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  • Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority Report.
    Mahmood, Saba (2015)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Persecution of minorities in Egypt is a function of secular nationalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Persecution; Secularization; Participant observation; Egypt
  • Contesting Religious Educational Discourses and Institutions in Contemporary Egypt.
    Asik, Mehmet Ozan (2012)
    Social Compass 59:1: 84-101.

    Examines the Islamist reaction in Egypt against state authority & the West, in the field of religious education. Based on 2005 semi-structured interviews.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Islam, Egypt; Competition; Egypt
  • Contention in religion and state in postrevolutionary Egypt.
    Brown, Nathan J. (2012)
    Social Research 79:2: 531-550.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Conflict; Egypt
  • Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States.
    Davis, Nancy J., and Robert V. Robinson (2012)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Focuses on the caring service side of religiously orthodox movements. The 4 movements under study bypass the state in their humanistic works. 2 would and 2 would not take over the state.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Social services; SHAS; Salvation Army, U.S.A.; Muslim Brotherhood; Italy; Israel; Egypt; Comunione e Liberazione; Catholic, Italy; Islam, Egypt; Social movement; Jewish, Sephardim, Israel
  • Islamizing Egypt? Testing the limits of Gramscian counterhegemonic strategies.
    Kandil, Hazem (2011)
    Theory and Society 40:1: 37-62.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Hegemony; Islam, Egypt; Politics, Egypt; Egypt
  • A Research Note on Islam and Gender Egalitarianism: An Examination of Egyptian and Saudi Arabian Youth Attitudes.
    Kucinskas, Jaime (2010)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49:4: 761-770.

    Analyzes 2005 interview data from Muslim youth in Egypt & Saudi Arabia; practice & orthodoxy are inversely related to gender egalitarian attitudes among males, positively related among females.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender; Egypt; Practice; Saudi Arabia; Islam, Egypt; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Islam, Saudi Arabia
  • Religious Politics and Secular States: Egypt, India and the United States.
    Hibbard, Scott W. (2010)
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Egypt; India; Politics, Egypt; Politics, India; Politics, U.S.A.; State
  • Religion and the State.
    Hammond, Phillip E., and David W. Machacek (2009)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 391-405.

    Illustrates with the cases of Brazil, Poland, Indonesia, Egypt, China, Great Britain, & U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; China; State; Indonesia; Poland; Great Britain; Egypt; Brazil
  • Religious Education in Egypt: A Sociological Analysis of Contesting Religious Educational Institutions, Policies and Discourses.
    Asik, Mehmet Ozan (2008)
    Sarrbrücken: VDM Verlag.

    Associated Search Terms: Competition; Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Education
  • Religious Fundamentalism among Young Muslims in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    Moaddel, Mansoor, and Stuart A. Karabenick (2008)
    Social Forces 86:4: 1675-1710.

    Based on 2005 surveys. "Fundamentalist" Muslim youth in Egypt & Saudi Arabia tend to rely on religious authorities for knowledge about the sociopolitcal role of Islam, support religious law, be fatalistic, & feel insecure.

    Associated Search Terms: Saudi Arabia; Political Islam; Islam, Saudi Arabia; Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Youth
  • The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics.
    Hirschkind, Charles (2006)
    New York: Columbia University Press.

    Based on sermons available on cassette in Cairo, Egypt.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt, Cairo; Media; Homily; Islam, Egypt
  • Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject.
    Mahmood, Saba (2005)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Ethnography of a grassroots women's movement in the mosques of Cairo, Egypt.Based on 1995-97 field work with women who taught in mosques--previusly a male role.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt, Cairo; Social movement; Islam, Egypt; Feminism; Ritual; Moral; Participant observation; Women; Foucault, Michel
  • L'autorité de la référence: usages de la shari'a islamique dans le contexte judiciaire égyptien.
    Dupret, Baudouin (2004)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 125: 189-210.

    Associated Search Terms: Sharia; Law; Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Symbolic Gender Politics, Religious Group Identity, and the Declne in Female Genital Cutting in Minya, Egypt.
    Yount, Kathryn M. (2004)
    Social Forces 82:3: 1063-1090.

    Female circumcision was in decline more among Christians than Muslims.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Politics, Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Egypt, Minya; Coptic; Circumcision
  • Islam, Charity, and Activism: Middle-Class Networks and Social Welfare in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen.
    Clark, Janine A. (2004)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Yemen; Islam; Stratification; Charities; Jordan
  • Religion and Civil Society: Rethinking Public Religion in the Contemporary World.
    Herbert, David (2004)
    Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Bosnia; Public religion; Catholic, Poland; Egypt; Islam, Great Britain; Poland; Great Britain
  • Discursive Pluralism and Islamic Modernism in Egypt.
    Moaddel, Mansoor (2002)
    Arab Studies Quarterly 24: 1-29.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Pluralism; Modernity; Islam, Egypt
  • "Islam Is our Politics": A Gramscian Analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood (1928-1953).
    Simms, Rupe (2002)
    Social Compass 49:4: 563-582.

    Focus on the Muslim Brotherhood from its founding in 1928 to Egyptian independence; makes extensions of Gramscian theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Muslim Brotherhood
  • Islamism in Contemporary Arab Politics. Lessons in Authoritarianism and Democratization.
    Tamadonfar, Mehran (2002)
    In Ted Gerard Jelen and Clyde Wilcox (eds.) Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective. New York: Cambridge University Press, pp. 141-165.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Egypt; Politics, Lebanon; Politics, Algeria; Lebanon; Islamicist; Egypt; Algeria
  • Journey Back to Eden. My Life and Times among the Desert Fathers.
    Gruber, Mark (2002)
    Maryknoll, New York: Orbis.

    Popular account of field work among Coptic monks.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Monasticism; Coptic; Participant observation
  • Jordanian Exceptionalism: An Analysis of State and Religion Relationships in Egypt, Iran, Jordan, and Syria.
    Moaddel, Mansoor (2002)
    New York: Palgrave.

    Associated Search Terms: Iran; State; Jordan; Egypt; Syria
  • Faithlines: Muslim Conceptions of Islam and Society.
    Riaz, Hassan (2002)
    Karachi: Oxford University Press.

    Based on interviews with educated Muslims in 4 nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Indonesia; Religiosity; Islam, Pakistan; Islam, Indonesia; Pakistan; Islam, Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan; Islam, Egypt; Egypt
  • Islamic Mobilization: Social Movement Theory and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.
    Munson, Ziad (2001)
    Sociological Quarterly 42:4: 487-510.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Brotherhood; Social movement
  • Conditions for Ideological Production: The Origins of Islamic Modernism in India, Egypt, and Iran.
    Moaddel, Mansoor (2001)
    Theory and Society 30:5: 669-731.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Iran; Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Islam, India; India; Islam, Iran
  • Feminist theory, embodiment, and the docile agent: Some reflections on the Egyptian Islamic revival.
    Mahmood, Saba (2001)
    Cultural Anthropology 6:2: 202-236.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender role; Feminist theory; Women; Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III (2001)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Poland; Guatemala; Brazil; Comparative; Thailand; China; Politics; Violence; State; Israel; Indonesia; Pakistan; Sweden; Egypt; Turkey; India
  • Social Change in Egypt: The Roles of Religion and Family.
    Houseknecht, Sharon K. (2000)
    In Sharon K. Houseknecht and Jerry G. Pankhurst (eds.) Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 79-106.

    Overview of inter-institution tension in contemporary Egypt; notes family life in Egypt reflects Islamic prescriptions, though increased levels of women's education suggests some social change.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Egypt; Women; Change; Family
  • Religion and politics in Egypt: The ulema of al-Azhar, radical Islam, and the state (1952-94).
    Zeghal, Malika (1999)
    International Journal of Middle East Studies 31:3: 371-399.

    Associated Search Terms: Ulama; Politics, Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Egypt
  • Putting Islam to Work: Education, Politics, and Religious Transformation in Egypt.
    Starrett, Gregory (1998)
    Berkeley; University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Politics, Egypt; Education; Egypt
  • Religion and Women; Islamic Modernism Versus Fundamentalism.
    Moaddel, Mansoor (1998)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 37:1: 108-130.

    Islamic modernism emerged from pluralist contexts.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Islam, Iran; India; Islam, India; Women; Sociology of knowledge; Pluralism; Iran
  • Egypt, Islam and Democracy: Critical Essays. (second edition, 2002)
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1996)
    Cairo: American University in Cairo Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Egypt; Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Gardiens de l'Islam: Les Oulémas d'Al Azhar dans l'Egypte Contemporaine.
    Zeghal, Malika (1996)
    Paris: Presses de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques.

    Associated Search Terms: Ulama; Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Philo's Alexandria.
    Sly, Dorothy I. (1996)
    London and New York: Routledge.

    Portrays inter alia Jewish life in Alexandria, as revealed in the writings of Philo.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Egypt; Egypt, Alexandria (ancient)
  • La Misura divine: creazione e retribuzione nel libro della Sapienza e in Filone. Aspetti dell'incontro fra giudaismo ed ellenismo.
    Nielsen, Donald A. (1996)
    Religioni e società 11/24: 9-21.

    Examines the confrontation of Hellenism & early Jewish thought in the Writings of Philo of Alexandria.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Civilizations; Jewish, Egypt (ancient); Egypt, Alexandria
  • Women and Fundamentalism: Islam and Christianity.
    Gerami, Shahin (1996)
    New York: Garland

    Associated Search Terms: Iran, Tehran; Islam, Egypt; Women; Egypt, Cairo; Fundamentalist, U.S.A.; Shi'ite, Iran
  • The hexis of interpretation: Islam and the body in the Egyptian popular school.
    Starrett, Gregory (1995)
    American Ethnologist 22:4: 953-969.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Education; Egypt
  • The political economy of religious commodities in Cairo.
    Starret Gregory (1995)
    American Anthropologist 97: 51-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt, Cairo; Economic
  • The Prophet's Pulpit: Islamic Preaching in Contemporary Egypt.
    Gaffney, Patrick D. (1994)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Ethnographic study in Minya, upper Egypt.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt, Minya; Islam, Egypt; Preaching
  • The Hidden Government: Ritual, Clientelism, and Legitimation in Northern Egypt.
    Reeves, Edward B. (1990)
    Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Saints; Legitimation
  • Egypt's Islamic Activism in the 1980s.
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1988)
    Third World Quarterly 10: 632-657.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Activism
  • Egypt's Islamic Militancy Revisited.
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1986)
    In Jeffrey K. Hadden and Anson Shupe, Jr. (eds.) Prophetic Religions and Politics. (Religion and the Political Order, Volume One). New York: Paragon House, pp. 353-361.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Islamic Radicalism in Egypt.
    Davis, Eric (1984)
    In Said Amir Arjomand (ed.), From Nationalism to Revolutionary Islam. London: Macmillan; Albany: State University of New York Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Social movement; Egypt; Politics, Egypt
  • Militants Islamistes d'Égypt.
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1983)
    Esprit (april 1983): 48-65.

    Overview; comparison of different groups.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • Islamic Militancy as a Social Movement: The Case of Two Groups in Egypt.
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1982)
    In Ali E. Hillal Dessocki (ed.) Islamic Resurgence in the Arab World. New York: Praeger, pp. 117-137.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Political Islam; Politics, Egypt; Social movement; Islam, Egypt
  • Anatomy of Egypt's Militant Islamic Groups: Methodological Note and Preliminary Findings.
    Ibrahim, Saad Eddin (1980)
    International Journal of Middle East Studies 12:4: 423-453.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Islam, Egypt
  • L'Islam dans l'Égypte contemporaine: Religion d'État, religion populaire.
    Gilsenan, Michael (1980)
    Annales 35:3/4: 598-614.

    Argues that Islam legitimated the state & army until the defeat of 1967, after which religion has created opposition.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Egypt; Popular religion; Legitimation; Politics, Egypt; Egypt
  • Rapidly Increasing Societal Scale and Secularization: A Century of Higher Muslim Education and the Professions in Egypt.
    Eccel, A. Chris (1978)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Chicago. [DA 39:6 A, p. 3850]

    Historical study of increasing societal complexity as a cause of disruption in religious institutions.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Historical; Islam, Egypt; Education; Differentiation; Egypt
  • The Islamic Ethic of Social Justice and the Spirit of Modernization: An Application of Weber's Thesis to the Relationship Between Religious Values and Social Change in Modern Egypt.
    Bayyumi, Muhammad Ahmad M. (1976)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Temple University. [DA 37:4 A, p. 2240.

    Focuses on the Muslim Brotherhoods in modern times.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Egypt; Islam, Egypt; Justice; Muslim Brotherhood; Modernization
  • Religion and Revolution.
    Lewy, Guenter (1974)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Spain; Mexico; India; Germany; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Burma; France; Catholic, Mexico; Egypt; China; Latin America; Puritan, Great Britain; Anabaptist; Jewish; Islam; Hindu, India; Christian; Revolution; Messian; Cargo cult; Africa; Brazil
  • Saint and Sufi in Modern Egypt. An Essay in the Sociology of Religion.
    Gilsenan, Michael (1973)
    Oxford: Clarendon.

    Associated Search Terms: Orders/congregations; Sufi, Egypt; Egypt
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