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  • Jewish Zealots: Conservative Versus Innovative.
    Friedman, Menachem (1993)
    In Laurence J. Silberstein (ed.), Jewish Fundamentalism in Comparative Perspective. Religion, Ideology, and the Crisis of Modernity. New York: New York University Press, pp. 148-163.

    Describes the Netre Karta & Gush Emunim movements in Israel.

    Associated Search Terms: Israel; Politics, Israel; Social movement; Gush Emunim; Jewish, Israel; Neturei Karta
  • Jewish Zionist fundamentalism: The bloc of the faithful in Israel (Gush Emunim).
    Aran, Gideon (1991)
    In Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby (eds.) Fundamentalisms Observed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 265-344.

    Associated Search Terms: Zionism; Jewish, Israel; Israel; Gush Emunim
  • A Mystic-Messianic Interpretation of Modern Israeli History: The Six-Day War in the Religious Culture of Gush Emunim.
    Aran, Gideon (1988)
    Studies in Contemporary Jewry 4: 263-275. [Also in Shlomo A. Deshen, Charles S. Liebman, and Moshe Shokeid (eds.), Israeli Judaism. The Sociology of Religion in Israel (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transation, 1995), pp. 197-219]

    With the 1967 war, religiously Jewish land, & hence religion, entered Israel's identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Israel; Israel; Gush Emunim; Territory; Identity
  • Jewish Messianism, Religious Zionism, and Israeli Politics the Impact and Origins of Gush Emunim.
    Don-Yehiya, Eliezer (1987)
    Middle Eastern Studies 23: 215-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Israel; Messian; Israel; Zionism; Gush Emunim; Jewish, Israel
  • From Religious Zionism to Zionist religion: The Roots of Gush Emunim.
    Aran, Gideon (1986)
    Studies in Contemporary Jewry 2: 116-143.

    Associated Search Terms: Zionism; Jewish, Israel; Israel; Gush Emunim
  • Core Values and Revolutionary Change.
    Weissbrod, Lilly (1985)
    In David Newman (ed.) The Impact of Gush Emunim. Politics and Settlement in the West Bank. London: Croom Helm, pp. 70-90.

    Focuses on global Jewish vs. Israeli national identities, the peace movement, & politics in Israel.

    Associated Search Terms: Peace/war; Politics, Israel; Identity; Jewish, Israel; Israel; Gush Emunim
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