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  • Politicizing Islam. The Islamic Revival in France and India.
    Parvez, Z. Fareen (2017)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Privatization; France, Lyons; India, Hyderabad; Islam, France; Islam, India; Laïcité; Minority; Participant observation; Politics, India
  • Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies.
    Adida, Claire L., David D. Laitin, and Marie-Anne Valfort (2016)
    Cambridge, Massachuses: Harvard University Press

    Associated Search Terms: Assimilation; Discrimination; France; Islam, France; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • The racialization of Muslims in France and the United States: Some insights from white converts to Islam.
    Galonnier, Juliette (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 570-583.

    Based on interviews & participant observation with white converts to Islam in France & U.S.A. The converts were perceived to be of a different race from that of their origin. The American converts were seen as race traitors & the French converts as adopting a lower status.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; United States; Racialization; Islam, U.S.A.; Mobility (vertical); Comparative; Islam, France; Convert; France
  • Organisations islamiques en Europe et aux États-Unis: les perspectifves interdisciplinaires et ascendantes.
    Kortmann, Matthias, and Kerstin Rosenow-Williams (2015)
    Social Compass 62:4: 541-555.

    Meta-analysis of studies of Muslim organizations in majority non-Muslim nations shows that such environments provide resources but also impose restrictions on the structures and objectives of the organizations.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Switzerland; Spain; Poland; Lithuania; Islam, Poland; Islam, Lithuania; Islam, Latvia; Islam, Estonia; Great Britain; Germany; France; Belgium; Islam, U.S.A.; Islam, Switzerland; Islam, Spain; Islam, Netherlands; Islam, Germany; Islam, France; Islam, Belgium; Netherlands; United States; Estonia; Latvia
  • Gli indigeni della Repubblica. Il movimento post-coloniale in Francia e l'Islam.
    Maddanu, Simone (2014)
    Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa 2: 305-328.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam, France
  • Passer la frontière ou brouiller les lignes? Race, genre et religion: les frontières ethno-raciales au prisme des conversions de femmes à l’Islam en France.
    Brun, Solène (2014)
    Unpublished Master's thesis, Institut d'études politiques (Paris).

    Associated Search Terms: Convert; Racialization; Islam, France
  • Being recognizable in order to overcome the crisis: The ambivalence of Islamic actors' struggle for visibility in France and Switzerland.
    Monnot, Christophe, and Alexandre Piettre (2014)
    In Gladys Ganiel, Heidemarie Winkel, and Christophe Monnot (eds.) Religion in Times of Crisis. Leiden: Brill, pp. 153-171.

    In France & Switzerland there was a tension between being visible in order to press for Muslims' rights & being visibly distinct to maintain cultural coherence in the Muslim minority. Based on participant observation in public forums in both nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Participant observation; Assimilation; Comparative; France; Islam, France; Islam, Switzerland
  • Converties à l’islam. Parcours de femmes au Québec et en France.
    Mossière, Géraldine (2014)
    Montréal: Presses l'Universitaire du Montréal.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; Canada, Quebec; Women; Conversion; Islam, Canada
  • The Headscarf Debates: Conflicts of National Belonging.
    Aziz, Sahar F. (2014)
    Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Islam, Netherlands; Clothing; France; Gender; Germany; Islam, Germany; Islam, Turkey; Netherlands; Turkey; Islam, France
  • C'est plus traditionnel ici qu'au bled! Analyse socio-spatiale du traditionalisme religieux dans une banlieue parisienne.
    Selby, Jennifer A. (2014)
    Ethnologie Française 44:3: 513-524.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Ecology; Algerian French; Traditionalism; France, Paris
  • La question halal. Sociologie d'une consommation controversée.
    Rodier, Christine (2014)
    Paris: Presses Universitaires de France.

    Based on 2007-10 participant observation among Berber immigrants (3 generations) in the Moselle Department of France.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; Berber French; Food; France, Moselle; Islam, France; Participant observation; Generations
  • Être imam en France. Les transformations du “clergé” musulman en context minoritaire.
    Sèze, Romain (2013)
    Paris: Cerf.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Islam, France; France; Clergy; Clergy role
  • Legal Integration of Islam: A Transatlantic Comparison.
    Joppke, Christian, and John Torpey (2013)
    Cambridge Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Law; Islam, U.S.A.; Islam, Germany; Islam, France; Islam, Canada; Integration (social)
  • Islamophobie: Comment les élites Françaises construisent le problem musulman.
    Hajjat, Abdellali, and Marwan Mohammed (2013)
    Paris: La Découverte.

    Associated Search Terms: Elite; Social problem; Social construction of reality; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; France; Islam, France
  • Voile intégral en France. Sociologie d'un paradoxe.
    Bourghée, Myriam (2012)
    Paris: Michalon.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Clothing; Islam, France
  • Performing gender and religion: The veil's impact on boundary-making processes in France.
    Salzbrunn, Monika (2012)
    Women's Studies 41: 682-705.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Gender; Islam, France; Boundary maintenance; Clothing
  • L’islam nella società francese.
    Mammeri, Youcef (2011)
    Studi emigrazione 181: 79-90.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam, France
  • L'Islam dans la laïcité.
    Frégosi, Franck (2011)
    Paris: Hachette.

    Associated Search Terms: Laïcité; Islam, France; France
  • How the French state justifies controlling Muslim bodies: From harm-based to values-based reasoning.
    Bowen, John R. (2011)
    Social Research 78:2: 325-348.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam, France; Regulation; State
  • Modalités et spécificités de la socialization des jeunes musulmans en France. Résultats d’une enquête grenobloise.
    Tournier, Vincent (2011)
    Revue française de sociologie 52:2: 311-352.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Islam, France; Youth; France, Grenoble
  • La Population Musulmane de France: de l'Ombre à la Lumière?
    Dargent, Claude (2010)
    Revue Française de Sociologie 51:2: 219-246.

    While 1990s surveys neglected the Muslim population of France, it has been increasing. Survey data on them contradicts the secularization model.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; Secularization
  • Can Islam Be French? Pluralism and Pragmatism in a Secularist State.
    Bowen, John R. (2010)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Based on observtion & interviews; focuses on diverse Muslim educational organizations & public intellectuals.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; France; Islam, France; Law
  • Les fruits de la foi et l'universalité de l'islam: une étude de cas sur l'activisme musulmane en France.
    Frank, Peter (2010)
    Sociologie et Sociétés 42:1: 95-114.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Case study; Islam, France; Activism
  • Passer et retravailler la frontière...Des converties à l'islam en France et au Québec: jeux et enjeux de médiation et de différenciation.
    Mossière, Géraldine (2010)
    Sociologie et Sociétés 42:1: 245-270.

    Conversion as a change to an alternative social life.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Islam, Canada; Convert; France; Canada, Quebec
  • Religionen im Prozess von Migration: Eine Fallstudie; Muslimische Migration nach Deutschland und Frankreich im 20. Jahrhundert.
    Reuter, Astrid (2009)
    In Hans G. Kippenberg, Jörg Rüpke, and Kocku von Stuckrad (eds.) Europäische Religionsgeschichte. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 371-410.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Germany; Migration; Islam, France; Germany; France; Case study; Migrant
  • Des femmes convertés à l’islam en France et au Québec: Religiosités d’un nouveau genre.
    Mossière, Géraldine (2009)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation (anthropology), l'Université de Montréal.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Canada, Quebec; Convert; Islam, France; Women; Islam, Canada
  • Islam, Migration and Integration: The Age of Securitization.
    Kaya, Ayhan (2009)
    New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Migration; Netherlands; Islam, Germany; Islam, France; Islam, Belgium; France; Islam, Netherlands; Assimilation; Germany
  • Penser l'Islam dans la laïcité: Le musulmans de France et la République.
    Frégosi, Franck (2008)
    Paris: Fayard.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; Laïcité
  • Die Zersplitterung des Islams in Frankreich.
    DeGalembert, Claire (2007)
    Sozial Welt, Sonderband 17: 369-389.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Schism; Islam, France
  • France Upside Down Over a Headscarf?
    Body-Gendrot, Sophie (2007)
    Sociology of Religion 68:3: 289-304.

    Examines the law banning religiously-identifying clothing & objects in French schools.

    Associated Search Terms: France; State; Laïcité; Islam, France
  • From a Community of Believers to an Islam of the Heart: 'Conspicuous' Symbols, Muslim Practices, and the Privatization of Religion in France.
    Killian, Caitlin (2007)
    Sociology of Religion 68:3: 305-320.

    Based on interviews with North African immigrant women in France; wearing the veil is supported more by the 2nd generation than the 1st.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Laïcité; Generations; Islam, France; France; State
  • Why the French Don't Like Headscarves. Islam, the State, and Public Space.
    Bowen, John R. (2007)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Based on interviews & examination of official proceedings & media reports.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Islam, France; Laïcité; France; Law; State
  • Societal Framework in Britain and France: Muslims in Prison.
    Beckford, James A., and D. Joly (2007)
    In C. Bertossi (ed.) European Anti-Discrimination and the Politics of Citizenship. Britain and France. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 171-192.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; Great Britain; Islam, Great Britain; Prisoners
  • State Neutrality and Islamic Headscarf Laws in France and Germany.
    Joppke, Christian (2007)
    Theory and Society 36:4: 313-342.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Laïcité; France; Germany; State; Islam, Germany
  • Mosques in French cities: Towards the end of a conflict?
    Cesari, Jocelyne (2006)
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 31:6: 1025-1043.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; France; Islam, France
  • La régulation étatique du fait islamique dans un régime de laïcité. Constantes, contrastes et limites.
    Frégosi, Franck (2006)
    In Pauline Coté and T. Jeremy Gunn (eds.) La nouelle question religieuse. Régulation ou ingérence de l'État?/The New Religious Question: State Regulation or State Interference? Bern, Switzerland: P.I.E.-Peter Lang, pp. 133-162.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Laïcité; France
  • French Secularism and the "Islamic Veil Affair."
    Asad, Talal (2006)
    Hedgehog Review 8:1-2: 93-107.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; Laïcité
  • Les réseaux du livre islamique. Parcours parisiens.
    El-Alaoui, Soraya (2006)
    Paris: CNRS Éditions.

    Associated Search Terms: France, Paris; Islam, France; Media
  • L'exercice du culte musulman en France. Lieux de prière et d'inhumation.
    Frégosi, Franck (2006)
    Paris: La documentation française.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; Practice; France; Cemetery; Prayer
  • Rationalités du pouvoir et incorporation de l'islam: une comparaison anglo-française.
    Peter, Frank (2006)
    Sociologie et sociétés 38:1: 183-212.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; State; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, France; Great Britain; France
  • "Race" Relations and Discrimination in Prison: The Case of Muslims in France and Britain.
    Joly, Danièle, and James A. Beckford (2006)
    Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 4:2: 1-30.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Great Britain; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Prisoners; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, France
  • Une Laïcité "Légitime." La France et ses religions d'État.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2006)
    Paris: Éditions Médicis-Entrelacs.

    Based on a review of recent history in France. French laïcité ironically occasions state intervention into religious matters. Reports survey data from a Catholic parish about "the veil," Sufis, & adepts of Siddha Yoga in Marseilles, and from young Muslims in Bordeaux.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; France; Catholic, France; Islam, France; Islam, Sufi; State; Laïcité; Prejudice, anti-immigrant; Siddha Yoga, France; Stereotype
  • Muslims in the Prisons of Britain and France.
    Beckford, James A. (2005)
    Journal of Contemporary European Studies 13:3: 287-297.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Great Britain; Islam, France; France; Prisoners; Great Britain
  • Incorporating Muslim migrants in Western nation states--A comparison of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.
    Koenig, Matthias (2005)
    Journal of International Migration and Integration 6:2: 219-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Assimilation; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Germany; Islam, France; Great Britain; Germany; Migrant; Comparative; France
  • Muslims in Prison: Challenge and Change in Britain and France./Les musulmans en prison en Grande Bretagne et en France.
    Beckford, James A., D. Joly, and K. Khosrokhavar (2005)
    Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan./Louvain: Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

    Associated Search Terms: Penology; Prison chaplain; Great Britain; France; Comparative; Islam, France; Islam, Great Britain
  • L'islam dans les prisons.
    Khosrokhavar, Farhad (2004)
    Paris: Balland.

    Associated Search Terms: Prisoners; Islam, France; France; Penology
  • Die Republik, die Schule und die Kopftücher.
    Lamine, Anne-Sophie (2004)
    Religion-Staat-Gesellschaft 5:2: 229-251.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Education; France; Islam, France
  • La laïcité française à l’épreuve de l’islam.
    Khosrokhavar, Farhad. (2004)
    In Jean Baubérot (ed. La laïcité à l’épreuve. Religions et libertés dans le monde. Paris: Universalis, pp. 41-52.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, France; France; State; Laïcité
  • La question du voile: une hystérie politique.
    Terry, Emmanuel (2004)
    Mouvements 32: 96-104.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, France; Clothing; Conflict; France; Islam, France
  • Religion and incorporation: Islam in France and Germany.
    Kastoryano, Riva (2004)
    International Migration Review 38:3: 1234-1255.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; France; Germany; Islam, Germany; Minority; Islam, France
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