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  • Politicizing Islam. The Islamic Revival in France and India.
    Parvez, Z. Fareen (2017)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Privatization; France, Lyons; India, Hyderabad; Islam, France; Islam, India; Laïcité; Minority; Participant observation; Politics, India
  • Interventionist secularism: A comparative analysis of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (1923-1928) and the Indian Constituent Assembly (1946-1949) debates.
    Madra, Aysel (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 222-241.

    Modern Turkish government limits religion in order to fashion unity while the Indian government promotes reforms for purposes of equality & justice.

    Associated Search Terms: Turkey; State; Secularism; Pluralism; Justice; India; Identity, national
  • Secularism and Religion in Multi-faith Societies. The Case of India.
    Sen, Ragini, Wolfgang Wagner, and Caroline Howarth (2014)
    Dordrecht: Springer.

    Based on open-ended interviews from a purpose sample of Hindu & Muslim young adult Indians. Secularism was understood as peaceful pluralism &, by the authors, as a form of social capital.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Hindu, India; India; Islam, India; Young adults; Minority; Conflict; Secularism; Social capital; Politics, India
  • Selling Yoga: From Counercultuel to Pop Culture.
    Jain, Andrea (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Participant observation; Yoga, U.S.A.; Yoga, India; Yoga
  • The impact of international migration on home churches: The Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Chuch in India.
    Kurien, Prema A. (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:1: 109-129.

    Based on field work & interviews in India & U.S.A. The church leadership resists changes, such as charismatic practices, in Kerala but has difficulty controlling parishes outside Kerala.

    Associated Search Terms: Transnational; Migration; Migrant; Mar Thoma, U.S.A.; India, Kerala; Mar Thoma, India
  • Religion als religiös-ethnische Gemeinschaft. Das Beispiel der Parsi Zoroastrier in Indien.
    Lüddeckens, Dorothea, and Rafael Walthert (2013)
    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 65, 1 Suppl., 333-357.

    Associated Search Terms: Community; Ethnic; Parsee, India; Zoroastrian, India; India
  • "Multiple secularities": Postcolonial variations and guiding ideas in India and South Africa.
    Burchardt, Marian, Monika Wohlrab-Sahr, and Ute Wegert (2013)
    International Sociology 28:6: 612-628.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa; Comparative; India; Secular
  • "The people know they need religion in order to develop": Religion' capacity to inspire people in Pune's slums.
    Bhatewara, Zara, and Tamsin Bradley (2013)
    European Journal of Development Research 25:2: 288-304.

    Associated Search Terms: Poverty; India, Maharashtra State, Pune; Class; Development
  • Von Multiple Modernities zu Multiple Secularities: kulturelle Diversität, Säkularismus und Toleranz als Leitidee in Indien.
    Burchardt, Marian, and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (2013)
    Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 38:4: 355-374.

    Associated Search Terms: Diversity; India; Modernity; Pluralism; Secularism; Tolerance
  • Disenchanting India: Organized Rationalism and Criticism of Religion in India.
    Quack, Johannes (2012)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, India; India
  • India: The Politics of (Re)Conversion to Hinduism of Christian Aboriginals.
    Jaffrelot, Christophe (2011)
    In Patrick Michel and Enzo Pace (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 2: Religion and Politics. Leiden: Brill, pp. 197-215.

    Historical overview of the post-independence political reaction against "non-Indian" religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, India; Conversion; Historical; Nationalism; Politics, India; India
  • Hinduism in India and Congregational Forms: Influences of Modernization and Social Networks.
    Stroope, Samuel (2011)
    Religions 2:4: 676-692.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernization; Network; India; Congregation; Hindu, India
  • Du don au paiement rituel. L'echange en question.
    Jamous, Raymond (2011)
    Archives de sciences socales des religions 154: 179-197.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Gift; Hindu, India; Exchange
  • Temple and dam, fez and hat: The secular roots of religious politics in Turkey and India.
    Roy, Sruripa (2010)
    Commonwealth and Comparative Politics 48:2: 148-172.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; India; Politics, India; Politics, Turkey; Turkey
  • Religious Politics and Secular States: Egypt, India and the United States.
    Hibbard, Scott W. (2010)
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Egypt; United States; State; Politics, India; India; Egypt; Politics, U.S.A.
  • The God Market: How Globalization Is Making India More Hindu.
    Nanda, Meera (2009)
    New York: Random House.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Hindu, India; Globalization
  • Hindus' Evaluations of Hindus and Muslims: Religious Leaders and Pilgrims at the Magh Mela.
    Ruback, R. Barry; Neena Kohli; and Janak Pandey (2009)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48:2: 375-385.

    Interviews with religious leaders & pilgrims show belief was associated with favoring Hindus & practice to negative views of Muslims.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Hindu, India; India; Practice; Prejudice, religious
  • Are Religious People More Prosocial? A Quasi-experimental Study with Madrasah Pupils in a Rural Community in India.
    Ahmed, Ali M. (2009)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48:2: 368-374.

    Using game experiments, studying to enter the clergy were more co-oeprative & generous than other students.

    Associated Search Terms: Game theory; Hindu, India; Seminarians; India, Uttar Pradesh, Nowganwan; Altruism
  • Convert, Revert, Pervert.
    Pace, Enzo (2009)
    In Guiseppe Giordan (ed.) Conversion in the Age of Pluralism. Leiden: Brill, pp. 189-212.

    Typology, corresponding to Weber's types of legitimacy; rituals of return as evidence of conversion being a system-level phenomenon.

    Associated Search Terms: Return; Ritual; Conversion; System; Hindu, Arya Samaj; Jewish, Lubavitcher; India; Hindu, India
  • Citizen Versus People: The Politics of Majoritarianism and Marginalization in Democratic India.
    Gupta, Dipankar (2007)
    Sociology of Religion 68:1: 27-44.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Politics, India; India
  • Women, Religious Agency and the Politics of Vocation.
    Leming, Laura M. (2007)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Vocation and Social Context. Leiden: Brill, pp. 153-176.

    Sees the politics over women's ordination as an aspect of politics over the role of women in the U.S. and India.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; India; Vocation; Feminism; United States
  • The Syrian Christians of Kerala: Demographic and Socio-Economic Transition in the Twentieth Century.
    Zachariah, K.C. (2006)
    New Dehli: Orient Longman.

    Associated Search Terms: Mar Thoma, India; Economic; Demography; Change; Syrian Orthodox, India; India, Kerala
  • Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The influence of religion and caste on education in rural India.
    Borooah, Vani K., and Sriya Iyer (2005)
    Journal of Development Studies 41:8: 1369-1404.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; India; Education; Caste
  • Practices of Praise and Social Constructions of Identity: The Bards of North-West India.
    Basu, Helene (2005)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 130: 81-105.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Social construction of reality; India
  • A Sociological History of Christian Worship.
    Stringer, Martin D. (2005)
    Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Orthodox, eastern; Great Britain, Salisbury; Ethiopian Orthodox; Georgian Orthodox; Ritual; India, Kerala; Popular religion; Habitus; Armenian Apostolic Church; Historical; Great Britain, England
  • Frau, Gemeinschaft und Nation: eine historische Entwicklungslinie hinduistischer Identitätspolitik.
    Sarkar, Tanika (2004)
    Soziale Welt 55:15: 231-247.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Politics, India; Identity; India; Hindu, India
  • La Religion des Intouchables de l'Inde.
    Deliège, Robert (2004)
    Villeneuve d'Aseq: Presses Universitaires du Septentrion.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Caste
  • Introduction.
    Robinson, Rowena (2004)
    In Rowena Robinson (ed.) Sociology of Religion in India. New Delhi; Thousand Oaks, California; London: Sage, pp. 15-33.

    An introduction to a volume of essays from the Sociological Bulletin. Includes a brief history of the sociology of religion in India.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, India; India
  • Verwobene Moderne: Zivilgesellschaft, Kastenbindung und nicht-staatliches Familienrecht im (post)kolonialen Indien.
    Randeria, Shalini (2004)
    Soziale Welt 55:15: 155-178.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Caste; Family
  • "Race" Religion and Riots: The "Racialization" of Communal Identity and Conflict in India.
    Baber, Zaheer (2004)
    Sociology 38:4: 701-718.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Race; Violence; Identity; Conflict
  • Christian by Birth or Rebirth? Generation and Difference in an Indian American Christian Church.
    Kurien, Prema A. (2004)
    In Tony Carnes and Fengang Yang (eds.) Asian American Religions. The Making and Remaking of Borders and Boundaries. New York: New York University Press, pp. 160-181.

    Studies an Orthodox Indian American parish that experienced generational conflict. Exact location in the U.S. is not disclosed.

    Associated Search Terms: Saint Thomas Christian (India); Participant observation; Parish; Migrant; Indian Americans; Generations; Conflict
  • Le Bouddhisme mondialisé. Une perspective sociologique sur la globalisation du religieux.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2004)
    Paris: Ellipses

    Analyzes the westernization of the Buddhist traditions, globally, with special focus on Asian nations & France, some information on North America and the U.K.. The westernized traditions legitimate political engagement at the infra- & supra-state levels. Uses a typology of Buddhism: pietist-culturalist, nationalist-moralist, elitist-culturalist, intimist-individualist, & solardist-universalist.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, France; Buddhist, Great Britain; Buddhist; Buddhist, China; Activism; Buddhist, Tibet; Zen; Soka Gakkai, France; Soka Gakkai; Phenomenology; Globalization; Falun Gong; Buddhist, Vietnam; Buddhist, Burma; Buddhist, Tibetan, France; Buddhist, India; Buddhist, Thailand; Buddhist, Sri Lanka; Buddhist, Korea; Buddhist, Japan; Buddhist, U.S.A.
  • Christians of India.
    Robinson, Rowena (2003)
    New Delhi: Sage.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, India; India
  • Spectral Secularism: Religion, Politics and Democracy in India.
    Assayag, Jackie (2003)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 44:3: 325-357.

    While the Indian state is secular, the democratic rule by the Hindu majority makes religious majority/minority relations an important political issue.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, India; India
  • The Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence in Contemporary India.
    Brass, Paul R. (2003)
    Seattle: University of Washington Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Conflict; India; Hindu, India; Islam, India
  • Processes of secularization in contemporary India: Guru faith in the Mata Amritanandamayi Mission.
    Warrier, Maya (2003)
    Modern Asian Studes 37:1: 423-451.

    Associated Search Terms: Charities; Hindu, India; India, Kerala; Secularization
  • Religion and Politics in India. The Emergence of Hindu Nationalism and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
    Sahu, Sunil K. (2002)
    In Ted Gerard Jelen and Clyde Wilcox (eds.) Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective. New York: Cambridge University Preess, pp. 243-265.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Islam, India; Hindu, India; India; Sikh, India; Politics, India
  • Guardians of the Transcendent: An Ethnography of a Jain Ascetic Community.
    Vallely, Anne (2002)
    Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Ladnun; Jain, India; Hindu, India
  • Demography and Religion in India.
    Iyer, Sriya (2002)
    Delhi: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Demography
  • Religion and the Decision to Use Contraception in India.
    Iyer, Sriya (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:4: 711-722.

    Analyzes interview data from a locale in the south of India where Muslims have larger families than Hindus.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Karnataka, Ramanagaram; Islam, India; Hindu, India; Birth control
  • Arya Samaj Movement: A Study of Socio-Religious Consciousness in Western Uttar Pradesh.
    Singh, K.P. (2002)
    Lucknow: Tarun Prakasham.

    Associated Search Terms: India, Uttar Pradesh State; Hindu, Arya Samaj
  • The impact of consecrated life on Indian society.
    Vallipalam, Mathew M. (2001)
    Social Compass 48:2: 263-277.

    Overview of the Catholic institutes of consecrated life in India & their works, which are both considerable.

    Associated Search Terms: Orders/congregations; India; Catholic, India
  • Women's autonomy in India and Pakistan: The influence of religion and region.
    Jejeebhoy, Shireen J., and Zeba A. Sathar (2001)
    Population and Development Review 27:4: 687-712.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Autonomy; India; Pakistan
  • Conditions for Ideological Production: The Origins of Islamic Modernism in India, Egypt, and Iran.
    Moaddel, Mansoor (2001)
    Theory and Society 30:5: 669-731.

    Associated Search Terms: Egypt; Islam, India; Islam, Iran; Modernity; India; Islam, Egypt; Iran
  • Crossing the Gods: World Religions and Worldly Politics.
    Demerath, Nicholas J., III (2001)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Indonesia; Israel; Egypt; China; Turkey; Pakistan; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Japan; Poland; Sweden; State; Comparative; Politics; Guatemala; Violence; Brazil; India; Thailand
  • A Comparative Sociology of World Religions: Virtuosos, Priests, and Popular Religion.
    Sharot, Stephen (2001)
    New York: New York University Press.

    An updating of a Weberian treatment of elite & popular religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, medieval; Confucian; Hindu; Weber, Max; Commodification; Buddhist; Historical; Reformation; Islam; State; Taiwan; Hierocracy; India; Virtuoso; Little tradition; Jewish; Big tradition; Comparative; China; Daoist; Syncretism; Popular religion; Elite
  • The Christian Clergy in India. Social Structure and Social Roles.
    Oomen, T.K., and Hunter Mabry (2000)
    New Delhi: Sage.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, India; India; Clergy
  • A proposito dei rapporti fra religione e benessere nella società dell'India antica.
    Squarcini, Federico (2000)
    La critica sociologica 134: 23-34.

    Associated Search Terms: Well-being; India
  • Death in Banaras.
    Parry, Jonathan P. (2000)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Death; Hindu, India; India, Banaras; Priest; Clergy role; Clergy
  • Going to Hell in Asia: The Relationship between Risk and Religion in a Cross Cultural Setting.
    Miller, Alan S. (2000)
    Review of Religious Research 42:1: 5-18.

    Analyzes 1990-93 World Values Survey data; religion seems related inversely with risk everywhere but Japan.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Japan; Risk preference; India; Turkey; Italy; United States
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