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  • Religious quest orientation and anti-gay sentimen: Nuancing the relationship between relgiosity and negative attitudes toward homosexuality among young Muslims and Christians in Flanders.
    Droogenbroeck, Filip Van, Bram Spruyt, Jessy Siongers, and Gil Keppens (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:4: 787-799.

    Analyzes 2013 questionnaire data from secondary level students in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. For both Christian & Muslim students, a "quest" measure (openness to religious rethinking) inversely predicted negative views of homosexuality, while other measures of religiosity positively predicted them.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium, Flanders; Doubt; Homosexuality; Quest; Students, secondary
  • Uncertainty at the heart of a ritual in Lebanon 2011.
    Aubin-Boltanski, Emma (2014)
    Social Compass 61:4:511-523.

    Based on accounts of women from various Christian churches who have stigmata in Lebanon. Part of the phenomenon is skepticism directed toward the female mystics.

    Associated Search Terms: Doubt; Lebanon; Marian; Mystic
  • Créativité et incertitude dans les mouveaux rituels contemporains.
    Fedele, Anna (2014)
    Social Compass 61:4:497-510.

    Based on fieldwork in Portugal, Spain, & Italy. Doubt is an element in the goddess ritual.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Ritual; Goddess; Doubt; Europe
  • À l’épreuve des certitudes: récits d’une sanctification locale (Ceará, Brésil).
    Clerc-Renaud, Agnès (2014)
    Social Compass 61:4:524-536.

    Narratives about experiences related to a local saint in Ceará State include miracles, which by their very nature combine socially certitude & doubt.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Ceará; Doubt; Saints; Narrative; Popular Catholicism
  • Certainty and uncertainty in contemporary spirituality and Catholicism: Finding proof versus destabilizing certainties in popular religion in the Netherlands.
    Knibbe, Kim (2014)
    Social Compass 61:4: 537-549.

    Ethnographic reseach on a contemporary spirituality group seeking proof of the "other side" & in a group of liberal Catholics seeking to deal with uncertainty.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Participant observation; Doubt; Catholic, Netherlands; Spiritualist, Netherlands
  • Religious Involvement and Religious Struggles.
    Hill, Terrence D., and Ryon J. Cobb (2011)
    In Anthony J. Blasi (ed.) Toward a Sociological Theory of Religion and Health. Leiden: Brill, pp. 239-260.

    Reviews the literature & develops a theoretical model for the relationship between religion & longevity.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Mortality; Conversion; Depression; Mental health; Self-esteem; Social support; Doubt
  • Religious Doubts and Sleep Quality: Findings from a Nationwide Study of Presbyterians.
    Ellison, Christopher G., Matt Bradshaw, Jennifer Storch, Jack P. Marcum, and Terrence D. Hill (2011)
    Review of Religious Research 53:2: 119-136.

    Analyzes survey data from members of the Presbytrian Church (U.S.A.); shows moderate support for the thesis that religious doubt is associated with stress & therefore with sleep deprivation.

    Associated Search Terms: Health; Doubt; Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.; Belief; Stress
  • Spiritual Struggles and Psychological Distress among US Adults: Is there a Dark Side of Religion?
    Ellison, Christopher G., and Jinwoo Lee (2010)
    Social Indicators Research 98: 501-517.

    Associated Search Terms: Stress; Doubt
  • The Doubting Process: A Longitudinal Study of the Precipitants and Consequences of Religious Doubt in Older Adults.
    Krause, Neal, and Christopher G. Ellison (2009)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48:2: 293-312.

    Analyzes 2001 & '04 interview data from Americans aged 66+. Negative congregation experience is associated with more doubt. Doubt, if suppressed, is associated with worse health.

    Associated Search Terms: Gerontology; Doubt; Belief; Health; Parish
  • Religious Doubt and Mental Health Across the Life Span.
    Galek, Kathleen, Neal Krause, Christopher G. Ellison, Taryn Kudler, and Kevin J. Flannelly (2007)
    Journal of Adult Development 14:1: 16-25.

    Associated Search Terms: Mental health; Doubt; Life cycle
  • Religious Doubt and Psychological Well-being: A Longitudinal Investigation.
    Krause, Neal (2006)
    Review of Religious Research 47:3: 287-302. Reprinted 50:S: 94-110.

    Analyzes 2000 U.S. interview data from respondents aged over 65; doubt predicts a decline in psychological well-being; educational attainment buffers the decline.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Education; Well-being; Gerontology; Doubt; Belief
  • Religious Doubt and Health: Exploring the Potential Dark Side of Religion.
    Krause, Neal, and Keith M. Wulff (2004)
    Sociology of Religion 65:1: 35-56.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from 434 U.S. Christian religious congregations. Religious doubt predicts less satisfaction with health & more depression, especially among congregation members who fill official church offices.

    Associated Search Terms: Depression; United States; Faith; Mental health; Doubt
  • Religious doubt, helping others, and psychological well-being.
    Krause, Neal (2003)
    Journal of Religion and Health 54:2: 745-758.

    Associated Search Terms: Altruism; Well-being, psychological; Doubt
  • A Longitudinal Study of Religious Doubts in High School and Beyond: Relationships, Stability, and Searching for Answers.
    Hunsberger, Bruce E., Michael Pratt, and S. Mark Pancer (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:2: 255-266.

    1997 & '99 longitudinal survey study of Ontario '97 high school seniors; moderate doubt was common. Greater doubt was related to problematic family contexts. Doubt was related to practice.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, secondary; Doubt; Adolescents; Belief; Longitudinal; Canada, Ontario
  • Aging, Religious Doubt, and Psychological Well-Being.
    Krause, Neal, Berit Ingersoll-Dayton, Christopher G. Ellison, and Keith M. Wulff (1999)
    The Gerontologist 39: 525-533.

    Associated Search Terms: Well-being; Faith; Gerontology; Doubt
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