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  • Clergy work orientation profiles and wellbeing at work: A study of the Lutheran clergy in Finland.
    Tervo-Niemelä, Kati (2016)
    Review of Religious Research 58:3: 365-384.

    Analyzes 2014 survey data from Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland clergy. Finds 4 role profiles: multi-faceted, worship, justice & helping, & passive. Only the last of these was inversely associated with job satisfaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Lutheran, Finland; Clergy role; Job satisfaction; Clergy
  • "You can vote with your feet if you want". Users' Responses to Religious Services in the Context of Food Charity in a Finnish City.
    Salonen, Anna Sofia (2016)
    Social Compass 63:1: 109-124.

    Based on participant observation in food assistance organizations in Tampere, Finland. Patrons did not criticize the religious services that came with the food.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland, Tampere; Charities; Social services; Participant observation
  • "No longer believing in belonging": A longitudinal study of Finnish generation Y from confirmation experience to church-leaving.
    Niemelä, Kati (2015)
    Social Compass 62:2: 172-186.

    Questionnaire data from young adults who had been confirmed in the Lutheran Church of Finland; dropping out was general. The generation was not inclined to remain affiliated on the basis of tradition but rather held individual states of belief & disbelief to be of primary importance.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Finland, Tampere; Young adults; Disaffiliation; Lutheran, Finland
  • New Communities of Worship: Continuities and Mutations among Religious Organizations in Finland.
    Ketola, Kimmo, Tuomas Martikainen, and Hanna Salomäki (2014)
    Social Compass 61:2: 153-171.

    An update on religion in Finland, highlighting the dialectic between community & freedom. Comment by Lene Kühle, pp. 172-177.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Finland; Yoga, Finland; Freedom; Community; Finland
  • Religion, Migration, Settlement. Reflections on Post-1990 Immigration to Finland.
    Martikainen, Tuomas (2013)
    Leiden: Brill.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Migration
  • Feminization of the theological field and its implications to Church life--Analysis of the growth of women in ministry in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2013)
    In Simone Mantei, Regina Sommer, and Ulrike Wagner-Rau (eds.) Geschlechterverhältnisse und Pfarrberuf in Wandel. Irritationen, Analysen, Forschungsperspektiven. Practische Teologie heute. Stuttgart Kohlhammer, pp. 165-180.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Clergy; Finland; Women
  • Privatized religiosity revisited: Building an authenticity model of individual-church relations.
    Pessi, Anne Birgitta (2013)
    Social Compass 60:1: 3-21.

    Based on in-depth interviews with 17 religious Finns who were not active in churches. Interviewees equated privatized religion with authenticity.

    Associated Search Terms: Authenticity; Privatization; Grounded theory; Experience; Finland
  • Church, Religion and Spirituality in Finland.
    Kääriäinen, Kimmo, and Kati Niemelä (2012)
    In Detlef Pollack, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (eds.) The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe. Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 27-50.

    History & descriptive data.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland
  • An increasingly female, increasingly urban and increasingly liberal clergy changing Church life in Finland: patterns of change among the clergy in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2012)
    In Kati Niemelä (ed.) Church Work and Management in Change. Publication 61. Tampere: Church Research Institute, pp. 112-131.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Women; Liberal/conservative; Finland; Change
  • Religion and state in Finalnd.
    Kääriäinen, Kimmo (2011)
    Nordic Journal of Religion and Society 24:2: 155-171.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; State
  • Youth and Religion in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2010)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Vol. 1: Youth and Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 193-218.

    Based on previous Finnish surveys.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Salience; Finland; Age
  • Nordic Satanism and Satanism Scares: The Dark Side of the Secular Welfare State.
    Hjelm, Titus, Henrik Bogdan, Asbjørn Dyrendal, and Jesper Aagaard Petersen (2009)
    Social Compass 56:4: 515-529.

    Historical accounts & present reports for 4 nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark; Finland; Sweden; Satanist; Norway
  • To Study or not to Study Religion and Society: The Institutionalization, Fragmentation and Marginalization of Sociology of Religion in Finland.
    Hjelm, Titus (2008)
    Acta Sociologica 51:91-201.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Sociology of religion, Finland
  • Alienated or disappointed? Reasons for leaving the church in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2007)
    Nordic Journal of Religion and Society 2:20: 195-216.

    Associated Search Terms: Disaffiliation; Finland
  • Rural Development as a Frame Analytic Challenge for Religious Communities: The Case of Rural Parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
    Pesonen, Heikki, and Kari Mikko Vesala (2007)
    Social Compass 54:2: 281-293.

    Based on interviews; examines the emergence of rural development activism in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Activism; Finland; Lutheran, Finland
  • The Questioning Mind. Faith and Values of the New Generation.
    Mikkola, Teje, Kati Niemelä, and Juha Petterson (2007)
    Tampere: Church Research Institute.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Belief; Finland; Values
  • At the Intersection of Faith and Life: A Narrative Approach to the Faith of Church Employees.
    Niemelä, Kati (2007)
    Social Compass 54:2: 187-200.

    Survey & interviews of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland employees, including clergy. Content analysis of the in-depth interviews. Develops a typology of faith narratives.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Narrative; Clergy; Youth ministry; Content analysis; Finland; Deacon; Lutheran, Finland
  • Membership of Nordic 'National' Churches as a 'Civil Religious' Phenomenon.
    Sundback, Susan (2007)
    Implicit Religion 10:3: 262-280.

    Factor analysis of 2000 European Values Study data to identify elements of a civil religion in 4 Nordic nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Iceland; Finland; Factor analysis; Denmark; Civil religion; Sweden
  • The quality and effectiveness of confirmation training in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2006)
    Journal of Beleifs & Values 27:2: 177-190.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Education
  • Does Religious Upbringing Matter? The Effect of Religious Upbringing on the Religious and Spiritual Identity of Urban Young Adults in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2006)
    In Kirsi Tirri (ed.) Religion, Spirituality and Identity. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 153-169.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Finland; Socialization; Identity
  • Religion in Finland. Decline, Change, and Transformation of Finnish Religiosity.
    Kāariāinen, Kimmo, Kati Niamelä, and Kimmo ketula (2005)
    Tampere, Finland: Church Research Institute.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Change
  • Doctrinal views and conflicts among clergy and other church employees in Finland.
    Niemelä, Kati (2005)
    Tidskrift for Kirke Religion Samfunn 1: 47-71.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Conflict; Belief; Clergy
  • New Religious Movements and the State in Finland.
    Ketola, Kimmo, and T. Martikainen (2005)
    In Miroslaw Lojda (ed.) Eurķpa a nové náboženské hnutia II/Europe and New Religious Movements II. Bratislava: Ústav pre vzt’ahy štátu a cirkvi, pp. 107-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; State; New religions
  • Individually Together. Volunteering in Late Modernity: Social Work in the Finnish Church.
    Yeung, Anne Birgitta (2004)
    Helsinki: Finnish federation for Social Welfare and Health.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Finland; Volunteering; Finland
  • Between East and West--Finnish Religiosity from an European Perspective.
    Niemelä, Kati (2004)
    In Jerolimov, Dinka Marinovic, Sinisa Zrinscak, and Irena Borowik (eds.), Religion and Patterns of Social Transformation. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research--Zagreb, pp. 103-121.

    Presents data from 1920-2000 surveys.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Belief
  • Somali Women and Daily Islam in the Diaspora.
    Tiilikainen, Marja (2003)
    Social Compass 50:1: 59-69.

    Ethnographic account of female Somali asylum seekers in Helsinki redefining Somali folk Islam.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Finland; Finland, Helsinki; Somali Finns; Folk religion; Migrant; Women
  • Religion in the Capital Area of Finland.
    Lampinen, Tapio (2002)
    In Edward I. Bailey (ed.) The Secular Quest for Meaning in Life. Denton Papers in Implicit Religion. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 259-268.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Civil religion; Finland, Helsinki
  • The World View of Young People: a Longitudinal Study of Finnish Youth Living in a Suburb of Metropolitan Helsinki.
    Helve, Helena (1995)
    Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia.

    Analyzes panel survey data from adolescents born in 1965 & living continuously in Helsinki; includes data on religious world views.

    Associated Search Terms: World view; Finland, Helsinki; Adolescents
  • Tradition and Change in the Nordic Countries.
    Sundback, Susan (1995)
    In Wade Clark Roof, Jackson W. Carroll, and David A. Roozen (eds.) The Post-War Generation and Establishment Religion: Cross Cultural Perspectives. Boulder, Colorado: Westview, pp. 87-111.

    Associated Search Terms: Sweden; Denmark; Iceland; Finland; Scandinavia; Norway
  • Nation and Gender Reflected in Scandinavian Religiousness.
    Sundback, Susan (1994)
    In Thorleif Pettersson and Ole Riis (eds.) Scandinavian Values. Religion and Morality in the Nordic Countries. Uppsala: Acts Universitatis Upsaliensis. Psychologia et Sociologia Religionum 10, pp. 129-150.

    Analyzes 1990 European Values Survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: Iceland; Finland; Norway; Belief; Nation; Denmark; Sweden; Salience; Comparative; Scandinavia; Sex; Reincarnation
  • Religion and Family Vaues: Attitudes of Modern Icelanders in a Comparative Perspective.
    Pettersson, Thorleif, and Fridrik H. Jonsson (1994)
    In Thorleif Pettersson and Ole Riis (eds.) Scandinavian Values. Religion and Morality in the Nordic Countries. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Psychologia et Sociologia Religionum 10, pp. 151-165.

    Associated Search Terms: Reincarnation; Urban/rural; Moral; Family; Salience; Iceland; Belief; Socialization; Sweden; Norway; Finland; Comparative; Denmark
  • Churchgoing and Churchgoers in Finland.
    Heino, Harri (1991)
    Tampere: Research Institute of the Lutheran Church in Finland.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland
  • Religion in Finland and the Scandinavian Model.
    Holm, Nils G. (1991)
    Social Compass 38:1: 9-15.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland
  • The Evangelical-Lutheran Church and State in Finland.
    Sihvo, Jouko (1991)
    Social Compass 38:1: 17-24.

    Overview essay.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Lutheran, Finland; State
  • Orthodox-Lutheran Intermarriage in Finland.
    Huotari, Voitto (1991)
    Social Compass 38;1: 25-31.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Marriage; Lutheran, Finland; Orthodox, eastern, Finland
  • The Formation of Religious Attitudes and World Views: A Longitudinal Study of Young Finns.
    Helve, Helena (1991)
    Social Compass 38;4: 373-392.

    Longitudinal interview study of adolescents in a Helsinki suburb; focuses on agents of socialization; uses factor analysis to reveal world views.

    Associated Search Terms: Factor analysis; Socialization; Adolescents; Finland, Helsinki
  • Finland: The Land of the Church and of Church Sociology.
    Lampinen, Tapio (1990)
    Sociological Analysis 51S: S53-S62.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland
  • The Process of Secularization. A Neglected Issue in Finnish Sociology.
    Sundback, Susan (1988)
    Social Compass 35:1: 91-106.

    Criticizes the neglect of secularization as a research topic in Finland; reviews modern Finnish history to explain the civil religious & church roles of religion in Finland.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Historical; Secularization; Civil religion; Lutheran, Finland
  • Religion and Secularization in Finland.
    Sihvo, Jouko (1988)
    Social Compass 35:1: 67-90.

    Reports memberships of churches, 1976 & '85, & beliefs, life-cycle practices, & practice reported by national samples, 1976-86.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Belief; Finland; Secularization
  • Religion und Jugend in der finnischen Forschung.
    Tamminen, Kalevi (1987)
    In Ulrich Nembach (ed.) Jugend und Religion in Europa. Frankfurt: peter Lang, pp. 305-337.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Finland
  • Religious Change in the Five Scandinavian Countries, 1930-1980.
    Gustafsson, Göran (1987)
    Comparative Social Research 10: 145-181. [Also Thorleif Pettersson, Ole Riis (eds), Scandinavian Values. Religion and Morality in the Nordic Countries (Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Psychologie et Sociologia Religionum 10, 1994), pp 11-57]

    Overview of research findings.

    Associated Search Terms: Norway; Change; Denmark; Finland; Scandinavia; Iceland; Sweden
  • Dimensions of Religiosity. The Operationalization and Measurement of Religiosity with Special Regard to the Problem of Dimensionality.
    Grönblom, Gunnar (1984)
    Abo, Finland: Abo Akademi.

    Develops a scale, using Finish & Danish populations.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Dimensions of religiosity; Denmark
  • Finnish Revivalism as an Expression of Popular Piety.
    Huotari, Voitto (1982)
    Social Compass 29:2/3: 113-123.

    Moreso than other European Lutheran churches, the Finnish has small revival groups supplementing its central organization.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland; Lutheran, Finland; Popular religion; Revival; Revivalism
  • The Content of the Parochial Sermons in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland as Indicators of the Openness and Closedness of the Church as System.
    Lampinen, Tapio (1980)
    Social Compass 27:4: 417-435.

    1975 data; factor analysis of sermon contents.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Finland; Content analysis; Finland; Systems theory; Preaching; Factor analysis
  • Finland.
    Seppänen, Paavo (1972)
    In Hans Mol (ed.) Western Religion. A Country by Country Inquiry. The Hague: Mouton, pp. 143-173.

    Associated Search Terms: Finland
  • Family, Ritual and Secularization. A Cross-National Study Conducted in Bulgaria, Finland, Germany and Ireland.
    Lüschen, Günther, Zaharj Staikof, Veronica Stolte Heiskanan, and Conor Ward (1972)
    Social Compass 19:4: 519-536.

    Analyzes interview data from parents of school-age children in 5 societies representing Protestant & Catholic settings of high & low modernization.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Bulgaria, Sofia; Germany, Bremen; Ireland, Dublin; Finland, Helsinki; Protestant, Europe; Secularization; Family; Germany, Cologne; Catholic, Europe
  • The Church of Finland in a Changing Society.
    Kortekangas, Paavo (1969)
    Review of Religious Research 10:2: 88-99.

    Review of the 19th-20th century literature; includes participation by occupation groups in Tampere, Finland, 1855-1905.

    Associated Search Terms: Occupation; Lutheran, Finland; Finland
  • Finland, a Country of Conformistic Religion and Secular Protest of Working Class. Research Reports from the Institute for Sociology 99.
    Seppänen, Paavo (1968)
    Helsinki: University of Helsinki.

    Associated Search Terms: Protest; Stratification; Finland
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