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  • Catholicism in transition: The "Religious Beat" movement in Hungary.
    Povedák, Kinga (2014)
    In G. Vincett and E. Obinna (eds.) Christianity in the Modern World: Changes and Controversies. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, pp. 139-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Music; Hungary; Catholic, Hungary
  • Church and religion in Hungary: Between religious individualization and secularization.
    Rosta, Gergely (2012)
    In Detlef Pollack, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (eds.) The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe. Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 187-205.

    Historical background, membership, churches' works, & survey-based descriptive statistics.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Belief; Hungary; Practice; Secularization; Membership
  • Schools and Communities of Norm-awareness.
    Pusztai, Gabriella (2011)
    Religions 2:3: 372-388.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Hungary
  • Education and Religiosity in Budapest at the Millennium.
    Nagy, Peter Tibor (2010)
    Social Compass 57:1: 60-82.

    Secondary analysis of numeorus data sources. The highly educated split sharply over religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Denomination (organizational entity); Hungary, Budapest
  • Les bienfaits pédagogiques de la religiosité parmi les élčves hongrois de trois pays.
    Pusztai, Gabriella (2008)
    Social Compass 55:4: 497-516.

    Denominational schools of underprivileged groups equalize social capital among the students. Analyzes data from previous studies.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Hungarian Romanians; Hungary; Romania; Social capital; Hungarian Ukranians; Ukraine
  • L'Amérique du Nord a-t-elle franchi le mur de Berlin? Esquisses d'analyse comparative de la religion en Amérique du Nord et en Europe de l'Est.
    Talin, Kristoff (2007)
    In Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, and Michel Gardaz (eds.) La mondialisation du phénomčne religieux. Montréal: Mediaspaul, pp. 41-64.

    Based on 1998 International Social Survey Program data. Eastern European nations remain religiously different from the West, to which they are not exposed.

    Associated Search Terms: Slovenia; Globalization; Hungary; Canada; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Practice; Russia; Sex; Comparative; Slovakia; Age; Czech Republic; Belief; Bulgaria; United States; Germany, East; Europe, eastern; Estonia
  • Church, State and Society in Eastern Europe.
    Tomka, Miklós (2005)
    Washington: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.

    Collection of essays & sudies from before, during, & well after the fall of communism; some on Eastern Europe in general, some on Hungary.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Catholic, Hungary; Europe, eastern; Persecution; State
  • The Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Service Provision of Education in Slovenia and Hungary.
    Rakar, Tatjana (2005)
    Social Compass 52:1: 83-101.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Slovenia; Hungary; State; Slovenia; Comparative; Catholic, Hungary; Education
  • Generations and Atheism: Patterns of Response to Communist Rule among Different Generations and Countries.
    Zrinš?ak, Siniša (2004)
    Social Compass 51:2: 221-234.

    Reviews trends in Croatia, Hungry, Poland, & Slovenia. Presents 1999 European Values Survey data from former Soviet bloc nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Croatia; Generations; Practice; Slovenia; Atheist; Europe; Poland; Membership
  • Hungarian Church-State Relationships. A Socio-Historical Analysis.
    Török, Péter (2003)
    Budapest: Collected Studies of the Hungarian Isntitute for Sociology of Religion.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Hungary; Historical
  • Religion and State in the Candidate Countries to the European Union--Issues Concerning Religion and State in Hungary.
    Schanda, Balázs (2003)
    Sociology of Religion 64:3: 333-348.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; State; Hungary
  • Hungary for Religion: A Supply-side Interpretation of the Hungarian Religious Revival.
    Froese, Paul (2001)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 40:2: 251-268.

    Interprets the revival of religion in post-communist Hungary in "supply side" terms.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Competition
  • Conscience de Krishna: interprétation hongroise.
    Kamarás, István (2000)
    Social Compass 47:2: 221-239.

    Based on 1995-97 participant observation, questionnaire, interview, & focus group data. Provides an accounting of values & life ways.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Hare Krishna, Hungary
  • Religion und Kirche in Ungarn nach dem Ende des Kommunismus.
    Tomka, Miklós (1999)
    In Miklós Tomka, A. Maslauskait?, A. Navickas et al. (eds.) Religion und Kirchen in Ost(Mittel)Europa: Ungarn, Litauen, Slowenien. Ostfildern: Schwabenverlag, pp. 21-133.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary
  • Discontinuity, Tradition, and Innovation: Anthropological Reflections on Jewish Identity in Contemporary Hungary.
    Mars, Leonard (1999)
    Social Compass 46:1: 21-33.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Hungary; Hungary; Identity
  • Devotees of Krishna in Hungary.
    Kamarás, István (1999)
    ISKON Communications Journal 7:2: 13-22.

    Highlights opposition to ISKON in Hungary; includes 1995-97 survey comparison of Krishnas' & Catholics' values.

    Associated Search Terms: Hare Krishna, Hungary; Hungary; Values; Catholic, Hungary
  • 'Kommunistische Modernisierung' und religiöser Wandel in Ungarn.
    Tomka, Miklós (1998)
    In Detlef Pollack, Irina Borowik, and Wolfgang Jagodzinski (eds.) Religiöser Wandel in den postcommunistischen Ländern Ost- und Mitteleuropas. Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, pp. 287-316.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Communism; Hungary; Modernization
  • Hungry Post-World War II: Religious Development and the Present Challenge of New Churches and New Religious Movements.
    Tomka, Miklós (1997)
    In Irena Borowik and G. Babinski (eds.) New Religious Phenomena in Central and Eastern Europe. Krakow: Nomos.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; New religions; Hungary
  • Church Attendance and Religious Belief in Postcommunist Societies.
    Gautier, Mary L. (1997)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 36:2: 289-296.

    Provides 1991 survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Germany, West; Poland; Hungary; Germany, East; Practice
  • Religionsverlust bei der Jugend in Ungarn--Langzeitwirkungen des Kommunismus.
    Tomka, Miklós (1996)
    In Ulrich Nembach (ed.) Jugend--2000 Jahre nach Jesus. Jugend und Religion in Europa II: Bericht vom 2. internationalen Gottinger religionssoziologischen Symposium. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, pp. 261-274.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Disaffiliation; Atheist; Youth
  • The Changing Social Role of Religion in Eastern and Central Europe: Religion's Revival and its Contradictions.
    Tomka, Miklós (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 17-26.

    Presents data on the revival of religion in central & eastern Europe, & Hungary; sees the revival as carried by the necessity for cultural traditions that are non-statist.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe, central; Europe, eastern; Hungary
  • Recent Changes in Social Structures, Human Relations and Values in Hungary.
    Andorka, Rudolf (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 9-16.

    Notes barriers to religion's lessening anomie & alienation: fundamentalism, moral rigidity, sexism, declining ecumenism, neglect of intellectual dimensions, clericalism, hierarchicalism, etc.

    Associated Search Terms: Anomie; Alienation; Moral; Ecumenism; Prejudice, sexism; Hungary
  • Changes in Religious and Church Policy.
    Tomka, Miklós (1994)
    In Csaba Gombár et al. (eds.) Balance: The Hungarian Government 1990-1994, translated by Zsusa M. Boronkay. Budapest: Korridor Center for Policy Research, pp. 267-287.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; State
  • Modernizzazione a Chiesa: l'esperienza del'Ungheria comunsita a postcommunista.
    Tomka, Miklós (1992)
    In Daničle Hervieu-Léger et al. (eds.) La religione degli europei. Torino: Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli, pp. 409-484.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Change; Modernization
  • La religione degli europei: fede, cultura religiosa e modernitŕ in Francia, Italia, Spagna, Gran Bretagna, Germania e Ungheria.
    Hervieu-Léger, Daničle, Franco Garelli, et al. (1992)
    Torino: Edizioni della Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Great Britain; Europe; Italy; France; Germany; Hungary; Spain
  • Religion und Kirche in Ungarn. Ergebnisse religionssoziologischer Forschung 1969-1988.
    Tomka, Miklós (1990)
    Wien: Kirchensoziologisches Intitut.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary
  • Youth and Religiosity in Hungary.
    Molnár, Adrienn, and Miklós Tomka (1989)
    Religion in Communist Lands 17:3: 209-229.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Hungary
  • Die Veränderungen der Sozialstruktur, der Lebensbedingungen und des "way of life" und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Religion in Ungern.
    Andorka, Rudolf (1988)
    Doklumentation Evangelischer Pressedienst 8/88: 8-30.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Change
  • Le Ferment de l'Église: Le Mouvement des Communautés de Base en Hongrie.
    Horvath, Zsuzse (1988)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 33/65:1: 81-106.

    The hostility of the Communist regime toward religion & failure of the Catholic hierarchy to act led to the base community movement in Hungary, under lay initiative.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Hungary; Base communities; Hungary; Laity
  • Tendencies of Religious Change in Hungary.
    Tomka, Miklós (1988)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 33/65:1: 67-80.

    Sees secularization & desecularization in Hungary as an unstable balance.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Hungary; Change
  • Juifs et Luthériens dans le systčme scolaire hongrois.
    Karady, Victor (1987)
    Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales 69: 67-85.

    Examines 1871-1940 statistics pertaining to the high rates of Jewish & Lutheran enrollment in the Hungarian school system.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Hungary; Hungary; Jewish, Hungary; Education
  • Remnants of a Religious Culture among the Provincial Youth of Hungary.
    Tomka, Miklós (1987)
    Lumen vitae 1987:1: 79-96.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Hungary
  • Volksfrömmigkeit in Wandel. Entwicklungstendenzen in Ungarn.
    Tomka, Miklós (1986)
    In Michael N. Ebertz and Franz Schultheis (eds.) Volksfrömmigkeit in Europa. Beiträge zur Soziologie popularer Religiosität aus 14 Ländern. München: Chr. Kaiser, pp. 166-174.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Change; Hungary
  • Vers une théorie sociologique des mariages interconfessionels: Le cas de la nuptialité hongroise sous l'Ancien régime.
    Karady, Victor (1985)
    Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales 57/58: 47-68.

    Secularization & declining religious control over schools were related to increased interreligious marriage in Hungary; notable were Christian/Jewish marriages up to the Nazi era.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Hungary; Jewish, Hungary; Protestant, Hungary; Marriage; Hungary
  • Le rôle des églises instituées de Honfrie dans un contexte de changement.
    Tomka, Miklós (1981)
    Social Compass 28:1: 93-111.

    Not only political contexts & charismatic leaders explain changes in the Hungarian churches, but the internal & social contextual dynamics as well.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Change
  • A Balance of Secularization in Hungary.
    Tomka, Miklós (1981)
    Social Compass 28:1: 25-42.

    Overview & review of the sociological literature on religion in Hungary.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Secularization
  • The Religious--non-Religious Dichotomy as a Social Problem.
    Tomka, Miklós (1979)
    Annual Review of the Social Sciences of Religion 3: 105-137.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Hungary
  • Hungary.
    Varga, Ivan (1972)
    In Hans Mol (ed.) Western Religion. A Country by Country Inquiry. The Hague: Mouton, pp. 177-294.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary
  • L'opinion des catholiques hongrois sur les réformes de l'Église.
    Morel, Julius, and Emmerich András (1968)
    Social Compass 15: 383-401.

    Based on interview data from a Hungarian national sample.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Change; Catholic, Hungary
  • Convictions Religieuses de la Jeunesse Hongroise Scolaire et Etudiants.
    Bango, Jeno Ferenc (1968)
    Social Compass 15: 403-411.

    Associated Search Terms: Teachers; Students; Hungary; Belief
  • Le Sécularisation de la Jeunesse Hongroise.
    Varga, Ivan (1967)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 12/23: 45-63.

    Describes 3 1963-64 questionnaire studies in Hungary; types adolescents as traditionally religious, non-traditionally religious, indifferent, non-believing, & Marxist atheist.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Hungary; Tradition; Adolescents; Atheist, Hungary
  • Die Kirche in Ungarn. Entwicklung und heutige Situation der kirchlichen Verhältnisse in Ungarn.
    Káldi, Georg (1956)
    Social Compass 4:2: 37-67.

    Reviews a religious revival 1894-1944, & persecution 1945-56; presents demographics, comparisons of Catholicism with other denominations, & data on occupations, church organization, clergy, education, & media.

    Associated Search Terms: Persecution; Hungary; Catholic, Hungary
  • Differential Divorce Rates by Religious Groups.
    Somogyi, Stephen (1941)
    American Journal of Sociology 46: 665-685.

    Presents data from Hungary, 1897-1936.

    Associated Search Terms: Greek Orthodox, Hungary; Catholic, eastern rite, Hungary; Marriage; Calvinist, Hungary; Lutheran, Hungary; Unitarian, Hungary; Catholic, Hungary; Jewish, Hungary; Hungary; Divorce
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