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  • Cuba's distinct religious traditions: Better social changes come oh soo slowly.
    Dodson, Jualynne E. (2015)
    In Stan Brunn (ed.) The Changing World Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Practices and Politics. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba
  • Joining Soka Gakkai in Cuba: Affiliation patterns and factor influencing conversion careers.
    Rodriguez Plasencia, Girardo (2015)
    Social Compass 62:2: 159-171.

    Based on interviews. Shows importance of background congruence with Buddhism, Soka Gakkai's utilitarianism, and networks.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Cuba, Havana; Soka Gakkai, Cuba; Network
  • Plasticidade e pessoalidade no espiritismo crioulo cubano.
    Santo, Diana Espírito (2014)
    Mana 20:1: 68-98.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Self concept; Spiritualist, Cuba
  • Soka Gakkai in Cuba: building a "spiritual bridge" to local particularis, the "mystical East" and the world.
    Rodriguez Plasencia, Girardo (2014)
    Journal of Religion in Japan 3:2-3: 198-225.

    Associated Search Terms: Soka Gakkai, Cuba
  • The Reinvention of Cuban Santerí and the Politics of Identity.
    Zapponi, Elena (2011)
    In Patrick Michel and Enzo Pace (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 2: Religion and Politics. Leiden: Brill, pp. 267-286.

    Historical overview. Follows earlier work by Roberto Motta that finds Santería exspressing a transethnic identity even while relying on an "authentic" African identity. Cuban politicians use it for its identity connotations.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Politics, Cuba; Identity; Ethnic; Identity, national; Cuba, Havana; Santeria, Cuba
  • African descendant women and religion: Diaspora in Oriente Cuba.
    Dodson, Jualynne E. (2010)
    In Lillian Ashcraft-Eason, Darnise C. Martin, and Oyeronke Olademo (eds.) Women and New and Africana Religions. Santa Barbara, California: Praeger/Greenwood, pp. 167-190.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Cuba; African Cubans
  • Laïcité, liberté de religion, État laïque. Les étapes de la laïcisation cubaine.
    Ramírez Calzadilla, Jorge (2009)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 146: 157-182.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Freedom of religion; State; Laïcité
  • Cuba, laïcité, liberté de religion, Etat laïque.
    Calzadilla, Jorge Ramirez (2009)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 146: 157-182.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; State; Laïcité; Freedom of religion
  • Sacred Spaces and Religious Traditions in Oriente Cuba.
    Dodson, Jualynne E. (2008)
    Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.

    Focuses on indigenous religions in Oriente Province, Cuba.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba
  • Ritual, Discourse, and Community in Cuban Santería.
    Wirtz, Kristina (2007)
    Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

    Associated Search Terms: Santeria, Cuba; Conflict; Cuba, Santiago de Cuba; Discourse; Participant observation
  • El Sistema Religioso de los Afrocubanos.
    Lachatanñeré, Rómulo (2007)
    Habana: Editorial de Ciencias Sociales.

    Associated Search Terms: African Cubans; Cuba
  • Expending multiplicity: Money in Cuban Ifa cults.
    Hlbraad, Martin (2005)
    Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 11:2:231-254.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Cuba; Cuba
  • Cubanía et santería. Les enjeux politique de la transnationalisation religieuse (La Havane--Miami).
    Argyriadis, Kali, and Stefania Capone (2004)
    Civilisatons 51:1/2: 81-137.

    Associated Search Terms: Santeria, Cuba; Santeria, U.S.A.; United States, Florida, Miami; Politics, U.S.A.; Politics, Cuba; Cuba, Havana; Transnational
  • El Islam en la actualidad cubana.
    Morales Mesa, Andrea (2002)
    Revista académica del estudio de las religiones 4: 93-102.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Cuba; Cuba
  • Religione, politica e cultura a Cuba.
    Calzadilla, Jorge Ramirez, and Alessandra Ciattini (2002)
    Roma: Bulzoni.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Cuba; Cuba
  • Kongo à Cuba. Transformations d'une religion africaine.
    Dianteill, Erwan (2002)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 117: 59-80.

    Emphasizes the complexity of the syncretism of Africanist religion in Cuba.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Africanist, Cuba; Cuba
  • The Contribution of Catholic Orthodoxy to Caribbean Syncretism: The Case of la Virgen de la caridad del Cobre in Cuba.
    Stevens-Arroyo, Anthony M. (2002)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 117: 37-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Catholic, Cuba; Marian; Cuba
  • Des dieux et signes: initiation, écriture et divination dans les religions afro-cubaines.
    Dianteill, Erwan (2000)
    Paris: Editions de l'EHESS.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Cuba; Cuba; Divination
  • Religión y relaciones sociales: un estudio sobre la significación sociopolítica de la religión en la sociedad cubana.
    Ramírez Calzadilla, Jorge (2000)
    Havana: Editorial Academia.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Politics, Cuba
  • Les trois visages de l'Oricha. La relation entre homme et dieu dans la Santería cubaine.
    Dianteill, Erwan (1997)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 100: 5-29.

    Based on participant observation; the author was initiated as a santero. Major themes are identification, descent, & alliance.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba, Havana; Participant observation; Homosexuality; Identity; Santeria, Cuba
  • When the Saints Go Riding In: Santeria in Cuba and the United States.
    Lefever, Harry G. (1996)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 35:3: 318-330.

    Sees Santeria as an oppositional, revisionary, & subversive hermeneutic activity.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; United States; Hermeneutic; Santeria, Cuba; Santeria, U.S.A.; Counterculture
  • Le Savant et le santero--naissance de l'étude scientifique des religions afro-cubaines.
    Dianteill, Erwan (1995)
    Paris: L'Harmattan.

    Associated Search Terms: Santeria, Cuba; Cuba
  • Introduction.
    Ramírez Calzadilla, Jorge (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 195-202.

    General overview of religion in Cuba, by way of introduction to an issue of Social Compass; includes a list in Spanish of religious bodies & traditions in Cuba.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba
  • Social Functions and Evolution of Catholicism in Cuban Society.
    Bonome Moreno, Pedro, Gustavo Véliz Olivares, and Zeida Sánchez Alvisa (1994)
    social Compass 41:2: 255-271.

    Historical overview of Catholicism in Cuba.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Catholic, Cuba; Historical
  • Le pastorat du protetantisme historique à Cuba: ses approches socio-religieuses et la nouvelle théologie cubaine.
    Berges Curbelo, Juana, René Cárdenas Medina, and Elizabeth Carillo García (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 273-291.

    Historical overview of the Reformation churches in Cuba, & results of a survey of a sample of Protestant pastors, who prove to be socially conscious.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Historical; Cuba; Protestant, Cuba
  • Religious Beliefs in Today's Cuban Society: Basic Charateristics According to the Level of Elaboration of the Concept of the Supernatural.
    Diaz Cerveto, Ana Margarita, Ofelia Pérez Cruz, and Minerva Rodriguez Delgado (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 225-240.

    Synthesizes findings from research on religious beliefs in Cuba, including results from a representative sample of the Cuban population. Uses degrees of cognitive elaboration as a variable.

    Associated Search Terms: Cognitive dimension; Cuba; Belief
  • Les systèmes divinatoires de la règle Ocha à Cuba.
    Argüelles Mederos, Anibal (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 293-301.

    Describes the Rule of Ocha cult of the Yoruban Cubans.

    Associated Search Terms: Divination; Cuba; Africanist, Cuba; Rule of Ocha; Ancestor; Yoruban Cubans
  • Les recherches socio-religieuses à Cuba: définitions théoriques, méthodologiques et conceptuelles.
    Ramírez Calzadilla, Jorge (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 203-223.

    Sets forth a generally marxian framework for studying religion in Cuba.

    Associated Search Terms: Marxian; Cuba; Definition of religion
  • L'Influence de la Religiosité sur la Transculturation à Cuba: Une Question pour les Chercheurs.
    Fariñas Gutiérrez, María Daisy (1994)
    Social Compass 41:2: 241-254.

    Uses archaeological & historical evidence to describe pre-columbian religion in Cuba; draws parallels with Africanist & contemporary popular religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Native Cubans; Historical; Popular religion
  • Los llamados cultos sincréticos y el espiritismo.
    Argüelles Mederos, Anibal, and Ileana Hodge (1991)
    Habana: Editorial Academia.

    Associated Search Terms: Spiritualist, Cuba; Cuba; Syncretism
  • Cuba and Nicaragua: Religion and Revolution.
    Crahan, Margaret E. (1988)
    In Thomas M. Gannon (ed.), World Catholicism in Transition. New York: Macmillan, pp. 265-282.

    Argues that the Catholic Church in neither country is monolithically in favor of the status quo or of radical change.

    Associated Search Terms: Nicaragua; Catholic, Cuba; Catholic, Nicaragua; Revolution; Cuba
  • Cuba: Religion and revolutionary institutionalization.
    Crahan, Margaret E. (1985)
    Journal of Latin American Studies 1: 319-340.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba
  • Las Iglesias Protestantes Norteamericanas en la Politica Expansionista de 1898: Su Reflejo en Cuba.
    Cepeda, Rafael (1985)
    Cristianismo y sociedad 23/86: 35-62.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Cuba; Cuba; Politics, U.S.A.
  • O papel da Igreja na e após a Revolução Cubana.
    Falcone, Antonio Francisco (1980)
    Revista eclesiastica brasileira 158: 294-312.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Cuba; Cuba
  • Organizational Change and Religious Commitment. Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists in Cuba, 1938-1965.
    Aguirre, Benjamin E., and Jon P. Alston (1980)
    Pacific Sociological Review 23:2: 171-190.

    Examines fluctuating rates of members' activity & commitment in relation to changes in congregational sizes.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Congregation size; Seventh-day Adventist, Cuba; Jehovah´s Witness, Cuba
  • Salvation through Christ or Marx: Religion in Revolutionary Cuba.
    Crahan, Margaret E. (1979)
    Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs 21: 156-184. [Also in Daniel H. Levine (ed.), Churches and Politics in Latin America (Beverly Hills, California: Sage, 1979), pp. 238-266.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; Marxism
  • Penetração religiosa e nacionalismo em Cuba: Atividades metodistas norte-americanas, 1898-1958.
    Crahan, Margaret E. (1977)
    Religiãoe sociedade 1:1: 81-103.

    Associated Search Terms: Missions; Methodist, Cuba; Cuba; Nationalism
  • Lucumi: Religión de los Yrubas en Cuba.
    Canet, C. (1973)
    Miami: A.I.P.

    Associated Search Terms: Cuba; African Cubans; Africanist, Cuba
  • The Cuban Church in a Sugar Economy. A Study of the Economic and Social Basis of the Evangelical Church in Cuba.
    Davis, John Merle (1942)
    New York: International Missionary Council.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, Cuba; Cuba
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