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  • Intergenerational religious mobility in contemporary China.
    Hu, Anning, and Reid J. Leamaster (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:1: 79-99.

    Analyzes 2010 China General Social Survey data. Intergenerational religious mobility shows a growth of Islam, Christianity, & nones relative to traditional Chinese religions for father-child mobility, & advantage of nones for mother-child mobility.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, China; Islam, China; Generations; Conversion; China; Christian, China
  • Muslim Attitudes toward Business in the Emerging Market Economy of China.
    Wang, Yutin, and Fenggang Yang (2011)
    Social Compass 58:4: 554-573.

    Based on 2006 open-ended interviews with Chinese Muslim business people in 3 cities--Beijing, Zhengzhou, & Guangzhou. Develops a typology of urban Muslim business people: socially detached, socially engaged, pragmatic, traditional, & secular.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, China; Business people; China; Economic
  • Becoming Different while Becoming the Same: Re-territorializing Islamic Identities with Multi-ethnic Practices in Hong Kong.
    Plüss, Caroline (2006)
    Ethnic and Racial Studies 29:4: 656-675.

    Associated Search Terms: Adaptation; Assimilation; Islam, China; China, Hong Kong
  • Dislocating China: Muslims, Minoriities, and Other Subaltern Subjects.
    Gladney, Dru C. (2004)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Islam, China; China
  • Chinese Islam: Unity and fragmentation.
    Alles, Elisabeth, Leila Cherif-Chebbi, and Constance-Helene Halfon (2003)
    Religion, State and Society 31:1: 7-35.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Islam, China
  • A Comparative Sociology of World Religions: Virtuosos, Priests, and Popular Religion.
    Sharot, Stephen (2001)
    New York: New York University Press.

    An updating of a Weberian treatment of elite & popular religion.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Weber, Max; Commodification; Historical; Comparative; India; Popular religion; State; Taiwan; Big tradition; Little tradition; Virtuoso; Elite; Hindu; Islam; Reformation; Jewish; Catholic, medieval; Buddhist; Hierocracy; Daoist; Syncretism
  • Musulmans de Chine. Une Anthropologie des Hui de Henan.
    Allès, Elisabeth (2000)
    Paris: Editions de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Islam, China
  • Islamic"fundamentalism" and female empowerment among the Muslims of Hainan Islam, People's Republic of China.
    Pang, Keng-Fong (1997)
    In Judy Brink and Joan Mencher (eds.) Mixed Blessings: Gender and Religious Fundamentalism Cross Culturally. New York: Routledge, pp. 41-56.

    Associated Search Terms: China, Hainan Island; Islam, China; Women
  • Muslim Chinese. Ethnic Nationalism in the People's Republic.
    Gladney, Dru C. (1991)
    Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, China; Ethnic; China
  • La version chinoise de l'islam.
    Aubin, Françoise (1989)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 30:2: 192-220.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Islam, China
  • Religion und Lebensführung. Studien zu Max Webers Religions- und Herrschaftssoziologie, 2 vols.
    Schluchter, Wolfgang (1988)
    Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Otherworldliness; Islam; Jewish; Hindu; Protestant Ethic; Hebrew; Rationalization; Confucian, China; Puritan; China; Charisma; Buddhist; Asceticism; Early Christian; Daoist, China
  • Religion and Revolution.
    Lewy, Guenter (1974)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Spain; Mexico; India; Germany; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Burma; France; Catholic, Mexico; Egypt; China; Latin America; Puritan, Great Britain; Anabaptist; Jewish; Islam; Hindu, India; Christian; Revolution; Messian; Cargo cult; Africa; Brazil
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