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  • Does economic insecurity predict religiosity? Evidence from the European Social Survey 2002-2014.
    Storm, Ingrid (2017)
    Sociology of Religion 78:2: 146-172.

    Analyzes 2002-14 European Social Survey data. Finds an inverse relationship between religiosity & economic security.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Secularization; Religiosity; Europe; Economic; Deprivation
  • Do social crises cause religious revivals? What British church adherence rates show.
    Bruce, Steve, and David Voas (2016)
    Journal of Religion in Europe 9:1: 26-43.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Great Britain; Revival periods
  • The beteen and within effects of social security on church attendance in Europe 1980-1998: The danger of testing hypotheses cross-nationally.
    Grotenhuis, Manfred te, Marijn Scholte, Nan Dirk de Graaf, and Ben Pelzer (2015)
    European Sociologidcal Review 31:5: 643-654.

    Within countries, social security is sometimes positively related to church attendance and sometimes negatively, whereas on average there is no effect at all. Rather than increases in social security spending, rising gross domestic product seems to reduce church attendance.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Practice; Deprivation
  • Explanations of changes in church atendance betwen 1970 and 2009.
    van Ingen, Erik, and Nienke Moor (2015)
    Social Science Research 52: 558-569.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Deprivation; Education; Individualism
  • An investigation into the swiftness and intensity of recent secularization in Canada: Was Berger right?
    Hay, D. Alastair (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:1: 136-162.

    Analyzes 2002-03 telephone interview & follow-up questionnaire data from Canadians. Pluralism, individualism, & scientific rationalism (evolution & philosophical materialism) inversely predicted religiosity. Deprivation & differentiation did not.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Deprivation; Differentiation; Evolution; Individualism; Materialism; Secularization; Pluralism; Canada
  • Extrinsic religious orientation and well-being: Is their negative association real or spurious?
    Doane, Michael J., Marta Elliott, and Portia S. Dyrenforth (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:1: 45-60.

    Analyzes online survey data from students at a small private college in the U.S. & a large public university in Ireland. Perceived social support explained the inverse relationship in both groups between extrinsic religiosity & well-being.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Intrinsic/extrinsic; Ireland; Social support; Students, undergraduate; United States; Well-being
  • Club goods and group identity: Evidence from Islamic resurgence during the Indonesian financial crisis.
    Chen, Daniel L. (2010)
    Journal of Political Economy 118:2: 300-354.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Deprivation; Indonesia; Economic; Islam, Indonesia
  • Explaining Religiosity: Towards a Unified Theoretical Model.
    Stolz, Jörg (2009)
    British Journal of Sociology 60:2: 345-376.

    Sees deprivation, control, socialization, cultural production, & ethnicity as complementary causal mechansims. Swiss data show socialization as crucial for Christianity & deprivation, gender, & age for alternative religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Ethnic; Social control; Culture; Switzerland; Deprivation
  • Pathways to Druidry. A Case Study of Ár nDraíocht Féin.
    Cooper, Michael T. (2009)
    Nova Religio 12:3: 40-59.

    Based on participant observation & ingerviews; "religious deprivation," "religious identity," & "religious elgitimacy" need to be studied in conversion phenomena.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Participant observation; Deprivation; Druidry; Ar nDraíocht Féin; Neopagan
  • Religious Affiliation in Contemporary Japan: Untangling the Enigma.
    Roemer, Michael K. (2009)
    Review of Religious Research 50:3: 298-320.

    Based on a representative sample survey; deprivation is related to affiliation with new religions, socialization with Buddhism, the new religions, & Christianity.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Japan; Membership; New religions; Socialization; Christian, Japan; Buddhist, Japan
  • From the Caliphate to the Shaheedim: Toward a Critical Theory of Islam.
    Langman, Lauren (2006)
    In Warren S. Goldstein (ed.) Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion. A Critique of Rational Choice. Leiden: Brill, pp. 285-341.

    Parallels the emergence of Fascism & of political Islam.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Deprivation; Fundamentalism; Fascism; Critical theory
  • From A Beautiful Mind to the Beautiful Soul: Rational Choice, Religion, and the Critical Theory of Adorno & Horkheimer.
    Brittain, Christopher Craig (2006)
    In Warren S. Goldstein (ed.) Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion. A Critique of Rational Choice. Leiden: Brill, pp. 151-177.

    Criticizes rational choice theory as overlooking realities outside the scope of instrumental reason.

    Associated Search Terms: Compensators; Adorno, Theodor W.; Iannaccone, Lawrence; Stark, Rodney; Rational choice theory; Horkheimer, Max; Deprivation; Critical theory
  • Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide.
    Norris, Pippa, and Ronald Inglehart (2004)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Argues for a deprivation theory built around the concept of security. Uses World Values Survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Nation; Secularization; Politics; Comparative
  • Deprivation and western Pentecostalism revisited: The case of "classical" Pentecostalism.
    Hunt, Stephen (2002)
    Pentecostudies 1:1: 1-32.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Pentecostal
  • The Sociology of Religious Movements.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (1997)
    New York: Routledge.

    General treatise written as a text, centered in the "compensator" theory framework & using U.S.A. illustrations.

    Associated Search Terms: Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Sect; Oneida; Shaker; New age; Jehovah´s Witness; Seventh-day Adventist; Schism; Compensators; Holiness religion; Functionalism; Dimensions of religiosity; Relative deprivation; Commune; Deprivation; Stratification; Conversion
  • Prophecy & Apocalypticism. The Postexilic Social Setting.
    Cook, Stephen L. (1995)
    Minneapolis: Fortress.

    Contrary to deprivtion theroy, Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 1-8, and Joel are proto-apocalyptic literature of priests holding power.

    Associated Search Terms: Literature; Hebrew; Apocalyptic; Deprivation
  • Religion and the Supernatural on a Danish Island: Rewards, Compensators, and the Meaning of Religion.
    Buckser, Andrew S. (1995)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 34:1: 1-16.

    Examines an independent congregation on Mors Island; finds organization, not supernaturalism, building membership, contra compensator/deprivation theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark, Mors Island; Parish; Organization; Belief; Deprivation; Membership
  • Rethinking the Reasonableness of the Religious Right.
    Wilcox, Clyde, Ted G. Jelen, and Sharon Linzey (1995)
    Review of Religious Research 36:3: 263-276.

    Analyzes 1983 questionnaire data from Moral Majority members in Indiana & Arkansas; shows political activism related not to defectiveness but desire to further a political viewpoint.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral Majority; Conservative, U.S.A.; Deprivation; Politics, U.S.A.
  • The Gospel of John and the Sociology of Light. Language and Characterization in the Fourth Gospel.
    Petersen, Norman R. (1993)
    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Trinity Press International.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Sociolinguistics; Deprivation
  • Rational Choice Propositions about Religious Movements.
    Stark, Rodney, and Laurence R. Iannaccone (1993)
    In David G. Bromley and Jeffrey K. Hadden (eds.) Religion and the Social Order. Volume 3 The Handbook on Cults and sects in America (Part A). Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 241-261.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Rational choice theory
  • Conventional Religious Behavior in Modern Japan: A Service Industry Perspective.
    Miller, Alan S. (1992)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 31:2: 207-214.

    Analyzes 1976-77 questionnaire data from the Tokyo area; correlates specific beliefs with death in the family, illness, & poverty.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan, Tokyo; Stratification; Salience; Deprivation
  • The Structure, Stability, and Social Antecedents of Reported Paranormal Experiences.
    Fox, John W. (1992)
    Sociological Analysis 53:4: 417-431.

    Analyzes 1984, '88, & '89 General Social Survey (U.S.A..) data; contrary to cultural source & deprivation theories, "déju vu" experiences are more frequent among the young & educated, & other paranormal experiences are unaffected by background.

    Associated Search Terms: Experience; United States; Deprivation; Paranormal
  • Despair and Deliverance: Private Salvation in Contemporary Israel.
    Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin (1992)
    Albany: State University of New York Press.

    Interprets observation & interview data on new religions, resurgent Orthodoxy, the occult, & psychotherapy in Israel in terms of collective insecurity.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Precarity; Deprivation; Occult; Jewish, Orthodox, Israel; Israel
  • Assessment of Former Members of Shiloh: The Adjective Check List 17 Years Later.
    Taslimi, Cheryl Rowe, Ralph W. Hood, Jr., and Paul J. Watson (1991)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Relgiion 30:3: 306-311.

    Personality test replication with former members of Shiloh, a disbanded Oregon Jesus People commune; results suggest more normalcy.

    Associated Search Terms: Commune; Deprivation; Personality test; Jesus movement
  • Fundamentalismus als patriarchalische Protestbewegung./Pious Passion: The Emergence of Modern Fundamentalism in the United States and Iran, tr. Don Renau.
    Riesebrodt, Martin (1990)
    Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr./Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

    Typifies fundamentalism as traditionalism mobilized by relative status deprivation; examines Protestant fundamentalism in the U.S. & political Islam in Iran.

    Associated Search Terms: Iran; Politics, U.S.A.; United States; Relative deprivation; Fundamentalist, U.S.A.; Politics, Iran; Islam, Iran
  • Scholars, Sects and Sanghas, 1: Recruitment to Asian-based Meditation Groups in North America.
    Gussner, R.E., and S.D. Berkowitz (1988)
    Sociological Analysis 49:2: 136-170.

    Analyzes 1984 questionnaire data from members of 10 Asian-based mystic groups in North America; shows a need for community having only moderate importance, & only younger members having countercultural or therapeutic reasons for joining.

    Associated Search Terms: Mystic; Conversion; New religions; Deprivation
  • "Adapted for heaven": Conversion and culture in western Sicily.
    Ducchiari, Salvatore (1988)
    American Ethnologist 15:3: 417-441.

    Critical of the deprivation theory approach.

    Associated Search Terms: Shamanism; Phenomenology; Pentecostal, Italy; Italy, Sicily; Deprivation; Conversion; Comparative
  • Deprivation, Compensation, and Conceptions of an Afterlife.
    Flynn, Charles P., and Suzanne R. Kunkel (1987)
    Sociological Analysis 48;1: 58-72.

    Analyzes 1983 General Social Survey (U.S.A..) data; finds little support for the Stark/Bainbridge theory of compensation.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; United States
  • The Pleasures of Spiritualism.
    Gillen, Paul (1987)
    Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 23:2: 217-232.

    Based on observation of a Spiritualist group in Sydney; argues against deprivation theory by pointing to such attractions as sociability & brain-teasing challenges in Spiritualism.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, Sydney; Spiritualist, Australia; Deprivation
  • Puritan Radicalism and the New Religious Organizations: Seventeenth-Century England and Contemporary America.
    Kent, Stephen A. (1987)
    Comparative Social Research 10: 3-46.

    Compares 17th-century English sects & 20th-century American new religions, seeing both in terms of political frustration ("relative deprivation").

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Great Britain; Deprivation; Comparative; New religions; Quaker, Great Britain
  • A Theory of Religion.
    Stark, Rodney, and William Sims Bainbridge (1987)
    New York & Bern: Peter Lang. [New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1996].

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Deprivation; Exchange theory; Sect; Cult; Conversion; Secularization
  • Dimensions of Religiosity in Old Age: Accounting for Variation in Types of Participation.
    Young, Gay, and Winfred Dowling (1987)
    Journal of Gerontology 42: 376-380.

    Analyzes 1983 questionnaire data from members of 5 El Paso American Association of Retired Persons chapters.

    Associated Search Terms: Gerontology; Dimensions of religiosity; United States, Texas, El Paso; Deprivation
  • A Sociological Analysis of Tribulation in the Apocalypse of John.
    Thompson, Leonard (1986)
    Semeia 36: 147-174.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Deprivation
  • Church as a Family Surrogate: Another Look at Family Ties, Anomie, and Church Involvement.
    Christiano, Kevin J. (1986)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 25:3: 339-354.

    Analyzes a 1970s sample of American adults.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Deprivation; United States; Anomie
  • Sociological Theory, Religion and Collective Action.
    Wallis, Roy, and Steve Bruce (1986)
    Belfast: The Queen's University.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Great Britain; South Africa; Presbyterian; Comparative; Conservative; Rajneesh; Children of God; New religions; Deprivation; Hermeneutic; United States; Stark, Rodney
  • The Stark-Bainbridge Theory of Religion: A Critical Analysis and Counter Proposals.
    Wallis, Roy, and Steve Bruce (1984)
    Sociological Analysis 45:1: 11-28. Reply by William Sims Bainbridge and Rodney Stark 45:2 (1984): 145-158. Rejoinder by Steve Bruce and Roy Wallis 46:1 (1985): 73-76.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Bainbridge, William Sims; Stark, Rodney
  • If I Should Die before I Wake: Religious Commitment and Adjustment to Death of a Child.
    Cook, Judith A., and Dale W. Wimberley (1983)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 22:3: 222-238.

    Analyzes interview or questionnaire data from parents of children who died of cancer; shows religious commitment both cause & consequence of adjustment to bereavement. Interprets the results with deprivation/compensation theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Death; Deprivation; Medical
  • Relative Deprivation and Resource Mobilization: A Study of Early Quakerism.
    Kent, Stephen A. (1982)
    British Journal of Sociology 33:4: 529-544.

    Sees resource mobilization & relative deprivation theories as complementary; uses early Quakerism in England to illustrate the point.

    Associated Search Terms: Relative deprivation; Resource mobilization; Great Britain; Historical; Social movement; Quaker, Great Britain
  • Paranormal Beliefs: Testing the Marginality Hypothesis.
    Emmons, Charles F., and Jeff Sobal (1981)
    Sociological Focus 14:1: 49-56.

    1978 U.S.A. Gallup Poll data show unmarried women more likely to believe in paranormal phenomena, but that such belief does not correlate with age, low educational levels, being African American, or being unemployed.

    Associated Search Terms: Marginality; Occult; Paranormal; Belief; Deprivation
  • Povertà urbana e marginalità: il ruolo della Chiesa.
    Cipriani, Roberto (1981)
    La critica sociologica 57/58: 133-142.

    The Catholic Church, perceived as middle & upper class, deals unsuccessfully with the Roman poor since it fails to understand the phenomenon of relative deprivation.

    Associated Search Terms: Relative deprivation; Stratification; Italy, Rome
  • Themes of Power and Control in a Pentecostal Assembly.
    Wilson, John, and Harvey . Clow (1981)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 20:3: 241-250.

    Compensation theories of Pentecostalism say little about its distinctive Spirit-possession. A replication/expressiveness theory of ritual can interpret it; notes themes of power & control that resonate with adherents' workplace situations.

    Associated Search Terms: Possession; Deprivation; Ritual; Power; Pentecostal; Occupation
  • An Interpersonal Influence Model of Traditional Religious Commitment.
    Welch, Kevin W. (1981)
    Sociological Quarterly 22:1: 81-92.

    Analyzes 1963 questionnaire data from Protestants in the San Francisco Bay area; shows denomination, attendance, & intra-congregation friendships better predicted orthodoxy, experience, & social participation than did deprivation variables.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Social participation; Experience; Deprivation; Parish; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); United States, California, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Towards a Theory of Religious Commitment.
    Stark, Rodney, and William Sims Bainbridge (1980)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 19:2: 114-128.

    Presents basic definitions & axioms for a general theory of religious commitment; uses a generally deprivation theory approach.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Commitment
  • Jewish Millenarianism: A Comparison of Medieval Communities.
    Sharot, Stephen (1980)
    Comparative Studies in Society and History 22:3: 394-415.

    Some general explanations of millennial movements are relevant to Jewish millenarianism, but no one theory accounts for all cases; disruption & relative deprivation explain some.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish; Historical; Millenarian; Deprivation; Comparative
  • A Test of Theories of Protestant Church Participation and Commitment.
    Hoge, Dean R., and David T. Polk (1980)
    Review of Religious Research 21:3: 315-329.

    Analyzes 1971 survey data from pastors & church members of 15 denominations in the U.S. & Canada.

    Associated Search Terms: Contributions; Commitment; Practice; Deprivation; Socialization; Belief
  • The Substructure of Religion: A Further Study.
    Wright, Stuart A., and William V. D'Antonio (1980)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 19:3: 292-298.

    1977 questionnaire data from resident students at the U. of Connecticut lend no support for Yinger's proposed substructure of religion--suffering, injustice, meaninglessness. Love was a more common theme, but was also shown not to be a substructure.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; Love; Yinger, J. Milton; Students, undergraduate
  • Cult Formation: Three Compatible Models.
    Bainbridge, William Sims, and Rodney Stark (1979)
    Sociological Analysis 40:4: 283-295. [Also in Jeffrey K. Hadden and Theodore E. Long (eds.), Religion and Religiosity in America. Studies in Honor of Joseph H. Fichter (New York: Crossroad, 1983), pp. 35-53.]

    Psychopathology, entrepreneur, & subculture-evolution models are compatible; they can be reduced to 2 basic concepts--compensation & exchange.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Deprivation; Exchange theory
  • Neo-Pentecostalism: A Sociological Assessment.
    Bradfield, Cecil David (1979)
    Washington: University Press of America.

    Based on 1972-74 participant observation & questionnaire data from a western Virginia chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Deprivation; Full Gospel Businessmen´s Fellowship International; United States, Virginia
  • Blessed are the Downtrodden? An Empirical Test.
    McNamara, Patrick H., and Arthur St. George (1978)
    Sociological Analysis 39;4: 303-320.

    Analyzes 1971 data from a nationwide quality-of-life survey of Americans.

    Associated Search Terms: Deprivation; United States
  • Jews for Jesus: An Anthropological Study.
    Lipson, Juliene Gloria (1978)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of California, San Francisco. [DA 40:2 A, p. 940] [New York: AMS Press, 1988]

    Focuses on a Hebrew Christian group that evolved out of the 1970s Jesus movement. Proposes generation-specific religious movements & ethnic identity reasons, rather than deprivations, for joining.

    Associated Search Terms: Jews for Jesus; Jesus movement; Deprivation; Generations
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