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  • Anti-porngraphy narratives as self-fulfilling prophecies: Religious variation in the effect that pornography viewing has on the marital happiness of husbands.
    Thomas, Jeremy N., Becka A. Alper, and Shane A. Gleason (2017)
    Review of Religious Research 59:4: 471-497.

    The anti-pornography narrative that says pornography-viewing acts negatively on the viewer has acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Based on content analysis of magazines & 2014 General Social Survey (USA) data. Effect varies by denominational category.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Marriage; Pornography; Self-fulfilling prophecy
  • "People forget he's human": Charismatic leaership in institutionalized religion.
    Corcoran, Katie E., and James K. Wellman, Jr. (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:4: 309-333.

    Based on focus group data from a megachurch sample, coded by unsolicited indicators of charisma & humanness perceived in senior pastors. Contrary to findings from new religious movements, ordinariness is an aspect of charisma, along with the extraordinary.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Megachurch; Charisma; Focus group
  • Orthodoxy as project: Temporality and action in an American Protestant denomination.
    Brophy, Sorcha A. (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:2: 123-143.

    Based on participant observation, interviews, & content analyses of meetings & websites in a conservative U.S.A. Protestant denomination. Orthodoxy is socially constructed in terms of a resisted future.

    Associated Search Terms: Grounded theory; Time; Participant observation; Internet; Forum; Content analysis; Conservative, U.S.A.; Orthodoxy (doctrinal)
  • Evangelical elites' anti-homosexuality narratives as a resistance strategy against attribution effects.
    Thomas, Jeremy N., and Andrew L. Whtehead (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 345-362.

    A content analysis of Christianity Today shows that acceptance of the belief that homosexuality has a physiological origin does not alter the conviction that homosexual acts are sinful.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Evangelical; Content analysis
  • From sodomy to sympathy LDS elites' discursive construction of homosexuality over time.
    Cragun, Ryan T., J. Edward Sumerau, and Emily Williams (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 291-310.

    Textual analysis of Mormon literature shows a shift from seeing homosexuality as a problematic threat to values to seeing it as a condition calling for sympathy.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon; Homosexuality; Content analysis
  • Recycling Bodhisattva: The Tzu-Chi movement's response to global climate change.
    Lee, Chengpang, and Ling Han (2015)
    Social Compass 62:3: 311-325.

    Analyzed he Buddhist periodical, Tzu-Chi Monthly (ciji yuekan); climate change discourse emerged as a response to natural disasters, particularly typhoons. Tzu-Chi is the largest Buddhist association in Taiwan.

    Associated Search Terms: Environmentalism; Buddhist, Tzu Chi; Content analysis
  • Religion and revolutionary we-ness: Religious discourse, speech acts, and collective identity in prerevolutionary Nicaragua.
    Reed, Jean-Pierre, and Sarah Pitcher (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:3: 477-500.

    Based on a content analysis of The Gospel in Solentiname, vol. 1, a work by Ernesto Cardenal.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Discourse; Frame analysis; Identity; Nicaragua; Revolution; Social movement
  • "Men of iron will": Idealized gender in Christian heavy metal.
    Rademacher, Heidi E. (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 632-648.

    Sees convergence of Evangelical music & secular heavy metal music in an idealized gender trope.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender traditionalism; Popular culture; Music; Content analysis; Evangelical
  • Rationalizing judgment day: A content analysis of Harold Camping's Open Forum program.
    Sarno, Charles, Benjamin Shestakofsky, Helen Shoemaker, and Rebecca Aponte (2015)
    Sociology of Religion 76:2: 199-221.

    Content analysis of radio programs after they predicted the apocalypse.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Apocalyptic; Cognitive dissonance; Disconfirmation; Media; Millenarian, U.S.A.
  • New Monasticism and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism.
    Markofski, Wes (2015)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    2006-11 open ended interview study of an Evangelical urban monastery in a Midwest U.S.A. city; members were critical of theological individualism & political conservatism. Content analysis of Evangelical books shows contrasting positions in the field.

    Associated Search Terms: Commune; Culture; Field; Content analysis; Conservative/liberal; Bourdieu, Pierre; Grounded theory; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Inner-worldly asceticism; Justice; Monasticism
  • Religious public discourses and institutional structures: A cross-national analysis of Catholicism in Chile, Ireland, and Nigeria.
    Conway, Brian (2014)
    Sociological Perspectives 57:2: 149-166.

    Analyzes pastoral statements of Catholic episcopal conferences.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Discourse; Catholic, Chile; Catholic, Ireland; Catholic, Nigeria; Comparative
  • Perpetuating stereotypes: A study of gender family and religious life in Jewish children's books.
    Sigalow, Emily, and Nicole S. Fox (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:2: 416-431.

    Looks for stereotypical gendered representations in award-winning American Jewish children's books.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender; Literature; Content analysis; Children; Jewish, U.S.A.
  • Symbolic filtering: Selectively permeable Evangelical boundries in an age of religious pluralism.
    Bok, Jared (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:4: 808-825.

    Content analysis of 2 American Evangelical missionary magazines show that in a pluralist environment even as boundaries are weakened in some respects they are strengthened in others.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Pluralism; Boundary maintenance; Media; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Atheist Awakening: Secular Activism & Community in America.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    Based on participant observation in atheist meetings & events, on interviews, surveys, & content analyses of literature & websites. Awakened atheism & religious activism dialectically need each other.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Secular humanism; Atheist, U.S.A.; Ritual; Participant observation; Minority; Media; Internet; Identity; Schism; Dialectic; Content analysis
  • Berevement and religion online: Stillbirth, neonatal loss, and parental religiosity.
    Bakker, Janel Kragt, and Jenell Paris (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:4: 657-674.

    Content analysis of postings on a website devoted to stillbirth & neonatal death bereavement. Themes include calling upon religion & calling it into question.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Death; Internet
  • Outsourcing moral authority: The internal secuarization of Evangelicals' anti-pornography narratives.
    Thomas, Jeremy N. (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:3: 457-475.

    A content analysis of Christianity Today (1956-2010) shows the rationale for opposition to pornography depending less on explicitly religious rationales over time.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Content analysis; Secularization; Pornography; Moral; Evangelical
  • Fracturing over creation care? Shifting environmental beliefs among Evangelicals, 1984-2010.
    Danielsen, Sabrina (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:1: 198-215.

    Content analysis of 3 U.S.A. Evangelical periodicals shows increased treatment of environmentalism & differences in opinion about it, portending a fracture in a Republican Party base.

    Associated Search Terms: Environmentalism; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Politics, U.S.A.; Content analysis
  • Short-Term Missions: Reinforcing Beliefs and Legitimating Poverty.
    Taylor, William Vaughan (2012)
    Unpublished M.A. Thesis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

    Analyzes narratives given by returned short-term missionaries. They interpreted poverty n the nations they visited in terms of the people's shortcomings & thus legitimized it in their own thinking.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Legitimation; Missionary; Poverty
  • Evangelical Elites' Changing Responses to Homosexuality, 1960-2009.
    Thomas, Jeremy N., and Daniel V.A. Olson (2012)
    Sociology of Religion 73:3: 239-272.

    A content analysis of Christianity Today shows a liberaliation of views between 1960 & 2009.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; Content analysis; Homosexuality
  • Is the Market Moral? Protestant Assessments of Market Society.
    Steensland, Brian, and Zachary Schrank (2011)
    Review of Religious Research 53:3: 257-277.

    Evaluation of market forces in 2 American Protestant publications--Christianity Today & Christian Century.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Liberal/conservative; Media; Content analysis
  • Wake Up, Lazarus! On Catholic Renewal (2 vols.).
    Hegy, Pierre (2011)
    Bloomington, Indiana: iUniverse.

    Reviews survey & historical data on American Catholicism, & adds observation of Catholic parishes and an Evangelical congregation. Volume II (2013) includes analyses of homilies from the U.S. & Guatemala.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Liminality; Ecclesiola; Communitas; Spirituality; Consumerism; Pastoral sociology; Participant observation; Content analysis; Guatemala; Homily; Catholic, Guatemala; Secularization
  • Sunday celluloids: Visual media and Protestant boundaries with secular culture.
    Draper, Scott, and Jerry Z. Park (2010)
    Sociological Spectrum 30:4: 433-458.

    Content analysis of homily references to cinema; compares Evangelical with mainline Protestant.

    Associated Search Terms: Boundary maintenance; Content analysis; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Homily; Protestant (mainline), U.S.A..; Media
  • Politics in the Parish. The Political Infuence of Catholic Priests.
    Smith, Gregory Allen (2008)
    Washington: Georgetown University Press.

    Analyzes 1980s & 2004 questionnaire & interview data from American Catholic parishes & their clergy. Content anaysis of Parish bulletins. Findings show null political influence by clergy.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Clergy; Clergy influence; Politics, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Secular Humanism and Atheism beyond Progressive Secularism.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2007)
    Sociology of Religion 68:4: 407-424.

    Examines atheists' & humanists' adaptation to their minority status in the U.S.A., with a content analysis of Free Inquiry, 37 interviews, & participant observation.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Content analysis; Atheist, U.S.A.; Cognitive minority
  • Genetics and Faith: Religious Enchantment through Creative Engagement with Molecular Biology.
    Jenkins, Kathleen E. (2007)
    Social Forces 85:4: 1693-1712.

    Based on field work at a youth-oriented Evangelical congregation & content analysis of its paper & electronic publications. Develops a typology of Evangelicals' engagement with biological science.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Participant observation; Science; Evolution; Saddleback; Intelligent Design
  • At the Intersection of Faith and Life: A Narrative Approach to the Faith of Church Employees.
    Niemelä, Kati (2007)
    Social Compass 54:2: 187-200.

    Survey & interviews of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland employees, including clergy. Content analysis of the in-depth interviews. Develops a typology of faith narratives.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Narrative; Clergy; Youth ministry; Content analysis; Finland; Deacon; Lutheran, Finland
  • Les Prélats Africains et les Tentatives de Démocratisation du Début de la Décennie 1990.
    Bédard-st-Pierre, Nadine (2006)
    Social Compass 53:4: 467-478.

    Examines pastoral letters of national councils of Catholic bishops; the prelates played a major role in the 1990s democratization of some sub-Saharan African states since they held a compromise (engaged) position in the everyday world.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Africa; Compromise; Bishop; Politics, Africa; Catholic, Africa
  • Cowboys and Schoolteachers: Gender in Romance Novels, Secular and Christian.
    Clawson, Laura (2005)
    Sociological Perspectives 48:4: 461-479.

    Content analysis of romance novels; secular ones have strong men giving in to the wiles of women while Christian ones have men not so superficially strong not giving in.

    Associated Search Terms: Literature; Gender role; Content analysis
  • 'No God in Common': American Evangelical Discourse after 9/ll.
    Cimino, Richard (2005)
    Review of Religious Research 47:2: 162-174.

    Evangelical books sharpened their critique of Islam after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York City.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Content analysis; Tolerance
  • Paradoxes of Media-reflected Religiosity among Hindu Indians.
    Nimbark, Ashakant (2004)
    In Tony Carnes and Fengang Yang (eds.) Asian American Religions. The Making and Remaking of Borders and Boundaries. New York: New York University Press, pp. 98-111.

    Content analysis of Indian ethnic media in New York City & ethnography at Hindu temples there.

    Associated Search Terms: Indian Americans; Migrant; Media; Participant observation; United States, New York, New York; Hindu, U.S.A.; Content analysis
  • Assessing Conventional Wisdom about Religion and Politics: A Preliminary View from the Pews.
    Brewer, Mark D., Rogan Kersh, and R. Eric Petersen (2003)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 42:1: 125-136.

    Content analysis of 1998-99 U.S. sermons & services; they often have political content, but most often refer to social justice rather than electoral or other recommendations.

    Associated Search Terms: Justice; Preaching; Content analysis; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Techno-Armageddon: The Millennial Christian Resposne to Y2K.
    Tapia, Andrea Hoplight (2002)
    Review of Religious Research 43:3: 266-286.

    Content analysis of publications & interviews with a small group of millennial Christians, at the turn from 1999 to 2000 (Y2K).

    Associated Search Terms: Millennial; Millenarian; Content analysis
  • Evolution of Ideals for Women in Mormon Periodicals, 1897-1999.
    Vance, Laura L. (2002)
    Sociology of Religion 63:1: 91-112.

    Content analysis of Mormon publications shows a shift from extra-domestic to domestic roles for women, & then to an inconclusive stance.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Mormon; Gender role; Media
  • Cults and Sects and Doomsday Groups, Oh My: Media Treatment of Religion on the Eve of the Millennium.
    Hill, Harvey, John Hickman, and Joel McLendon (2001)
    Review of Religious Research 43:1: 24-38.

    Content analysis of news stories showing main stream groups treated more favorably than marginal groups.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Marginality; Content analysis
  • The Promise Keepers: Religious Revival or Third Wave of the Religious Right?
    Everton, Sean F. (2001)
    Review of Religious Research 43:1: 51-69.

    Compares content analyses of Promise Keeper & Evangelical literature; Promise Keepers did not seem particularly conservative concerning gender roles & were a-political.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Content analysis; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Promise Keepers
  • Continuities and Changes in the Review of Religious Research.
    Swatos, William H., Jr. (2000)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 39:4: 475-479.

    Associated Search Terms: Review of Religious Research; Content analysis
  • Content Analysis of an Anomalous Memorate Collection: Testing Hypotheses Regarding Universal Features.
    McClenon, James (2000)
    Sociology of Religion 61:2: 155-169.

    Cross cultural parallels in paranormal experiences occur in data taken from rural, North Carolina African Americans. This is consistent with a biological explanation of such experiences.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Paranormal; African Americans; Origins of religion; Experience; Comparative
  • Attaining "a Sophisticated Maturity:" A Brief History of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.
    Mauss, Armand L., and Stacy A. Hammons (2000)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 39:4: 449-473.

    Associated Search Terms: Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion; Content analysis
  • The Mainline Sidelined: The Sociology of Religion Unbound.
    Neitz, Mary Jo (2000)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 39:4: 509-514.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion; Content analysis; Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
  • Accommodation and Resistance in Religious Fiction: Family Structures and Gender Roles.
    Christopherson, Neal (1999)
    Sociology of Religion 60:4: 439-455.

    Content analysis of teenage girls' fiction; shows tendency to support traditional gender roles.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Literature; Gender role
  • God and the Chip: Religion and the Culture of Technology.
    Stahl, William A. (1999)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Explores the use of religious language in literature on technology. Outlines an ethic for technological practice.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Technology; Content analysis
  • "Lieber Gott, gütigste Frau. . ." Eine empirische Untersuchung von Fürbittbuchern.
    Schmied, Gerhard (1998)
    Konstanz: Universitätsverlag Konstanz.

    Analyzes German prayer intention books from the 1970s-90s, in which people wrote prayer requests.

    Associated Search Terms: Prayer; Content analysis; Germany
  • The Secularization of Religion and Television Commercials.
    Maguire, Brendan, and Georgie Ann Weatherby (1998)
    Sociology of Religion 59:2: 171-178.

    Finds little religion in 1992 American television commercials.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Content analysis; Secularization
  • Religion and Spirituality: Unfuzzying the Fuzzy.
    Zinnbauer, Brian J., Kenneth I. Pargament, Brenda Cole, Mark S. Rye, Eric M. Butter, Timothy G. Belavich, Kathleen M. Hipp, Allie B. Scott, and Jill L. Kadar (1997)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 36:4: 549-564.

    Identifies meanings & self-ratings of "religious" & "spiritual" in church survey data; finds correlates with these scores.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis
  • Denominationalism and Changing Gender Ideals in the Adventist Review: An Examination of Weber's Theory of Religion of the Disprivileged Classes.
    Vance, Laura L. (1997)
    Nova religio 1:1: 50-71.

    Content analysis of the Adventist Review documenting a shift from advocating non-traditional to traditional women's roles in Seventh-day Adventism.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Seventh-day Adventist; Media; Content analysis; Weber, Max
  • Seventh-Day Adventism in Crisis: Gender and Sectarian Change in an Emerging Religion.
    Vance, Laura L. (1997)
    Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

    Based on content analysis of the Adventist Review, participant observation at meetings, interviews, & surveys. Focuses on women's issues, including controversy over ordaining women.

    Associated Search Terms: Seventh-day Adventist; Content analysis; Women; Participant observation
  • Marginalité et Instrumentalité de l'Islam dans le Presse du Maghreb Central.
    Garon, Lise (1997)
    Social Compass 44:1: 53-70.

    Political interests use Islam instrumentally, not vice-versa; based on content analysis of newspapers.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Politics, North Africa; Islam, North Africa; Media; Morocco; Content analysis; Tunisia
  • Secularization: The Trend from the Comics.
    Heeren, John W., and Donald B. Lindsey (1997)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 8: 193-211.

    Associated Search Terms: Wilson, Bryan R.; Parsons, Talcott; Secularization; Content analysis; Berger, Peter L.; Media
  • Between Fundamentalism and Secularization: Secularizing and Sacralizing Currents in the Evangelical Debate on Campus Lifestyle Codes.
    Schmalzbauer, John A., and C. Gray Wheeler (1996)
    Sociology of Religion 57:3: 241-257.

    Analyzes campus newspapers & other literature from 6 U.S. Evangelical colleges; shows debates over lifestyle norm used both secular & religious discourse.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; University; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Content analysis
  • Cultural Differences in the Abortion Discourse of the Catholic Church: Evidence from Four Countries.
    Dillon, Michele (1996)
    Sociology of Religion 57:1: 25-36.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Discourse; Great Britain; Women; Science; Identity; Catholic, Great Britain; Content analysis; Abortion; United States; Poland; Catholic, Poland; Ireland; Catholic, Ireland; Catholic, U.S.A.; Law
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