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  • African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe. The Politics of Presence in the Twenty-First Century.
    Butticci, Annalisa (2016)
    Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press

    Participant observation of African Pentecostal worship in Ital; in practice they parallel Catholicism in their sacramental materiality--especially that of folk Catholicism. The worship also establishes a anti-structure a term the author does not use.

    Associated Search Terms: Marginality; Prejudice, racial; Popular Catholicism; Pentecostal, Italy; Participant observation; Minority; Material culture; Materiality; Relic; Art; Italy; Migrant; Anti-structure; Catholic, Italy; Certeau, Michel de; Competition; Experience; Folk religion; Gramsci, Antonio; African Italians
  • The elusive religious field in Lithuania.
    Schröder, Ingo W. (2012)
    In Milda Ališauskiene and Ingo W. Schröder (eds.) Religious Diversity in Post-Soviet Society: Ethnographies of Catholic Hegemony and the New Pluralism in Lithuania. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 79-98.

    Based on 2008-09 fieldwork in Vilnius & Kaunas. A middle class habitus of superficial Catholicism is hegemonic in urban Lithuania. Pluralism is notable, even within Catholicism. The hegemony is limited by secularism. Overview of Church efforts to reach the public.

    Associated Search Terms: Habitus; Gramsci, Antonio; Bourdieu, Pierre; Secularism; Hegemony; Pluralism; Lithuania; Catholic, Lithuania; Cultural capital; Field
  • "We are all in exile here": Perceptions of death, the soul, and the afterlife in rural Lithuania.
    Pranaityt?-Wergin, Lina (2012)
    In Milda Ališauskiene and Ingo W. Schröder (eds.) Religious Diversity in Post-Soviet Society: Ethnographies of Catholic Hegemony and the New Pluralism in Lithuania. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 57-77.

    Based on 2008-09 fieldwork & archival research in rural southern Lithuania. Personal exerience was more important than official doctrine; hegemony was a contested process.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Lithuania; Death; Dream; Gramsci, Antonio; Lithuania; Participant observation; Rural; Soul; Common sense; Afterlife
  • With God on Our Side. The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital.
    Reich, Adam D. (2012)
    Ithaca, new York: Cornell University Press/ILR Press.

    It was necessary for a unionization campaign at a religiously-sponsored hospital to engage issues of values & theology, not simply material interests.

    Associated Search Terms: Values; Catholic, U.S.A.; Emotion; Gramsci, Antonio; Hospital; Labor; Orders/congregations; Social justice; Social movement; United States, California, Santa Rosa
  • Islamizing Egypt? Testing the limits of Gramscian counterhegemonic strategies.
    Kandil, Hazem (2011)
    Theory and Society 40:1: 37-62.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Hegemony; Islam, Egypt; Politics, Egypt; Egypt
  • The Costa Rican Catholic Church, Social Justice, and the Rights of Workers, 1979-1996.
    Sawchuk, Dana (2004)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Maduro, Otto; Justice; Gramsci, Antonio; Catholic, Costa Rica; Costa Rica
  • "I Am a Non-denominational Christian and a Marxist Socialist": A Gramscian Analysis of the Convention People's Party and Kwame Nkrumah's Use of Religion.
    Simms, Rupe (2003)
    Sociology of Religion 64:4: 463-477.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Ghana; Hegemony
  • "Islam Is our Politics": A Gramscian Analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood (1928-1953).
    Simms, Rupe (2002)
    Social Compass 49:4: 563-582.

    Focus on the Muslim Brotherhood from its founding in 1928 to Egyptian independence; makes extensions of Gramscian theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Islam, Egypt; Egypt; Muslim Brotherhood
  • Black Theology a Weapon in the Struggle for Freedom: A Gramscian Analysis.
    Simms, Rupe (1999)
    Race & Society 2:2: 165-193.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; Gramsci, Antonio; Liberation theology; Hegemony
  • The Politics of Religion in Plantation Society. A Gramscian Analysis.
    Simms, Rupe (1999)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 10: 91-115.

    Plantation owners used Christianity to create a hegemonic culture, but slaves used Christianity for both accommodation & resistance.

    Associated Search Terms: Hegemony; Accommodation; Gramsci, Antonio; African Americans; Slavery; United States
  • Religion and language in the formation of naltionhood in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    Fazal, Tanveer (1999)
    Sociological Bulletin 48:1/2: 175-199. [In Rowena Robinson (ed.) Sociology of Religion in India. New Delhi: Sage, 2004, pp. 275-301.

    While the Pakistani state formed around Islam, the secondary status accorded Bangla-speakers in the former East Pakistan led to a linguistic identity that resulted in Bangladesh as a nation state.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Gramsci, Antonio; Islam, Bangladesh; Islam, Pakistan; State formation; Bangladesh; Pakistan
  • The Catholic Church in the Nicaraguan Revolution: A Gramscian Analysis.
    Sawchuk, Dana (1997)
    Sociology of Religion 58:1: 39-51.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Catholic, Nicaragua; Nicaragua; Conflict; Politics, Nicaragua
  • Religion as Political Resources: Culture or Ideology?
    Williams, Rhys H. (1996)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 35:4: 368-378.

    "Culture" would be passive & non-systematic beliefs (common sense) while "ideology" would be proactive & systematically coherent (philosophy); religion could be either in its political relevance.

    Associated Search Terms: Culture; Ideology; Gramsci, Antonio; Politics
  • The Church, Society, and Hegemony: A Critical Sociology of Religion in Latin America.
    Torres, Carlos Alberto (1992)
    New York: Praeger.

    Draws on the theories of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, & Gramsci.

    Associated Search Terms: Hegemony; Latin America; Marx, Karl; Durkheim, Émile; Weber, Max; Gramsci, Antonio
  • El proyecto de Gramsci.
    Díaz-Salazar, Rafael (1991)
    Madrid: Éditorial Anthropos.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio
  • Quasi-Marxisms and the Sociology of Religion.
    Beckford, James A. (1991)
    In David G. Bromley 9ed.), Religion and the Social Order: Vol. I. New Developments in Theory and Research. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 15-35.

    Explores developments in Marxian thought that made dialogue, alliances, & borrowings between Marxians & religionists possible.

    Associated Search Terms: Marxian; Gramsci, Antonio
  • Of revelation and revolution: Christianity, colonialism, and consciousness in South Africa (Vol. 1).
    Comaroff, Jean, and John Comaroff (1991)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; South Africa
  • Gramsci et l'éthique: pour une réforme intellectuelle et morale des masses.
    Caceres, Mario (1990)
    Social Compass 37:3: 353-366.

    Argues for the primacy of praxis as an ethical principle for which a place may be found in science.

    Associated Search Terms: Marx, Karl; Praxis; Gramsci, Antonio; Ethics
  • Religion as Opposition: A Gramscian Analysis.
    Billings, Dwight B. (1990)
    American Journal of Sociology 96:1: 1-31.

    Applies Gramsci's hegemony concept to coal & textile workers in the American South after World War I.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; United States, South; Hegemony; Labor
  • Religion and Advanced Industrial Society.
    Beckford, James A. (1989)
    London: Unwin Hyman.

    Critique of the presuppositions of the sociology of religion that are predicated on industrial, not advanced industrial, society.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Privatization; Rationalization; Systems theory; Functionalism; Economic; World system; Differentiation; Foucault, Michel; Luckmann, Thomas; Fenn, Richard K.; Secularization; Marxian; Weber, Max; Robertson, Roland; Wilson, Bryan R.; Berger, Peter L.; Troeltsch, Ernst; Parsons, Talcott; Bellah, Robert N.; Luhmann, Niklas; Marxism; Bell, Daniel; Durkheim, Émile
  • Gramsci, la Religion et les Systèmes Socio-économiques.
    Caceres, Mario (1988)
    Social Compass 35:2/3: 279-296.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Gramsci, Antonio
  • La Décomposition Marxiste de la Religion: Marx, Engels, Gramsci Bloch.
    LaRocca, Tomaso (1988)
    Social Compass 35:2/3: 231-259.

    Associated Search Terms: Bloch, Ernst; Gramsci, Antonio; Engels, Frederick; Marxian; Marx, Karl
  • Religion, Solidarity and Class Struggle. Marx, Durkheim and Gramsci on the Religious Question.
    Mansueto, Anthony (1988)
    Social Compass 35:2/3: 261-277.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Marx, Karl; Gramsci, Antonio; Stratification; Durkheim, Émile
  • Antonio Gramsci y el análisis del fenómeno religioso.
    Piñon, Francisco (1987)
    Christianismo y sociedad 25/91: 63-79.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio
  • Religione, morale e concezione del l'uomo.
    Fattorini, Emma (1987)
    Critica marxista 25:2/3: 67-97.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Moral
  • Religion and Politics in Gramsci: An Introduction.
    Fulton, John (1987)
    Sociological Analysis 48:3: 197-216.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Politics
  • Gramsci et la Religione.
    LaRocca, Tomaso (1981)
    Brescia: Queriniana.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio
  • L'idea di religione in Gramsci.
    Melchiorre, V. (1979)
    In V. Melchiorre, V. Vigna, and Gabrielle deRosa (eds.) Antonio Gramsci: Il pensiero teorico e politico, la "questione lenninista." Roma: Città Nuova, pp. 105-138.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio
  • Gramsci et la question catholique.
    DeRosa, Gabriele (1978)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 45:1: 5-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Italy
  • Religião e politica em Gramsci (elementos de uma pesquisa).
    Doria, Carlos Alberto (1978)
    Religião e sociedade 3: 143-162.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Gramsci, Antonio
  • Sulla religione in Gramsci.
    Grassi, Pier Giorgio (1977)
    Rassegna di Teologia 3: 289-301.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio
  • Religion et classes subalternes en Italie. Trente années de recherches italiennes.
    Prandi, Carlo (1977)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 43:1: 93-139.

    Overview of the literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Italy; Stratification; Gramsci, Antonio
  • Note sulla "questione cattolica" in Gramsci.
    Fattorini, Emma (1976)
    Testimonianze 182: 126-134.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic; Marxian; Gramsci, Antonio
  • La fonction idéologique de l'Eglise d'après A. Gramsci.
    Portelli, Hugues (1975)
    Projet 99: 1075-1085.

    Associated Search Terms: Ideology; Marxian; Gramsci, Antonio
  • Gramsci et la religion populaire.
    Nesti, Arnaldo (1975)
    Social Compass 22:3/4: 343-354.

    The analysis of religion should be put back in the class relations that are also a struggle between different conceptions of the world. Unlike official religion, popular religion may be far from any hegemonic position in the status quo.

    Associated Search Terms: Gramsci, Antonio; Marxian; Popular religion; Stratification
  • Gramsci et la question religieuse.
    Portelli, Hugues (1974)
    paris: Anthropos.

    Associated Search Terms: Marxian; Gramsci, Antonio
  • Le Cinque Religioni dell'Italia Moderna./The Five Religions of Modern Italy.
    Bellah, Robert N. (1974)
    In F.L. Cavazza and S.R. Gaubard (eds.), Il caso italiano. Milano: Garzanti, pp. 439-468./In Robert N. Bellah and Phillip E. Hammond (eds.), Varieties of Civil Religion. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1980, pp. 86-118.

    Also in Robert N. Bellah and Steven M. Tipton (eds.) The Robert Bellah Reader. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press, 2006, pp. 51-80.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Gramsci, Antonio; Italy
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