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  • The over-policing of the devil: A sociology of exorcism.
    Giordan, Giuseppe, and Adam Possamai (2016)
    Social Compass 63:4: 444-460.

    Increases in the supply & availability of exorcists lend credibility to the belief in devil possession and hence o increases in people who believe they are possessed. Examines case files of an exorcist.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Devil; Exorcism; Social construction of reality
  • Demonic influence: The negative mental health effects of belief in demons
    Nie, Fanhao, and Daniel V.A. Olson (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:3: 498-515.

    Analyzes 2003-08 panel National Study of Youth and Religion (US.A.) data. Belief in malevolent spirits predicts lower mental health scores among adolescents & declines in the scores in young adulthood.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Adolescents; Devil; Mental health; Panel study; Young adults; Youth
  • "Dicen que los cien soles son del Diablo": L'interprétation apocalyptique et mythique du Programa Juntos dans les communautés andines de Cajamarca (Pérou) et la critique populaire des programmes sociaux.
    Piccoli, Emmanuelle (2014)
    Social Compass 61:3: 328-347.

    The Programa Juntos aims to integrate poor families into the market economy through cash incentives for mothers and children to obtain identity documents, health services, & education. The author sees locals' interpretation of the program in diabolical terms as social critique. Based on 2005-13 field work in the Cajamarca region in the Andies.

    Associated Search Terms: Peru; Devil; Stratification
  • Is evil good for religion? The link between supernatural evil and religious commitment.
    Martinez, Brandon C. (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:2: 319-338.

    Analyzes 2007 Baylor Religion Survey (U.S.A.) data; belief in supernatural evil correlates positively with measures of religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Religiosity; United States
  • O Diabo amarrado, ou la guerre néopentecôtiste contre les démons afro-brésiliens (Bahia-Brésil).
    Plaideau, Charlotte (2008)
    Unpublished thèse de doctorat, Université catholique de Louvain.

    Associated Search Terms: African Brazilians; Pentecostal, neo, Brazil; Devil; Demonology; Brazil, Bahia
  • Notions of Evil, the Devil and Sin among Chilean Businessmen.
    Thumala Olave, María Angélica (2007)
    Social Compass 54:4: 613-632.

    Based on interviews with Chilean business executives, whose discourse on evil is not traditional (hell, devil) but whose beliefs are nevertheless theistic.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Evil; Devil; Chile; Business people; Belief
  • The Devil and the Pentecostals in Brazil.
    Mariz, Cecília Loreto (2000)
    In Donizete Rodrigues and Pablo del Rio (eds.) The Religious Phenomenon: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach. Madrid: Funación Ifnancia y Apendizaje, pp. 43-50.

    For those who came from folk Catholicism or Afro-Brazilian religion, the Pentecostal devil represents a step toward a rationalized religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Rationalization; Conversion; Pentecostal, Brazil; Brazil
  • God, the Devil and Witches: Religious Practices in Portugal Peasant Societies.
    Rodrigues, Donizete (2000)
    In Donizette Rodrigues and Pablo del Röo (eds.) The Religious Phenomenon: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach. Madrid: Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje, pp. 57-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Magic; Witch; Community study; Medical; Portugal, Outeiro; Rural
  • Deus, o demónio e o homen: o fenómeno Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus.
    Ruuth, Anders, and Donizete Rodrigues (1999)
    Lisboa: Edições Colibri.

    Associated Search Terms: Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus; Pentecostal, Brazil; Brazil; Devil
  • Le mouvement prônant la guérison par la foi en Marie: changements sociaux et catholicisme populaire en Tanzanie.
    Sivalon, John, and Christopher Comoro (1998)
    Social Compass 45:4: 575-593.

    Associated Search Terms: Medical; Healing; Marian; Popular religion; Catholic, Tanzania; Devil; Tanzania
  • "Delivered from the powers of darkness": Confessions of Satanic riches in Christian Ghana.
    Meyer, Birgit (1995)
    Africa 65: 236-255.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Ghana; Pentecostal, Ghana
  • O Demônio no Pentecostalismo.
    Mariz, Cecília Loreto (1994)
    In Patricia Birman, Regina Novaes, and Samira Crespo (eds.) O Mal à Brasileira. Rio de Janairo: Ed. UERJ.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Devil; Evil; Pentecostal, Brazil
  • Female suffering, local power relations, and religious tourism: A case study from Yugoslavia.
    Bax, Mart (1992)
    Medical Anthropology Quarterly 6:2: 114-127.

    Associated Search Terms: Power; Case study; Medjugorje; Medical; Gender; Devil; Women
  • Devil Worship in Western Montana: A Case Study in Rumor Construction.
    Balch, Robert W., and Margaret Gilliam (1991)
    In James T. Richardson, Joel Best, and David G. Bromley 9eds.), The Satan Scare. New York: Aldine De Gruyter, pp. 246-262.

    Associated Search Terms: Rumor; United States, Montana; Satanist; Devil
  • Demons and the Devil.
    Stewart, Charles (1991)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Based on 1983-84 fieldwork on Naxos.

    Associated Search Terms: Greece, Naxos; Devil; Participant observation; Greek Orthodox, Greece; Folk religion; Satan
  • How about Demons? Possession and Exorcism in the Modern World.
    Goodman, Felicitas D. (1988)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Possession; Exorcism; Demonology; Devil
  • Diavolo, diavoli. Torino e altrove.
    Barbano, Filippo (ed.) (1988)
    Milano: Bompiani.

    Associated Search Terms: Exorcism; Devil; Italy, Turin
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