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  • The perceived role of Islamic religiosity in minorities' educational success in Belgium. A cure or curse?
    Van Praag, Lore, Orhan Agirdag, Peer Aj Sevens, and Mieke van Houte (2016)
    Social Compass 63:4: 529-546.

    Based on 2009-11 interviews with Muslim students in 3 secondary schools in Flanders. They cited skill of memorization, friendship networks, and avoidance of drugs and alcohol as helpful in school.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, secondary; Islam, Belgium; Education; Assimilation; Belgium
  • Religion and negative attitudes toward homosexuals: An analysis of urban young people and their attitudes towards homosexuality.
    Roggemans, Lilith, Bram Spruyt, Filip Van Droogenbroeck, and Gil Keppens (2015)
    Young 23:3: 254-276.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Belgium; Homosexuality; Belgium, Flanders; Islam, Belgium; Youth
  • Organisations islamiques en Europe et aux États-Unis: les perspectifves interdisciplinaires et ascendantes.
    Kortmann, Matthias, and Kerstin Rosenow-Williams (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 541-555.

    Meta-analysis of studies of Muslim organizations in majority non-Muslim nations shows that such environments provide resources but also impose restrictions on the structures and objectives of the organizations.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Switzerland; Islam, Latvia; United States; Spain; Poland; Netherlands; Lithuania; Latvia; Islam, Poland; Islam, Lithuania; Islam, Estonia; Germany; Islam, Germany; France; Islam, Belgium; Islam, Netherlands; Islam, Spain; Islam, Switzerland; Islam, U.S.A.; Organization; Belgium; Estonia; Islam, France
  • Islam belge au pluriel.
    Maréchal, Brigitte, and Farid El Asri (2012)
    Louvain-la-Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Islam, Belgium
  • Guérir par l’islam : l’adoption du rite de guérison prophétique – roqya- par les salafistes en France et en Belgique.
    Touag, Hanifa (2012)
    In Farid El Asri and Brigitte Maréchal (eds.) Islam Belge au pluriel. Louvain-la-Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain, pp. 201-218.

    Associated Search Terms: Exorcism; Belgium; Islam, Belgium; Healing
  • Queering conversion: Exploring new theoretical pathways to understand religious conversion in a Western context.
    Peumans, Wim, and Christiane Stallaert (2012)
    In Peter Nynäs and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (eds.) Religion, Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, pp. 109-124.

    Case study of a gay male Belgian Marxist who converted to Islam.

    Associated Search Terms: Case study; Islam, Belgium; Conversion; Belgium; Homosexuality
  • Determinants of Attitudes toward Muslim Students among Flemish Teachers: A Research Note.
    Agirdag, Orhan, Patrick Loobuyck, and Mieke Van Houtte (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:2: 368-376.

    Analyzes 2008-09 questionnaire data from Flemish teachers. Female, Muslim, & younger teachers, & those with 4-year degrees were more positive toward Muslim students, while those in majority-Muslim schools were more negative toward them.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Flemish Belgians; Islam, Belgium; Belgium; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Teachers
  • L'Iris et le croissant. Bruxelles et l'Islam à l'épreuve de la co-inclusion.
    Dassetto, Felice (2011)
    Louvain-la-Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Belgium, Brussels
  • Religious identification, beliefs and practices among Turkish- and Moroccan Belgian Muslims: Intergenerational continuity and acculturative change.
    Güngör, Derya, Fenella Fleischmann, and Karen Phalet (2011)
    Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 42:8: 1356-1374.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Acculturation; Belgium; Change; Generations; Moroccan Belgians; Turkish Belgians
  • Religious identification, beliefs, and practices among Turkish Belgian and Moroccan Belgian Muslims: Intergenerational continuity and acculturative change.
    Gungor, Derya, Fenella Fleischmann, and Karen Phalet. (2011)
    Journal of Cross-Culural Psychology 42:8: 1356-1374.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Turkish Belgians; Practice; Moroccan Belgians; Identification; Belief; Belgium; Islam, Belgium
  • Crossing boundaries: Ethnicity and Islamic conversion in Belgium.
    Leman, Johan, Christiane Stallaert, Priscilla Choi, and Imam Lechkar (2010)
    Ethnoculture 2: 27-44.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Islam, Belgium; Conversion; Ethnic
  • Religious Practices among Islamic Immigrants: Moroccan and Turkish Men in Belgium.
    Smits, Fransje, Stign Ruiter, and Frank von Tubergen (2010)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49:2: 247-263.

    Analyzes 1994-96 survey data; levels of practice depend on attendance at a Keranic school in the country of origin, religiosity of home region, low level of education, residence in an area of many Mosques in Belgium, & association with co-ethnics.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; Education; Belgium; Turkish Belgians; Moroccan Belgians; Islam, Belgium; Practice
  • Ethnic dimensions in the discourse and identity strategies of European converts to Islam in Anadalusia and Flanders.
    Leman, Johan, Christiane Stallaert, and Imam Lechkar (2010)
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 36:9: 1483-1497.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium, Flanders; Conversion; Ethnic; Identity; Islam, Belgium; Spain, Andalusia; Islam, Spain
  • Islam, Migration and Integration: The Age of Securitization.
    Kaya, Ayhan (2009)
    New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Netherlands; Islam, France; Germany; Belgium; Islam, Netherlands; Migration; Assimilation; Islam, Germany; France
  • Submitting to God, Submitting to the Self. Secular and Religious Trajectories of Second Generation Maghrebi in Belgium.
    Fadil, Nadia (2008)
    Leuven: KULeuven, Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen, Centrum voor Sociologsch Onderzoek.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Generations; Islam, Belgium; North African Belgians
  • Social exclusion of Muslim youth in Flemish- and French-speaking Belgian schools.
    Merry, Michael S. (2005)
    Comparative Education Review 49;1: 1-23.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Discrimination; Education; Islam, Belgium; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Western Europe and its Islam. The Social Reaction to the Institutionalization of a 'New' Religion in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
    Rath, Jan, Rinus Penninx, Kees Groenendikj, and Astrid Meyer (2001)
    Leiden: Brill.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Netherlands; Belgium; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Netherlands; Great Britain
  • Tablighi Jama'at in Belgium.
    Dassetto, Felice (2000)
    In Muhammad Khalid Masud (ed.) Travellers in Faith. Studies of the Tablighi Jama'at as a Transnational Islamic Movement for Faith Renewal. Leiden: Brill, pp. 174-187.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Islam, Belgium; Tablighi Jama´at
  • The Politics of Recognizing Religious Diversity in Europe. Social Reaction to the Institutionalization of Islam in the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.
    Rath, Jan, Rinus Penninx, Kees Groenendijk, and Astrid Meyer (1999)
    Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences 35:1: 53-68.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Great Britain; Politics, Belgium; Pluralism; Islam, Netherlands; Netherlands; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Belgium; Great Britain; Belgium; Politics, Netherlands
  • L'incidence du faceur religieux dans la "conscience ethnique" des immigrès marocains en Belgique.
    Bastenier, Albert (1998)
    Social Compass 45:2: 195-218.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; Moroccan Belgians; Islam, Belgium
  • Villes, espaces publics et religions: récits d'espérance et pratiques quotidiennes.
    Remy, Jean (1998)
    Social Compass 45:1: 23-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Islam, Europe; France; Belgium; Catholic, Europe; Collective representation
  • Facettes de l'Islam Belge.
    Dassetto, Felice (1997)
    Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia-Bruylant.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Belgium
  • L'Islam Transplanté: Vie et Organisation des Minorités Musulmanes en Belgique.
    Dassetto, Felice, and Albert Bastenier (1994)
    Bruxelles: Ed. Vie ouvrière.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Belgium; Minority
  • Vingt Ans d'Islam Belge.
    Dassetto, Felice (1990)
    Migrations-société 2:7: 19-35.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Islam, Belgium
  • Islam in Belgium: Contradictions and Perspectives.
    Bastinier, Albert (1988)
    In Tomas Gerholm and Yngve Georg Lithman (eds.) The New Islamic Presence in Western Europe. London: Mansell, pp. 133-143.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Islam, Belgium
  • Organisations Musulmanes de Belgique.
    Dassetto, Felice, and Albert Bastenier (1985)
    Recherches sociologiques 16:3: 347-358.

    Muslim immigrants are a new phenomenon in Belgium. The government helps organize Muslim religious education for Muslim children. The Muslim denominations correspond to the immigrants' nations of origin.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Belgium; Belgium; Migrant
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