538-555.

    One can become Confucian, but it is not exactly conversion; it is a matter of cultivation.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Historical; Conversion; Confucian
  • How culture matters in poverty alleviation efforts: Microcredit and Confucian ideals in rural China.
    Hsu, Becky Y. (2014)
    In Kathleen O. Korgen, Jonathan M. White, and Shelly K. White (eds.) Sociologists in Action: Sociology, Social Change, and Social Justice. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage, pp. 197-199.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian, China; Economic; Rural; Development
  • Renewing Confucianism as a living tradition in 21st century China: Reciting classics, reviving academies, and restoring rituals.
    Chen, Yong (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 63-84.

    Overview of the controversial attempt at revitalizing Confucian education & rituals.

    Associated Search Terms: Confucian, China; China
  • Confucianism and Youth Suicide in Rural China.
    Zhang, Jie, and Eric Y. Liu (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 54:1: 93-111.

    Analyzes psychological autopsy data on 2005-08 adolescent & young adult suicides in 16 rural counties in China & living controls. Filial piety was inversely related to suicide, harmony moderate the effect of negative life events, & female subordination was positively related to suicide.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; China; Confucian, China; Rural; Women; Suicide
  • The Fate of Confucianism as a Religion in Socialist China: Controversies and Paradoxes.
    Sun, Anna Xiao Dong (2005)
    In Fenggang Yang and Joseph B. Tamney (eds.), State, Market, and Religions in Chinese Societies. Religion and the Social Order 11. Leiden: Brill, pp. 229-253.

    Examines the discussion in China of whether Confucianism is a religion & the evaluation of it if it is.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian
  • Introduction.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (2005)
    In Fengang Yang and Joseph B. Tamney (eds.), State, Market, and Religions in Chinese Societies. Religion and the social Order 11. Leiden: Brill, pp. 1-17.

    More an overview of religion among the Chinese peoples than a mere introduction to the volume.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Singapore; Christian, Taiwan; Christian, China; Modernization; Change; Confucian; Daoist; Folk religion; Singapore; China; Buddhist; State; Taiwan
  • Modern Chinese Confucianism: The Contemporary Neo-confucian Movement and its Cultural Significance.
    Cha, Seong Hwan (2003)
    Social Compass 50:4: 481-491.

    Associated Search Terms: Marginality; China; Confucian
  • Modernization, Globalization, and Confucianism in Chinese Societies.
    Tamney, Joseph B., and Linda Hsueh-ling Chiang (2002)
    Westport, Connecticut: Praeger

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Globalization; Modernization; Singapore; Taiwan
  • A Comparative Sociology of World Religions: Virtuosos, Priests, and Popular Religion.
    Sharot, Stephen (2001)
    New York: New York University Press.

    An updating of a Weberian treatment of elite & popular religion.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Weber, Max; Commodification; Historical; Comparative; India; Popular religion; State; Taiwan; Big tradition; Little tradition; Virtuoso; Elite; Hindu; Islam; Reformation; Jewish; Catholic, medieval; Buddhist; Hierocracy; Daoist; Syncretism
  • Confucianism, Chinese culture, and reproductive behavior.
    Tang, Zongli (1995)
    Population and Environment 16:3: 269-284.

    Associated Search Terms: Confucian, China; Culture; Fertility
  • Natural Law and Civilizations: Images of "Nature," Intracivilizational Polarities, and the Emergence of Heterodox Ideals.
    Nielsen, Donald A. (1991)
    Sociological Analysis 52:1: 55-76.

    Associated Search Terms: Nature; Comparative; Hindu; Daoist; Civilizations; India; Europe; China; Confucian
  • Religion und Lebensführung. Studien zu Max Webers Religions- und Herrschaftssoziologie, 2 vols.
    Schluchter, Wolfgang (1988)
    Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Otherworldliness; Islam; Jewish; Hindu; Protestant Ethic; Hebrew; Rationalization; Confucian, China; Puritan; China; Charisma; Buddhist; Asceticism; Early Christian; Daoist, China
  • This-worldly Transcendentalism and the Structuring of the World: Weber's 'Religion of China' and the Format of Chinese History and Civilization.
    Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. (1985)
    In Andreas Buss (ed.), Max Weber in Asian Studies. Leiden: Brill, pp. 46-64./Journal of Developing Societies 1: 168-186.

    Contrary to Max Weber, sees Confucian China as having a transcendental vision & tension with the world, though defined & resolved in secular terms.

    Associated Search Terms: Inner-worldly asceticism; Confucian; Weber, Max; China; Historical
  • Confucianism, Maoism, and Max Weber.
    Yu, David C. (1985)
    In Vatro Murvar (ed.) Theory of Liberty, Legitimacy, and Power. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, pp. 141-167.

    Using the concepts of transcendence, prophecy, morality, & rationality, updates Weber's approach to Confucianism & develops a parallel analysis of Maoism.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Confucian; Prophecy; Transcendence; Marxism; Politics, China; China; Weber, Max; Rationality
  • Max Webers Studie über Konfuzianismus und Taoismus. Interpretation und Kritik.
    Schluchter, Wolfgang (1983)
    Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Daoist; Confucian; China
  • Innerweltliche Transzendenz und die Strukturierung des Welt. Max Webers Studie über China und die Gestalt des chinesischen Zivilisation.
    Eisenstadt, Shmuel N. (1983)
    In Wolfgang Schluchter 9ed.), Max Webers Studie über Konfuzianismus und Taoismus. Interpretation und kritik. Frakfurt-am-Main: Suhrkamp, pp. 363-412.

    Associated Search Terms: Daoist; Transcendence; Confucian; China; Weber, Max
  • Warum hat das vormoderne China keinen industriellen Kapitalismus entwickelt? Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Max Webers Ansatz.
    Elvin, Mark (1983)
    In Wolfgang Schluchter (ed.) Max Webers Studie über Konfuzianismus und Taoismus: Interpretation und Kritik. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp, pp. 114-133.

    Associated Search Terms: Capitalism; China; Confucian; Daoist, China; Economic; Weber, Max
  • Max Weber and the Religions of China: Any Way out the Maze?
    Molloy, Stephen (1980)
    British Journal of Sociology 31:3: 377-400.

    Critique of the secondary literature on Max Weber's writings on China.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Weber, Max; Daoist
  • The Effect of Prerevolutionary Values, Beliefs, and Social Structures on Revolutionary Mobilization and Success.
    Cheng, Ronald Ye-lin (1979)
    In Harry M. Johnson (ed.), Religious Change and continuity. Sociological Perspectives. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, pp. 168-190.

    Consequences of Confucian & neo-Confucian values for developments after the 1911 Chinese revolution & the Meiji Restoration in Japan.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan; Confucian; China
  • Escape from Predicament.
    Metzger, Thomas (1977)
    New York: Columbia University Press.

    Examines neo-Confucianism & the new political culture of China.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Politics, China; Confucian, neo
  • "Weltanpassung" and Rationalization in Max Weber's Study of Religion and Society in China: An Examination of the Weberian Interpretation in the Light of an Analysis of T'an Ssu'T'ung's "Jen-Hsueh."
    Shinohara Koichi (1977)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Columbia Univesity. [DA 38:7 A, p. 4217]

    Disputes Weber's claim that Chinese culture prompted adjustment, not the world-rejection rationalization needs; cites work of a 19th century reformer who wrote of adjusting to ultimate principles & developing a tension with the world.

    Associated Search Terms: Confucian, China; Adaptation; Weber, Max; China; Rationalization
  • L'idéologie, l'état et la conflit des classes dans les "religions" de la chine ancienne.
    Freiberg, James W. (1976)
    L'Homme et la société 41/42: 197-232.

    Reconceptualizes in class terms the orthodoxy/heterodoxy (Confucian/Tao) conflict.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Conflict; China; Ideology; Confucian; Daoist
  • Max Weber und China. Herrschafts- und religionssoziologische Grundlagen zum Wandel der chinesischen Gesellschaft.
    Zingerle, Arnold (1972)
    Berlin: Duncker und Humblot.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, China; Daoist; Confucian; Change; China; Weber, Max
  • Religion und Wirtschaft in China.
    Rosthorn, Arthur von (1923)
    In Melchior Palyi (ed.) Hauptprobleme der Soziologie. Erinnerungsgabe für Max Weber in gemeinschaft mit Gerhart von Schulze-Gaevernitz, Werner Sombart, Franz Eulenburg.., Bd. II. München & Leipzig: Duncker & Humblot, pp. 219-233.

    Reviews Max Weber's writings on China.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Confucian, China; Daoist, China; Weber, Max; China
  • La religion des Chinois./The Religion of the Chinese People, tr. Maurice Freedman.
    Granet, Marcel (1922)
    Paris: Gauthier-Villars./New York: Harper & Row, 1976.

    Associated Search Terms: Confucian; China; Daoist
  • The Religion of China: Confucianism and Taoism, Translated by Hans H. Gerth.
    Weber, Max (1916)
    Glencoe; Free Press, 1951. Translated from Gesammelte Aufsätz zur Religionssoziologie, Bd. I. Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1920, pp. 276-536.

    Associated Search Terms: Daoist; China; Confucian
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