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  • Religion and AIDS in Africa.
    Trinitapoli, Jenny, and Alexander Weinreb. (2012)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Interview & other kinds of data from Malawi, seacondary analysis of data from other sub-Saharan nations. While "new mission Protestant" churches have a lower incidence of AIDS, the best predictor is religiosity, not affiliation; individual & especially village religiosity inversely predicts HIV+ for women, but is positively associated for men.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Africa; Healing; Sexual activity; Stigma; Sex; Religiosity; Network; Malawi; Health; Contextual effects; Christian, Africa; Africa; AIDS
  • Islam and democracy: Arab Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa compared.
    Kotze, Hennie, and Carlos Garcia-Rivero (2009)
    In Y. Esmer and T. Pettersson (eds.) The International System, Democracy and Values. Uppsala: Acta Universitat Upsaliensis, pp. 169-182.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Democracy; Africa; Islam
  • Muslim-Christian Encounters in Africa.
    Soares, Benjamin F. (2006)
    Leiden: E.J. Brill.

    Associated Search Terms: Inter-religious; Islam, Africa; Christian, Africa; Africa
  • Islamic militancy in East Africa.
    Haynes, Jeffrey (2005)
    Third World Quarterly 26:8: 1321-1339.

    Associated Search Terms: Political Islam; Africa, east; Politics, Africa; Islam, Africa
  • Marginalité et Instrumentalité de l'Islam dans le Presse du Maghreb Central.
    Garon, Lise (1997)
    Social Compass 44:1: 53-70.

    Political interests use Islam instrumentally, not vice-versa; based on content analysis of newspapers.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, North Africa; Politics, North Africa; Algeria; Tunisia; Content analysis; Media; Morocco
  • Muslims in Greater Cape Town: A Problem of Identity.
    Costa, Yusuf da (1994)
    British Journal of Sociology 45:2: 235-240.

    Since South African Muslims first migrated from various nations, their religion is their paramount but not only identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; Islam, South Africa; Identity; South Africa
  • Mass higher education and the religious imagination in contemporary Arab societies.
    Eickelman, Dale (1992)
    American Ethnologist 19:4: 645-655.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa, north; Education; Islam; Oman
  • Muslim Brotherhoods in Nineteenth-Century Africa.
    Martin, B.G. (1976)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Africa; Africa; Brotherhood
  • Religion and Revolution.
    Lewy, Guenter (1974)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Spain; Mexico; India; Germany; Egypt; China; Burma; Brazil; Latin America; Africa; Puritan, Great Britain; Catholic, Mexico; Jewish; Hindu, India; Christian; Revolution; Messian; Cargo cult; Anabaptist
  • Analytical Methods of Studying Religious Expansion in Africa.
    Barrett, David B. (1970)
    Journal of Religion in Africa 3: 22-44.

    Addresses matters of definition, coding, & compilation for the study of new independent religious organizations in Africa.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Africa; Islam, Africa; Methodology; Africa
  • La Religion Musulmane en Berbérie: Esquisse d'Histoire et de Sociologie Religieuse. Etablissement et Développement de l'Islam en Berbérie du VIIe au Xxe Siècle.
    Bel, Alfred (1938)
    Paris: Guethner.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa, north; Islam, Africa
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