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  • Religion, delinquency, and drug use. a meta-analysis.
    Kelly, P. Elizabeth, Joshua R. Polanin, Sung Joon Jang, and Byron R. Johnson (2015)
    Criminal Justice Review 40:4: 505-523.

    Associated Search Terms: Drug; Delinquency
  • The impact of self esteem, family rituals, religiosity, and paricipation in conforming activities upon delinquency: A comparison of young adults in Turkey and the United States.
    Roberts, Joanne, Ismail Dincer Gunes, and Rudy Ray Seward (2015)
    Journal of Comparative Family Studies 42:1: 59-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Young adults; United States; Self-esteem; Delinquency; Religiosity; Family; Turkey
  • Pedrino, religiosity and prostitution: The managements of an ambivalent young man.
    Bardi, Giovanna, and Anna Paula Serrata Malfitano (2014)
    Saúde e Sociedade 23:1: 24-34.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Prostitute; Delinquency; Case study
  • Understanding delinquency with friendship group religious context.
    Adamczyk, Amy (2012)
    Social Science Quarterly 93:2: 482-505.

    Associated Search Terms: Network; Delinquency
  • More God, Less Crime. Why Faith Matters and How It Could Matter More.
    Johnson, Byron R. (2011)
    West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania: Templeton Press.

    Notes the role of religion in preventing & addressing delinquency & the prejudice among many researchers causing a neglect & denial of the facts on the matter. Presents a number of American case studies. Describes prison & post-prison programs & assesses them.

    Associated Search Terms: Drug; Penology; Deviance/social control; Delinquency; Criminology; Social services
  • The Role of Religious Institutions in Responding to Crime and Delinquency.
    Johnson, Byron R. (2009)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 857-875.

    Review of the literature, mostly concerning U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Delinquency
  • Family and Religious Characteristics' Influence on Delinquency Trajectories from Adolescence to Young Adulthood.
    Petts, Richard J. (2009)
    American Sociological Review 74:3: 465-483.

    Analyzes National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (U.S.A.) data; family stability & religion help prevent delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescence; Youth; Longitudinal; Delinquency; Adolescents
  • The moderating effects of religiosity on the relationship between stressful life events and delinquent behavior.
    Johnson, Matthew C., and Robert G. Morris (2008)
    Journal of Criminal Justice 36:6: 486-493.

    Associated Search Terms: Stress; Religiosity; Adolescents; Delinquency
  • Religion: soutien divin et tension psychologique.
    Sigfusdottir, Inga Dora, Thorolfur Thorlindsson, and Thoroddur Bjarnason (2007)
    Social Compass 54:3: 473-492.

    Analyzes 1997 questionnaire data from Icelandic secondary school students. Belief that God is a support reduces delinquency among adolescents who are under the strain of family conflict.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Delinquency; Deviance/social control; Iceland; Students, secondary
  • Adolescent Delinquency.
    Regnerus, Mark D. (2006)
    In Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh (ed.) Handbook of Religion and Social Institutions. New York: Springer, pp. 265-282.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Alcohol; Drug; Adolescents; Tobacco; Deviance/social control
  • Selection Effects in Studies of Religious Influence.
    Regnerus, Mark D., and Christian Smith (2005)
    Review of Religious Research 47:1: 23-50.

    Analyzes 1990s panel data from U.S. students in grades 7-12; shows religious practice & salience are independent variables affecting health, family, & delinquency, despite background controls.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Salience; Family; Delinquency; Students, primary; Students, secondary; Medical
  • Intergenerational religious dynamics and adolescent delinquency.
    Pearce, Lisa D., and Dana L. Haynie (2004)
    Social Forces 82:4: 1553-1573.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Delinquency; Criminology; Adolescents
  • Linked Lives, Faith, and Behavior: Intergenerational Religious Influence on Adolescent Delinquency.
    Regnerus, Mark D. (2003)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 42:2: 189-203.

    Analyzes 1995 & '96 longitudinal interview data from adolescents & their families & friends. Prenatal religiosity & conservative Protestant affiliation protect adolescent girls, but not boys, from delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Delinquency; Family; Sex; Panel study; Socialization
  • Moral Communities and Adolescent Delinquency: Religious Contexts and Community Social Control.
    Regnerus, Mark D. (2003)
    Sociological Quarterly 44:4: 523-554.

    Analyzes 1995-96 interview data from U.S. adolescents. While individual religious effects (especially conservative Protestant) remain strongest, county & school religious homogeneity predict lower theft & minor delinquency rates.

    Associated Search Terms: Homogeneity; Contextual effects; Adolescents; Conservative, U.S.A.; Delinquency; Social control
  • Friends' Influence on Adolescent Theft and Minor Delinquency: A Developmental Test of Peer-reported Effects.
    Regnerus, Mark D. (2002)
    Social Science Research 31: 681-705.

    Associated Search Terms: Peers; Adolescents; Delinquency
  • Inscripta en la piel y en el alma: cuerpo y identidad en professionales, pentecostales y jóvenes delincuentes.
    Miguez, Daniel (2002)
    Religiones y sociedad 22:1: 21-56.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal; Delinquency; Body; Professions
  • Religion and American Adolescent Delinquency, Risk Behaviors and Constructive Social Activities.
    Smith, Christian, and Robert Faris (2002)
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina: National Study of Youth and Religion.

    Analyzes 1996 survey data from American adolescents (grade 12 students). Religious participation is shown to have benign correlates.

    Associated Search Terms: Tobacco; Drug; Adolescents; Athletics; Delinquency; Alcohol; Voluntarism; Education; Students, secondary; Practice
  • Does Adolescent Religious Commitment Matter? A Reexamination of the Effects of Religiosity on Delinquency.
    Johnson, Byron R., Sung Joon Jang, David B. Larson, and Spencer D. Li (2001)
    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 38: 22-44.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Delinquency; Religiosity
  • A Systematic Review of the Religiosity and Delinquency Literature.
    Johnson, Byron R., Spencer D. Li, David B. Larson, and Michael M. McCullough (2000)
    Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 16: 32-52.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Religiosity
  • Escaping from the Crime of Inner Cities: Church Attendance and Religious Salience among Disadvantaged Youth.
    Johnson, Byron R., David B. Larson, Spencer D. Li, and Sung Joon Jang (2000)
    Justice Quarterly 17: 377-391.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Urban; Salience; Delinquency; Practice
  • The 'Invisible Institution' and Black Youth Crime: The Church as an Agency of Local Social Control.
    Johnson, Byron R., David B. Larson, Sung Joon Jang, and Spencer D. Li (2000)
    Journal of Youth and Adolescence 29: 479-498.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Adolescents; Deviance/social control; Delinquency; African Americans
  • Muslim Religiosity and Delinquency: An Examination of Iranian Youth.
    Serajzadeh, Seyed Hossein (1998)
    Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, University of Essex.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Delinquency; Iran; Islam, Iran
  • An Examination of a Reciprocal Relationship between Religiosity and Different forms of Delinquency within a Theoretical Model.
    Benda, Brent B. (1997)
    Journal of Research in Crime and delinquency 34: 163-186.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency
  • A Test of a Model with Reciprocal Effects Between Religiosity and Various forms of Delinquency using 2-stage Least Squares Regression.
    Benda, Brent B., and Robert Flynn Corwyn (1997)
    Journal of Social Science Research 22: 27-52.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Religiosity
  • Religion and Delinquency: The Relationship after Considering Family and Peer Influences.
    Benda, Brent B., and Robert Flynn Corwyn (1997)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 36:1: 81-92.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from high school students, mostly in Arkansas; religiosity negatively predicts status offenses (vs. crimes) until measures of social control are introduced.

    Associated Search Terms: Social control; Religiosity; Delinquency; Students, secondary; United States, Arkansas
  • Religion, social bonds, and delinquency.
    Evans, T. David, Francis T. Cullen, Velmer S. Burton, Jr., R. Gregory Dunaway, Gary L. Payne, and Sesha R. Keithineni (1996)
    Deviant Behavior 17: 43-70.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency
  • Religion as Context: Hellfire and Delinquency one More Time.
    Stark, Rodney (1996)
    Sociology of Religion 57:2: 163-173.

    Analyzes 1980 questionnaire data from U.S. high school seniors; finds a macro inverse relation between church attendance rates & trouble with the law, outside the Pacific region.

    Associated Search Terms: Alcohol; Ecology; Delinquency; United States; Drug; Students, secondary
  • The effect of religion on adolescent delinquency revisited.
    Benda, Brent B. (1995)
    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 32:4: 446-466.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Delinquency; Deviance/social control
  • Is the Religiosity-Delinquency Relationship Spurious? A Test of Arousal and Social Control Theories.
    Cochran, John K., Peter B. Wood, and Bruce J. Arneklev (1994)
    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 31: 92-123.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Social control
  • Religiosity and Delinquency among LDS Adolescents.
    Chadwick, Bruce A., and Brent L. Top (1993)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 32:1: 51-67.

    Analyzes 1990 questionnaire data from Mormons ages 14-19 in eastern U.S. states; shows aspects of religiosity independently counter delinquency in a "low LDS religious ecology."

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon, U.S.A.; Delinquency
  • Religiosity, religious climate, and delinquency among ethnic groups in the Netherlands.
    Junger, Marianne, and Wim Polder (1993)
    British Journal of Criminology 33:3: 416-435.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Ethnic; Netherlands; Religiosity; Contextual effects
  • Perceived Parents' Religiosity, Friends' Drinkng, and Hellfire: A Panel Study of Adolescent Drinking.
    Burkett, Steven R. (1993)
    Review of Religious Research 35:2: 134-154.

    Analyzes 1980-82 longitudinal questionnaire data from high school students in a northwest U.S. city; shows parents' religiosity having no direct effect on delinquency, but an effect mediated through respondents' religiosity & selection of friends.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Religiosity; Network; Alcohol; Delinquency; Students, secondary
  • Crime, Delinquency, and Religion.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (1992)
    In John F. Schumaker (ed.), Religion and Mental Health. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 199-210.

    Reviews the literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Delinquency
  • The Stoners: Drugs, Demons, and Delinquency.
    Trostle, Lawrence C. (1992)
    New York: Garland.

    Based on interviews with members of a Los Angeles satanist youth gang.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; United States, California, Los Angeles; Gang; Satanist; Adolescents
  • Another Look at Delinquency and Religiosity.
    Cochran, John K. (1989)
    Sociological Spectrum 9: 147-162.

    Associated Search Terms: Social control; Delinquency; Adolescents
  • Religion and Delinquency: Cutting Through the Maze.
    Sloane, Douglas M., and Raymond H. Potvin (1986)
    Social Forces 65:1: 87-105.

    Analyzes 1975 interview data from a Gallup sample of American adolescents. Results are shown to depend in part on the method of statistical analysis.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Delinquency; Methodology; United States; Statistics
  • Religiosity and Delinquency Over Time: Deviance Deterrence and Deviance Amplification.
    Peek, Charles W., Evans W. Curry, and H. Paul Chalfant (1985)
    Social Science Quarterly 66:1: 120-131.

    Analyzes data from white U.S. high school male students; religiosity deters self-reported delinquency, but decreases of religiosity after the sophomore year amplify it.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, secondary; Disaffiliation; Delinquency; Religiosity
  • Religiosity and Delinquency: A Contextual Analysis.
    Elifson, Kirk W., David M. Peterson, and C. Kirk Hadaway (1983)
    Criminology 21:4: 505-527.

    Interview data from Atlanta adolescents in public schools show almost no relationship between religiosity & delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Georgia, Atlanta; Students, secondary; Religiosity; Delinquency
  • Religion and Delinquency: The Ecology of a "Lost" Relationship
    Stark, Rodney, Lori Kent, and Daniel P. Doyle (1982)
    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 19:1: 4-24.

    Review of previous data; includes a 1966 data set from American male high school students. Religiosity inhibits delinquency where religious commitment is the norm, but not in secularized settings.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Students, secondary; United States; Religiosity
  • The Religious Factor and Delinquency: Another Look at the Hellfire Hypotheses.
    Jensen, Gary F., and Maynard L. Erickson (1979)
    In Robert Wuthnow (ed.), The Religious Dimension: New Directions in Quantitative Research. New York: Academic Press, pp. 157-177.

    Analyzes 1975 data from high school students in Arizona; shows church attendance & other aspects of religiosity inversely related to various kinds of delinquency; gives rates of these latter for denominational categories.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Students, secondary; Delinquency; Protestant, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Mormon, U.S.A.; United States, Arizona
  • Hellfire and Delinquency Revisited.
    Higgins, Paul C., and Gary L. Albrecht (1977)
    Social Forces 55:4: 952-958.

    Analyzes 1970 self-report data from Atlanta 10th graders; shows a moderate inverse correlation between religiosity & delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Students, secondary; Delinquency; United States, Georgia, Atlanta
  • Hellfire and Delinquency: Another Look.
    Burkett, Steven R., and Mervin White (1974)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 13:4: 455-462.

    Analyzes 1971 questionnaire data from high school seniors in northwestern U.S.A.; shows religiosity inversely related to victimless offenses but not related to rates of offenses having victims.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Delinquency; Students, secondary
  • Juvenile Delinquency, Crime, and Religion.
    Knudten, Richard D., and Mary S. Knudten (1971)
    Review of Religious Research 12:3: 130-152.

    General introduction to the field of study.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Deviance/social control; Delinquency
  • The "Religious Factor" and Delinquent Behavior.
    Rhodes, A. Lewis, and Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (1970)
    Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 7:2: 83-98.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from Nashville area high school students; shows Jews & nonfundamentalist Protestants with lower delinquency rates, unchurched with highest.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Students, secondary; Deviance/social control; United States, Tennessee, Nashville
  • Hellfire and Delinquency.
    Hirschi, Travis, and Rodney Stark (1969)
    Social Problems 17:2:202-213. [Also in Charles Y. Glock (ed.), Religion in Sociological Perspective. Essays in the Empirical Study of Religion (Belmont, California: Wadsworth, 1973), pp. 75-87]

    Analyzes 1964 questionnaire data from junior & senior high school students in western Contra Costa, County, California; shows religiosity & delinquency rates unrelated.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Adolescents; United States, California, Contra Costa County
  • A Comparative Study of Delinquents and Non-Delinquents: Family Affect, Religion, and Personal Income.
    Allen, Donald E., and Harjit S. Sandhu (1967)
    Social Forces 46: 263-269.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from delinquents & control groups in Florida; religious feelings, more than church attendance, distinguish delinquents from non-delinquents.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Adolescents; Experiential dimension
  • Religious Attitude and Behavior Changes of Institutional Delinquents.
    Gannon, Thomas M. (1967)
    Sociological Analysis 28:4: 215-225.

    evaluates a religious training program for delinquent Catholic boys in the Illinois Training School for Boys; shows that religion can become a mere index of one's shortcomings.

    Associated Search Terms: Evaluation research; Delinquency; Adolescents
  • Prevention through Religion.
    Powers, George Edward (1967)
    In William E. Amos and Charles F. Wellford (eds.) Delinquency Prevention: Theory and Practice. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, pp. 99-127.

    Reviews the literature & surveys church programs in the U.S. designed to combat juvenile delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: Delinquency; Deviance/social control
  • The Place of Religion in the Lives of Juvenile Offenders.
    Miller, Marshall E. (1965)
    Federal Probation 29:1: 50-54.

    Based on interviews with Washington State juvenile offenders.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Delinquency; Penology
  • A Study of Religious Motivation and Delinquency.
    Travers, John F., and Russell G. Davis (1961)
    Journal of Educational Sociology 34: 205-220.

    Analyzes data from Catholic white males, aged 10-17, living in the urban, northeastern U.S.; religiosity was inversely related to delinquency.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Delinquency; Deviance/social control; Adolescents
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