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  • Individualized marriage and family disruption ministries in congregations: How culture matters.
    Konieczny, Mary Ellen (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:2: 144-170.

    Based on interview data from northern Indiana congregations; describes cultural work & counseling in support of mar4riage and of divorced persons.

    Associated Search Terms: Divorce; United States, Indiana, northern; Marriage/divorce; Counseling; Congregation; Dialectic
  • The social context of organized nonbelief: County-level predictors of nonbeliever organizations in the United States
    García, Alfredo, and Joseph Blankholm (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:1: 70-90.

    County-level data show the percentage of the populations that is Evangelical correlates positively with the existence & number of nonbeliever organizations.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, U.S.A.; Dialectic; Ecology; United States
  • Finding the sacred in unexpected places: Religious evanescence and evocation.
    Bartkowski, John P. (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:3:357-371.

    Without using the term "dialectic," notes the movement toward the sacred in secular song lyrics (evocation) & away from the sacred in seemingly religious song lyrics (evanescence).

    Associated Search Terms: Music; Dialectic; Sacred/profane
  • Atheist Awakening: Secular Activism & Community in America.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    Based on participant observation in atheist meetings & events, on interviews, surveys, & content analyses of literature & websites. Awakened atheism & religious activism dialectically need each other.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Secular humanism; Atheist, U.S.A.; Ritual; Participant observation; Minority; Media; Internet; Identity; Schism; Dialectic; Content analysis
  • From Yoga to Kabbalah. Religious Exoticism and the Logics of Bricolage.
    Altglas, Véronique (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Bricolage operates through a quest for the exotic, which is defined fro some non-foreign base & is thus a form of estrangement. Based on 1999-2005 field work at Siddha Yoga & Sivananda centers in London & Paris, & with neo-Hindu groups in Britain; & 2007-2010 field work at Kabbalah Centers in Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, & Tel Aviv.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Kabbalist, France; Kabbalah; Jewish, Kabbalist, Israel; Jewish, Kabbalist, Great Britain; Deterritorialization; Hindu, Sivananda; Hindu, Siddha Yoga; Dialectic; Bricolage; Hare Krishna, Great Britain
  • Spirituality and Systems of Belief.
    Pace, Enzo (2011)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Religion, Spirituality and Everyday Practice. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 23-32.

    Systems theory approach to characterizing spirituality in dialectic with religion. Notes the usefulness of Troeltsch's Spiritualismus (mysticism) with reference to spirituality.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Mysticism; Troeltsch, Ernst; Dialectic; Systems theory
  • Holy Hustlers, Schism and Prophecy: Apostolic Reformation in Botswana.
    Werbner, Richard (2011)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Eloyi (African Apostolic); Apostolic, Botswana; Dialectic; Botswana; Prophet
  • A Sociology of Religious Emotion.
    Riis, Ole, and Linda Woodhead (2010)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    Re-establishes the study of emotion related to religions, with a dialectical approach highlighting "emotional regimes," both balanced ones & asymmetrical cases of subjective expressivism or imposed emotional programs.

    Associated Search Terms: Emotion; Dialectic
  • Les Transactions Sociales de la Religion: de la Médiation au Compromis.
    Turcotte, Paul-André (2009)
    Pensée plurielle. Parole, pratiques & réflexions du social 21:2: 13-25.

    Social mediation of religion involves opposed but not antagonistic elements; example of U.S.A. Catholic bishops' social stands & mission.

    Associated Search Terms: Bishops´ conference; Catholic, U.S.A.; Dialectic; Mediation
  • The bones restored to life. Dialogue and dissemination in the Vineyard's dialectic of text and presence.
    Bialecki, Jon (2009)
    In James S. Bielo (ed.) The Social Life of Scriptures. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 136-156.

    In the Vineyard Church of Southern California, charism & scripture complement & control one another.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, U.S.A.; United States, California; Vineyard Churches; Dialectic
  • Patterns of Secularization and Religious Rationalization in Emile Durkheim and Max Weber.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2009)
    Implicit Religion 12:2: 135-163.

    The linear secularization model is only one theme in classical sociological theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Durkheim, Émile; Secularization; Dialectic; Differentiation; Rationalization; Weber, Max
  • Secularization Patterns in the Old Paradigm.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2009)
    Sociology of Religion 70:2: 157-178.

    Critique of "old paradigm" secularization is misguided since the paradigm did not speak of a linear process; favors a dialectical model.

    Associated Search Terms: Wilson, Bryan R.; Luhmann, Niklas; Fenn, Richard K.; Martin, David A.; Parsons, Talcott; Dialectic; Berger, Peter L.; Bellah, Robert N.; Luckmann, Thomas; Secularization
  • La globalisation du discours fondamentalsite. Le cas du néo-évangelisme de George Bush Jr.
    Geoffroy, Martin (2007)
    In Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, and Michel Gardaz (eds.) La mondialisation du phénomène religieux. Montréal: Mediaspaul, pp. 203-222.

    Political Islam is an integralist reaction to the radicalization of North American neo-Evangelicalism & fundamentalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical; Politics; Discourse; Fundamentalism; Globalization; Integralism; Political religion; Dialectic
  • G. Simmel, tension entre religiosité et religion: un transaction permanente.
    Remy, Jean (2006)
    In Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Remy (eds.) Médiations et compromis. Institutions religieuses et symboliques sociales. Contributions à une relecture des classiques de la sociologie. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 153-185.

    Considers Simmel's treatment of the relationship between individual religiosity & group religion--an example of the crystallization of a form rather than routinization of charisma.

    Associated Search Terms: Aesthetic; Institutionalization; Dialectic; Religiosity; Compromise; Simmel, Georg
  • Ancient Judaism and early Christianity: A Critical Dialectical/conflict Approach to Biblical History.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2006)
    In Warren S. Goldstein (ed.) Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion. A Critique of Rational Choice. Leiden: Brill, pp. 205-222.

    Narrates Hebrew & early Christian history from a conflict perspective & dialectic of prophecy/priesthood; the account of Christian origins differs from that of those who use higher criticism.

    Associated Search Terms: Hebrew; Early Christian; Dialectic; Conflict theory; Prophetic-priestly
  • Toward a Dialectical Sociology of Religion: A Critique of Positivism and Clerico-fascism.
    Siebert, Rudolf J. (2006)
    In Warren S. Goldstein (ed.) Marx, Critical Theory, and Religion. A Critique of Rational Choice. Leiden: Brill, pp. 61-114.

    A sociology of religion capable of sympathy would serve a humane future; a positivistic one incapable of sympathy served Fascism & serves the latter's contemporary equivalents.

    Associated Search Terms: Adorno, Theodor W.; Horkheimer, Max; Dialectic; Critical theory
  • Virtuoses, laïcs et compromis religieux chez Max Weber.
    Ouédraogo, Jean-Martin (2006)
    In Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Remy (eds.) Médiations et compromis. Institutions religieuses et symboliques sociales. Contributions à une relecture des classiques de la sociologie. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 91-131.

    Associated Search Terms: Meaning; Compromise; Dialectic; Bourdieu, Pierre; Intellectuals; Weber, Max
  • L'Utopie Anti-Utopique: L'Homme et l'Histoire dans la Pensée de K. Marx et F. Engels.
    Varga, Ivan (2006)
    In Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Remy (eds.) Médiations et compromis. Institutions religieuses et symboliques sociales. Contributions à une relecture des classiques de la sociologie. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 65-89.

    General account of Marxist & marxian theory, with observations on Weber & compromise in religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Marxian; Engels, Frederick; Dialectic; Marx, Karl; Marxism; Weber, Max; Compromise
  • Représentations Symboliques et Médiations Historiques dans le Christianisme: de F. Engels à E. Troeltsch.
    Turcotte, Paul-André (2006)
    In Paul-André Turcotte and Jean Remy (eds.) Médiations et compromis. Institutions religieuses et symboliques sociales. Contributions à une relecture des classiques de la sociologie. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 17-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Mediation; Utopian; Dialectic; Engels, Frederick; Weber, Max; Routinization; Charisma; Compromise; Troeltsch, Ernst
  • The Dialectics of Religious Rationalization and Secularization: Max Weber and Ernst Bloch.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2005)
    Critical Sociology 31(1-2): 115-152.

    Associated Search Terms: Bloch, Ernst; Dialectic; Rationalization; Secularization; Weber, Max
  • Messianism and Marxism: Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch's Dialectical Theories of Secularization.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2001)
    Critical Sociology 27:2: 246-281.

    The two authors' dialectical theories of secularization explain their mixture of messianism & Marxism.

    Associated Search Terms: Benjamin, Walter; Bloch, Ernst; Dialectic; Marxian; Marxism; Messian
  • The Reciprocal Relationship of Syncretism and Fundamentalism from the Early History of Religion to Modernity.
    Prandi, Carlo (2000)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 11: 23-35.

    Associated Search Terms: Fundamentalist; Syncretism; Dialectic
  • Un nouveau paradigme: entre la sensible et l'intelligible, l'innovation et l'institution. De l'intérêt du propos de Michel Maffesoli.
    Remy, Jean (1996)
    Social Compass 43:1: 19-23.

    Sees religious expressions as embodying a dialectic of polarity between social & personality systems.

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Individualism
  • Social Dramas in Brazilian Umbanda: The Dialectics of Meaning.
    Turner, Victor (1986)
    In Victor Turner (ed.) The Anthropology of Performance. New York: PAJ Publications, pp. 33-71.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil; Dialectic
  • Time and Transcendence in a Dialectical Sociology of Religion.
    Mol, Hans (Johannes J.) (1982)
    Sociological Analysis 42:4: 317-324.

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Functionalism; Time; Transcendence
  • Understanding Catholic Charismatic Community. An Ethnographic Approach.
    Batiuk, Mary Ellen (1982)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Washington University, St. Louis. [DA 43:12 A, p. 4045]

    Based on participant observation in a community in Midwest U.S.A. Dialectic of social polarities--rational/irrational, natural/supernatural, individual/community, autonomy/authority.

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Pentecostal, Catholic, U.S.A.; Participant observation
  • Dialecticizing the Types.
    Blasi, Anthony J. (1981)
    Sociological Analysis 42:2: 163-172.

    Associated Search Terms: Levels of inclusiveness; Typology; Dialectic
  • Dialectical Orientation and the Sociology of Religion.
    Schneider, Louis (1979)
    Sociological Inquiry 49:2/3: 49-73. [Also in harry M. Johnson (ed.) Religious Change and Continuity. Sociological Perspectives. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1979, pp. 49-73.]

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Antinomian
  • Never in Place: Eliade and Judaic Sacred Space.
    Gurevitch, Zali, and Gideon Aran (1974)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 39/87: 135-152.

    The role of place in Jewish tradition is not simple, but dialectical.

    Associated Search Terms: Space; Dialectic; Jewish
  • The Secular Practice and the Spirit of Religion.
    Goodridge, R. Martin (1973)
    Social Compass 20:1: 19-30.

    Examines the Protestant Ethic thesis in terms of the motives of elites in the secular sphere in the late medieval era, & sees secular & religious motives in a dialectic of mutual involvement.

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Protestant Ethic; Phenomenology
  • Sociologial Dilemmas: Five Paradoxes of Institutionalism.
    O'Dea, Thomas F. (1963)
    In Edward A. Tiryakian (ed.) Sociological Theory, Values and Sociocultural Change. New York: Free Press, pp. 71-89. [Also in Thomas F. O'Dea, Sociology and the Study of Religion. Theory, Research, Interpretation. New York: Basic, 1970, pp. 240-255]

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Institutionalization
  • Five Dilemmas in the Institutionalization of Religion.
    O'Dea, Thomas F. (1961)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 1:1: 30-39. [Also in Richard D. Knudten (ed.) The Sociology of Religion. An Anthology. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1967, pp. 185-194]

    Also in Louis Schneider (ed.) Religion, Culture and Society. New York: Wiley, 1964, pp. 580-588.

    Associated Search Terms: Dialectic; Institutionalization
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