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  • The rebirth of Catholic collective action in Central America: A new model of church-based political participation.
    Keogh, Stacy, and Richard L. Wood (2013)
    Social Compass 60:2: 273-291.

    Based on 2004-09 field work with Comunidades de Fe para la Acci?n, a community organizing entity related to the U.S.-based PICO.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Central America; Social movement; Activism; Participant observation; Guatemala; El Salvador; Community organization; Resource mobilization
  • International Migration and Religious Selection.
    Connor, Phillip (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:1: 184-194.

    2000-02 Guatemalan survey data, heavily Quiché, show Protestants more likely than others to emigrate to the U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Quiché; Protestant, Guatemala; Migration; Migrant; Guatemala
  • Religion and development revisited: Some lessons from Guatemalan micro-entrepreneurs.
    Gooren, Henri (2011)
    In Gerrie ter Haar (ed.) Religion and Development: Ways of Transforming the World. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 141-158.

    Associated Search Terms: Development; Economic; Guatemala
  • Homies and Hermanos: God and Gangs in Central America.
    Brenneman, Robert (2011)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on interviews with males who transitioned out of gangs and into Pentecostal religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Gang; Adolescents; Conversion; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Pentecostal, Honduras; Pentecostal, El Salvador
  • Wake Up, Lazarus! On Catholic Renewal (2 vols.).
    Hegy, Pierre (2011)
    Bloomington, Indiana: iUniverse.

    Reviews survey & historical data on American Catholicism, & adds observation of Catholic parishes and an Evangelical congregation. Volume II (2013) includes analyses of homilies from the U.S. & Guatemala.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Content analysis; Catholic, Guatemala; Liminality; Homily; Communitas; Consumerism; Spirituality; Secularization; Catholic, U.S.A.; Participant observation; Ecclesiola; Pastoral sociology
  • The word of God and "our words." The Bible and translation in a Mam Maya context.
    Samson, C. Mathews (2009)
    In James S. Bielo (ed.) The Social Life of Scriptures. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 44-79.

    Studies the translation of the New Testament & use of languages among Maya people, especially Presbyterians, in Guatemala.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Missions, Guatemala; Presbyterian, Guatemala; Sociolinguistics; Guatemala
  • How Q'eqchi'-Maya Catholics become legitimate interpreters of the Bible. Two models of religious authority in sermons.
    Hoenes del Pinal, Eric (2009)
    In James S. Bielo (ed.) The Social Life of Scriptures. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 80-99.

    Contrasts processes by which official Catholic catechists & charismatics gain legitimacy as preachers.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Catholic, Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala; Catechist; Base communities; Legitimation; Mayan; Homily
  • From war to reconciliation: Guatemalan Evangelicals and the transition to Democracy, 1982-2001.
    Samson, C. Mathews (2008)
    In Paul Freston (ed.) Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Latin America. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Evangelical, Guatemala; Peace/war
  • Re-enchanting the World: Maya Protestantism in the Guatemalan Highlands.
    Samson, C. Mathews (2007)
    Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Protestant, Guatemala; Guatemala
  • Iglesia Católica, movimiento indígena y lucha revolucionaria: (Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala)
    Murga Armas, Jorge (2006)
    Guatemala: Imrpesiones palacios.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Guatemala; Conflict; Guatemala; Indigenization; Revolution
  • The Maya and Catholicism: An Encounter of Worldviews.
    Early, John D. (2006)
    Gainesville: University of Florida Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico, Chiapas; Catholic, Guatemala; Participant observation; Catholic, Mexico; Guatemala; Mayan
  • Identität als Netzwerk. Ein Theorienentwurf am Beispiel religiöser Bewegungen im Bürgerkrieg Guatemalas.
    Schäfer, Heinrich (2005)
    Berliner Journal für Soziologie 12:2: 259-282.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Network; Peace/war; Guatemala
  • Religiones globales, estrategias locales. Usos politicos de las conversiones en Guatemala.
    Cantón Delgado, Manuela (2003)
    In B. Péres and G. Dietz (eds.) Globalización, resistencia y negocación en América Latina. Madrid: Los Libros de la Catarata, pp. 103-125.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala; Guatemala; Conversion
  • Toward a Maya Theology of Liberation: The Reformulation of a "Traditional" Religion in the Global Context.
    Chiappari, Christopher L. (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:1: 47-67.

    Describes Maya religion & cosmology as a synthesis of tradition & modernity with a liberative message.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Mayan
  • Catholic and Non-Catholic Theologies of Liberation: Poverty, Self-improvement, and Ethics Among Small-scale Entrepreneurs in Guatemala City.
    Gooren, Henri (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:1: 29-45.

    The individualistic ascetic content of alternatives to Catholicism attracts the poor. Illustrative cases of the Mormons and the neo-pentecostal Lluvias de Gracia in Guatemala City.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon, Guatemala; Liberation theology; Base communities; Asceticism; Guatemala, Guatemala City; Pentecostal, neo, Guatemala; Lluvias de Gracia; Individualism; Stratification
  • Religion and the Process of Migration. A Case Study of a Maya Transnational Community.
    Hagan, Jacqueline Maria (2002)
    In Helen Rose Ebaugh and Janet Saltzman Chafetz (eds.) Religion Across Borders. Transnational Immigrant Networks. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira, pp. 75-91.

    Based on 1990s fieldwork in a Guatemala municipio & Houston; religion provides resources for migration, especially counsel.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Texas, Houston; Network; Guatemala, Totonicapan Department; Participant observation; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Transnational; Migration; Mayan
  • The dynamics of LDS growth in Guatemala, 1948-1998.
    Gooren, Henri (2001)
    Dialogue 34:3-4: 55-75.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Mormon, Guatemala
  • Reconsidering Protestant growth in Guatemala, 1900-1995.
    Gooren, Henri (2001)
    In James W. Dow and Alan R. Sandstrom (eds.) Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers: The Antrhhopology of Protestantism in Mexico and Central America. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp 169-203.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Protestant, Guatemala
  • Making one our word: Protestant Q'eqchi' Mayas in higland Guatemala.
    Adams, Abigail (2001)
    In James W. Dow and Alan R. Sandstrom (eds.) Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers: The Anthropology of Protestantism in Mexico and Central America. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp. 205-233.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Mayan; Protestant, Guatemala
  • Pentecôtisme et changement religieux au Guatemala.
    Pédron-Colombani, Sylvie (2001)
    In Jean-Pierre Bastian (ed.) La modernité religieuse en perspective comparée. Europe latine--Amérique latine. Paris: Karthala, pp. 199-211.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala; Guatemala; Enchantment; Change
  • "Quiché Rebelde": Religious Conversion, Politics, and Ethnic Identity in Guatemala.
    Falla, Ricardo (2001)
    Austin: University of Texas Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala; Ethnic; Catholic, Guatemala; Catholic Action
  • The Politics of the Spirit: The Political Implications of Pentecostalized Religion in Costa Rica and Guatemala.
    Steigenga, Timothy J. (2001)
    Boston: Lexington.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Latin America; Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala; Evangelical, Latin America; Catholic, Latin America; Costa Rica; Politics, Costa Rica
  • Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III (2001)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Indonesia; Israel; Egypt; China; Turkey; Pakistan; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Japan; Poland; Sweden; State; Comparative; Politics; Guatemala; Violence; Brazil; India; Thailand
  • Pentecôtisme, recomposition de pratiques anciennes et transformation du champ religieux guatémaltèque.
    Pédron-Colombani, Sylvie (2000)
    In Denise Aigle, Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière, and Jean-Pierre Chaumeil (eds.) La politique des esprits. Chamanismes et religions universalistes. Nanterre: Société d'ethnologie, pp. 187-207.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Change
  • Rethinking Religious Practice in Highland Guatemala: An Ethnography of Protestantism, Maya Religion, and Magic.
    Chiappari, Christopher L. (1999)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Minnesota. [DA 60:5 A, p. 1642]

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Magic; Syncretism; Mayan; Guatemala; Protestant, Guatemala
  • Le pentecôtisme au Guatemala. Conversion et identité.
    Pédron-Colombani, Sylvie (1998)
    Paris: CNRS.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Identity; Conversion
  • Le pentecôtisme urbain au Guatémala. Recréer du sens et de l'identité.
    Pédron-Colombani, Sylvie (1997)
    Problèmes d'Amérique latine 24: 61-79.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Guatemala; Guatemala; Meaning; Identity
  • Guatemalan Hot/Cold Medicine and Mormon Words of Wisdom: Intercultural Negotiation of Meaning.
    Murphy, Thomas W. (1997)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 36:2: 297-308.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Guatemala, Antigua; Medical; Mormon, Guatemala
  • The Soul of Development: Biblical Christianity and Economic Transformation in Guatemala.
    Sherman, Amy L. (1997)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on survey & interview data in Guatemala; orthodoxy, not denomination, correlates with modernizing attitudes.

    Associated Search Terms: Development; Syncretism; Protestant, Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala; Fatalism; Orthodoxy (doctrinal); Guatemala; Economic
  • Lambs Among the Lions: America's Culture Wars in Cross-cultural Perspective.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III, and Karen Straight (1997)
    In Rhys H. Williams (ed.), Culture Wars in American Politics. New York: Aldine de Gruyter, pp. 199-219.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; United States; Guatemala; Israel; India; Comparative; Great Britain, Northern Ireland
  • Sectes et Eglise Catholique au Guatémala: Du Phénomène Marginal à un "Problème Alarmant."
    Garcia-Ruiz, Jesus F. (1995)
    In René Luneau and Patrick Michel (eds.), Tous les chemins ne mènent plus à Rome. Les mutations actuelles du catholicisme. Paris: Albin Michel, pp. 302-326.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Sect; Protestant, Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala
  • Pentecôtisme, pratiques thérapeutiques et rapport à la maladie. L'Église Lluvias de Gracia de Guatemala Ciudad.
    Pédron-Colombani, Sylvie (1995)
    L'Ethnographie 91:2: 77-94.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Medical; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Guatemala, Guatemala City; Lluvias de Gracia; Healing
  • Jesus is Lord of Guatemala: Evangelical Reform in a Death-squad State.
    Stoll, David (1994)
    In Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby (eds.) Accounting for Fundametnalism: The Dynamic Character of Movements. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 99-123.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Evangelical, Guatemala
  • Sincretismos de ida y vuelta: el culto de San Simón en Guatemala.
    Sanchiz Ochoa, Pilar (1993)
    Mesoamérica 26: 253-266.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Guatemala; Saints; Native Guatemalan
  • Rich among the Poor: Church, Firm, and Household among Small-Scale Entrepreneurs in Guatemala City.
    Gooren, Henri (1992)
    Amsterdam: Thela.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Guatemala, Guatemala City
  • Authority, Social Conflict and the Rise of Protestantism: Religious Conversion in a Mayan Village.
    Earle, Duncan (1992)
    Social Compass 39:3: 377-388.

    Case study that sees the adopted Pentecostalism (Protestant & Catholic charismatic) as socially disorganizing.

    Associated Search Terms: Community study; Guatemala, Santa Cruz La Laguna; Kaqchikel; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Conversion
  • Through the fields to Amatitlan.
    Straub, Leslie Ellen (1991)
    In N. Ross Crumrine and Alan Morinis (eds.) Pilgrimage in Latin America. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood, pp. 157-174.

    Associated Search Terms: Pilgrimage; Guatemala, Guatemala, Amatitlan
  • The politics of pilgrimage: The black Christ of Esquipulas.
    Kendall, Carl (1991)
    In N. Ross Crumrine and Alan Morinis (eds.) Pilgrimage in Latin America. Westport, Connecticut: Grenwood, pp. 139-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala, Chiquimula, Esquipulas; Pilgrimage; Catholic, Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala
  • Estrategias evangélicas hacia la población indigena de Guatemala.
    Samandú, Luis E. (1990)
    In Luis E. Samandú (ed.) Protestantismos y procesos sociales en Centroamerica. San José, Costa Rica: Editorial Universitaria Centroamricana, pp. 69-109.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Missions; Native Guatemalan
  • L'État, le Religieux et le Contrôle de la Population Indigène au Guatemala.
    Garcia-Ruiz, Jesus F. (1988)
    Revue française de science politique 38:5: 758-769.

    Focuses on the role of Catholicism, government, & military (aided by North American Protestant sects) in breaking up the traditional Amerindian culture.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Politics, Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala; Protestant, Guatemala; Missions; Native Guatemalan
  • Shifting Affiliations: Mayan Widows and Evangelicos in Guatemala.
    Green, Linda (1987)
    In Virginia Gerrard-Burnett and David Stoll (eds.) Rethinking Protestantism in Latin America. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Pentecostal, Guatemala; Guatemala; Community study
  • God and Production in a Guatemalan Town.
    Annis, Sheldon (1987)
    Austin: University of Texas Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Community study; Economic
  • Protestantismo Popular y Política en Guatemala y Nicaragua.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1986)
    Revista Mexicana de Sociologia 48:3: 181-199.

    Observes that the penetration of Protestantism has been tied to political interests from the beginning.

    Associated Search Terms: Nicaragua; Protestant, Guatemala; Protestant, Nicaragua; Politics, Guatemala; Guatemala; Politics, Nicaragua
  • Religión Popular Protestante y Comportamiento Politico en América Central. Cleintela Religiosa y Estado Patron en Guatemala y Nicaragua.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1986)
    Christianismo y Sociedad 24/88: 41-56.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Guatemala; Protestant, Nicaragua; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Politics, Guatemala; Politics, Nicaragua
  • Le Religieux come Lieu de Pénétration Politique et Idéologique au Guatémala.
    Garcia-Ruiz, Jesus F. (1985)
    Revue d'études américaines 24/25: 265-277.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Guatemala; Guatemala
  • The Church and Social Conflicts in Guatemala.
    Sierra Pop, Oscar Rolando (1983)
    Social Compass 30:2/3: 317-348.

    Focuses on the period 1954-82.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Catholic, Guatemala; Guatemala
  • Iglesia y conflicto social en Guatemala.
    Sierra Pop, Oscar Rolando (1982)
    Estudios sociales centroamericanos 11/33: 59-91.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Catholic, Guatemala; Guatemala
  • Protestantism and Modernization in Two Guatemalan Towns.
    Sexton, James D. (1978)
    American Ethnologist 5:2: 280-302.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Guatemala; Guatemala; Modernization
  • Family Structure and Religious Symbolization among Guatemalans.
    Méndez-Domínguez, Alfredo (1974)
    Journal of Comparative Family Studies 5:2: 55-70.

    Analyzes 1973 interview data from 10-18 year old males.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Guatemala; Family
  • El renacimiento de la Iglesia guatemalteca.
    Adams, Richard N. (1972)
    Revista paraguaya de Sociologia 9/24: 7-37.

    Covers events from the 1930s onward.

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Catholic, Guatemala
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